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Illinois Youth Recreation Corps - 2011 Grant Program

What is it?

The Illinois Youth Recreation Corps was established for making grants to local sponsors to provide wages to youth operating and instructing in recreational and conservation programs for the benefit of other youth. Such programs shall provide recreational opportunities for children of all age levels and shall include, but not be limited to, the coordination and teaching of physical activities, arts and handicrafts, and learning activities.

Who may apply for the grants?

Potential applicants include local sponsors who can provide necessary facilities, materials and management for summer recreational and conservation activities for youth within the community and who desire a grant for hiring eligible youth as supervisors, instructors, instructional aides or maintenance personnel. Local sponsors must be units of local government or not-for-profit entities.

How will DNR evaluate the applications?

Applications shall be evaluated based on program content, location, need, local commitment of resources, and consistency with the purposes of the grant program.

What youth are eligible for hiring under a grant?

Enrollment (hiring) is limited to citizens of the State of Illinois who, at the time of hiring, are 16, 17, 18 or 19 years of age, and who have skills that can be used in the summer recreation / conservation program. Youth currently employed in any manner by the local sponsor are not eligible for inclusion in the program.

How long does the program run, and what costs can be paid?

The employment period for any youth hirer is limited to no more than 60 working days during the months of June, July and August. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources dictates wage amounts, and hires shall work hours as required by the recreational program but no more than eight (8) hours in a single day unless otherwise approved by the Department of Natural Resources. Only wages for eligible youth hired pursuant to this program may be paid from funds received through this grant.

Is there an application deadline?

Local sponsors interested in seeking a grant under the Illinois Youth Recreation Corps must complete the application and submit it electronically to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources by close of business June 30, 2011. Failure to submit a completed application by the specified deadline will result in grant rejection for that grant cycle. Submit applications by clicking on the “Submit by Email” button at the top right corner of the main application page once the application is complete. Applicants should print a copy of the application prior to submittal.

How can I receive more information regarding the Illinois Youth Recreation Corps grant program?

By contacting DNR’s Division of Grant Administration, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL. 62702 or call (217) 782-7481.  FAX (217) 782-9599 or e-mail:  dnr.grants@illinois.gov





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