Peoria-Pekin Future Landscape Project

Local Partners:
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

State Partners:
Governor Ryan's Balanced Growth Cabinet, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Department of Transportation, Department of Community and Commerce Affairs, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Illinois Department of Agriculture, Illinois Housing Preservation Agency

Model Developers:
University of Illinois, LEAM team (For information on LEAM go to the LEAM team's web page or read a four page booklet on LEAM (2.73 Mb PDF file). For an interactive demonstration of LEAM (Dundee township in Kane County) go to Kane County Demo. At this web page click on one of the links under Dundee township, then follow the instructions at the top of the page. Here you can run the model for three preset scenarios, adjust driver assumptions, and/or look at different impacts.

Press Releases:
IDNR and Tri-County Planning Commission Release Maps Detailing Development Patterns within Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties (February 11, 2002)

Assessment of the Drivers of Growth
Maps Illustrating Urbanization Trends:

Land Use Change from 1969 to 1998

  • Methodology

    Existing Land Use Within Comprehensive Plan Boundaries
    Tree Coverage Compared to New Housing Permits (1996-2000)
    Slope and Elevation Coverage Compared to New Housing Permits

    Building a Long-Term Vision for Maximizing the Region's Opportunities (Urbanization Trends & Drivers of Growth in the Region)
    This report includes information on urbanization trends in the region and trends and/or inventory of growth drivers. The growth drivers are green infrastructure natural resources and topography), transportation, waste and drinking water infrastructure, local economy, demographics, housing, and education. This report also includes key discussion points on how these drivers impact growth in the region.

    Develop Map of Expected Growth
  • Urban Landscape Analysis Guidebook

    LEAM Analysis
    Peoria LEAM Web Interface (

    Peoria's Potential Futures Report (N/A yet)


    Contact: Tom Heavisides
    Office of Realty and Environmental Planning
    Illinois Department of Natural Resources
    One Natural Resources Way
    Springfield, Illinois 62702

    Illinois Department of Natural Resources
    Office of Realty and Environmental Planning