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The Prairie Tree Companion (PTC) Newsletter is a valuable resource, providing information to Illinois community officials and citizens concerning Illinois' Urban and Community Forestry Program and topics related to community tree management. The goal of the PTC is to foster an awareness of urban forestry in Illinois.


From 1992 to 2000, quarterly issues of the PTC were distributed to over 3000 individuals and units of government. PTC provided timely and pertinent information on urban forestry management issues, contains information on upcoming events, gives technical updates, reports on program initiatives and informs citizens of opportunities to participate in natural resource care and mangement activities. PTC is an excellent vehicle for sharing state program information, technical expertise, and identification of networks and resources from national and state organizations and agencies.

In 2001, the PTC was placed on the Department of Natural Resources website replacing the mass mailing of the newsletter.  It continued on a quarterly basis until 2004.  Currently PTC is used to share an annual program update with Illinois' citizens concerning the IL Urban Community Program.  The Tree City USA has replaced the Prairie Tree Companion Newsletter for critical information.

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Year Issue
2002 Vol. 11 No. 1 Vol. 11 No. 2 Vol. 11 No. 3 Vol. 11 No. 4
2003 Vol. 12 No. 1 Vol. 12 No. 2 Vol. 12 No. 3 Vol. 12 No. 4
2004 Vol. 13 No. 1 Vol. 13 No. 2 Vol. 13 No.3 Vol. 13 No. 4
2005 Vol. 14 No. 1
2006 Vol. 15 No. 1 EAB Exclusive

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