Office of Law Enforcement


February 9, 2011


District 7 CPOs worked a snowmobile enforcement detail in Knox County near Victoria. The local officer and the Knox County Sheriff’s Department had received complaints of snowmobile and ATV operation on the town roadways after the Groundhog Day snowstorm. Eighteen snowmobiles were checked in the area with four registration violation citations being issued, and several written warnings for other violations.
A District 7 Sergeant and CPOs participated in Lake Camelot’s annual ice fishing derby. Violations were down from last year with only two written warnings and two citations being issued.

While in marked uniform patrol checking recreational snowmobilers for compliance to the act in Winnebago County, a District 6 CPO observed a man riding his snowmobile against traffic flow on a controlled access highway outside the village of Roscoe. The CPO stopped the sled, advised the operator of the violations observed and completed a snowmobile safety inspection. The inspection revealed the snowmobile was not registered and the operator was 15 years old and was operating on a highway without a snowmobile safety certificate or parental supervision. The CPO escorted the youth back home where he explained the violations to the parent. The parent was issued a citation and several written warnings for the offenses committed by his son as per the parental responsibility section of the snowmobile safety act.
A CPO responded to a TIPS complaint for a deer carcass scattered along the roadway. The deer harvest tag was found still on the deer. The CPO contacted the permittee and interviewed the hunter. It was determined that the hunter had legally harvested the deer and had given the deer to the brother-in-law for processing. After processing the deer, the brother-in-law later transported the remaining carcass pieces to a field he had permission to hunt coyotes over bait. But when he arrived at the field, the carcass was no longer in the bed of the truck. The subject did not go back to look for the lost load “since it was just a carcass”. The CPO advised the brother-in-law it was a violation to dump deer carcasses along the road and he was issued a citation for littering.
District 7 officers rescued stranded motorists along I-74 during the blizzard. During the storm the only vehicles able to transport the motorists were Conservation Police squads. Once the victims were located they were taken to local hotels and waited out the storm. The Conservation Police worked all night to ensure the public was safe.
A District 7 Sergeant attended the DMN World Championship Ice Boat Regatta on Lake Senachwine in Putnam County. Racers from eleven countries were present.
A District 7 Sergeant and CPOs assisted Wildlife Prairie State Park with their Groundhog Day Sunrise event with Willard Scott. This was done after a night of rescuing motorists who decided to drive on the interstate in a blizzard. Two news interviews by the CPOs regarding they snow were done this day also.
District 1 Officers worked on snowmobiles patrolling the Hennepin Feeder Canal in Whiteside County. Multiple citations were issued for various snowmobile violations.
A District Sergeant was called to a car vs snowmobile accident in rural DeKalb County where the operator of the snowmobile was struck by a car at approximately 35 mph. The operator and sled were tossed 143 feet. The operator was issued citations for failure to make a complete stop before crossing a roadway and failure to cross at a 90 degree angle. He was transported to Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb by Waterman Fire Department.
CPOs and a District Sergeant conducted a sled detail in LaSalle County where numerous snowmobiles were checked and citations were issued.
A District 1 CPO assisted the Illinois State Police and Henry County Sheriff’s Department during the blizzard. The CPO rescued people from stranded vehicles buried in snow drifts and relayed them to a safe, warm location. The roads were completely snow covered and the drifts were as tall as the hood of the truck. While relaying one motorist to a safe area, a heavy duty truck towing a skid steer on a trailer nearly collided with the CPO squad head on. Both vehicles made it through the nearly impassable road safely. Shortly after dropping the motorist off at a safe location, the squad froze up. The front end was packed with snow. The brakes and steering no longer worked. The passenger windshield wiper arm broke loose from the windshield and the driver side wiper was frozen to the windshield. The CPO drove to the nearest Police Department, took cover from the elements, and thawed out the squad in a heated garage. After 24 hours on duty, the CPO was able to return home by following an IDOT snowplow.
A District 6 CPO responded to a snowmobile accident in Stephenson County that involved injury to the operator.
A District 7 CPO arrested a subject who was wanted on two warrants. The subject flagged the officer down during the blizzard and asked for a ride. Once in the vehicle he started mumbling and acting strangely as he had not identified the squad as a police vehicle. He was taken into custody and allowed to post bond at a local Police Department. He was then given a ride home.

In April 2009, a CPO received a complaint from a customer who had not received his watercraft registration and title from our Department. The customer advised he purchased his watercraft almost a year prior, through a Boating Center in Rock Island, Illinois. The customer advised he was told the Illinois Department of Natural Resources was behind on watercraft registrations. The CPO initiated an investigation and determined there were a large number of customers experiencing the same issues. The CPO contacted the Illinois Department of Revenue for assistance in the investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, it was determined the Wakeen’s were not paying sales tax on watercraft they sold and were not submitting applications for registration and titles within the required time frame. In many cases, the applications were never submitted to our Department. The CPO also documented cases where the purchase dates on applications for registration and title were falsified. At the conclusion of the three month investigation, the case was submitted to the Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office for review. The following charges have been filed against one of the owner’s and the business:

-Two Counts Failure To Transfer Watercraft Registration Within 15 Days Of Purchase- Petty Offense
-Two Counts Failure To Transfer Watercraft Title Within 15 Days Of Purchase- Class A Misdemeanor
-One Count Unlawful Sale Of Watercraft Without Delivering Certificate Of Title –Class A Misdemeanor
Four Counts Unlawfully Making Material False Statements on an Application to Obtain Watercraft Titles- Class 2 Felony
During the winter storm, a District 1 CPO assisted numerous stuck motorists, assisted Illinois State Police and Ogle County Deputies with a five car accident, transported motorists to safe locations, provided traffic control for closed roadways and rescued stranded motorists who had been stranded in their vehicles overnight.
A District 6 CPO issued two hunters citations for failure to immediately tag deer after the CPO had received a phone call stating the men had harvested three deer and only one was tagged. Three deer were found and only one had been tagged.
Two District 7 CPOs worked a snowmobile enforcement detail at Lake Storey in Galesburg. The detail coincided with the Annual Prairie Drifters Radar Run. There were 65 registered snowmobiles at the event. Only a minor display of valid registration violations were observed. The fastest pass of one participant was 137 MPH. A snowmobile accident occurred at the end of the event, when the track of one snowmobile broke. The operator was borrowing a friend’s snowmobile to make a high speed pass. The track broke at the end of the 97 MPH pass sending the operator and snowmobile tumbling. EMS was dispatched and the Knox County Snowmobile Search and Rescue personnel were first on scene. The female operator was checked out by the responding ambulance but refused any treatment or transport.
A District 7 CPO is investigating a case of an antlered deer being taken during the late winter deer season.
A District 6 CPO stopped a 15 year old snowmobile operator traveling against traffic flow upon a controlled access highway without registration or parental supervision in Winnebago County. The CPO escorted the youth back to his residence where his father was issued a citation under the youthful operator section operating upon a highway without adult supervision. Fines were assessed against the parent for the snowmobile violations observed.
A District 6 CPO responded from Rockford to a deer poaching complaint in Stephenson County. The anonymous complainant reported seeing a man shoot a deer from his vehicle during the closed season, after dark, with a shotgun. The CPO located the field where the deer was reportedly taken and found blood/deer hair but no gut (organ) pile at the scene. The CPO found and followed motor vehicle tracks in the field which led to a nearby farm house where additional fresh blood was observed on the driveway in front of the garage door. After identifying the man who resided at that house, the CPO tracked him down at his workplace to conduct an interview. The interview resulted in the man confessing to shooting not one but two deer in that field on that particular night.
A District 6 CPO continued an investigation into a Mississippi hunter who allegedly killed a White-tail buck illegally. The CPO is working with the Mississippi Conservation Officers to assist in the investigation.
A District 1 CPO continued working on a Mercer County deer poaching investigation. The case has been submitted to the Mercer County State’s Attorney’s Office for review. Multiple charges are pending.
A District 1 CPO ended an investigation of a baited tree stand in Lowden Miller State Forest. The tree stand was seized and the CPO made contact with the owner of the tree stand. The owner admitted to placing the mineral block before season to get pictures on his trail camera. He stated he had recently moved here from out of state and did not realize it was not legal to do so in Illinois. The subject was issued one citation and two written warnings.
While continuing to work on landowner fraud investigations, a CPO contacted a subject who was not eligible for the landowner deer tags he received. Upon further investigation, the subject’s father had been continuing to receive the permits and had used them in 2009 and 2010. The father received three citations for illegally using another hunter’s deer tag.


CPOs arrested a subject while snowmobiling along the Fox River for operating a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol. The subject blew a 0.157%.
A CPO observed a parked vehicle along a seldom used road where numerous dumping cases have occurred. The driver of the vehicle was passed out behind the wheel, and both the passenger and the driver exhibited signs of drug intoxication. A check of both subjects showed the passenger was wanted on a warrant and the driver had a valid license. The driver was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence of drugs after she admitted smoking damiana and taking several prescription drugs related to her bi-polar disorder. A search of vehicle located six containers with various substances related to smoking in them. The materials have been sent to the crime lab for identification. The passenger was taken to jail for the warrant.

A CPO arrested an ice fisherman on Wooster Lake for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.

A CPO arrested two fishermen on Kilarney Lake for possession of drug paraphernalia. Additionally, one of the fishermen was arrested for possession of cannabis and the other was issued a written warning for failure to have his license in possession.
A CPO issued a fisherman a written warning for failure to release an undersized Northern Pike on Round Lake. The fish was released back into the lake.


A CPO investigated a personal injury snowmobile accident that occurred in Livingston County. The operator sustained a broken collar bone and concussion after being thrown from a snowmobile with a stuck throttle. The operator estimated his speed at 90 mph and was issued a citation for registration violations.
A CPO investigated a personal injury snowmobile accident that occurred in McLean County. The operator was thrown from a snowmobile and was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and was released. The operator was issued a citation for registration violations.

A CPO investigated a personal injury snowmobile accident that occurred in Champaign County. The 16 year old operator struck a culvert and was transported to Carle Hospital and treated for internal injuries. No enforcement action was taken.
A District Sergeant and CPO assisted the Illinois State Police in a suspected arson investigation. An Illinois Department of Transportation snow plow that had gotten stuck and abandoned during the winter storm had burned. Just prior to the truck burning, subjects on snowmobiles were seen standing near the vehicle. The Sergeant used a snowmobile in an attempt to follow the snowmobile tracks back to the operators’ location, but was unsuccessful because of the large number of tracks.
After receiving a tip from a Department of Natural Resources fish biologist, CPOs conducted surveillance on fishermen at Walnut Point suspected of taking illegal size bluegill. After eight hours, they finally observed the suspected fishermen take illegal fish. Citations were issued for the violations.
A CPO assisted Illinois State Police District 21 during the recent winter storm. Using a 4-wheel drive squad he was able to check on and assist numerous stranded motorists.
The operator of a snowmobile accident a CPO investigated in late December recently died of the injuries sustained after striking a field tile/pipe. The accident occurred in Moultrie County.


Nothing reported.


A CPO handled a one car accident on Route #154 outside the entrance to Wayne Fitzgerell State Park during the recent winter storm.

A CPO also caught a Sesser subject falsifying information on a Spring Turkey permit application.  The CPO took proper enforcement action and informed the permit office.
A CPO has been assisting the Saline County Sheriff’s Department in the recovery of stolen ATV’s. Two ATVs have been recovered so far.

A CPO spoke at the monthly meeting of the SIU-C Criminal Justice Association. Topics covered included the duties of a CPO and how to become one.

A CPO discovered four more meth labs in rural areas of Jackson County. Jackson County authorities were contacted to clean up these sites and remove the toxic materials.

On a follow-up to one of the meth labs discovered the week before, a suspect was identified as having been observed in the area the lab was discovered in. Based on this information the Jackson County Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant for the residence where the subject was staying. A large quantity of meth and four containers with anhydrous ammonia in them were located at the residence. The subject is now in jail charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth and his bond is set at $250,000.00. Federal charges are pending.
While a CPO was checking a goose hunter in Williamson County, a non-resident hunter was found to have no plug in his shotgun and his waterfowl stamp was not in his possession. He was cited for the unplugged firearm and issued a written warning for the stamp. While goose hunting in the same field as the other hunter, a non-resident hunter was found to possess a shot gun that appeared to have no plug in it as well. The hunter stated that there was a plug in the gun. The gun was broken apart and it was found to possess a plug. However the gun was still capable of holding three 3 inch shells in the magazine tube. The hunter was issued a written warning and instructed to get a larger plug in his gun.
CPOs were sent to the Thebes Bridge to assist the Illinois State Police on a call of a possible suicide subject. The subject had walked out on the railroad bridge over the middle of the Mississippi River. CPOs were asked to bring a watercraft in case the subject fell into the river. The CPOs arrived at the Thebes boat ramp ready to put the boat in when it was learned that the subject had been taken into custody.
A CPO responded to a call for assistance from the Illinois State Police (ISP). Two subjects had escaped from the Massac County jail on Friday evening. One was captured on the following morning but the other suspect was still on the loose. ISP asked if we had any night vision or FLIR units. An officer responded Saturday night and assisted the U.S. Marshal Service in searching the Honeywell Plant using the FlIR unit. The escapees had camped out the previous night in the woods behind the Honeywell plant. Unfortunately no one was found.

February 16, 2011


A District 7 Officer on patrol by snowmobile located three subjects fishing a lake where no access is allowed. The three subjects fled on foot through the timber but were hampered by the deep wet snow. The officer tracked the subjects for a long period of time on foot, while coordinating with Fulton County Deputies and ISP units to apprehend the subjects. Upon seeing Deputies waiting on the next county road, the subjects gave up the foot chase. Multiple citations were issued and all ice fishing equipment were confiscated for forfeiture.
A boat accident/OUI arrest from 2009 is over. The operator of a PWC had run into the side of a runabout causing it to sink and send three people and a dog into the Illinois River. The PWC operator fled the scene but was later arrested. For the offenses of OUI and leaving the scene of an accident the PWC operator was assessed fines and costs of $3,624, given 24 months of supervision and sentenced to 180 days in the county jail.
Two District 7 CPOs worked a fishing enforcement detail in Henderson County. After receiving a complaint of taking over-limits of walleye on the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 18, surveillance and checks were done on fishermen as they left the river. Several boats were checked. The fishing success had diminished from the prior days, and only a few small walleye and sauger were being caught. No violations were found with approximately half of the fishermen licensed through Illinois, and the other half through Iowa.
District 6 CPOs arrested a father and son from northern Illinois for violations of the Wildlife Code after receiving information from a local complainant/witness. The witness told officers that he had observed one of the men pursuing a coyote on a snowmobile with a firearm while the second was in a truck. Based on a vehicle description and other information the officers located the two suspects. After an interview the father and son admitted to the several violations. The father was charged with unlawful taking of a coyote, uncased and unloaded firearm on a conveyance, unlawful use of a conveyance to take wildlife, unlawful use of a snowmobile to harass wildlife, and hunting without permission of the landowner. The son has charges pending for possession of a firearm with a revoked F.O.I.D. card.
A District 1 Officer responded to a snowmobile accident. The inexperienced operator crossed the railroad tracks and lost control of the snowmobile, striking the railroad crossing signal. The signal base plate broke and was left leaning to the side. The operator reported minor injuries to his shoulder but refused medical treatment. The snowmobile cowling was significantly damaged and there were a few mechanical issues. The railroad company later responded to the scene and fixed the signal. No enforcement action was taken.
A District 7 CPO arrested 2 Peoria County residents that killed two buck deer in Hamilton County that failed to tag/report their harvest. One of the hunters did not have any deer permits issued in his name and used a Hamilton County resident’s free landowner’s permit to tag one of the bucks. The processed deer parts were then dumped illegally in Peoria County, numerous citations were issued.

A District 6 CPO conducted a follow-up investigation involving the illegal theft of timber worth several thousands of dollars. This case remains under investigation.

A CPO spoke to 130 students at a local grade school about the duties of a CPO. The Education trailer was on display as requested by the school.

The owner of a local nuisance wildlife control company, which CPOs charged with ten violations of the Wildlife Code last year, pleaded guilty in Lake County Court. As part of the plea agreement, he will pay $9,000 in restitution to the IL Conservation Foundation (Region 2), and a $350 fine, plus court costs to the Lake County Clerk. The investigation lasted several months during 2010, with the business records indicating over 800 invoices involving trapping wildlife out of season. The business collected over $167,000 in profits from providing the unlicensed service to several counties in Northeast Illinois.

CPOs responded to a snowmobile accident near Johnsburg. The 69 year old operator claimed he hit a small hill in the snow, launching the snowmobile to a vertical position, before bringing it back down to the ground. The tail light hit the ground and broke off. The operator was transported to the hospital after he vomited several times after the incident. He sustained possible back injuries.

A CPO cited a snowmobile operator for operating on the road with a suspended driver’s license. The snowmobile was stopped after pulling out in front of the CPO's truck (which narrowly avoided a collision) on a major four lane highway.


Nothing reported.


A CPO was researching outfitters on the internet when he found a resident unlicensed outfitter in Adams County. After printing out the web site, he conducted an interview with the subject. The subject was arrested for outfitting without a license and making false or misleading statements in regards to his business.
A CPO located a second outfitter that did not have a nonresident outfitter’s license in Pike County. After printing out the website, he conducted an interview. The subject was arrested for outfitting without a license, making false or misleading statements, and not keeping required records.
A CPO recovered a dead Bald Eagle in Adams County that had been struck by a vehicle.
A CPO recovered an injured Bald Eagle in Pike County that had been struck by a vehicle.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County, 55 students attended.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County, 47 students attended.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Pike County, 53 students attended.


District #14 officers have been working the 2010 deer reporting violations referred by another CPO. One CPO issued a Franklin County subject a citation for reporting a deer kill during “closed” season in Williamson County.

District #14 officers are currently completing the 2011 random inspections. No violations have been discovered at this time.

A CPO is currently investigating a timber theft in Saline County.

A CPO assisted the Goreville Police with a house fire. Luckily no one was at home. Goreville and Lake Egypt FD responded to the scene and the garage was totally destroyed and part of the house.

A CPO completed commercial inspection: Wild Game and Bird Breeder (hunting facility), and taxidermist. Only minor record keeping violations were noted. Suggestions were made for improvements.

A CPO returned commercial fishing hoop nets to a widow of a commercial fisherman. The fisherman passed away before all fines and fees had been paid, so the nets had never been returned, according to plea agreement. The widow agreed to sign for the nets, as her son still commercial fishes.

A CPO investigated an anonymous TIPS hotline report of a rural Marion subject having two dead white tailed deer the first weekend of February lying in his driveway. The subject had hit the two young deer while coming home from work with his truck. It had not caused much damage to the truck, but did kill the two deer. He had last hit a deer 3 years ago and was told road killed deer did not have to be reported by the police officer that did the crash report. The subject was not aware of the law being changed. He was issued two written warnings for failure to report a road kill within 24 hours after the accident.

CPOs conducted a commercial inspection of a class A Game Breeder in Massac and Johnson counties. The facility offers "canned" hunts of whitetail deer that can range in the over 300 class whitetail deer.
A CPO conducted an investigation of an out of state resident who falsely obtained an Illinois driver’s license and a resident hunting license and Archery deer permit in the 2010 season. The subject killed a 138 class deer and transported it back to his home state committing a Lacey Act violation. The subject failed to tag the deer immediately upon kill and committed unlawful taking of whitetail deer. The case is ongoing.

A CPO assisted with traffic and helping get several motorists out of ditches in a snow shower that turned roads extremely slick.
A CPO taught law enforcement at a hunter safety class at John A. Logan College to about 130 students.
A CPO investigated a report of a bobcat shot by an arrow. The report was unfounded and the wounds were determined to be from a rupture. The bobcat had suffered fatal injuries from being struck by a vehicle.
CPOs conducted inspections of hunters hunting snow geese. With the high numbers of white fronted geese mixed in with the snow geese it is likely that many white fronted could be taken out of season.

A CPO conducted a registration and title investigation of a boat in Carterville.

A CPO conducted a commercial inspection of a commercial fish license holder and found a discrepancy in retaining records for 2 years. He was issued a written warning.

Two complaints were received regarding snow goose spreads shooting dark geese and ducks. Neither spread hunted much due to weather. No closed season species were documented killed during the surveillance.
A CPO had a court appearance in Alexander County regarding civil trial on wrongful tree cutting.
A CPO arranged for and sold confiscated ginseng and goldenseal root. The total amount of this sale was $3331.88 to be deposited in the IDNR general fund.

A CPO made contact with two Perry County hunters who were identified by Springfield as possible violators during the late winter deer season. One hunter was cleared of a violation after it was determined that his teenage son accidentally entered the wrong county of kill into the system. The hunter asked his son to call in the kill while he field dressed the deer. The second hunter was issued a written warning for checking in the doe he killed on a Washington County permit in Perry County. The hunter had an unfilled Perry County firearm permit at the time of kill. He used the wrong permit when calling in to get the confirmation number.

February 23, 2011


A boat accident/OUI arrest from 2009 is over. The operator of a PWC had run into the side of a runabout causing it to sink and send three people and a dog into the Illinois River. The PWC operator fled the scene but was later arrested. For the offenses of OUI and leaving the scene of an accident the PWC operator was assessed fines and costs of $3,624, given 24 months of supervision and sentenced to 180 days in the county jail.
In another 2009 boat accident, the cited parties have pleaded guilty. The operator of a PWC and injured person was cited for improper passing of an oncoming watercraft.  He paid a total of $179.00 in fine and costs. The operator of the other watercraft was cited for failure to exchange information. He paid a total of $466.00 in fine and costs.
A District 7 CPO recovered the body of a dead bald eagle in Henderson County.  The eagle will be transferred to the USFWS for further testing.
A subject cited for unlawful use of headlights (shining) and transporting an uncased loaded rifle during a District 7 airplane detail in November pleaded guilty, and was ordered to pay fines and costs near $800. The subject also forfeited the rifle to the Department of Natural Resources.

Upon receiving a complaint of fishing without permission in Knox County, the local CPO was advised by the landowner that a recent land acquisition by Pheasants Forever had been opened to public fishing. He advised that he shared ownership of one of the lakes with Pheasants Forever. Over the past week, he had a fence cut, had people parking vehicles on his property, and other fishermen cutting across his property to gain access to the lake. Knox County Sheriff’s Department had handled complaints on two occasions. He had also spoken to several fishermen on the lake who advised him that they had heard about the opening on the Internet. After speaking with the landowner, contact was made with Pheasants Forever officials to arrange a possible meeting between the parties. Signage, access, and management of the properties were to be discussed. Until proper posting and information sharing with the public is completed, discretionary enforcement will be taken on future complaints. Patrols of the area were also increased.

As part of a recent Pheasants Forever land acquisition in Knox County, two new properties were acquired by the DNR. Both are reclaimed strip mined ground with large bodies of water on each. Until management plans and Administrative Rules are changed, only statewide fishing laws are enforceable. There had been considerable pressure on one property the prior week after fishermen had boasted about catching numerous large bluegills. Neighboring landowners reported that as many as 50 vehicles were parked on and adjacent to the property while heavy ice fishing activity was observed. The local CPO and his Sergeant checked a small number of fishermen the following weekend, but the fishing success had diminished greatly. One written warning was issued, for parking in a prohibited area, to a fisherman that had disregarded an “Authorized Vehicles Only” sign and driven onto the property. Two cattle gates were borrowed from the site fence line and placed in the gate opening by the Site Superintendant and the CPO to discourage further entry. Daily checks of both new sites will be done by the CPO.
A District 7 CPO worked an environmental pollution case. The violators had applied 400,000 gallons of hog manure to the surface of a 92 acre field. The subjects stated it took them approximately 250 passes to apply all the manure. A large snowstorm followed and, when the snow began to melt, the manure followed the ground tile and discharged directly into Panther Creek. The DNR is working with the IEPA to collect samples and monitor for any loss of aquatic life. The case is still ongoing.
A District 7 CPO worked a boat titling fraud case. The subject owns a dealership and failed to send in the tax and titling fees. The CPO collected the past due amounts and issued the subject a citation.
A District 1 CPO initiated an investigation into a district timber buyer. The buyer failed to pay required fees on multiple timber purchases. The buyer was issued a citation and will also be submitted for administrative fines and late fees.
While in marked uniform patrol working in Winnebago County, a CPO rolled upon two vehicles stopped along Perryville Road that had just collided. The investigation revealed the offending vehicle failed to reduce speed to avoid rear ending the other vehicle. The driver of the offending vehicle also did not have proof of insurance for the car.
While in marked uniform patrol working in Winnebago County, a CPO received a complaint from an Ogle County citizen regarding a neighbor harassing them in the form of aggressive phone calls, messages, notes placed in their mailbox and repeated parking on the road at the end of their driveway, etc. for allowing the department wildlife biologists to survey whitetail deer on their property. The multi CPO investigation will be presented to the Ogle County State's Attorney's Office for review and consideration of criminal charges.
While patrolling the Hennepin Canal, a District 1 CPO was notified of two dogs running loose down the road. These were the same dogs the CPO saw playing in a field an hour prior. In order to avoid having the dogs fall through the ice or get hit by a car, the CPO was able to put the dogs in the squad and take them to the local holding facility. While en route to the kennel with the dogs, the Henry County Sheriff’s Department advised a man had called earlier that morning to turn in two dogs because he was leaving for China. The local police department was notified and a further investigation revealed the man took the dogs to rural area and left them hoping someone else would take them in. The man may be cited for animal neglect/cruelty, failure to vaccinate, and failure to register/keep tags.
A District 7 CPO responded to a citizen complaint of 2 subjects riding ATVs on private property without permission. The ATVs were also observed unlawfully operating on a roadway. Each subject was issued two citations for the violations.

A District 6 CPO assisted the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Department with a vehicle in the ditch. The driver of the vehicle was subsequently arrested for DUI.


A CPO arrested a subject in Illinois Beach State Park - North Unit for possession of cannabis and littering.

A CPO arrested a subject in Illinois Beach State Park - North Unit for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

A CPO arrested a patron of Illinois Beach State Park - North Unit for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.


Nothing reported.


A CPO arrested a subject for shooting a wood duck during teal season. He found a picture of the subject holding a wood duck during teal season on Facebook. The subject confessed when he was confronted about the incident.

A CPO recovered a dead bald eagle in Pike County. The cause of death is under investigation.

A CPO arrested a Greene County subject for unlawful use of a trap when the subject accidently caught a river otter. The trap size was too small to trap beaver and all other furbearer seasons were closed.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Adams County. 96 students attended the class.


A CPO checked a Georgia resident deer hunting. The subject claimed to be coyote hunting and was arrested for hunting coyote during gun deer season, unlawful take of three deer, and unlawful use of his brother’s and father’s deer permits.
A CPO arrested a subject after an investigation. The subject confessed to killing two deer without permits, using his son’s permits to tag them and falsifying the harvest reports.

A CPO completed an investigation into the unlawful take of a Trumpeter swan. Four subjects were cited for the swan which was recovered alive but died the following day.

A CPO arrested two subjects for operation of unnumbered snowmobiles and operation on a highway after a game of cat and mouse in the dark. The CPO attempted to stop a sled that fled and then shut off his lights. The CPO hid and watched for the subject to come back out when he saw a second sled that also stopped and shut off his lights. The CPO was close enough to hear the cell phone conversation between both operators as the first operator warned the second the game warden was in the area. The CPO observed the first subject return to a house and enter it. Later the second operator headed to the same residence. The CPO turned on his lights as the second sled pulled in the drive. The subject attempted to run but was stopped by a fence. The first operator stated he fled because he was stopped two weeks earlier by another officer and cited for no registration. Charges for failing to stop were upgraded to resisting an officer by the State’s Attorney.
A CPO arrested an Alabama subject after stopping at the gas station and observing the subject remove an uncased shotgun from the vehicle. The CPO also observed untagged deer antlers and other uncased guns. The subject could not explain his possession of the deer parts and was cited for unlawful possession of deer and transporting uncased guns.

A CPO handled a complaint of hunting from the road. The CPO arrested two subjects for shooting from the road and hunting by aid of a vehicle after interviewing and gaining a confession from the subjects for shooting at deer on a railroad right of way.

A CPO arrested a teenager after receiving multiple complaints of the subject road hunting. The CPO located a deer at the reported location and interviewed two subjects resulting in the confession of shooting the deer out of the vehicle and returning several hours later in an attempt to find the deer.

A CPO arrested a female subject wanted on a warrant after stopping to help on a motorist assist.

CPOs checked a group of deer hunters after receiving information about party hunting. Four subjects admitted to harvesting twelve deer the first deer season and using several other hunter’s permits to tag them. The subjects admitted to doing this same activity for the last four years. Eleven citations were issued for unlawful take of deer, unlawful possession of deer, hunting with no permits, and unlawful use of another’s permit. The subjects immediately went to the processor several counties away and paid a $1000.00 processing bill knowing the deer were all going to be seized. The subjects have been to court and paid over $4000.00 in fines and penalties. All the deer meat was donated to a local food pantry.

A CPO checked a subject during deer season who was not wearing blaze orange. The subject tried to hide and run to a nearby residence. The subject was hunting deer with a rifle and had no permits.

A CPO reported the disposition of two subjects arrest for driving suspended/revoked. One subject was fined $1785.00 and given two years in Department of Corrections. The second subject was fined $364.00 and given four days in jail.
A CPO responded to a complaint on 1/25/2011 of a freshly killed deer. The CPO spoke with the female occupant of the house who admitted her husband killed a deer with a bow and used her permit earlier in the month. The female also stated her husband shot a deer in the front yard with a shotgun just two days earlier and it was in their shed. The CPO waited for the husband to come home and he admitted to illegally killing both deer.
A CPO is assisting a Kansas officer with an investigation on a non resident. Charges in Illinois include not having a hunting license or habitat stamp for the last four years and unlawful take of two deer.
A CPO arrested a subject for unlawfully dumping construction debris on private property.

CPOs stopped by a subject’s residence after observing a suspect vehicle in the driveway. By chance both suspects were at the residence and after an interview admitted to shooting at deer from the truck with a rifle on multiple occasions during and after season. Both subjects have a mandatory court date.

A CPO made a second good deer case. The CPO had information of an illegal deer at a subject’s residence. Upon arrival he saw two sets of antlers in the back of a truck. After conducting interviews, one subject admitted to killing a 12 point deer during first shotgun season with no permit and using the permit of a friend’s mother. He also admitted to being out with several friends and shooting a deer after dark with headlights and a rifle.

A CPO received complaints of a truck shooting at deer after dark on two consecutive nights. After tracking down the suspect vehicle, an interview was conducted. The teenager admitted to killing more than five deer on five different nights with a 30.06 rifle he illegally bought at a gun show. The subject was charged with use and aid of a vehicle, unlawful use of lights, hunting after legal hours and hunting within 300 yards of a residence.

CPOs went to a residence after a tip of deer behind a shed. One CPO received permission from the subject’s wife to look in the shed. The CPO observed parts of over a dozen deer in the shed. After waiting for the suspect to arrive an interview was conducted. The subject did admit to illegally killing two bucks this past year. One he killed with a bow and failed to tag or report it. A second deer he admitted to shooting with a rifle from his truck on the way home from work. He had trouble accounting for all the other deer and was issued seven citations. A bow and rifle were seized along with the deer.

District 15 officers investigated five pollution reports.

A CPO was selected as the NWTF Illinois Officer of the Year and attended the NWTF National Convention.

After almost two years, an investigation of multiple Illinois residents illegally killing turkeys in Kansas has been adjudicated. The case was initiated by information a CPO received. All District 15 officers, along with District 11 officers and USFWS agents assisted in a day long interview marathon in April 2009. Over fifteen subjects were interviewed with eleven being charged. Charges include falsification of residency, unlawful take, failure to tag, unlawful take of hen turkey, no permits, unlawful possession and hunting from a vehicle. The subjects paid $5663.50 in fines and two subjects lost hunting privileges. Parts of over forty illegal turkeys were seized.
A CPO reported the disposition of a subject he arrested for falsification of residency. The subject paid $1500.00.
A CPO reported the disposition of a subject he arrested for falsification of residency. The subject paid $500.00.
A CPO conducted a boat safety inspection on a boater. He had a small inflatable boat with a 6 hp motor on Cedar Lake. The boater had no PFD, no fire extinguisher, and no whistle. He was cited for the PFD violation and given written warnings for the other two violations.
A CPO responded to a call that a person was yelling for help on the Tunnel Hill Trail. When he arrived, the county and city unit were already there. The subject was highly intoxicated and was talked into seeking alcohol treatment. The Sheriff agreed to transport her to the Sheriff’s office while the city unit and CPO searched the area to see if she had left anything; they found an empty bottle of rum and a .357 magnum. After returning to the Sheriff’s Office and interviewing her, she stated she had planned to commit suicide. After checking her criminal history, the CPO discovered that she had an extensive criminal background. She was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and taken to Massac Detention Center and put on suicide watch.
A CPO assisted Union County, US Forest Service, and other agencies with a large wildfire in northeastern Union County.

A CPO patrolled the Shawnee National Forest property for wildfire threats due to high winds and emergency burn bans in effect.

A CPO, while on a commercial fishermen detail, patrolled 71 miles of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers by boat out of Cairo, IL.

A CPO issued a salvage permit to a Fairview Heights man who wished to take possession of a deer head and antlers he found at Pyramid State Park.

A CPO was able to close two 2010 Perry County cases. The first was a case that occurred at Pyramid State Park. A Pinckneyville resident pleaded guilty to failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and he was fined $220.00 dollars. The driver abandoned his vehicle after wrecking in the park after a night of drinking.  The following day he reported his vehicle stolen to cover himself.

The second case was an unlawful hunting with use of motor vehicle incident, hunting from a highway, and shooting from a roadway. The Coulterville hunter pleaded guilty to hunting with the use/aid of a motor vehicle. He was fined $250.00 and made a $500.00 donation to the Illinois Conservation Foundation.




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