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  Law Enforcement  

One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL 62702

Outfitters Information

New Conservation Laws for 2015 e

Contact Your Local Conservation Police Officer e

Concealed Carry Permit Questions & Answers Related to Hunting in Illinois

Conservation Police Officer Career Opportunities

WaterCraft Information


Applications, Permits and Licensing Information

Incident Report Information

  • Hunting Incident Report Form - All persons involved in a hunting incident are required by law ILCS 520 5/3.40.40 to file a report with this department whenever a serious personal injury or death occurs involving a firearm or bow and arrow device.
  • Snowmobile Incident Report Form - The operator of every snowmobile is required by the IL Snowmobile Registration & Safety Act of 1971 to file a report in writing whenever a snowmobile incident results in loss of life, injury to a person or property damage in excess of $750.


Point System for Revocations/Suspensions



Latest Info:

For the latest information on Asian Carp Rapid Response operations for for public comment please visit: www.asiancarp.us.


“To serve, protect, and educate the citizens and visitors to the state
 of Illinois in their outdoor recreational endeavors.”e

“To be a vigilant guardian of the natural resources, public safety, and
 homeland security of Illinois.”

“To assist the public in their times of need; routine and emergency.”

“To educate the inadvertent violator of conservation law, by taking an
 appropriate level of enforcement action to achieve this goal.”

“To relentlessly pursue, with full statewide police authority, deliberate
 offenders and bring them before the courts for the administration
of  justice”

“To maintain the highest level of professional standards, integrity, and


The Office of Law Enforcement supports the Department's programs designed to protect Illinois' natural and recreational resources through enforcement of those portions of the Illinois Compiled Statutes enacted for that purpose. Conservation Police Officers are vested with full state-wide police authority and are trained to the highest standards for law enforcement professionals in Illinois.

In addition to these enforcement responsibilities, Conservation Police Officers serve as an important link between the Department and its various constituencies (civic groups, sportsmen's groups, sport shows, etc.). These officers are called upon to assist outside agencies in emergency situations or rescue operations. They participate in the instruction of conservation related statutes to outside agencies, law enforcement organizations, or educational institutions upon request.

Do you want to know more about the History of Law Enforcement?

Questions about FOID Cards? Call 217-782-7980, or visit State Police website for more info.

Questions or comments?
E-mail the Office of Law Enforcement here

Law Enforcement

Monthly Activities
Target Poachers
Disabled Hunting Method (Rules, Info, Crossbow Application)
Migratory Bird Taxidermy Permit (Federal)
Timber Buyers Information
Boating Accident Reports & Archive Site
Watercraft Capacity Formulas

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