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Mission Statement & Goals 

August 4, 2004

The Mission of the Division of Wildlife Resources is:

 “To provide leadership with the restoration, management, and protection of wildlife populations and their habitats for the purposes of providing citizens and visitors of Illinois with a quality environment, a state rich in wildlife diversity, compatible recreational opportunities, and responsible oversight of the public’s wildlife.”

To carry out this mission and provide purpose, the Division will adhere to the following set of tenets:

  • That present and future citizens of Illinois have a right to a diverse, secure, and quality natural resource base
  • That the Division of Wildlife Resources needs to maintain wildlife as a public trust and provide oversight of the importation, possession, and use of wildlife
  • That wildlife includes all terrestrial wildlife including endangered/threatened, nongame, and game species
  • That the Division of Wildlife Resources shares a major responsibility for ensuring the perpetuation, enhancement and expansion of the state’s wildlife resource base and wildlife habitats.
  • That wildlife management decisions should be based on sound biological principles, reliable sociological information, and effective communications with the public
  • That the Division of Wildlife Resources has an obligation to educate the public about the value and importance of the state’s wildlife resources so that Illinoisans will understand, appreciate, and participate in the responsible stewardship of those resources
  • That the Division of Wildlife Resources shares the duty to recognize, preserve and promote our special heritage of recreational hunting and trapping.

The Division has identified the following four major goals:

  1. Restore, manage and/or protect wildlife populations to ensure viable populations, provide compatible recreational opportunities, and reduce negative interactions with people.
  2. Restore, manage, and protect wildlife habitats to ensure wildlife species diversity and viable wildlife populations.
  3. Develop, implement, and deliver educational programs that improve public awareness, appreciation and support for the proper protection, management, and use of the wildlife resource.
  4. Develop, implement, and deliver wildlife resource programs for the enjoyment, health, and safety of Illinois citizens and visitors.

Division of Wildlife Resources

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