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Annotated Bibliography for Illinois Mine Maps

This is a list of sources providing information about the coal mines of Illinois. Some commonly used sources are described below. Full bibliographic references are given for all other sources. Unless otherwise noted, all sources are available for public inspection at the ISGS.

  • Annual Reports of the Illinois Office of Mines and Minerals

    Published since 1881, these reports contain tabular data on mine ownership, production, employment, and accidents. Some volumes include short descriptions made by mine inspectors of physical features and conditions in selected mines.

  • Directory of Illinois Coal Mines

    A compilation of basic data about Illinois coal mines, originally gathered by ISGS staff in the early 1950s. Sources used for this directory are undocumented, but they are probably Illinois Office of Mines and Minerals annual reports, ISGS mine notes, and coal company officials.

  • ENR Document 85/01, Guither, H. D., J. K. Hines, and R. A. Bauer, 1985

    The Economic Effect of Underground Mining Upon Land Used for Illinois Agriculture: Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources Document 85/01, 185 p.

  • Microfilm map

    The US Bureau of Mines maintains a microfilm archive of mine maps. A microfilm file for Illinois is available for public viewing at the ISGS.

  • Mine notes

    ISGS geologists have visited mines or contacted mine officials throughout the state since the early 1900s. Notes made during these visits range from brief descriptions of the mine location to long narratives (including sketches) of mining conditions and geology.

  • Quade Reports

    J. C. Quade, a mining engineer working for the Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, mapped areas of subsidence due to coal mining in the early 1930s. These reports often include county maps of mine properties with mined-out areas including shaft locations, as well as subsidence areas.

  • WPA maps

    The Works Progress Administration produced maps in the mid- to late- 1930s that compiled mine maps available to them at that time. These maps include the main shaft, some air shafts and the mine outline. The date of the extension is listed for some mines.

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