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  C2000 Ecosystem Project Grants for FY 2009  

Online Grant Application for FY 2009


Application Deadline was 5:00 PM Friday, February 29, 2008

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is soliciting applications for Ecosystem Project Grants under its Conservation 2000 Ecosystems Program. The C2000 Ecosystems Program brings together the interests and participation of local communities along watersheds -- landowners, businesses, scientists, environmental organizations, recreational enthusiast, and policy makers -- in partnerships to enhance and protect watersheds through ecosystem-based management. All designated partnership groups are eligible to apply for grants under this program.

While applicants are strongly encouraged to pre-submit project applications to the appropriate Local Partnership Councils (LPCs) for their review and comments before completing their formal submissions to IDNR, that step is not required. All applications will be accepted and evaluated, but in making its funding recommendations the Department does take into account scores and comments posted by LPCs for all projects falling within the boundaries of their respective Ecosystem Partnerships.

The deadline for submitting project grant applications was 5:00 PM, Friday, February 29, 2008 if they are filed online. The deadline for hard-copy applications was postmarked no later than midnight, Thursday, January 31, 2008. The Project Application Timeline lists all pertinent dates in the process.

This is the seventh year that IDNR’s C2000 Ecosystem Project Grant Application has been available online. This year's online application collects the same information as last year, but some of the pages requiring conditional responses (e.g. "if yes,...") have been simplified, allowing users to skip over unneeded questions. You may step directly into any section of the application, and move among the various sections, but you will not be able to formally submit your application until all the required sections have been completed. Again this year, fully- and partially-completed on-line applications can be printed out for review purposes, in a format very similar to a hard-copy/word-processed application. And again this year, applicants may upload their application attachments directly from the online application form.

You will need to log in to our online system to begin your application. If you have used that system in the last year or two, your username and password are still good. If you cannot remember your username and/or password, please . If you have never used our online system you will need to follow the first time user link sign up as an applicant. See the help document/instructions for details.

The online version features extensive on-line help that is just a click away from the application. The same help information is available to view and print, for those filling out hard-copy applications. All prospective applicants should read the help document/instructions carefully before beginning to prepare an application.

All versions of the application, program guidance and instructions are accessible through the web, via links on this page. There's a link to the on-line application, as well as a Microsoft® Word version to fill out on your computer, and an Adobe® PDF version to print out from a computer and use as a working draft or to fill out on a typewriter. Everyone intending to apply on-line should download either the Adobe® PDF or Word versions of the application, to begin filling out by hand, as project plans evolve. If you desire a Corel® WordPerfect version, please call 217-785-5500.

Individuals not having internet access may request hard copies of the application, the Guidance Document and the Instructions by calling 217-785-5500.

  Before you go online  

Read updated Program Guidance (HTML).

Read Instructions ("Help Document") for FY 2009 (HTML).

View/download/print Adobe® PDF hardcopy versions of the Grant Application (70 kB) and Program Guidance (41 kB).

  When you're ready  

Log in to the Online Grant Application System (registration required -- usernames and passwords from FY 08 are still good).

  Word processing versions  

Download Grant Application in Microsoft® Word (245 kB) format (for composing/editing application offline).

  Mailing Address  

If you choose not to file your application online, you must mail it in hard-copy form to the following address:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
ATTN: C-2000 Grant Application FY09
1 Natural Resources Way
Springfield IL 62702-1271

All hard-copy applications must have been postmarked no later than Thursday, January 31, 2008.

  If you need help urgently  

Contact by email.

Please don't wait till the last minute. To avoid overloading the server, please begin preparing and submit your application online as soon as you're ready.

  Any other questions?  

Please us or contact your local Ecosystem Administrator.

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