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  Illinois Fishes Families/Species   

Species and Pictures

Family Petromyzontidae--Lamprey Family

    Ohio lamprey--Ichthyomyzon bdellium [extirpated]
    chestnut lamprey--Ichthyomyzon castaneus (picture)
    northern brook lamprey--Ichthyomyzon fossor [state endangered]
    silver lamprey--Ichthyomyzon unicuspis
    least brook lamprey--Lampetra aepyptera [state threatened]
    American brook lamprey--Lampetra appendix
    sea lamprey--Petromyzon marinus [nonnative]

Family Acipenseridae--Sturgeon Family

    lake sturgeon--Acipenser fulvescens [state endangered] (picture)
    pallid sturgeon--Scaphirhynchus albus [federally endangered]
    shovelnose sturgeon--Scaphirhynchus platorynchus

Family Polyodontidae--Paddlefish Family

Family Lepisosteidae--Gar Family

    alligator gar--Atractosteus spatula [extirpated]
    spotted gar--Lepisosteus oculatus
    longnose gar--Lepisosteus osseus (picture)
    shortnose gar--Lepisosteus platostomus (picture)

Family Amiidae--Bowfin Family

Family Hiodontidae--Mooneye Family

    goldeye--Hiodon alosoides mooneye--Hiodon tergisus

Family Anguillidae--Freshwater Eel Family

    American eel--Anguilla rostrata

Family Clupeidae--Herring Family

    Alabama shad--Alosa alabamae
    skipjack herring--Alosa chrysochloris
    alewife--Alosa pseudoharengus [nonnative]
    gizzard shad--Dorosoma cepedianum
    threadfin shad--Dorosoma petenense [nonnative]

Family Cyprinidae--Minnow Family

    central stoneroller-- Campostoma anomalum
    largescale stoneroller-- Campostoma oligolepis
    goldfish-- Carassius auratus [nonnative]
    lake chub-- Couesius plumbeus
    grass carp-- Ctenopharyngodon idella [nonnative]
    red shiner-- Cyprinella lutrensis
    spotfin shiner-- Cyprinella spiloptera
    blacktail shiner-- Cyprinella venusta
    steelcolor shiner-- Cyprinella whipplei(picture)
    common carp-- Cyprinus carpio [nonnative](picture)
    silverjaw minnow-- Ericymba buccata
    gravel chub-- Erimystax x-punctatus(picture)
    western silvery minnow-- Hybognathus argyritis
    brassy minnow-- Hybognathus hankinsoni
    cypress minnow-- Hybognathus hayi [state endangered]
    Mississippi silvery minnow-- Hybognathus nuchalis
    plains minnow-- Hybognathus placitus
    bigeye chub-- Hybopsis amblops [state endangered]
    pallid shiner-- Hybopsis amnis [state endangered]
    silver carp-- Hypophthalmichthys molitrix [nonnative]
    bighead carp-- Hypophthalmichthys nobilis [nonnative]
    striped shiner-- Luxilus chrysocephalus
    common shiner-- Luxilus cornutus
    rosefin shiner-- Lythrurus fasciolaris [extirpated]
    ribbon shiner-- Lythrurus fumeus
    redfin shiner-- Lythrurus umbratilis
    speckled chub-- Macrhybopsis hyostoma
    sturgeon chub-- Macrhybopsis gelida [state endangered]
    sicklefin chub-- Macrhybopsis meeki
    silver chub-- Macrhybopsis storeriana
    hornyhead chub-- Nocomis biguttatus
    river chub-- Nocomis micropogon [state endangered]
    golden shiner-- Notemigonus crysoleucas
    pugnose shiner-- Notropis anogenus [state endangered]
    emerald shiner-- Notropis atherinoides
    river shiner-- Notropis blennius
    bigeye shiner-- Notropis boops [state endangered]
    ghost shiner-- Notropis buchanani
    ironcolor shiner-- Notropis chalybaeus [state threatened]
    bigmouth shiner-- Notropis dorsalis
    blackchin shiner-- Notropis heterodon [state threatened]
    blacknose shiner-- Notropis heterolepis [state endangered]
    spottail shiner-- Notropis hudsonius
    taillight shiner-- Notropis maculatus [state endangered]
    Ozark minnow-- Notropis nubilus
    rosyface shiner-- Notropis rubellus
    silverband shiner-- Notropis shumardi
    sand shiner-- Notropis stramineus
    weed shiner-- Notropis texanus [state endangered]
    mimic shiner-- Notropis volucellus
    channel shiner-- Notropis wickliffi
    pugnose minnow-- Opsopoeodus emiliae
    suckermouth minnow-- Phenacobius mirabilis
    southern redbelly dace-- Phoxinus erythrogaster(picture)
    bluntnose minnow-- Pimephales notatus
    fathead minnow-- Pimephales promelas
    bullhead minnow-- Pimephales vigilax
    flathead chub-- Platygobio gracilis
    bluehead shiner-- Pteronotropis hubbsi [state endangered]
    blacknose dace-- Rhinichthys atratulus
    longnose dace-- Rhinichthys cataractae
    rudd-- Scardinius erythrophthalmus [nonnative]
    creek chub-- Semotilus atromaculatus

Family Cobitidae--Loach Family -- nonnative

    oriental weatherfish-- Misgurnus anguillicaudatus [nonnative]

Family Catostomidae--Sucker Family

    river carpsucker-- Carpiodes carpio
    quillback-- Carpiodes cyprinus
    highfin carpsucker-- Carpiodes velifer
    longnose sucker-- Catostomus catostomus [state threatened]
    white sucker-- Catostomus commersoni
    blue sucker-- Cycleptus elongatus
    creek chubsucker-- Erimyzon oblongus (picture)
    lake chubsucker-- Erimyzon sucetta
    northern hog sucker-- Hypentelium nigricans
    smallmouth buffalo-- Ictiobus bubalus
    bigmouth buffalo-- Ictiobus cyprinellus
    black buffalo-- Ictiobus niger
    spotted sucker-- Minytrema melanops
    silver redhorse-- Moxostoma anisurum
    shorthead redhorse-- Moxostoma breviceps
    river redhorse-- Moxostoma carinatum [state threatened]
    black redhorse-- Moxostoma duquesnei
    golden redhorse-- Moxostoma erythrurum
    northern redhorse-- Moxostoma macrolepidotum
    pealip redhorse-- Moxostoma pisolabrum
    greater redhorse-- Moxostoma valenciennesi [state endangered]

Family Characidae--Characin Family -- nonnative

    pirapatinga-- Piaractus brachypomus [nonnative]

Family Ictaluridae--Bullhead Catfish Family

    white catfish-- Ameiurus catus [nonnative]
    black bullhead-- Ameiurus melas
    yellow bullhead-- Ameiurus natalis
    brown bullhead-- Ameiurus nebulosus
    blue catfish-- Ictalurus furcatus
    channel catfish-- Ictalurus punctatus
    mountain madtom-- Noturus eleutherus
    slender madtom-- Noturus exilis
    stonecat-- Noturus flavus
    tadpole madtom-- Noturus gyrinus
    brindled madtom-- Noturus miurus
    freckled madtom-- Noturus nocturnus
    northern madtom-- Noturus stigmosus [state endangered, possibly extirpated]
    flathead catfish-- Pylodictis olivaris(picture)

Family Esocidae--Pike Family

    grass pickerel-- Esox americanus(picture)
    northern pike-- Esox lucius(picture)
    muskellunge-- Esox masquinongy [extirpated, but transplanted]

Family Umbridae--Mudminnow Family

    central mudminnow-- Umbra limi

Family Osmeridae-- Smelt Family - nonnative

    rainbow smelt-- Osmerus mordax [nonnative]

Family Salmonidae--Salmon Family

    cisco-- Coregonus artedii [state threatened]
    lake whitefish-- Coregonus clupeaformis
    bloater-- Coregonus hoyi
    blackfin cisco-- Coregonus nigripinnis [extirpated]
    pink salmon-- Oncorhynchus gorbuscha [nonnative]
    coho salmon-- Oncorhynchus kisutch [nonnative]
    rainbow trout-- Oncorhynchus mykiss [nonnative]
    chinook salmon-- Oncorhynchus tshawytscha [nonnative]
    round whitefish-- Prosopium cylindraceum
    Atlantic salmon-- Salmo salar [nonnative]
    brown trout-- Salmo trutta [nonnative](picture)
    brook trout-- Salvelinus fontinalis
    lake trout-- Salvelinus namaycush

Family Percopsidae--Trout-Perch Family

    trout-perch-- Percopsis omiscomaycus

Family Aphredoderidae--Pirate Perch Family

    pirate perch-- Aphredoderus sayanus

Family Amblyopsidae--Cavefish Family

    spring cavefish-- Forbesichthys agassizi

Family Gadidae--Codfish Family

    burbot-- Lota lota

Family Fundulidae--Topminnow Family

    northern studfish-- Fundulus catenatus
    banded killifish-- Fundulus diaphanus [state threatened]
    northern starhead topminnow-- Fundulus dispar
    blackstripe topminnow-- Fundulus notatus(picture)
    blackspotted topminnow-- Fundulus olivaceus

Family Poeciliidae-- Livebearer Family

    western mosquitofish-- Gambusia affinis

Family Atherinidae-- Silverside Family

    brook silverside-- Labidesthes sicculus(picture)
    inland silverside-- Menidia beryllina [nonnative]

Family Gasterosteidae--Stickleback Family

    brook stickleback-- Culaea inconstans
    threespine stickleback-- Gasterosteus aculeatus [nonnative]
    ninespine stickleback-- Pungitius pungitius

Family Cottidae--Sculpin Family

    mottled sculpin-- Cottus bairdi
    banded sculpin-- Cottus carolinae
    slimy sculpin-- Cottus cognatus
    spoonhead sculpin-- Cottus ricei [extirpated]
    deepwater sculpin-- Myoxocephalus thompsoni

Family Moronidae--Temperate Bass Family

    white perch-- Morone americana [nonnative]
    white bass-- Morone chrysops (picture)
    yellow bass-- Morone mississippiensis
    striped bass-- Morone saxatilis [nonnative](picture)

Family Centrarchidae--Sunfish Family

    rock bass-- Ambloplites rupestris(picture)
    flier-- Centrarchus macropterus(picture)
    warmouth-- Chaenobryttus gulosus
    green sunfish-- Lepomis cyanellus(picture)
    pumpkinseed-- Lepomis gibbosus
    orangespotted sunfish-- Lepomis humilis(picture)
    bluegill-- Lepomis macrochirus(picture)
    longear sunfish-- Lepomis megalotis(picture)
    redear sunfish-- Lepomis microlophus(picture)
    redspotted sunfish-- Lepomis miniatus [state threatened]
    bantam sunfish-- Lepomis symmetricus [state threatened]
    smallmouth bass-- Micropterus dolomieu
    spotted bass-- Micropterus punctulatus(picture)
    largemouth bass-- Micropterus salmoides
    white crappie-- Pomoxis annularis(picture)
    black crappie-- Pomoxis nigromaculatus(picture)

Family Elassomatidae--Pygmy Sunfish Family

    banded pygmy sunfish-- Elassoma zonatum

Family Percidae--Perch Family

    crystal darter-- Crystallaria asprella [extirpated]
    western sand darter-- Ammocrypta clara [state endangered]
    eastern sand darter-- Ammocrypta pellucida [state endangered]
    mud darter-- Etheostoma asprigene
    greenside darter-- theostoma blennioides(picture)
    rainbow darter-- Etheostoma caeruleum(picture)
    bluebreast darter-- Etheostoma camurum [state endangered]
    bluntnose darter-- Etheostoma chlorosoma
    fringed darter-- Etheostoma crossopterum
    Iowa darter-- Etheostoma exile [state endangered]
    fantail darter-- Etheostoma flabellare
    slough darter-- Etheostoma gracile
    harlequin darter-- Etheostoma histrio [state endangered]
    stripetail darter-- Etheostoma kennicotti
    least darter-- Etheostoma microperca
    johnny darter-- Etheostoma nigrum(picture)
    cypress darter-- Etheostoma proeliare
    orangethroat darter-- Etheostoma spectabile(picture)
    spottail darter-- Etheostoma squamiceps
    banded darter-- Etheostoma zonale(picture)
    ruffe-- Gymnocephalus cernuus [probable]
    yellow perch-- Perca flavescens(picture)
    logperch-- Percina caprodes
    gilt darter-- Percina evides
    blackside darter-- Percina maculata
    saddleback darter-- Percina ouachitae [extirpated]
    slenderhead darter-- Percina phoxocephala
    dusky darter-- Percina sciera
    river darter-- Percina shumardi
    stargazing darter-- Percina uranidea [extirpated]
    sauger-- Stizostedion canadense
    walleye-- Stizostedion vitreum(picture)

Family Sciaenidae--Drum Family

    freshwater drum-- Aplodinotus grunniens

Family Cichlidae--Cichlid Family - nonnative

    Rio Grande cichlid-- Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum [nonnative]

Family Mugilidae--Mullet Family - nonnative

    striped mullet-- Mugil cephalus [nonnative]

Family Gobiidae--Goby Family - nonnative

    round goby-- Neogobius melanostomus [nonnative]
    tubenose goby-- Proterorhinus marmoratus [probable]

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