Ferne Clyffe State Park

Rt. 37 South, P.O. Box 10

Goreville, IL 62939




1. Directions to Ferne Clyffe State park from I-57?


Take exit 40, go east 5 miles, at stop sign (Il. Rt. 37) go south 1 mile, park entrance on your right.


2. Directions from I-24?


Take exit 7, go west 2 miles, at stop sign (Il. Rt. 37) go south ½ mile, park entrance on your right.


3. How big is the park and what are the most outstanding features?


The park is 2,430 acres. The most outstanding features are geologic formations such as the waterfall, Hawk’s Cave and Round Bluff Nature Preserve. Marked trails lead to all of these areas.


4. What time does the park open and close?


8 a.m. - 10 p.m. - campers may enter at any hour, except campers needing access to the horseback campground should call ahead so staff can open gate.

Campers using backpack area - need to secure a camping permit prior to hiking to campground.


5. Can I bring my dogs?


Yes, but they must be kept on a leash no longer than 10 feet.


6. Where can we find gas, groceries, ice, firewood, restaurants, repair, fishing/hunting licenses, etc.?




7. Can we have a fire - where can we collect firewood?


Fires are allowed only in fire grills provided by the park. Only dead wood, unattached from the tree may be collected for fires. Wood may not be collected from Round Bluff Nature Preserve. Chain saws are not allowed.
Please help stop the spread of Emerald Ash borer. Purchase firewood locally and burn it where you buy it. For more info on the Emerald Ash borer visit stopthebeetle.info


8. Does the park provide horses and when can I ride?


The park does not provide horses. Horse trails are open from May 1st through October 31st.

9. Can I ride my bicycle or ATV on park trails?


Bicycles and ATV’s are prohibited on park trails. Check out Tunnel Hill State Trail for bicycle riding.


10. Are alcoholic beverages allowed at Ferne Clyffe?


Yes, all state liquor laws apply.




1. Can I make a camping reservation?


Yes, you can make a camping reservation for site numbers 24-59 from April 1st through October 31st in the Deer Ridge Campground by using the Reserve America website at www.reserveamerica.com. You must make your reservation seven days before arrival. All campsites are first-come/first-serve after the seven day reservation window closes. In addition, site numbers 1-23 are first-come/first-serve all year long.


2. Ferne Clyffe camping facilities include:




3. How many people per campsite?

One family or 4 unrelated adults in Class A, B, C or D campgrounds.


4. How much does camping cost?


For a full description of campground fees at DNR-managed camping facilities, please refer to our fees website, or see the Daily Camping Fee Schedule posted on site.



1. How big is Ferne Clyffe Lake and what kind of fish are in it?


The lake is approximately 16 acres and 22 feet at the deepest spot. The lake has good populations of bluegill, channel catfish and largemouth bass. Other fish include crappie and redear. Rainbow trout are stocked twice each year. A fishing map is available on the Ferne Clyffe web page and is also posted at the lake parking lot.


2. When is trout season open?


Anytime - except the 3 weeks prior to the 3rd Saturday in October, and the 3 weeks prior to the 1st Saturday in April. Trout season opens at 5 a.m. on these two Saturdays.


3. Can I put in a boat or go swimming on Ferne Clyffe Lake?


Boating and swimming are prohibited. This small lake is open to bank fishing only. Ferne Clyffe Lake trail provides good fishing access to the lake bank.




For specific information on hunting, please refer to the Hunter Fact Sheet. Hunter Fact Sheets are available on the Ferne Clyffe web page or at the park office.


For specific information on trails, please refer to the park brochure. Park brochures are available on the Ferne Clyffe web page or at the park office.


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