Bruce Rauner, Governor

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  For Your Garden  

This monthly feature highlights native plant species that will thrive in and beautify your landscape as well as provide wildlife habitat!



Month 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
January river birch spicebush prairie Indian plantain spiked lobelia
February wild ginger downy serviceberry bluebells prairie avens partridge pea
March bloodroot yellow bellwort large yellow lady's-slipper orchid spring cress yellow dog-tooth violet
April marsh marigold meadow anemone mayapple Virginia waterleaf dwarf larkspur
May cream wild indigo wild hyacinth yellow-poplar false rue anemone water lotus
June wild blue iris wild geranium Culver's-root twin-leaf spotted touch-me-not
July poke milkweed hoary puccoon butterfly-weed swamp milkweed Carolina rose
August cup-plant foxglove beardstongue inland oats common milkweed pale coneflower
September false dragonhead purple prairie clover blackhaw prairie milkweed purple Joe-pye-weed
October sawtooth sunflower yellow sneezeweed hazelnut horsetail milkweed  
November common polypody Missouri ironweed pin oak purple milkweed  
December flowering dogwood milkweeds buttonbush large white trillium  


Month 2010 2009 2008
January prairie dropseed Christmas fern big bluestem and Indian grass
February toothwort little bluestem Dutchman's breeches
March Jack-in-the-pulpit redbud celandine-poppy
April purple trillium blue phlox
May sharp-lobed hepatica spiderwort columbine
June blue-eyed Mary green dragon shooting star
July wild bergamot rattlesnake master cardinal flower
August leadplant white wild indigo drooping coneflower
September purple coneflower compass-plant blazing-star
October prairie dock side-oats grama New England aster
November common persimmon sumac goldenrod
December sassafras wahoo eastern redcedar



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