Office of Law Enforcement

August 3, 2011

A CPO responded to a serious boat accident in Henderson County. One subject sustained life threatening injuries during the crash. He was flown to University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City. The crash remains under investigation.

A CPO was sent to a call of a subject who had dove into the Fox River and not resurfaced. The CPO responded to the scene of the accident with issued watercraft and side scan sonar unit. The CPO subsequently conducted a search of the area of the Fox River with the sonar and located the victim who was then recovered by Ottawa River Rescue.

A CPO gave a presentation on boat and water safety to a group of children attending the Soengataha Country Club youth camp. Drowning prevention, dam safety, and life jackets were among the topics covered during the boating related day of the week camp. A small article with a photo was in the Galesburg Register Mail newspaper about the presentation and the day’s activities.

While a District Sergeant was conducting watercraft inspections for subjects in need of watercraft registration, a subject pulled into the park with a 12’ Jon boat in the bed of his truck. He seemed nervous and appeared to be in a hurry. A check of his driver’s license indicated his driver’s license was revoked for DUI. The subject acknowledged he knew he was going to an inspection with a Conservation Police Officer. He also acknowledged he knew he was revoked. He was issued a citation for his violation and a “passing” inspection sheet for his watercraft. The second watercraft owner in line for an inspection stated he didn’t know he was going to be fingerprinted for a watercraft registration. He was advised as long as he had a valid driver’s license, fingerprinting would not be a requirement.

A District Sergeant handled a boat accident on Spoon Lake in Knox County. A tuber being pulled behind the watercraft got his wrist entangled in the tow rope. He suffered a severe laceration requiring surgery to repair damaged tendons. He will also need future skin graft surgeries. No violations were noted in this investigation.

A District 1 CPO was on foot patrol at Lowden State Park when he observed a group of 5 campers drinking alcohol in an area where it is unlawful to possess alcohol. As the CPO entered the campsite to address the alcohol violation, he observed a small device commonly used to grind cannabis on the ground next to one of the subject’s feet. The CPO opened the device and discovered a small amount of cannabis. When questioned, the group stated they had rolled blunts earlier. A further inspection resulted in the discovery of another camper possessing a bag containing cannabis in his pocket. The cannabis and alcohol were seized and two of the campers were arrested for possession of cannabis and possession of alcohol and the other three received citations for the unlawful possession of alcohol.
Issues have arisen of subjects accessing a swimming area on private property by walking along the Hennepin Canal. The biggest issue has been parking along the canal and blocking the access and blocking traffic along the roadway. Signs were posted and warnings have been issued leading to other enforcement.
CPOs were escorting a group of individuals that were illegally off of the marked trails (also in possession of alcohol and drugs) to the parking lot at Starved Rock State Park when one CPO noticed four more individuals that were off of the marked trails at Starved Rock State Park. The males were seen near the bluffs edge of a canyon after it had just rained. The CPO observed the group and informed them that they were in a restricted area. The CPO located cannabis and drug paraphernalia on two males. They were cited for the violations, fingerprinted in the parking lot, and released on I-bonds.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

A CPO cited a Jackson County resident for driving his vehicle off the roadway in Giant City State Park. He had driven his vehicle down a horse trail and had gotten it stuck in a ditch.

A CPO responded to a call of possible lost boater on Devils Kitchen Lake. When he arrived at the lake, he discovered the lost boaters were just returning to the boat ramp. The lost boaters were not lost but had decided to stay out a little later fishing without informing their wives who had reported them lost. In addition, one of the boaters was arrested on an outstanding failure to appear warrant out of Union County.

A CPO while on boat patrol, arrested a Belleville resident for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. The operator had a BAC of 0.110%.

CPOs were on boat patrol and were notified of a boating accident. A Milstadt resident was being pulled on a tube when he fell off striking his forehead on his knee. He received a large laceration on his forehead and sustained neck and shoulder injuries as well. The subject was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. The accident is still under investigation.

A CPO responded to a raccoon hunting complaint in Massac County that came into Region V Office. The hunters have been shooting raccoons out of a boat during closed season. Citations were issued.

A CPO assisted in securing a suspicious item that had been discarded off a 400 foot bluff wall in Larue-Pine hills in Shawnee National Forest in Union County. A local rope team rappelled down and secured the item which turned out to be a stuff sack unrelated to crime.

A CPO cited a Union County subject for raccoon hunting during closed season. The CPO located a truck with dog boxes in it and a boat trailer at the Pomona ramp on Cedar Lake in the Shawnee National Forest. When subjects arrived at the ramp he observed a coon dog in the boat and coon hunting equipment. The subjects were in a hurry because the dog had been bitten by what they think was a rattlesnake. During inspection of the boat he discovered a rifle hidden under the bow. He also located rifle ammunition on one of the subjects. The firearm was seized and citations issued.

A CPO made contact with a family in Jefferson County who had a deer on a collar in their back yard as a pet, the fawn was released and appropriate enforcement taken.

A CPO made contact with a Benton man fishing at Bonnie Dam who had a bucket of mussels he collected for bait. Enforcement action was taken for collection of mussels from restricted waters.

A CPO arrested a Franklin County man for a failure to appear warrant.

A CPO made contact with ATV's riding on Department lands, appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPOs cited a couple of boaters for no observer while towing on Rend Lake.


August 10, 2011

While checking an area that has had problems of people blocking the road and access to the Hennepin Canal, a CPO found a car parked in a no parking area.  Two of the subjects were found who had ridden in the car; both did not have a valid driver’s license.  The female subject stated that her boyfriend had driven the car but had gone to get drinks.  She thought he had gone back to Rock Falls.  This was 20 minutes farther than the closet convenience store.  The subject arrived after about 45 minutes after many conversations giving the boyfriend directions.  Once the boyfriend arrived he was interviewed if he had actually driven the car there and if so why he had not remembered the way there, the boyfriend responded, “I’m missing part of my brain and I could not remember how to get here.”  After a brief interview the subject stated, “Okay, I will tell you the truth, I am missing part of my brain, but I did not drive here.”  His girlfriend had driven there. The CPO told him that he believed him.  The girlfriend gave the CPO false information but he was able to get her correct information and found she had a warrant for her arrest.  The female was arrested for the warrant, driving while revoked, and parking in a prohibited area.  She was taken to the County Jail.

While conducting an unassigned water patrol along the Pecatonica River, a CPO encountered several subjects on a pontoon boat.  While conducting a boat safety inspection, the CPO discovered that an 11 year old child was not wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) as required by law. The inspection also revealed that the fire extinguisher wasn’t in serviceable condition and the boat registration numbers were not displayed as required by law.  He issued a citation for the PFD violation and written warning for the remaining violations.

A CPO gave a presentation on boat and water safety, wildlife conservation accomplishments of the DNR, and utilized the Education Trailer at the Fulton County Canton Lake Cub Scouts Day Camp.  Scouts attending learned how to safely effect rescues utilizing the Reach, Throw, Don’t Go principle and how to properly wear personal flotation devices.  They also learned how the Illinois DNR successfully saved several native species by enforcing regulations and relocating or transplanting endangered and threatened species into proper habitats within the state.

A CPO responded to a call of individuals diving off of a rented boat and swimming in Olson Lake outside of the designated lifeguarded swimming area.  The group figured it was cheaper to split the cost of renting a paddle boat and swim in the middle of the lake than it was for each person to pay $3 to swim at the swim beach; that is until the person who rented the paddle boat was cited under the state park administrative rule for unlawful swimming.

While completing watercraft safety inspections at Atwood Homestead Forest Preserve Boat Launch in Winnebago County, a CPO observed a 60’s model speed boat pulling a man on an inner tube at high speed just a few yards off of the end of the dock at the public boat launch; violating the No Wake Zone.  Further inspection of the boat full of teenagers revealed their boat did not have a sounding device, the battery was not secured to the hull and they were short wearable PFD’s. 

While completing watercraft safety inspections at Martin Park Boat Launch in Winnebago County, a CPO observed a boat full of occupants approaching the dock.  The boat inspection revealed the boat was
short (3) wearable PFD’s, was overloaded with passengers, had an unsecured/unshielded  battery, no sounding device, and the operator was not using the lanyard tether during operation.   Once the operator’s name was run through state computer, it was learned he was charged and convicted in 2010 by the Department for failure to have a passenger under age 13 in a PFD while on his boat.

While completing watercraft safety inspections at a Rockford Area public boat launch, an inspection of a personal watercraft revealed the vessel did not have a serviceable fire extinguisher aboard and the teenage operator was solo operating the PWC unsupervised and without having earned  a boat safety certificate.  The parent who arrived with the boat trailer to pick up the juvenile was charged under the parental responsibility section of the boat code for allowing a youthful operation of a watercraft.

A CPO responded to a complaint from a Hillsdale IL farmer of Illegal duck hunting on his property.   The farmer discovered duck and goose decoys in the water on a wetlands area of the farm.  The farmer stated he did not give anybody permission to hunt the area.  A name and number was discovered on the decoys.  This subject was located 200 miles away in Moultrie County.  The CPO interviewed him.  The subject stated he quit hunting four years prior and sold all his decoys at a garage sale.  The subject appeared credible.   It’s unknown at this time how the decoys got to where they were located or who was using them.

While working a boating detail on the Rock River in Whiteside County, two District 1 CPOs stopped a pontoon boat for an inspection after receiving information from another CPO that the operator of the pontoon had consumed a large amount of alcohol and had backed the boat into some rocks while leaving a popular sandbar.  During the inspection, the operator had very glassy, bloodshot eyes and had a strong odor of alcohol. The operator was given field sobriety tests and arrested for OUI. The subject submitted to a breath test which showed his BAC to be 0.215%.

While working a boating detail on the Rock River in Whiteside County, two District 1 CPOs stopped a boat after they observed young children not wearing PFDs. Two of the children were approximately a year old and the third was approximately three years old and none of them were wearing PFDs. The operator received a citation for the violation.

While on patrol at Mississippi Palisades State Park, a District 1 CPO observed a beer bottle on the picnic table in a campsite where alcohol is prohibited. The CPO approached the campsite as one of the campers tried to conceal the beer. The CPO located the beer as well as the other cooler full of beer. As the CPO retrieved the ID from site owner, the subject informed the CPO he was a high school teacher having a small reunion with three of his former students.  The subject was cited for the violation.

While on boat patrol on the Rock River in Lee County, two District 1 CPOs stopped a boat for a safety inspection. During the inspection, it was discovered they did not have enough wearable PFDs on board as well as other equipment violations.  After receiving a citation and some written warnings for their violations, their boat would not run. The CPOs tied on to their boat and towed them back to the boat launch.

A CPO completed a boat accident investigation involving a single watercraft sinking.  The operator knew the watercraft had been taking on water and continued to operate anyway.  He pulled the watercraft out and drained the water earlier in the day.  After going back to boating, the watercraft sank.  The operator was cited for careless operation of a watercraft. 

A CPO was on foot patrol at Sylvan Island in Moline when he saw a subject repetitively attempting to light a cannabis pipe.  The subject was later arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

While working along the Rock River, a CPO located three subjects using a trammel net and a casting net to take game fish.  Both nets were seized and five citations were issued to the three subjects.   
A CPO arrested five subjects in Illinois Canyon of Starved Rock State Park. The five subjects were in a restricted area of the canyon and were cited for unlawful entry into restricted area.

A CPO was assigned to three boat patrols of the Illinois River. On the three day patrol several boating citations were written as well as various written warnings for a variety of boating infractions.

CPOs and a District Sergeant worked a Recreational Boating OUI detail on the Rock River in Whiteside County.  The detail was worked utilizing both plain clothes and uniformed CPOs.  Two OUI arrests were made with BAC results of .174 and .215.  A citation was issued to an operator for failure to secure children under age 13 (Two children under 1 year and one child approximately 3 years old) in wearable life jackets.  A citation for failure to display a valid registration sticker was also issued. 

A District Sergeant began a deer poaching investigation in January 2010 in Mercer County.  The investigation stemmed from information obtained from anonymous citizens and an anonymous call to the TIPS Hotline.  Four offenders were arrested at the conclusion of the investigation.  Through the investigation, the illegal taking/ possession of 28 deer, rabbits, raccoons, a great blue heron, and a wild turkey were documented.  These offenses occurred from October 2007 - January 2010.  The primary offender took animals out of season, from a vehicle, with rifles, without permits, and with the use and aid of lights at night.  Much of the deer he poached went to waste and/ or was utilized in bait piles to hunt coyotes.  He utilized fraudulent landowner deer permits and his Father’s landowner deer permits.  Parts of 11 deer, processed deer meat, hunting & processing equipment, and 6 firearms were seized.   

On 08/02/11, the primary offender pleaded guilty to the following (27 misdemeanors & 1 petty offense) which occurred on separate dates:
12 Counts- Unlawful Possession of an Illegally Taken Deer
4 Counts- Unlawfully Taking A Deer without A Valid Permit (Both Firearm & Archery)
3 Counts- Unlawfully Deer Hunting/ Harassing Wildlife with Use/ Aid Of A Motor Vehicle
2 Counts- Unlawfully Taking Deer with an Illegal Method (Rifle)
1 Count- Unlawfully Taking Over the Limit Of Antlered Deer
1 Count- Unlawful Use of Another Individual’s Deer Permit
1 Count- Unlawful Use of Fraudulent Deer Permit
1 Count- Falsification of Documents- Harvest Record
1 Count- Unlawfully Taking a Wild Turkey without A Valid Archery Permit
1 Count- Possession of A Freshly Killed Rabbit During A Closed Season
1 Count- Unlawful Taking/ Possession of A Protected Species- Great Blue Heron

The offender  was placed on a 48 month probation and 25 years of conditional discharge (to be served consecutively), sentenced to 358 days in jail (stayed), ordered to have a psychological evaluation and any ordered treatment,  and ordered to forfeit all evidence seized.   He was ordered to refrain from hunting, participating in a hunting activity or be in the presence of subjects engaged in hunting or hunting activities for 15 years.  He was ordered to refrain from possessing a firearm for 25 years.  His fines and costs totaled $18,033.00 and included a $10,000.00 donation to the Illinois Conservation Foundation.  The cases involving two co-defendants are pending.

In January 2011 a District Sergeant responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Henry County.  Two Maryland offenders were located.  One of the offenders provided false identification and presented a third Maryland subject’s hunting license and deer permit as his own.  Both offenders were arrested for unlawfully deer hunting without landowner permission and unlawfully deer hunting without a valid non- resident hunting license.  The offender who provided false information was also issued citations for unlawfully obstructing, unlawfully archery deer hunting without a valid non-resident permit, and unlawful possession of another hunter’s permit while in the field archery deer hunting.  Through the assistance of the Maryland DNR, the subject who provided his hunting license and permits to one of the hunters was issued a citation for accessory-unlawful possession of another hunter’s deer permit while in the field.  All three offenders pleaded guilty.  A total of $1007.75 fines and costs were assessed in this case.  The two compound bows seized in this case were forfeited to the DNR.  The offender who utilized his friend’s deer permit had his hunting privileges revoked until 08/2012.   

A CPO arrested a boat operator for OUI on the Fox River in Kane County.  The CPO was conducting boat ramp inspections when the operator approached the ramp.  A registration and safety equipment inspection was conducted.  During the inspection, the operator showed signs of impairment.  The operator failed the field sobriety testing and was arrested.  The operator refused to submit to breath testing.

A CPO arrested a Latin King gang member in the Chain O' Lakes State Park on a Illinois Department of Corrections no bail, no bond warrant for parole violations.   The subject was also arrested for obstructing identification.  He was transported to the Lake County Jail.

A CPO cited a Mclean County subject for unlawful sale of aquatic life (shad) without having a retail aquatic life dealers license after he saw an advertisement while on patrol. 

A CPO arrested two subjects for operating under the influence of alcohol while on boat patrol at Clinton Lake over the past weekend.  One subject, from Bloomington, had a BAC of .093 and had been previously arrested at Clinton Lake for operating under the influence.  The second subject, from Fairbury, had a BAC of .11. 

A CPO arrested a Bement man for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia while on boat patrol at Clinton Lake.  The subject was an occupant of a boat stopped for safety related violations. 

While on vehicle patrol, a CPO arrested a Danville man for driving while license suspended.  A check of the subject’s driver’s license revealed that he also had an active warrant for driving while license suspended in Tazewell County. 

A District Sergeant and CPO arrested a Watseka man for operating under the influence of alcohol while on boat patrol at Lake Shelbyville.  The subject had a BAC of .156  

A District Sergeant and CPO arrested a Decatur man for operating under the influence while on boat patrol at Lake Shelbyville.  The subject refused to take a breath test.

A CPO was called to a Mattoon man who was passed out under a running shower in Wolf Creek State Park.   The CPO arrested the subject and his brother for possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.

A CPO made contact with a Beecher City man with unleashed dogs in Hidden Springs SF and also arrested him for possession of 2.5 to 10 grams of cannabis.

CPOs responded to a complaint of a Cerro Gordo man in the women’s shower in Eagle Creek State Park.  The subject was issued a citation.

CPOs arrested two subjects for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  One subject, a Camargo man, had a BAC of .14.  The second subject, from Mattoon, had a BAC of .12. 

A CPO while investigating a Neoga man for dumping shingles cited the subject for an EPA violation for burning shingles. 

A CPO checking fishermen at Lake Mattoon arrested an Arthur man for no fishing license and possession of controlled substance and a Mattoon man for possession of cannabis.

With the help of an IDNR Region 3 Site Superintendent, a CPO was able to arrest a subject for unlawfully digging/taking ginseng from a state park/IDNR property.  In addition, the subject was cited for taking ginseng out of season and several other related violations (5 citations total).  After seeing the vehicle parked at another site earlier, the site superintendant recorded the vehicle’s description and license plate number and passed it on to the District 11 Conservation Police.  The vehicle was observed at a different site where the CPO concealed himself for several hours.  Eventually, the subject returned to his vehicle where he was arrested for the violations. 

A CPO observed a vehicle driving recklessly while on vehicle patrol in DeWitt County.  The vehicle matched the description of a reckless driving complaint put out by the Sheriff’s department earlier for nearly running vehicles off the road.  The CPO stopped the vehicle and arrested the subject for driving while under the influence of drugs (prescription).  The subject claimed to have left Galesburg for Clinton, Iowa, but was actually about 7 miles from Clinton, IL. 

CPOs arrested a subject on a warrant after conducting a boat inspection.

A District Sergeant arrested a subject on a warrant after conducting a boat inspection.

A CPO and Missouri Water Patrol Officer recovered a body floating down the Mississippi River at Batchtown. The body was turned over to the Lincoln County coroner. The body has not been identified.

A District Sergeant arrested a subject on a motorcycle for DUI after the subject almost struck a guard rail. The subject had a blood alcohol level of .151.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI after conducting a boat safety inspection. The subject had a blood alcohol level of .098.

A District Sergeant used his moving radar to determine the speed of a subject driving through the city of Jerseyville. The subject was trying to elude county and city police. The subject was traveling 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. The pursuit by police was terminated.  The District Sergeant was not pursuing the subject but located the subject upside down in a cornfield three miles after the pursuit was terminated. The subject was not injured and was turned over to the Illinois State Police.  

A CPO is investigating a personal injury boat accident that occurred in the Grafton area. The female subject dislocated her knee when she was thrown from a wave runner. The CPO had the hospital draw blood on the subject since there was evidence of her possibly being under the influence.  A District Sergeant was at the scene and interviewed a male subject who was a passenger. He was arrested for under age consumption.  His blood alcohol level was .141.  

A CPO caught two subjects “snagging” below the Rend Lake Spillway. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPOs worked the World Shooting Complex detail at Sparta.
A CPO attended a hunter safety course in Pinckneyville and Carterville, both classes had over 100 students participate in the course.

A CPO attended a Night Out on the Town Event in the city of Du Quoin, the CPOA trailer was used as a display for the participants.

A CPO investigated a complaint called into the Perry County Sheriff’s Office.  A DuQuoin man was allegedly in possession of a mounted bobcat.  It was determined that the bobcat was a road kill in Missouri.  The owner provided documentation from Missouri DNR legally reporting and claiming the bobcat.

A CPO investigated a Personal Injury boat accident on Kinkaid Lake. The accident is being investigated.

A CPO conducted a boat inspection on overloaded boat at Kinkaid Lake.  He discovered the operator to be under the influence of alcohol. The operator was taken to Jackson County jail to be processed and bonded.

CPOs assisted a stranded boater on Kinkaid Lake. The engine on their 24' cabin cruiser would run but would die every time it was put in gear. The boat and passengers were towed back to the ramp.

A District Sergeant and CPO attended the planning meeting for the Ft. Massac Encampment detail in Metropolis.

August 17, 2011

District 1 CPOs arrested a Sterling juvenile for operating a watercraft while under the influence of drugs on the Sinnissippi Pool of the Rock River in Whiteside County.  Subject was also charged with operating a motor boat with no safety certificate, possession of cannabis, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  He was also issued written warnings for various boat equipment violations.    Subject was released to his parents by juvenile officer.

This is the third OUI arrest made on this stretch of the Rock River within the week.  Enforcement efforts have been concentrated in this area due to complaints from citizens about intoxicated boaters, illegal drug use, and pollution of waterways by boaters in the area of Harry Oppold Marina and the “Sand Bar” across from it.  Zero tolerance for impaired operators and illegal drug use will continue by District 1 CPOs in the complaint area.  Other violations during the enforcement detail included citations to other boaters for operating watercraft with expired registrations, and written warnings for various boat equipment violations.    

Three forfeiture hearings have been held in Fulton County over the past week for illegally used fishing equipment.  All hearings were successful in having the fishing equipment declared a public nuisance and the items awarded to the Department.

A CPO and District Sergeant conducted a boat patrol during the White Trash Bash held along the Illinois River shoreline near Peoria.  A second boat was manned by CPOs.  Citations were issued for insufficient numbers of PFDs (personal flotation devices) and for registration violations.  Numerous written warnings were also issued for equipment and registration violations.  Both patrol boats arrested subjects for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  One CPO’s subject had an OUI of .16.  The other CPO’s subject had a BAC of .10.  He was stopped after violating a No Wake Area and then urinating off the back of his boat.

A Rockford Area CPO was on marked uniform boat patrol when he observed an older model pontoon boat absent of any 3” registration numbering on the bow.  He also observed the operator standing behind the helm continually leaving control of the vessel and moving about the boat while talking to the passengers; this while the boat remained in gear.  In addition to the registration and lanyard violations, the inspection revealed the owner/operator of the boat placed valid registration decals from a separate craft on this particular boat, both batteries were not covered or secured to the hull as required and they were short two wearable P.F.D.’s. 

While patrolling near Port Louisa Refuge, a CPO passed two vehicles.  A passenger in one of the vehicles appeared to hide something as they passed.  Following the vehicles into one of the access areas, the CPO questioned the subjects about what they were hiding.  The passenger was cited for illegal transportation of open alcohol and arrested for being wanted on a warrant in Warren County.    

A CPO received information from an Iowa DNR Sgt.  The Sgt. had recovered a hoop net from the Mississippi River containing dead turtles.  Following up on the information/evidence received from the Sergeant, the CPO interviewed the illegal fishermen from Iowa.  The fisherman advised he had forgotten about the net and was cited for failure to check it.  Civil penalties were assessed for the dead turtles.    

A District 1 CPO investigated a complaint of an individual keeping wild turkeys in an enclosed pen in his back yard.  Upon arrival the officer could plainly see an enclosed pen housing six wild turkeys in the back yard. The owner of the property stated he caught them in his back yard and was planning on either eating them or raising them and releasing them this fall.  The man was charged with multiple counts of unlawfully retaining species alive and given a mandatory court date. The turkeys were released.

A District 7 CPO arrested a subject wanted on an outstanding warrant while he was fishing the Illinois River without a valid fishing license.  Subject was transported to the Tazewell County Jail and enforcement action was taken. 

On August 12th the annual Tug Fest started in Port Byron IL with a fireworks show on the Mississippi River.  District 1 CPOs did a boat patrol on Friday and Saturday.  No problems were detected at the event.  On Aug. 13th the tug of war across the Mississippi River took place between Port Byron IL and LeClaire IA.  Illinois won the event again this year.

A CPO was called to the scene of a boat accident in Mississippi River Pool # 14 in the upper sandpit area.  A Baja boat with a stuck throttle hit the shore line at approximately 35 mph.  No injuries occurred and damage to the boat is still being assessed.   The only part of the boat left in the water was the stern/prop area.

A CPO responded to a PWC (personal watercraft) accident from Morrison Rockwood State Park.  The accident occurred in the Andalusia Slough in the Mississippi River.  One PWC hit another PWC.  One subject was flown to Iowa City hospital with serious injuries.  This accident remains under investigation.

While checking fishermen at the Castle Rock State Park boat ramp, a District 1 CPO observed a female subject with a line tied around a stick.  As the CPO approached, the subject dropped the stick and sat down.  When asked for a license, the subject said she wasn’t fishing.  When asked about the stick and string, the subject then acted as if she did not speak English.  The CPO located the fishing device and issued a citation for fishing without a license.

A District 6 officer noticed a vehicle with Texas registration parked next to a local creek. The officer located three males, ages 17-19, fishing.  When asked for their fishing license, they all showed the officer their Texas fishing license.  The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

Nothing reported.

A CPO on foot patrol in Wolf Creek State Park encountered a large under age party.  The CPO arrested six subjects for unlawful consumption of alcohol by minor.

A CPO arrested a Shelbyville man on a boat for unlawful possession of not more than 2.5 Grams cannabis on Lake Shelbyville.

A CPO responded to a snagging TIPs complaint at the Lake Shelbyville dam.  The CPO cited a Mattoon man for unlawful snagging.

A CPO stopped an Arthur man in Wolf Creek State Park for improper lane usage.  The CPO arrested the subject for DUI with a .170 BAC.

A CPO overheard radio traffic from Clark County Sherriff’s Office indicating an intoxicated driver leaving the Burger King in Marshall.  A short time later the vehicle passed the CPO’s location and a traffic stop was initiated after the driver had problems keeping within his lane of traffic.  The driver’s breath registered .22 BAC and he was taken to jail for driving under the influence of alcohol. 

While on boat patrol at Clinton Lake, a CPO arrested a LeRoy man for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  The subject had a BAC of .098%. 

Nothing reported

CPOs worked the World Shooting Complex detail in Sparta.

CPOs worked the “Insane Clown Posse” gathering in Hardin County.

CPOs responded to a drowning on the Ohio River in Kentucky waters.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI on the Ohio River. The subject blew .18 and was transported to Hardin County.

CPOs worked OUI details on Rend Lake.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Marion, approximately 50 students attended the class.

A CPO arrested two DuQuoin hunters for hunting without permission of the landowner in Perry County.
CPOs were requested to assist ISP District 22 with the search of an escapee from the Dixon Springs Correctional Facility.  ATV's were used to aid in the search of the suspect.

A CPO conducted two boat title and registration investigations.

A CPO responded and investigated a fish dealer that mostly produces crickets and worms. While some paperwork violations were found, the company was shown the proper paperwork they needed.

A CPO is investigating the theft of four boats that were stolen from Lake Murphysboro State Park. The boats were used as rentals on Lake Murphysboro. The case is under investigation.

A CPO stopped a vehicle at Ferne Clyffe State Park.  The vehicle had expired registration and no insurance.  The driver was cited for the violation.

CPOs cited two boats for towing skiers without having observers on Kinkaid Lake.
CPOs arrested two men on Kinkaid Lake for not having valid sport fishing license.  Numerous boating violations were also noted and warnings issued.

A District Sergeant and CPOs attended and worked at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta the second half of the event.

August 24, 2011

CPOs ticketed a Utica women for using her phone to text while driving, improper lane usage and operation of the vehicle without insurance after she crossed the center line and nearly collided head on with the officers. 

A CPO ticketed seven Chicago men for snagging in the Illinois River at Starved Rock State Park.

A CPO was on marked uniform boat patrol on Candlewick Association Lake in Boone County where he inspected personal watercraft and open motorboats.  In a three hour period on the lake, fire extinguisher, battery cover(s), PFD (personal flotation device), no boat trailer registration and fishing license violations were documented.  In all, three arrest citations and nine written warnings were issued.

A CPO noticed a truck that was pulling a boat quickly leave the parking lot of Illini State Park.  The boat trailer did not have a license plate or tail lights and was not strapped down.  The CPO initiated a traffic stop and approached the driver.  As the CPO approached the vehicle he noticed that there were 5 occupants in the vehicle.  The CPO detected the odor of cannabis and asked the driver to exit the vehicle.  The driver admitted that he had a small amount of marijuana in his pants in the truck.  As the driver retrieved the marijuana, the CPO observed a beverage in the cup holder with a piece of celery sticking out of it.  The front seat passenger admitted it was his Bloody Mary.  The right rear passenger also had a Bloody Mary and open beer in his possession.  Both drinks were seized.  As the CPO opened the back door he noticed the left rear passenger had an open beer.  The left rear passenger knew the vehicle was going to be searched and informed the officer that he had a small amount of marijuana in a cigarette box in the front seat.  Numerous citations were issued and the truck, boat, and trailer were towed from the scene.

CPOs assisted USCG (United States Coast Guard) and COE (Corps of Engineers) in a security detail at a world record attempt of canoes and kayaks joined together.   The event started at 8:45 a.m. in Mississippi River Pool # 15 in Moline IL.  Hundreds of canoes and kayaks headed down stream to pool # 16 Sunset Marina in Rock Island IL.  All the canoes and kayaks joined together for the 2nd year in a row to attempt a world record for the most canoes and kayaks floating joined together.   Alcohol consumption by participants created several problems again this year.  Multiple subjects had to be rescued by patrol boats.   One subject riding in a boat fell out due to severe intoxication.  His blood alcohol concentration was .200%.   This subject was transported safely to Sunset Marina where he then got in a fist fight with a family member and was arrested for domestic battery.   IDNR will recommend to event organizers they put an alcohol ban in place for any further attempts.  This year’s attempt fell short of the record by about 400 canoes/kayaks.

District 1 and 7 CPOs worked a Presidential Security Detail.  They secured area waterways and fields by watercraft and ATVs while President Obama visited the area. 

A CPO arrested a patron of the Chain O'Lakes State Park for DUI during an IDOT grant detail.  The subject's BAC was .122%.
 A CPO responded to a complaint taken by the McHenry County Sheriff of a subject with 15 poles and a large basket of fish at the Algonquin Dam on the Fox River.  When the CPO arrived, that subject was gone but two other subjects were observed snagging below the dam.  The CPO observed for about 45 minutes, then approached and found the subjects to be in possession of a 17 inch smallmouth bass.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken and the poles were seized.

A CPO arrested a subject in Illinois Beach State Park for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and drug paraphernalia.

A CPO is investigating a burglary to motor vehicle which occurred at Moraine Hills State Park.  The victim left his wallet in the console of his open Jeep Wrangler.  The offender took the wallet which contained $100 cash, 2 personal checks, a credit card, two debit cards, his Driver’s License and Social Security card. The offender then went on a spending spree, withdrawing over $1,500 from the bank, and several hundred dollars in purchases at the BP station in Wauconda and the Kohl’s and Walmart stores in Lake Zurich.  The CPO obtained the security camera footage from the three retail locations, and the Wauconda Police put out a Critical Reach message on our behalf to the local departments.

A CPO arrested a subject at the Chain O'Lakes State Park boat ramp for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  The subject submitted to chemical testing resulting with a BAC of 0.164%.  A search incident to arrest resulted with an additional charge of possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams, after finding a small plastic pill bottle of cannabis in the subject's pocket.

A CPO arrested a subject at the Chain O'Lakes State Park for possession of alcohol in a posted restricted area, possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A CPO stopped a Marshall man riding an ATV riding on the roadway on IL Rte 1 in Marshall.  The man had a suspended driver’s license.  The CPO arrested the man and took him to the Clark County Jail where he was cited for operation of ATV on roadway and driving while license suspended.

A CPO stopped a Pana man in Shelby County while on a DUI Grant detail.  The man was weaving while driving a motorcycle.  The man was arrested for DUI and had a .107 BAC.

A District Sergeant, while on a DUI Grant detail, stopped a Decatur man in Wolf Creek State Park for failing to signal to turn twice and no registration on a trailer.  The subject was in possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.  The man admitted to smoking cannabis.  The man was arrested for DUI drugs, failure to Signal, no valid registration, no insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia and not more than 2.5 grams of cannabis.  The man submitted to a DUI Urine test with the results pending.

A District Sergeant along with CPOs responded to an access area at Clinton Lake where visitors discovered a deceased man.  An investigation into the death is being completed.  Foul play is not suspected.

Nothing reported.


CPOs assisted the Illinois State Police and Williamson County Sheriff's Office with a manhunt in the Hurst area.  A subject who was involved in a domestic dispute ran from an ISP Master Sergeant after crashing his vehicle.  The subject was last seen wearing checkered shorts only, running into a large cornfield.  CPOs utilized their four wheel drive trucks and a department ATV to help look for this subject.  The subject was not located during this search.

A CPO while issuing a written warning to a fisherman on Campus Lake at SIU-Carbondale determined he was wanted on a warrant.  The subject was wanted for failure to appear on a delivery of cannabis charge in Perry County Illinois.  The bond on this warrant was $25,000. 10% applies, and the subject was transported to the Jackson County jail for extradition.

A CPO is currently investigating two timber cases in Union and Alexander Counties.

A CPO responded to a Pulaski County incident where a subject had shot at a deputy with a shotgun, and shot out a tractor cab window while there was a guy driving it.  He then was in a standoff with police in his home before being talked out of the residence peacefully.

A CPO arrested two Williamson County men for possession of cannabis while working an IDOT Grant detail.
A CPO continued an investigation of four stolen IDNR boats that were stolen from Lake Murphysboro State Park. The investigation is ongoing.

A CPO conducted boat enforcement on Crab Orchard, Little Grassy, Devils Kitchen and Lake of Egypt over the weekend.

A District Sergeant and CPO attended the Ft. Massac Encampment detail meeting in preparation for the 2011 event.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI on the Ohio River.  Subject blew a .137 and was transported to Hardin County.

A CPO assisted the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department in the apprehension of two subjects who had stolen anhydrous ammonia from a Hamilton County farmer.

A CPO caught a subject transporting open alcohol in a vehicle during the IDOT detail.

A CPO caught two subjects transporting open alcohol in a vehicle during the IDOT detail