October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
September 7, 2011

A CPO investigated a serious fall that happened at Starved Rock State Park.  Three Elmhurst men had left the trail while hiking the Upper Bluff Trail towards St Louis Canyon.  One of the men slipped and fell approximately 25 feet.  The injured man was taken to an area hospital by friends where he was then flown to OSF Hospital in Peoria for treatment of his injuries.  The man suffered from a broken 5th vertebrae, broken right arm and broken collar bone.  All three men were charged with entering a restricted area for hiking off trail.

A District 7 CPO responded to a stranded boat on Emiquon Preserve Lake owned by the Nature Conservancy.  High winds had blown the boat into thick weed beds and shallow water and the boat was unable to get back out into the main lake.  The CPO towed the boat to the ramp and suggested that the boaters check the weather forecast for high wind warnings prior to boating on Emiquon which only allows trolling motors.

Several District 6 CPOs responded to Starved Rock State Park after receiving a phone call from another police department stating there was a female subject there who was possibly going to commit suicide.  The missing female’s cell phone was tracked to the lower area of the park.  A few minutes later, it was tracked to “Lover’s Leap”.    A CPO and other DNR park workers located the female subject unharmed.  She was taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

A CPO arrested a male subject for OUI at the Barto Landing boat ramp in Spring Valley along the Illinois River.  The CPO had received a phone call earlier stating the operator of the boat was intoxicated.  The operator failed all field sobriety tests and was arrested.  He refused to give a breath sample.  There were three juveniles in the boat with him at the time of arrest. 

While walking along the bank of the Illinois River in Bureau County looking for a report of an underage drinking party, CPOs heard an ATV in the distance and then heard two gunshots.  They began to walk towards the area of the shots and a couple minutes later they observed a truck driving down the railroad tracks.  The truck was stopped and the driver was spoken to.  He was told they had heard gun shots and asked if he had any firearms with him.  The driver said yes and said there was a 45 caliber pistol in the back seat under his coat.  The pistol was unloaded.  The driver was cited for unlawful transportation of an uncased firearm. 

A District 6 CPO, while conducting patrols for Dove/early Goose enforcement and holiday water patrols, issued 24 warnings and two citations for a variety of migratory game bird and boating violations.

A District 7 CPO responded to a complaint of illegal hunting in Henderson County.  The case involves a group of individuals taking over limits of geese. 

A District 1 officer received a complaint of goose hunters on the Rock River on the Ogle/Winnebago County line, hunting and shooting within 100 yds of an inhabited dwelling.   Investigation revealed that the hunters were well within 100 yds of the complainant’s house and that one had an expired FOID card.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A District 1 officer and USFW refuge officer worked Potter’s Marsh on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River on opening day of teal season.  Teal and goose hunting action was slow that morning but one hunter was observed shooting and dropping a wood duck by the USFW officer.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

Surveillance was conducted on a waterfowl hunter during the early goose and teal season in Carroll County in response to a complaint in the area.  A hunter was observed shooting and downing a few Canada Geese which were retrieved by his Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  Continued observation revealed no violations so a compliance check was conducted when it appeared that the hunter was packing up to leave. The elder hunter advised that he left his hunting license and stamps back at his truck.  The hunter advised that he was not in the best of health and that it would take him a while to make the trek back to his truck with all of his gear.  The District 1 CPO helped the hunter by carrying his geese and pulling his otter sled with all of his gear back to his truck.  At the truck the hunter was issued a written warning for not having his license and stamps on his person while hunting.  The hunter thanked the CPO and advised him he would be hunting again in the morning if he would like to check him again around quitting time.

A CPO worked three days of patrol at the annual Argyle Lake State Park Labor Day festivities.  A large flea market, swap meet, antique tractor and engine show, tractor pull, and many crafts and foods are featured at the park throughout the weekend.  An initial report of a stolen vehicle was handled by locating the missing car parked near where the owner thought he had parked it.  The elderly driver had arrived early when very few cars were at the park and was unable to locate the vehicle due to the large numbers that had arrived throughout the day.  Two ISP Troopers assisted the CPO with traffic direction on Saturday and Sunday.  They also handled a civil complaint between a vendor and a customer whose son had broken an item.  Of the thousands of citizens from several states that attended the event, no accidents or major incidents occurred.  The campground was full but other than one golf cart complaint, no incidents occurred over the weekend. 

A District 6 CPO received a complaint of six individuals netting fish at the base of Rockton Dam.  Upon the CPOs arrival, it was discovered the individuals were swimming under water at the base of the shallow low head dam catching rough fish and freshwater mussels by hand.  There were no nets in the group’s possession.  Only one of the men possessed a valid fishing license.  Charges included unlawful taking of freshwater mussels and fishing without a sport fishing license.

A CPO worked opening day of dove season at Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area.  The hunter’s quota was full even with near 100 degree weather and no violations were detected.  One dog was overheated and assistance was rendered by the CPO taking the dog to the lake to cool down.   

A man riding a mule at Jubilee College State Park Equestrian Area was thrown off, striking his head on a gravel road and knocking him unconscious.  The man was transported a Peoria area hospital where he was treated and released. 

A Region 1 District 1 CPO conducted an OUI detail.  The CPO launched a boat on Mississippi River Pool # 14 at Cattail Slough.  Thirteen boat safety inspections were conducted while underway.  A total of nine written warnings were issued.  The second half of the shift the CPO did spot checks at multiple boat launches.  A total of 17 boat safety inspections were conducted with 12 written warnings issued.  No boat operators were found to be intoxicated.  The cooler weather seemed to keep alcohol use to a minimum.
A Region 1 Officer patrolled the Rock River from the patrol boat during the Labor Day weekend resulting in the issuance of citations for various boating related violations.

District 1 CPOs assisted park staff with traffic control and patrols of the Indian Pow Wow at Blackhawk State Historic Site.

A District Sergeant and CPO conducted water patrol and secured a perimeter for the Annual Keithsburg Fireworks on Pool 18 of the Mississippi River.

While checking sport fishermen by boat on Pool 17 of the Mississippi River, a District Sergeant and CPO located two subjects and a two year old child in a boat.  The subjects were fishing.  When we approached to conduct an inspection, we observed five firearms.  They were in possession of two unloaded and cased rifles, a loaded uncased 30-30 rifle, a loaded uncased handgun, and a loaded cased handgun.  The subjects advised they were legal because one of them had a “Conceal to Carry Permit” in Iowa.  They were advised the reciprocal agreement on the Mississippi River applied to fishing licenses- not the transportation of loaded firearms.  Both subjects advised they were “going to target practice”.  One of the subjects did not have a valid sport fishing license.  Both subjects were cited for transportation of loaded uncased firearms in a vehicle (boat).  The subject who was fishing without a license was also issued two written warnings for boat equipment violations and a citation for his fishing violation. 

While checking dove hunters at Mattheisen State Park, a District 6 officer came upon three hunters. During the inspection the officer found a 15 year old female hunting with the unplugged shotgun and no hunting license. When the officer asked the father about the violations, the father stated he had tried to get her a license at the local supercenter store, but after waiting ½ hour he left without buying a license. Concerning the shotgun, he stated he had bought it in 2010 and his daughter had been hunting with it all that year, but he had never checked for a plug. The father was issued a citation for his daughter’s unplugged shotgun being that he was the responsible parent.

While investigating a complaint on the Rock River, a District 1 CPO observed two boats on the water well after sunset without any navigation lights on. The CPO observed the boats from the road and waited until they came to shore to approach the boats.  A safety inspection was completed and both operators were issued citations for their violation.

At Starved Rock State Park CPOs arrested eight subjects for climbing off trails and also having alcohol in a posted area on Labor Day.  An emphasis was put on trail enforcement due to the large volume of people on the trails and the fall of an 8 year old juvenile.

A District 1 CPO cited two subjects for fishing without permission of the landowner.   After receiving a complaint from the landowner a CPO responded with the subjects already leaving the area. The officer eventually tracked the subjects down and obtained confessions. 

While patrolling Mercer County for hunters, a CPO located a vehicle parked along the road.  Stopping to investigate what the vehicle was doing, two subjects came running out of the timber.  Talking with the subjects, both were very nervous.  One of the subjects was arrested for possession of cannabis.  The other is pending investigation for illegal possession of prescription medications.  

A District 1 CPO issued several citations and a mandatory court appearance after concluding a license and permit fraud investigation. The individual charged had been applying for resident licenses in both Wisconsin and Illinois.

CPOs were investigating a fall at Starved Rock State Park when five individuals left the marked trail and approached the officer’s location.  Four of the individuals were drinking alcohol in violation of the parks regulations.  Three of the individuals were under the age of 21 and two of the individuals were in the possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana.  The individuals were issued eleven citations and four warnings.  They were fingerprinted and released.

A CPO cited two individuals that were hiking on the trails at Starved Rock State Park after the trails closed at sunset.  Marijuana and a pipe were found in a bag that the male was carrying.  The female stated that the marijuana was hers.  She was additionally cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of <2.5g of cannabis. 

Several District 2 CPOs have been investigating numerous burglary to motor vehicle complaints throughout State parks in Northeastern Illinois.  On Saturday, August 27, six vehicles were burglarized at Moraine Hills State Park between 10:35 - 10:45 am.  Windows were smashed out and wallets and purses taken.  The suspects then travelled east to the Nippersink Forest Preserve where two vehicles were burglarized.  Next they travelled to the Illinois Beach State Park, South unit, and broke into another vehicle.  The suspects travelled to the north unit and burglarized five additional vehicles, and then drove west to the Van Patten Forest Preserve and broke into three other vehicles.  They continued west to the Chain O' Lakes State Park and burglarized three other vehicles.  Break-ins at commercial establishments in Spring Grove, McHenry, and other surrounding communities happened later that evening.  Later in the week, five suspects were apprehended in Crystal Lake and Arlington Heights in connection with illegal check cashing.  One suspect had in his possession a stolen cell phone from Illinois Beach State Park.  The individuals, known as the "Felony Lane Gang" had rented vehicles from Florida, travelled across the country, leaving a trail of break-ins and burglary to motor vehicle reports.  The Secret Service has been interviewing the individuals involved and has been tracking them throughout several states.  There were supposedly eight people involved, and three suspects escaped on foot. 

CPOs arrested an individual on Nippersink Lake for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  BAC results were 0.128%.

CPOs arrested two individuals leaving the Chain O' Lakes State Park boat ramp for illegal transportation of open alcohol after the officers observed both subjects leave with open cans of Budweiser.

A CPO is assisting the Lake County Sheriff’s department on a boat accident in which a PWC (personal water craft) crashed into a rocky shoreline at night.  It occurred in the no wake zone on Nippersink Lake.  The operator was air lifted to the hospital with critical head injuries.  The passenger refused treatment and told the responding deputy they had both been drinking at Blarney Island that night.  Investigation is ongoing.

A CPO arrested a camper at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.

CPOs arrested a fisherman on the Fox River during a night boat patrol on the Fox River for possession of cannabis, fishing without a license, and failure to immediately release a 12 inch Largemouth Bass where a minimum 14 inch length limit applies.

Over the Labor Day weekend District 19 wrote 38 citations and 118 written warnings.  One OUI, four drug arrests, domestic battery arrest and Property Damage Boat Accident Investigation.

On Friday night of Labor Day weekend a District Sergeant was working recreational boaters at the Westside boat ramp at Clinton Lake when he arrested a Lee County man for OUI.  The drunk operator and two buddies had spent the afternoon on Clinton Lake and were coming in to call it a day when the Sergeant conducted a safety inspection on their watercraft.  The Operator was found to have a BAC of .118%.

While working Lake Decatur bank fishermen, a CPO and Region Captain arrested two Macon County subjects for unlawful possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. 

A CPO investigated a property damage only watercraft accident that occurred on Clinton Lake Sunday night.  A house boat was underway after dark when it struck a submerged object puncturing a hole in the hull of the watercraft.  The boat was able to make it into the marina by tow with a pump prior to totally submerging. 

CPOs arrested a Logan County female for domestic battery on Saturday night at Mascoutin State Recreation area.  They received a call of a domestic dispute occurring in the campground at Mascoutin involving a male and female subject.  When they arrived they found the male subject to have a large gash in his head from the female slamming his head with the hood of their car.  Apparently both subjects were quite drunk and began arguing.  The female subject decided that she was going to leave, so the male subject went to disconnect the battery cable to the car.  While in the process of disconnecting the cables the female subject slammed the car hood on the male subject injuring his head.  The female then left on foot and was found approximately an hour later hiding in the weeds.  She was arrested and transported to the Dewitt County jail for domestic battery. 

District 10 CPOs worked the Labor Day weekend concentrating on Migratory Bird Hunting enforcement and Recreational Boat Enforcement.  District 10 CPOs issued 25 citations and 33 written warnings over the weekend for violations including unplugged shotguns, hunting waterfowl in possession of lead shot, undersized bass, life jacket violations and OUI.  Three OUI arrests were made on Lake Springfield between Saturday night and Sunday.  Three subjects were assisted on Lake Springfield when they had mechanical trouble with their vessel. 

A CPO was driving past a house in Goreville and noticed a subject in his yard with a raccoon in a live trap.  The raccoon had been tearing up his bird feeders and house siding.  He asked what he planned to do with the coon.  He said he was going to take it to state park property and release it.  I then asked if he had a nuisance animal permit.  He did not.  I explained the rules about trapping nuisance animals.  I took appropriate action, issued him a permit and made sure he took the coon somewhere else than state property.

CPOs conducted boat patrols on Lake of Egypt and Crab Orchard NWR several violations were found for failure to register boats.

A CPO was checking a visitor at Ferne Clyffe for possible underage consumption of alcohol; he found the subject to be 25 years old and wanted on an arrest warrant for aggravated possession of firearms out of Union County. He was arrested and jailed.
A CPO completed State Fair duties at the DuQuion Fair.  It was grade school day and over 500 students came through the Law Enforcement CPO trailer. The temperature was at 100 degrees and the CPO gave assistance to an 8 year old girl who fainted and went into convulsions.  She was transported from the fairground by ambulance and was released the same day.

CPOs conducted boat patrols on Lake of Egypt over the Labor Day weekend. The weather on Sunday and Monday was rainy and showed almost a 40 degree temperature drop on Saturday.  Boat traffic was affected by the weather change.  The CPO still issued eight written warnings for boating violations.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint on Labor Day. The landowner did not stay at the violator’s vehicle until the CPO arrived.  Upon arriving the violator had left by vehicle.  
A CPO located two vehicles that were driven off road on a portion of Kinkaid Fish and Wildlife Area near the lake.  The vehicles were driven approximately two miles back through the management area after being driven through a portion of fence which was taken down. The drivers of the vehicles were located climbing on the cliffs out on the lake by CPOs on boat patrol.  Citations were issued for vehicles off the roadway and they were driven back to the parking lot where the fence was put back up.

CPOs assisted the Jackson County Sheriff's Office with a rollover accident near Kinkaid Lake Marina. Both subjects involved in the accident were not injured but not surprisingly both had been drinking.

CPOs conducted Labor Day weekend boat patrols on Kincaid Lake.  Several citations and warnings were issued during the patrol. 

A CPO cited a Collinsville boater over the Labor Day weekend at DuQuoin City Lake for a PFD (personal flotation device) violation and warning for overcapacity on Jon boat.

CPOs participated in the IDOT DUI grant at the Kincaid Lake Complex.

A CPO located two people with cannabis at the Kinkaid Spillway.

A CPO patrolled Crab Orchard Lake by boat. Multiple unlawful fishing devices (trot lines) with no name and address were seized.

A CPO located a Bald Eagle carcass near Upper Bluff Lake in a natural area of the Shawnee National Forest in Union County.  The cause of death is unknown.  USFW was notified and it will be investigating.

A District Sergeant was called out at 2:00 am on Saturday night for a boater that never returned from Kinkaid Lake.  The Sergeant and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department launched and conducted a search of the lake.  At approximately 5:00 am the Sergeant located the small bass boat at the north end of the lake.  The driver was asleep, wet and freezing. The boat driver was given blankets and towed back to the launch site.  He had blown up his engine, lost his cell phone and had very little equipment to get anchored.


Office of Law Enforcement
September 14, 2011

While checking fishermen along the Rock River in Rockford, a CPO noticed a man and woman fishing along the east bank.  While watching the male, the CPO noticed that he appeared to be smoking drugs.  Upon approaching the subject, the CPO simply asked him where the drugs were.  The man reached into his pockets and handed him a small amount of cannabis and a pot pipe. The CPO charged the man with possession of less than 2.5 grams cannabis.

A District 1 CPO investigated a continuing complaint about a former Lee County taxidermist who went out of business but is still in possession of property of former customers. The investigation revealed the taxidermist was continuing to perform taxidermy work but did not have a taxidermy license. He was issued a citation for no taxidermy license and instructed to return the property to those wishing to retrieve it.

Two Region 1, District 1 CPOs were checking hunters on the Rock River near Sterling.  Mt. Morris Police Department called requesting assistance with a resident of Mt. Morris who was putting poison out to kill raccoons.  The problem had been occurring for a while and a neighbor’s cat got sick.  The CPOs pulled off the river and responded to the complaint.  The CPOs assessed the situation and interviewed all parties involved.  The suspect admitted in a written statement, and during the interview, that she put several chemicals from her garage including anti-freeze in a container and set it near her property line in an attempt to poison raccoons in the area.  The subject was informed that her action was illegal and she was arrested on a class A misdemeanor and transported to Ogle County Jail for processing.  This is a mandatory minimum $500 fine and court appearance.

A CPO received a Target Illinois Poacher complaint regarding hunting Canada Geese after legal hours on the Rock River in South Beloit.  The investigation revealed that three individuals were hunting and shooting at Canada Geese 28 minutes after legal shooting time had expired.  The hunters, however, did not illegally harvest any birds. 

A CPO patrolled Snakeden Hollow, Lake McMaster, checking fishermen and boaters for compliance.  Several written warnings were issued for minor boat equipment violations.

A CPO handled a landowner complaint in Knox County.  The landowner complained that hunters on a neighboring property were shooting toward a state highway and their shot was raining down on his property.  Distances were checked and both parties had different stories about the incident.  Both landowners and the hunters were advised about hunting along, upon, or across public right of ways.  No enforcement action was taken, but further activity will be monitored.

Nothing reported.

A CPO arrested a Windsor man for harvest of ginseng during closed season and no ginseng license.  A large amount of dry ginseng was seized and the subject stated he was digging to pay fines from a previous arrest for deer and drug violations.

CPOs arrested a Mattoon man at Lake Mattoon for OUI, Possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.  The subject’s BAC was .112%.

A CPO and District Sergeant arrested an Urbana and a Chicago man on Lake Shelbyville for drug paraphernalia and cannabis.

A CPO and District Sergeant arrested a Villa Grove woman for DUI alcohol/drugs, improper lane usage, possession of drug paraphernalia, cannabis, illegal transportation of alcohol and no valid proof of insurance.

A CPO arrested a Windsor juvenile for Possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.

CPOs received information from the Allerton Park staff that they had observed some suspicious activity.  The staff stated two men tried to hide from them in the timber and when confronted stated they were collecting leaves for a child’s leaf collection.  The staff called a CPO with the plate number from the vehicle.  The CPO who was in Region 5 for sonar training contacted another CPO.  The CPO was waiting in the driveway when the Bethany man returned home.  After initial denials the CPO got him to admit that he and his Decatur partner were trespassing to harvest ginseng.  The CPO went to Decatur, where the ginseng was located, recovered a small amount of ginseng and discovered the Decatur man was wanted on a Macon County warrant for failure to appear.  Both men were cited in Piatt County for trespass to harvest ginseng and the Decatur man remained in the custody of the Macon County Jail awaiting bond.

CPOs responded to a fatal boat accident south of Hogback Island on the Mississippi River. A watercraft ran over another watercraft. One subject is missing. Several CPOs have assisted in the accident investigation and body recovery.

CPOs assisted in recovering the skull at John Hay Boat Ramp in Pike County. This case was turned over to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department.

A CPO responded to a subject missing on the Illinois River. Three subjects went fishing late one evening.  When they ran out of gas, one subject went for help, and did not return. The subject was located several hours later walking down the riverbank.

A CPO recovered a dead bald eagle after it had been struck by a car.

A CPO and District Sergeant investigated a personal injury boat accident on the Illinois River at Grafton. The female subject lost control of a personal watercraft and twisted her leg when she was thrown from the PWC.  An uninjured male passenger was under the age of 21.  He had a blood alcohol content of .141. 

CPOs and a District Sergeant assisted Jersey County Sheriff's Department in securing the perimeter of a location, when a female reported a home invasion. After several hours, the female subject admitted she falsified the report. 

A CPO arrested a subject for operating a watercraft under the influence on the Illinois River at Grafton.  The subject had a blood alcohol content of .097.

A CPO arrested two Greene County subjects for purchasing timber without a license.

A CPO and District Sergeant responded to a complaint on the Mississippi River at Royal Landing, where a retired police officer observed two subjects shooting a handgun from a boat. The subjects were located and found to be in possession of two loaded handguns. They were attempting to shoot carp as they jumped out of the water.

A CPO arrested two subjects for trespassing an island on the Mississippi River.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Staunton in Macoupin County.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Bunker Hill in Macoupin County.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Paloma in Adams County.

A District Sergeant attended a hunter safety class in Grafton in Jersey County.

A CPO arrested a subject for DUI. The subject had a blood alcohol level of .137.

A CPO was checking coon hunters at a field trial.  Several hunters did not have hunting licenses or habitat stamps.

CPOs investigated a property damage boat accident. Four teenage subjects sank a boat on Lake Carlyle. The subjects were wearing lifejackets and were picked up by someone passing by.

A CPO issued seven citations for shooting teal early and two citations for failure to maintain separate bag limits at Lake Carlyle. He also issued several written warnings.

A CPO recovered a firearm at Frank Holten State Park. The firearm was found by a subject walking along the shoreline. The water had dropped enough exposing the firearm.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Litchfield in Montgomery County.

A CPO received information that there may be a human skull in a field adjacent to the Mississippi River in Union County.  The CPO went to the area and located the skull, pelvis, and rib bones.  He secured the area, notified Illinois State Police investigators and the Union County. Sheriff’s Department. The bones were thought to be very old but are awaiting forensic review.

A sector scan 10 hour class was held at Lake Murphysboro State Park.   A Region 4 CPO and Region 3 CPO attended the training.  District 16 CPOs attended the training which consisted of directing a diver, image capture, software familiarization, and unit operation.   

A CPO instructed a hunter safety class with 90 students in Johnson County.

A CPO stopped a timber truck in Johnson County.  The driver had no transportation papers in the vehicle.  He was cited and released.


Office of Law Enforcement
September 21, 2011

While checking fishermen along the Rock River, a CPO encountered two men with fishing apparatus propped up on a gravel bar. During the inspection the CPO discovered one man was fishing without a fishing license. While checking the subject’s name and date of birth, the CPO discovered the man without the fishing license was wanted on two warrants. One warrant was for stalking, $50,000 bond, 10% applied and a second warrant for phone harassment, $5,000 bond, 10% applied. The warrants were confirmed and the Loves Park man was arrested. Since the CPO had not actually witnessed the man fishing and the subject only admitted to fishing, a written warning for fishing without a fishing license was issued.

A CPO checked a fisherman at the Hennepin Canal.  A cast net was lying on the ground and the fisherman was sitting on a bucket with a lid.  An inspection revealed 6 baby bluegill in the bucket but there was no evidence showing the 2 inch bluegill were caught by hook and line.  The fisherman said he caught the bluegill with the cast net and had intended to use them for catfish bait.  The baby bluegill were still alive and were released back into the water.  The fisherman was cited for the illegal method of taking sport fish.         

While on patrol at Lowden State Park, a District 1 CPO observed a vehicle fail to stop at a 3-way stop.  A traffic stop was initiated and it was discovered the driver failed to update their driver’s license after moving.  Appropriate enforcement was taken.

Illinois State Police (ISP) received a 911 call from a witness stating that two hikers were stranded on a ledge approximately 30 feet above the Kaskaskia canyon floor. A CPO instructed ISP to dispatch Utica Fire and Ambulance to the canyon.  When firemen arrived, they repelled down to the hikers, secured them in a harness and brought them back up to the top of the canyon. The female suffered only a minor abrasion.  The hikers claimed that they didn’t know how they made it to the upper bluff which is closed to the public.  Both hikers were cited for hiking in a restricted area.  Both refused treatment from EMTs.

Nothing reported.

A CPO arrested two Champaign County subjects for unlawful possession of cannabis.  The CPO encountered the subjects while handling complaints over the weekend in Kickapoo State Park.  The subjects were tent camping in one of Kickapoo's campgrounds. 

A CPO also wrote numerous alcohol in a restricted area citations over the weekend in Kickapoo State Park.  A large group of University of Illinois students converged on Kickapoo over the weekend for some tent camping.  Along with their tents they also brought large quantities of alcohol and alcohol is not allowed in the Kickapoo campgrounds. 

A District Sergeant concluded a fish kill investigation that lead to the arrest of a manager of a grain elevator.  Over the summer this manager cleaned out a large quantity of rotten corn from some of the bins at his site.  This rotten corn was then washed into the city sewer/drain pipe that lead to a tributary.  The rotten corn immediately caused a fish kill throughout this tributary.  The manager was cited for water pollution and will pay a civil penalty to replace the fish lost in the kill. 

A CPO gave a gun safety talk to a Pheasants Forever youth event over the weekend in Dewitt County. 

Nothing reported.

A CPO caught a subject “snagging” catfish at the Rend Lake Spillway.  A citation was issued.

A CPO caught two subjects dove hunting at the Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area with lead shot and the wrong shot. Two citations and two written warnings were issued.

A CPO caught a couple driving a car in the “restricted” area at the Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area.  One citation and one written warning were issued.

A subject pleaded guilty in Franklin County to a careless operation arrest made by a CPO earlier this summer.  The subject was fined $2,279.00 and was put on court supervision. The subject was involved in a one boat accident that was investigated by the CPO. The subject was also arrested for OUI by another CPO, but that charge was dismissed.

CPOs gave a presentation to three Boy Scout groups at the Dale Miller Youth Area at Rend Lake.

A CPO caught a subject dove hunting with lead shot at the Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area.

A CPO is currently working several baited tree stands in Jefferson County for the upcoming archery deer season.

A CPO has begun a timber investigation into an unlicensed buyer and unlawfully cut timber in Jackson County. 

CPOs met with Carbondale Police Department in regards to assisting them with the recovery of a pistol used in a homicide. The pistol had reportedly been thrown in Crab Orchard Lake but was of such a small size it was felt sonar would not be helpful.  Contacts for a local dive team with an underwater metal detector were provided to the detectives on this case.  The pistol (a .380 Colt Mustang) was later recovered.

A CPO responded to complaints that visitors were knocking down restricting fence around Ft. Massac State Park and climbing on the roof of the Visitor Center/Museum.  The area was patrolled and no suspects were found.

A CPO responded to a dumping complaint in rural Williamson County. The dumping was of Canada geese.  No arrests have been made as of yet.

A CPO apprehended two Murphysboro residents digging ginseng and golden seal on USFWS refuge property at Crab Orchard.  The case has been referred to USFWS for federal prosecution.
A CPO was conducting surveillance of teal hunters. He observed the hunters shoot what appeared to be shovelers.  During initial contact he asked the hunters if they were doing any good?   They both stated that they had not shot a bird.  During inspection the CPO located and seized lead shot shells off of one of the hunters.  During his search of the area he located two freshly killed shoveler ducks hidden in the timber adjacent to them.  They then admitted to shooting the ducks and hiding them.  The case will be referred to the UFFWS. 

A CPO spoke at the National Wild Turkey Federation Jakes Day event at Trail of Tears State Forest.  He also assisted the youths with archery shooting skills.

A CPO assisted the Perry County animal control officer with the removal of several wild animals caught in a live trap.


Office of Law Enforcement
September 28, 2011

A CPO responded to a call at Starved Rock State Park on the Ottawa Canyon Trail with another CPO. The call was of a possible dog bite of a child. When one CPO arrived, the other CPO was already with the alleged victim of the dog bite, a child and his mother and father. The CPOs then proceeded to walk the trail to find the family with the dog.  After locating them, a conflicting story was told to the CPOs.  One individual had an alcoholic beverage while on the trails. He was cited for possession of alcohol in restricted area (trails). The dog bite was unfounded, as the child did not have a visible dog bite injury, and both parties alleging wrong-doing by the other.

A CPO issued citations to five fishermen along the Illinois River for unlawfully snagging fish. 

A 2009 fatal rafting accident on the Vermilion River that resulted in the death of one of the passengers came to a close.  The two surviving operators, who were both arrested for OUI, received court supervision for careless operation of a watercraft and were assessed fines. 

A District 6 Officer was hiking the trails at Starved Rock State Park when he observed seven individuals in Lonetree Canyon, off marked trails. As the officer approached them, he noticed an open beer can sitting next to a backpack. The officer informed them they were off marked trails and possession of alcohol is prohibited on the trails. One individual admitted the beer was his. During a normal check, it was determined another individual was wanted on a Henry County warrant.  A citation was issued for possession of alcohol in a posted prohibited area. The wanted individual was released after posting bond and given a mandatory court date in Henry County Court.  All subjects received a verbal warning for being in a restricted area.

A District 6 Officer was on patrol in Starved Rock State Park.  While driving through the lower area parking lot, the officer observed a fisherman at the sea wall pull back on his fishing pole like he had just got a bite and was trying to set the hook.  As the officer continued to observe, the fisherman repeated the motion over and over. The officer had seen this type of activity many times this summer, so he approached the fisherman and asked to see the hook on the end of the line. It was a large weighted treble hook used for snagging.  Snagging is prohibited in the area he was fishing. When asked for his fishing license the man stated he did not have a fishing license. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO observed a parked car at the field entrance on the Green River where the landowner has an ongoing complaint with people hunting or fishing without permission on his property.  A notice was left on the windshield of the vehicle and the CPO continued with her patrol, checking fishermen nearby.  A short time later a local Police Department officer was heard on the radio checking that same vehicle and the fishermen were back.  The CPO returned and the two fishermen had maneuvered a canoe through the very shallow Green River.  An inspection was completed and the men were advised the Green River was not a public body of water so they would need permission from each landowner.  Both men received written warnings for the permission violation; however, one operator was issued a citation for not having a wearable PFD (personal flotation device) aboard for each person.   

A CPO responded to the complaint of illegal dumping of trash on Department property located along the Fox River.  The CPO photographed the trash and located paperwork, i.e., bills, children’s homework etc. that provided him with a possible suspect.  Contact was made with the suspect who claimed that he had paid a friend to take his trash to the landfill.  The suspect provided the CPO with the name of an Ottawa man who did the dumping.  The CPO located the man who admitted that he had dumped the trash illegally and kept his friends money.  The man was charged for depositing trash on public property under the Litter Control Act

A District 6 CPO responded to a complaint call in Winnebago County of a man who had poached a red fox during the closed season using a shotgun.  The investigation validated this complaint.  The CPO  learned from the suspect that he had shot the red fox because it was eating stray cats in the area that he was feeding as well as the tuna, sardines and dry cat food being left outside the back door of his home for “his” cats.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 6 CPO responded to a complaint from Boone County Animal Control in the city of Belvidere regarding a woman who had illegally captured a live red squirrel and was retaining it alive in her living room within a parakeet cage as a pet.  The investigation validated this complaint.  The suspect volunteered to the CPO that she had captured the squirrel as a baby out of her yard after it fell out of its nest. She then took it upon herself to “raising” the squirrel for the past year in her home.  The woman released the squirrel and appropriate enforcement action was taken.     

Nothing reported.

CPOs found a suspicious vehicle parked in Fox Ridge State Park.  After waiting several hours, a Sigel man and a Garnavilla, IA man walked out to their vehicle.  Upon seeing the CPOs they both began to run and throw items.  After commanding both subjects to stop, the CPOs located freshly harvested ginseng, digging tools, cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  Both subjects were charged with park violations and harvesting ginseng without permission.  The Iowa man was further charged with harvesting ginseng without a license, possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A CPO received a complaint from ISP Dist#12 regarding a subject trespassing to harvest ginseng in Cumberland County.  CPOs responded and located a vehicle parked in the driveway of the complainant.  The CPOs parked behind the vehicle and went looking for the subject in a nearby wooded area.  Unable to find the subject, they returned to the vehicle and found an Effingham man sitting on the front porch of the residence of the complainant.  After interviewing the man, he admitted he was digging ginseng without permission and without a license that day as well as with his buddy the previous day.  The man also handed the CPOs his drug paraphernalia which he had hid when he saw the CPOs approach.  The CPOs were able to recover ginseng dug from the previous day and were also able to identify the buddy who was also on the property without permission the previous day.  Both subjects were issued citations for trespassing to harvest ginseng.  In addition, the subject caught in the act also received citations for no ginseng harvest license and possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 

A CPO cited a Clark County man for failure to maintain DNR game breeders records.  The CPO had contacted him after an Adams County man purchased a deer from the individual without a receipt.  The subject had not kept records as required by law for the last two years that he has had his Game Breeders License.
Nothing reported.

A CPO caught a subject with a short bass on Rend Lake.

A CPO also caught a subject feeding deer on private property.  The CPO issued the subject a citation and seized a trail camera.

A CPO received a report from site personnel of another theft at Lake Murphysboro State Park.  Prior to this another CPO completed a theft report in August of four rental boats taken from the park.  In this instance lawn implements, a used wood stove and other scrap metal were taken from a storage yard at the park.  The total value of the items is approximately $800.00.  A report has been filed and the investigation continues.  The high price given for scrap metal appears to be a factor in these thefts and others reported in the area.

A CPO located a baited deer stand in Union County and the area was documented and under surveillance.

A CPO responded to a complaint of Union County man in possession of two rattlesnakes and two Copper heads. The case is under investigation.

District 16 CPOs worked the John A Logan National Hunting and Fishing Days event in Williamson County.  Heavy rains hampered the event.

A CPO instructed a Hunter Safety Class in Metropolis with 80 participants.

A CPO instructed a Hunter Safety Class in Olmsted with 36 participants.

A CPO obtained a felony arrest warrant for a boat operator involved in boat crash at Lake of Egypt.  He fled the scene and refused to meet or cooperate with the CPO because he already had an outstanding arrest warrant for Pope and Williamson County.

A District Sergeant assisted Murphysboro Police Department on a suicidal man lying on the roadway on State Route 127.  The man was eventually transported to a hospital where he received psychological treatment.