Paul C. Burrus Habitat Area Hunter Fact Sheet

2013 - 2014 Season


NAME: Paul C. Burrus Habitat Area

LOCATION: Approximately 7 miles southeast of Charleston and 1 miles south of the village of Hutton. The site is 5 miles east of Fox Ridge State Park



The area is characterized by rolling grasslands, mature and early successional woodlands, and riparian woodlands along the West Branch of Paul C Burrus. A shallow-water ford on private land must be waded to reach lands to the west of the West Branch of Hurricane Creek. SPECIAL NOTE: Hurricane Creek is subject to rapid changes in water levels! The shallow-water ford is not accessible to vehicles and crossing should not be attempted during high water. The area is primarily managed to provide high quality upland wildlife habitat. The area has been recently acquired and habitat and grassland restoration is in progress.

Wild Turkey
Statewide Season Dates (Spring Only)
Site/Special Permit
August 1 - October 31
Site Permit
Deer (Firearm)
Site/Special Permit
Statewide trapping season
Free Site Permit
Deer (Bow)
October 1 - 31
Site Permit
Pheasant, rabbit and quail - hunting is by Free Permit Only. Permits are issued for the first and second day of the statewide upland game season and on each subsequent Wednesday and Saturday in November and on each Thursday and Sunday in December, through December 24, except closed during the firearm deer seasons and open December 2 and 29. Hunting hours and limits are statewide.


  1. Free Site Hunting Permits (windshield cards) are required for species a noted. These are available online at Navigate to "Hunting/Trapping" and then "public hunting areas" to print these permits. Hunters will be required to return to this website prior to February 15th each year to record harvest information. For Free Upland Game Permit areas, a Free Upland Game Permit Application must be submitted online for a lottery drawing to be held in August. The application is available at Hunters will be required to return their harvest card prior to February 15th each year. Failure to submit data/card will result in loss of hunting privileges for the following year.
  2. Only one hunting party, consisting of the permit holder and no more than 3 (three) companions, will be allowed each day of the special upland season.
  3. Upland hunters must wear a cap and upper outer garment of solid blaze orange ( at least 400 square inches). Clothing for other hunting must comply with statewide regulations.
  4. Wild Turkey Hunters must apply for a Fox Ridge State Park special permit during the statewide lottery. A drawing will be held on site for those Fox Ridge hunters who wish to hunt at the Paul C. Burrus Area as well as at Fox Ridge State Park, if interest indicates site quotas for the habitat area will be exceeded. See site for additional details and information regarding turkey hunting.
  5. Archery deer hunters wishing to hunt at this site as well as Fox Ridge, will be drawn from registered Fox Ridge archery deer hunters if interest indicates a drawing is necessary. See site for additional details and information regarding deer and turkey hunting at Paul C Burrus Habitat Area.
  6. Shotgun, muzzleloader and handgun are allowed during the firearm deer season. Hunters must apply for a permit specific to Paul C Burrus. All state regulations apply. Consult the Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations for caliber and usage restrictions.


  1. Trappers must use only Egg Traps®, D-P (Dog-Proof) Traps®, box traps, cage traps, and traps of similar design for land sets. 
  2. Traps must be clearly marked with owners name and address and must be checked daily.
  3. Trappers must possess at free site hunting permit and report harvest. 


*** IN ALL CASES, ask site personnel about current regulations, special rules, and site conditions.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT, Site at 217-345-6416.For general information about hunting regulations and applications please click here.

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