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 Division of Wildlife Resources 

John Buhnerkempe  217-782-6384

The Division of Wildlife Resources is comprised of the following five programs:


The Ag/Grasslands section is charged with the administration of various projects related to the agricultural lands and grasslands owned and or managed by the Department of Natural Resources. Proper management of these critical lands are vital to the health of grassland wildlife. Pheasants, quail, and rabbits thrive in grassy fields, roadsides and ditches. Undisturbed grasslands also benefit mallard ducks and songbirds such as meadowlarks, dickcissels and grasshopper sparrows which nest in the tall native grasses and wildflowers seen in rural Illinois in the spring.

 Field Management 

Staff of the Field Management Section are responsible for directing the activities of the Department’s Field Biologist and other associated field staff. Field staff are responsible for monitoring wildlife responses to agency habitat management activities. This statewide system of field staff is critical to a multitude of programs affiliated with IDNR.

 Forest Wildlife 

The Forest Wildlife section is charged with developing projects to enhance forest wildlife, monitoring forest animal species, and the collection of data on the condition and extent of the key wildlife that inhabit Illinois’ forests. With only 11,600 acres, or 0.9%, of the presettlement forest remaining the forests of Illinois are vital ecosystems for the citizens of the state.

 Migratory Birds 

The Migratory Birds section works to protect waterfowl habitat and improving public migratory waterfowl areas within the state. These efforts include land acquisition and habitat development projects, such as the development of waterfowl propagation areas.

 Wildlife Diversity 

The Wildlife Diversity section is responsible for developing and managing projects directly related to enhancing and improving the wildlife diversity of Illinois. These efforts include: the protection, acquisition, development, or enhancement of habitat management areas.


Division of Wildlife Resources

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