Quality-of-Life Indicators

Quality of life is the key to sustaining a prosperous and healthy city. Indicators can be used to evaluate where a community is and where it is going. Once this is understood, indicators can be used to establish goals for sustaining or improving a community's quality of life.

Comparison of the Ten Illinois Metropolitan Statisitical Areas
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Map of Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Economic Indicators

Social Indicators

  • Crime Across Illinois MSAs
  • Education and Growth Across Illinois MSAs

    Natural Resource/Environmental Indicators:
  • Green Space in Illinois MSAs
  • High Quality Natural Areas in Illinois MSAs
  • Recreation Land in Illinois MSAs
  • Stream Quality in Illinois MSAs
  • Open Space Index
  • Natural Resource/Environmental Indicator Database
  • We are still developing this indicator database. When completed there will also be more specific information and trend data for each of the metropolitan areas in Illinois. We hope to have the complete database online by the end of 2001.

    Other Indicator Analysis in Illinois

    Chicago Metropolis 2020 Index Reports
    Metropolis 2002 Index Report
    Metropolis 2001 Index Report

    Indicators for Better Decisions in the Lower Des Plaines Watershed
    Center for Neighborhood Technology

    Other Sites for Environmental Measures

    Environmental Defense’s Environmental Scorecard
    This site is a good source for environmental information at the state and local level. This site includes information on air pollutants, lead hazards, potential sources of land contamination, animal waste from manufacturing facilities, chemical releases from manufacturing facilities, clean water act status, and watershed indicators. Environmental information for your region is easy to find - simply type in your zip code.

    U.S. EPA Watershed Indicators
    The Index of Watershed Indicators (the IWI or Index) is a compilation of information on the "health" of aquatic resources in the United States. The Index looks at a variety of indicators that point to whether rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands and coastal areas are "well" or "ailing" and whether activities on the surrounding lands that affect our waters are placing them at risk.

    Illinois Watershed Management Clearinghouse
    This site includes a web-based mapping system with some of the most current and detailed geospatial, or map, information for Illinois accessible interactively. This includes data on geology and soils, land cover, public lands and natural areas, water resources, wetlands, watersheds and other data.

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Envirofacts - Maps on Demand
    As part of EPA’s Envirofacts warehouse, this site allows one to map environmental information from EPA databases on air, chemicals, facility information, hazardous waste, Superfund, toxic releases, drinking water contamination occurrences, and much more information.

    Contact: Tom Heavisides
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    Illinois Department of Natural Resources
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