Building a Long-Term Vision for Maximizing the Region's Opportunities
(Urbanization Trends & Drivers of Growth in the Region)

This report includes information on urbanization trends in the region and trends and/or inventory of growth drivers. The growth drivers are green infrastructure natural resources and topography), transportation, waste and drinking water infrastructure, local economy, demographics, housing, and education. This report also includes key discussion points on how these drivers impact growth in the region.

The following documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing.

Introduction (196KB)
Executive Summary (391KB)
Land Use Change (3.28MB)
Natural Resource and Environmental Conditions (4.14MB)
Topography (2.98MB)
Transportation (2.91MB)
Waste and Drinking Water Capacity (914KB)
Employment & Economic Trends (883KB)
Population Shifts & Change (2.57MB)
Residential Development Patterns (3.46MB)
Education (1.21MB)

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