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Non-coal Land Reclamation Award Winners

2003 - None Awarded

2002 - None Awarded

2001 - Vulcan Materials Company, Casey No. 305 Quarry - Clark County

This site mined and reclaimed in a manner that incorporated existing features to develop an exceptional wildlife area. The grading involved developing varied topographic features which allowed sundry vegetative species and subsequent wildlife immigration. This aesthetically pleasing area is now home to prairie grasses, native hardwoods, wetland species and a lake with abundant wildlife common to those type of areas.

This site also won the 2002 Interstate Mining Compact Commission (IMCC) Kenes C. Bowling National Mine Reclamation Award.

2000 - Fox River Stone Company - Kane County

This company voluntarily reclaimed an unsightly corner of their property into a true showplace. It serves as an inviting welcome to the quarry and South Elgin. Fox River Stone is setting an excellent example of good public relations for the aggregate industry.

1999 - Columbia Quarry Company, Waterloo Plant - Monroe County

The Waterloo Plant 7 site has reclaimed a valley fill spoil deposition area to be suitable for row crop or hay production. They have also used their spoil deposition to create another access road which shortened the haul for their eastern customers as much as four miles.

1998 - Lake County Grading of Libertyville, Inc., Petersen Pit - Lake County

This 350 acre site has been reclaimed for a public recreation and wildlife area. The site incorporates wetlands, forested areas, hiking trails and parking areas. A visitor center and amphitheater will be added later. This green space is a welcome oasis in a rapidly urbanizing area.

1997 - Road Materials Corporation/Smith Engineering, Island Lake Pit - McHenry County

This site is a superb example to prove that mining is only an interim land use. The 100 acre gravel pit has been reclaimed to an 18 hole public golf course and 20 one acre residential home sites. The average person would never suspect this had once been an aggregate operation.

1996 - Golden Cat Division of Ralston Purina, Olmsted Mines - Pulaski County

Golden Cat has devised an innovative overburden disposal plan which actually generates income to offset stripping costs. By selective overburden placement, site drainage was improved allowing the area to be used for agriculture. Income from the farming lease pays for the second overburden handling to reclaim a previously mined area.

This site also won the 1997 IMCC Kenes C. Bowling National Mine Reclamation Award.

1995 - Martin Marietta Aggregates, Pana Quarry - Christian County

Martin Marietta chose to assume the reclamation obligations of a previous operator at their Pana Quarry. The mined out area was basically a hole in the ground with some ungraded spoil. The company voluntarily reclaimed the old site while keeping current with new mining grading.

1994 - None Awarded

1993 - Wedron Silica Company, Fairmount Abrasives Site - Christian County

Wedron Silica chose to assume the reclamation obligations of a previous operator at their Fairmount Abrasives site. The mined out area was basically a hole in the ground with some wet spots. The backfilled north end was so calcareous it was sterile and completely devoid of vegetation. Wedron Silica did more grading for drainage control, applied necessary fertilizer to neutralize the pH and seeded with a variety of grasses.

1992 - J. Pease Construction, Inc., Spruce Lake Sand and Gravel - McHenry County

This site was not required to obtain a State ming and reclamation permit but the company chose to voluntarily work with the Department to develop the reclamation plan for their sand and gravel pit. Spruce Lake Sand and Gravel Corporation chose to reclaim an abandoned operation for additional mineral extraction and to work towards the long term residential land use. The contemporaneous reclamation and concept of a planned community illustrates a long term commitment to the Lake County area. The site results exceed those required of permitted sites.

1991 - Cherry Valley Sand and Gravel Corp., Cherry Valley Mine - Winnebago County

This site was not required to obtain a State ming and reclamation permit but the company chose to voluntarily work with the Department to develop the reclamation plan for their sand and gravel pit. The work at this site highlights a cooperative attitude between the operator, the local Village and the State. The result was a successful business venture and the development of a public recreation area for the Village. The site results exceed those required of permitted sites.

This site also won the 1992 IMCC Kenes C. Bowling National Mine Reclamation Award and was awarded an Honorable Mention from the National Association of State Land Reclamationists.

1990 - Forest Preserve District, Mallard Lake Forest Preserve - Dupage County

The Forest Preserve received this award on the basis of outstanding reclamation practices that greatly exceeded State laws. In addition to improving a previously disturbed site, additional minerals were obtained and a multiple use recreational and environmental site was developed. The operator also is cited for the significant amount of planning used to create different ecological areas targeted for specific wildlife and plant communities.

1989 - Lone Star Industries, Inc., Oglesby Plant No. 3 Quarry - LaSalle County

Lone Star was recognized because of its cooperative attitude in working with the Department in solving on-site problems, including long-term planning to achieve all the required reclamation in a cost effective manner. Lone Star has restored marginal quality pre-law mined areas to those exceeding the required standards, including topsoiling and multiple land use restoration.

1988 - Illinois Minerals Company, Jason Mine - Union County

Illinois Minerals Company opted to work with the Forest Service to revise reclamation plans to create a lush food plot at the site, a goal of the Forest Service. This cooperation went above and beyond the regulatory requirements to achieve a long term goal for the site that specific regulatory obligations would not have achieved.

1987 - Meyer Material Corporation, McGraw Pit - Kane County

The McGraw Wildlife Foundation has stocked the lakes created by the mining with several species of fish. Numerous waterfowl also use the lakes. Since this is part of a hunting and fishing club, harvested game numbers are carefully monitored. Excellent water quality is maintained at all times. Vegetative establishment has included a variety of species to enhance the diversity of the wildlife on the site.

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