Office of Law Enforcement
March 6, 2013

The Whiteside County Sheriff's Department called for a CPO to assist investigating a personal injury single sled snowmobile accident involving a man outside Rock Falls.  A CPO from Winnebago County responded and met the Sheriff’s Deputies at Sterling Hospital.  The reluctant snowmobile operator and witnesses were interviewed at the hospital.   The investigation revealed that the operator was driving too fast for conditions when he lost control of his snowmobile, struck a mailbox post then telephone pole and was ejected from the machine.  The operator sustained a fractured left femur.  The operator was, by his own account, an inexperienced snowmobiler and who was borrowing a friend’s snowmobile.  Contributors to this accident were unlawful operation of a snowmobile, too fast for conditions and operation of a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol.  The blood alcohol concentration of the operator upon his arrival at the hospital was .160%.

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint of illegal coyote hunters. No violations were observed.

A District 1 CPO investigated possible firearm deer check station violations. Enforcement action is pending.

A CPO cited an individual for illegally parked in a fire lane at the Starved Rock Lodge.  The owner of the vehicle informed the officer to just give him the ticket.

A CPO and CPOT handled a personal injury snowmobile accident.  A snowmobile operator attempted to keep her snowmobile from rolling by putting her arm out.  The female suffered a broken/dislocated elbow and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Sometime between 02/25/13 and 02/27/13, there were 11 Jon boats damaged/destroyed at Banner Marsh Fish and Wildlife Area.  These boats were used for registered waterfowl hunters at the state site.   If anyone has information regarding this incident please contact Illinois State Police District 8 in Peoria. 

A CPO conducted a snowmobile enforcement detail in Knox County.  Eleven snowmobiles were checked for safety equipment and registration violations.  Four citations were issued for expired or no valid certificate of number and one written warning for failure to display valid registration stickers.

A CPO testified at a Knox County Zoning Board meeting about hunting laws.  His appearance was requested relative to a zoning variance for a whitetail deer hunting outfitter who had purchased a property to utilize as a hunting lodge.

No activity reported.

A CPO & CPOT were checking sport fishermen at Clinton Lake on the DeWitt Bridge.  As they made their approach, a fisherman was observed hurriedly taking fish out of his bucket and throwing them back into the lake.  CPO Graden instructed the fisherman to move away from his bucket while the CPOT made his way down the rip rap to conduct a compliance check.  The CPOT determined the fisherman still had two (2) undersize crappie [8 1/4"] in his bucket.  The minimum legal length for crappie on Clinton Lake is 9".  A citation was issued for failure to immediately release undersize crappie.

A CPO & CPOT were checking sport fishermen at Clinton Lake on the DeWitt Bridge [again].  As they made their approach, the CPOT observed a fisherman quickly packing up his gear and starting to leave.  The CPOT stopped the fisherman, conducted a compliance check, and determined he had a limit of striped/white/hybrid bass and a few legal crappie.  The CPOT accompanied the fisherman to his vehicle.  The fisherman had an acquaintance waiting for him
in the parking lot.  A subsequent inspection of the duo's vehicle discovered an additional 20 striped/white/hybrid bass hidden inside a cooler, under a blanket, in the backseat.  The 2nd fisherman admitted to catching, and keeping, all of the extra striped/white/hybrid bass.  The creel limit for striped/white/hybrid bass on Clinton Lake is 10 fish per person with no more than 3 over 17".  A citation was issued for unlawful take of over the legal limit of striped/white/hybrid bass. 

A CPO and CPOT were checking fishermen at the spillway on Clinton Lake.  When the CPOT asked one of the fisherman for his license he stated that he left it at home.  After running his information it was found that he was a registered sexually violent predator.  When asked about his status he stated that he was informed that he was to stay out of parks.  The CPOT advised him that all of the area around Clinton Lake is considered a public area that is off limits to him.  The case is being referred to the DeWitt County State’s Attorney's office.

While checking shore fisherman at Clinton Lake, a CPO and CPOT encountered a fisherman with short crappie.  The fisherman stated that he measured all of his fish, but that one must have slipped by.  A citation was issued.

A CPO and CPOT took a report of criminal damage at the West Side shelter at Clinton Lake.  Upon investigation it was found that vandals spray painted graffiti on four walls of the shelter.  The case is under investigation.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for DUI in Mclean County.  The arrest was made in response to an ISPERN called in north of Farmer City.  The subject was also cited for improper lane usage, no valid driver's license and depositing material upon a highway. 

A CPO assisted Clark County Sheriff’s Office by returning to Martinsville where a Clark County Deputy had just arrested a man for domestic battery.  While transporting the offender to jail, the offender’s son, a Martinsville man battered a woman in the same house.  A CPO arrested the man on domestic battery charge.

A CPO stopped a car in Clark County that was being operated by a revoked driver.  A passenger was on supervised parole and was in possession of a controlled substance and $1500 bundled in 15-$100 bundles.  The man who is not working was not able to account for where the cash came from.  The cash and drugs were seized to be analyzed by the ISP Crime Lab.  The driver, a Robinson man, was cited for driving while revoked.

CPOs, while patrolling Shelby County, stopped a car without any registration driven by a Windsor man.  The man had been previously cited for no valid registration weeks earlier in the same car.  The man was again cited for no valid registration.

A CPO and CPOT spotted a white Jeep Cherokee along a farm field road just south of I-72 in Macon County.  The vehicle was not known to be a "normal" vehicle in that area so the CPOT drove down the mud-filled farm road where a suspicious vehicle stop was made.  Three young males (from 18 to 21) were inside the vehicle and claimed to be trying to find out where this "road" led and if they could get through from one point to the other.  The smell of burnt cannabis was immediately detected by the CPOT and CPO, and further investigation found one of the passengers to be in possession of cannabis under 2.5 grams and paraphernalia.  The driver was found to have a pipe in his pants pocket and a later search of his vehicle by CPOT resulted in a find of a small baggy containing approximately 20 grams of cannabis.  Two of the subjects were charged with criminal possession of cannabis along with a written warning for the driver for trespassing on property.  All three subjects were from the Decatur area and later admitted to just wanting to go out "mudding" and smoke. 

Clinton County and Montgomery County CPOs arrested two male subjects at Coffeen Lake for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams. One of the subjects was also arrested for illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage by a minor.

A Monroe County CPO and Trainee completed several record inspections on commercial fishermen. They also investigated a complaint of a stolen deer camera and a damaged deer camera which occurred in early bow season.  Interviews of suspects revealed no conclusive results regarding the cameras. However, one of the suspects was issued a citation for hunting without permission on the property where the camera theft occurred.

A CPO and CPOT conducted a deer decoy detail and no arrests were made.

A CPO and CPOT completed Step 2 of field training.

A Madison County CPO was conducting a permit investigation from the Springfield Office.  A Godfrey man had purchased an archery turkey tag, after legal shooting hours, and then checked a turkey in 1 ½ hrs later.  The man admitted to not having the permit when he shot the turkey.  Through the interview it was also determined that the man had not immediately tagged his archery deer upon harvest and had not checked them in prior to 10:00 pm.  Citations and warning were issued.

A Madison County CPO was checking fishermen along the Mississippi River near Lock and Dam 26.  Two fishermen were observed snagging illegally below the dam.  Citations were issued.

A Madison County CPO observed a vehicle parked suspiciously in a DNR parking lot on Chouteau Island.  It was the only vehicle in the parking lot, it was parked at the furthest point from the entrance, and it was backed in and facing the entrance.  After watching for several minutes, the CPO observed the passenger start throwing trash out of the passenger side of the vehicle.  The vehicle was stopped after trying to leave the area.  The passenger was directed back to the area to pick up all his trash and then was issued a citation for littering.

A District 13 officer received information of possible fraudulent use of deer permits in Randolph County.  After investigating the complaint, the officer discovered that a hunter had illegally shot a button buck and did not tag the deer immediately.  Instead his brother purchased a deer permit and his brother used that permit to tag the deer.  The investigation was completed and enforcement action was taken for both individuals involved.

A District 13 officer received information of possible deer hunting during closed season in Washington County.  After investigating the complaint the officer discovered that the hunter had recorded a deer harvest using archery equipment during the first firearm deer season and had also recorded a deer harvest using a firearm during the closed late-winter season in Washington County.  The hunter also had not purchased a habitat stamp required for deer hunting.  Upon investigation the officer discovered that the hunter had failed to report the harvest of a deer by 10 pm on the day of harvest.  The investigation also showed that the hunter harvested a deer with a firearm during the closed late-winter season.  The investigation was completed and enforcement action was taken for the illegal hunting activity. 

A St. Clair County CPO was notified by workers at Frank Holten State Park of several files containing important personal documents found in a park trash can.  These personal documents were in a safe stolen from a residence in Clinton County.  The investigation is being conducted by Clinton County Sheriff's Department.

A St. Clair County CPO was notified of a subject in possession of an American Alligator at his residence.  The alligator was purchased in Missouri several months prior.  The subject was arrested for possession of an endangered species.  The 1 foot American Alligator was surrendered to the IDNR for placement.

A Sergeant and CPO attended the Waterfowl Committee Meeting in Springfield. The Waterfowl Officer of the Year was selected and the new power point training DVD was worked on for the waterfowl school to be held later this summer.

District 16 CPO's are concluding the assigned administrative investigations within the district.


Office of Law Enforcement
March 13, 2013

A CPO cited an individual for operating a snowmobile without proof of insurance.  The CPO cited the same individual a week prior. 

A CPO cited a snowmobiler for operating a snowmobile without registration.  A registration sticker (that expired in 2014) from another snowmobile was illegally displayed on the sled.

A District 6 Officer assisted county deputies on a fatal car accident.

A District 6 Officer conducted several inspections on snowmobiles during the latest snow fall. Citations were issued for no valid registration and no valid insurance.

A District 6 Officer handled a snowmobile accident in Sandwich. The sled was traveling at approximately 30-40 mph when it struck a tree. The operator suffered a broken femur. He was transported to the hospital in Sandwich then taken to a hospital in Aurora for surgery. Charges for operating under the influence of alcohol are pending.

Two District 6 Officers responded to a complaint of camping in a restricted area of Matthiessen State Park. The officers located two individuals camping in a remote area. They were TV Survivor show fans and decided to try some of techniques they had seen on TV.  They and their camping gear were escorted out of the park. Two citations were issued for camping in a restricted area.

A CPO was notified by Boone County SPD to inform him that an individual whom the CPO had arrested for hunting whitetail deer while on a suspended hunting privilege, over bait, and on property without permission from the 2012 hunting season was wanted on warrant for failure to appear in court and failure to pay fines for the above listed charges.  The CPO located the subject that evening and executed the warrant, giving the subject a second ride to jail regarding the same case.

A CPO in Winnebago County adjusted his work hours due to the recent snow storm to check recreational snowmobiles after dark and to be available to investigate possible snowmobile crashes that might occur.  Violations discovered and addressed by the CPO included: unlawful operation of unnumbered snowmobiles, unlawful operation of uninsured snowmobiles, unlawful operation of a snowmobile without reflective material on each side of cowling, unlawful operation of snowmobile without a taillight, failure to stop prior to crossing a roadway, and unlawful operation of a snowmobile against traffic flow.      

A CPO conducted snowmobile enforcement in Boone County with the Region 1 Acting Capt. During this enforcement detail, the CPO issued three citations and six written warnings for snowmobile related offenses.

A CPO worked snowmobile safety inspection details the nights of March 5th and 6th, 2013.  A total of 25 snowmobiles were stopped and inspected.  Seven citations and 17 written warnings were issued to snowmobile operators for numerous violations.  Five snowmobile operators have mandatory court appearances and five field reports were completed.

A District 1 CPO is investigating a snowmobile accident which occurred in Ogle County.  The operator of the snowmobile wrecked the snowmobile when they missed a bridge and crashed into a creek. The operator abandoned the snowmobile and has yet to report the accident. The accident investigation is on-going.

A District 1 CPO, a District 6 CPO and Region Captain responded to a personal injury snowmobile accident in DeKalb County.  Two subjects were operating snowmobiles in a field in Genoa when they collided. One subject was injured and
flown to Rockford where he was treated for a concussion and a broken collar bone.  During the investigation, it was discovered neither snowmobile had current registration or insurance and the operator of one of the snowmobiles was underage. Citations for allowing underage operation and failure to transfer registration were issued as well as several warnings.

A District 1 CPO conducted snowmobile registration and compliance checks in Jo Daviess County. No violations were discovered.

A District 1 CPO investigated possible firearm deer check station violations. Fifteen warnings were issued this week. Additional enforcement action is pending.

A CPO in Henderson County investigated a complaint about illegal dumping in the Henderson Creek S.F.W.A
A number of deer carcasses have been dumped at the front gate. The investigation continues.

No activity reported.

A CPO and CPOT investigated a hunting accident in rural Arthur in which a man was shot in the foot.  It was obtained that a large group of hunters were involved in a "pest contest."  After obtaining the flyer for the competition it was revealed that some of the animals listed in the competition were out of season.  The man had shot an opossum and it did not kill it.  He then placed his foot on it to prevent it from getting away and his 15 year old hunting partner shot and accidentally hit his foot.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken. Other than being shot in the foot, the contest was deemed a success.  The CPO's explained to the man running the contest how to make the contest legal the next year.

A CPO observed two subjects with ground fire at Clinton Lake along Dewitt Bridge.  A check of the two subjects resulted in written warnings to both subjects for unlawful ground fire.  One subject was also given written warning for fishing license not in possession.  The second subject from Virden, Illinois was arrested on Sangamon County warrant and given a citation for no valid fishing license.

No activity reported.

CPOs issued citations for operating ATV's on the roadway and motorcycles on private property without permission.

A CPO finished an investigation of a timber case from both Clay and Hamilton Counties.  The timber buyer was cited for failure to pay the landowner for timber purchased with a value greater than $10,000, a Class 2 felony.  An inspection of the timber records also uncovered a failure to pay the 4% harvest fees as required.  The timber buyer was cited for that violation also. 

A CPO cited a Gallatin County man for possession of a live raccoon.     

CPOs completed Step III training of the FTO process.

A CPO attended the NWTF Banquet in Union County.

A CPO is investigating a trapping complaint in Union County from a private landowner, several leg-hold traps were seized and the investigation is ongoing.

CPOs responded to a 911 call of a lost woman with a five year old child. The 911 call went to Johnson County, then Williamson County and finally Union County.  Officers from all three Sheriff's Offices and units with the Illinois State Police were all responding to the call in the Panther's Den area in Union County off the River to River trail.  Williamson County Sheriff's Office pinged the woman's phone and determined she was in Union County. A CPO arrived first and activated his siren. The Williamson County dispatcher was on the phone with the woman and was told by her that she could faintly hear the siren, but could not tell the direction with the high wind. The CPO went on foot and after a couple miles on the trail located the woman and the five year old and then led them back out to his squad. It was extremely windy and raining hard at times. The five year old enjoyed the CPOs rain coat on the way out of the woods.

A CPO opened an investigation of criminal damage to property and littering in Williamson County. The damage was created by persons running four wheel trucks in the owner's wet fields.

A CPO completed a boat registration investigation resulting in a Williamson County subject being issued a citation and a written warning. Another subject received a written warning.

A CPO completed two deer permit investigations resulting in written warnings and citations being issued.

A CPO is investigating a trapping complaint in Jackson County and a dispute between the levee district and a private landowner. The investigation is ongoing and resulted in the seizure of several illegal traps that were set.