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Statistics of Illinois

A Leading Aggregate Producer
  • 1st leading State in tonnage production of industrial sand and tripoli
  • 2nd leading State in tonnage production of Fuller's Earth
  • 4th leading State in tonnage production of peat
  • 5th leading State in tonnage production of crushed stone
  • 8th leading State in production of lime
  • 10th leading State in production of portland cement

Illinois produces over 115 million metric tons of aggregate material annually with values of over $950 million

Illinois ranks 17th among the 50 States in total nonfuel mineral production value, accounting for about 2.5% of the U.S. total production value.

Illinois has 389 active mining operations with 172 blasting sites.

Illinois mines (active) are located in 78 of the 102 counties in the state.

Click to access the U.S. Geologic Survey website for the actual aggregate production data


Nationwide explosive use: coal mining 67%, non-metal mines and quarries 14%, metal mining 10%, construction 7% and miscellaneous 3%.

Illinois explosives use involves mining (coal and quarries) 85%, construction 10% and miscellaneous 5%.

Illinois uses 100 million pounds of explosives annually or 250,000 pounds daily.

Illinois uses about 96 million pounds of blasting agent and 4 million pounds of high explosives annually.

Miscellaneous uses of explosives include display fireworks, meat tenderizing, fire suppression systems, steel hardening, air bags, ejector seats, demilitarization work, oil well perforation, demolition, theatrical special effects and seismic exploration.

Permits, Licenses and Certificates

    Illinois has:
  • over 650 active aggregate mining and reclamation permits throughout the state
  • over 830 certified explosive storage magazines located throughout the state
  • over 1,250 explosive license holders
  • nearly 400 blaster license and certificate holders

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