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  Division of Ecosystems and Environment   

Todd Rettig, Division Manager



The Division of Ecosystems and Environment is responsible for implementation of the environmental consultation process (threatened and endangered species, wetlands, natural areas, review of DNR projects); evaluating the health of Illinois ecosystems through the Critical Trends Assessment Program (CTAP); acting as the natural resource trustee for the restoration of natural resources injured from oil and hazardous substance releases and provides support and management for environmental regulatory compliance for DNR owned and managed lands and property acquisitions; and administering the Partners for Conservation (P for C) Ecosystems Program. This Division includes the Contaminant Assessment Section and the Impact Assessment Section.

  Contaminant Assessment Section  

Tom Heavisides, Section Manager



As a Natural Resource Trustee and the second-largest landowner in the State of Illinois IDNR evaluates injuries to natural resources from releases of hazardous substances and other materials. Staff identify and determine the extent of natural resource injuries, recover damages from those responsible, and restore the injured resources to a base line (pre-impact) condition. Staff also provide oversight for environmental cleanup efforts on IDNR-owned lands and assure the lands are safe for public recreation and other uses consistent with the mission of IDNR and in compliance with all environmental regulations. Activities administered through this Section relate to trustee responsibilities are mandated by federal law, specifically the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund); the Oil Pollution Act of 1990; the Clean Water Act; and the Illinois Environmental Protection Act. This Section also supports local and regional partners to develop computer modeling systems that analyze and illustrate urban growth patterns and help build regional consensus on balanced growth strategies.

  Impact Assessment Section  

Karen Miller, Section Manager



Numerous state and federal statutes require government agencies to consider the impacts of their actions (projects they authorize, fund, or perform) on environmentally sensitive and historically valuable resources. This Section administers these statutes by reviewing projects and, if appropriate, recommending alternatives to avoid or minimize potential adverse impacts to state-listed threatened & endangered species, natural areas, and, in certain circumstances, wetlands and cultural resources. Since 1998, more than 62,500 projects have been submitted for information for project planning or for legally required consultation. Currently, 10 full time employees conduct assessments.

Statutes (and associated regulations) administered by this Section are:

Natural Areas Preservation Act (525 ILCS 30)
Interagency Wetland Policy Act of 1989 (20 ILCS 830)
Endangered Species Protection Act (520 ILCS 10)
Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, (16 USC 661)
IL State Agency Historic Resources Protection Act (20 ILCS 3420)
Archaeological and Paleontological Resource Protection Act (20 ILCS 3435)
Human Skeletal Remains Protection Act (20 ILCS 3440)
National Historic Preservation Act as amended (16 USC 470)

Ecosystems & Environment

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