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  Land Cover Database by Categories   

You can obtain Land Cover data on each category by clicking on it. The information is in PDF format. Therefore, you will need an Acrobat Reader to view and print the data


Land areas covered by agricultural commodities
Row Crops: Predominantly corn and soybeans, including other row tilled crops.

Small Grains: Oats, wheat, barley, etc.

Orchards/Nurseries: Fruit orchards and nurseries.


Land areas predominantly covered with grass
Urban Grassland: Residential lawns, golf courses, open spaces and other managed grassland in urban and built-up areas

Rural Grassland: Alfalfa, hay, pasture, greenways and other grassland cover situated outside of urban areas.


Shallow Marsh/Wet Meadow: Areas characterized by standing water or saturated soils for brief to moderate periods during growing season.

Deep Marsh: Areas characterized by standing water or saturated soils on a semi-permanent or permanent basis during growing season.

Bottomland Forest: Forested wetland, temporarily or seasonally flooded.

Swamp: Forested wetland with permanent or semi-permanent water.

Shallow Water Wetland: Permanently flooded areas less than 20 acres in extent and less than 2 meters deep (ponds, borrow pits, open areas of marsh or swamp).

Urban and Built-up Land

Land areas built up with manmade structures
High Density: All or nearly all of the land surface covered with manmade structures.

Medium High Density: Transitional between medium and high density surface coverage (found primarily in Cook County.

Medium Density: An intermediate amount of the land surface covered with manmade structures.

Low Density: Only a portion of the land area covered with manmade structures that are intermixed with other land cover including urban grassland, wooded lands, etc.

Transportation: Major highways, interchanges and right-of-ways; active rail lines; and rail lines no longer in service as of 1990.

Open Water

Land under water
Lakes and Rivers: Open water and major stream courses.

Streams: Minor stream courses that contain water year around.

Barren and Exposed Land

Land without vegetation or structures (e.g., quarries, bare soil surfaces and beaches.

Summary Land Cover by Counties

Meta Data for CTAP Land Cover Database, 1991-1995


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