Office of Law Enforcement
July 10, 2013

A District 1 CPO and USFW Refuge Officer patrolled the Mississippi River in the Dubuque area during the fireworks and air show.  Boat safety compliance checks were conducted.  The following violations were discovered:  minor in possession of alcohol, operation of a watercraft with expired registration, unsecured storage battery and operation of a motor boat without an engine cut off lanyard.

A District 6 CPO responded to an unresponsive individual at Rock Cut State Park. Upon arrival it was deemed that the individual had passed out due to alcohol consumption. The individual was treated by EMT's and was released.  He was cited for consumption/possession of alcoholic beverages in a state park.  Later that evening two district 6 CPO's worked a covert detail in the campground focused on alcohol. The detail was effective and two more citations were issued.

A District 1 CPO arrested a Morrison man at Morrison Rockwood State Park who was wanted on an obstructing court order warrant.  The “would be” camper was also charged with possession of methamphetamines and possession of controlled substances.  His camp was relocated to the Whiteside County Jail.

A Lyndon man was charged with pollution of waterways after he cut down a large tree and pushed it into the Rock River.  The tree floated downstream in the flood level waters until hanging up on the Prophetstown State Park Boat Ramp.

A Rock Falls man was issued a citation for allowing a 6 year old boy to be in a watercraft on the Hennepin Feeder Canal without wearing a personal flotation device.  The boat operator and another adult fisherman were running jugs for catfish close to midnight in a small cluttered Jon boat.       

A CPO returned home near the end of his shift to work on field reports from the weekend.  The CPO was requested to make an emergency response with his boat (that was stationed at his house) to a high risk dam rescue situation on the flooded Rock River between Rock Island and Milan.  It was reported that two PWC’s (personal water crafts) and the operators went over the Steel Dam and were trapped in the turbulent waters just below the dam.  The CPO responded with red lights and sirens to a boat launch site in Rock Island.  CPOs met the other CPO and they launched the boat to assist with the high risk rescue above the Steel Dam.  Another boat (Backwater Gambler’s Ski boat) was stationed just above the dam with firefighter personnel on it.  Firefighters floated several PFD’s tied to a rope down over the dam to a subject that was trapped fighting for his life.  The CPO operated his boat over to that boat so the other CPO could take the other end of that rope.  The CPO operated the plate boat to the shore line and put the other CPO on shore with the end of the safety rope.  The subject was then pulled to the side of the river and out of the water.  The body of the second subject was later recovered.  When the CPOs got back to the boat launch the firefighter persons stated “You guys couldn’t have come at a better time, we really needed another boat to do what you did”.  The subject’s life that was saved was treated and released from the hospital the same day. 
CPOs along with Illinois State Police, Ogle County Sheriff’s Office and area Fire and EMS responded to a missing suicidal person call at White Pines State Park. The call came after park staff located empty medication boxes and alcohol bottles, along with several other items in the park. The subject’s name was recovered from the medication and it was discovered the subject had been missing several hours and was possibly suicidal.  A search of the park was conducted and the subject was located walking near the entrance.  The subject was then transported by ambulance to the hospital.

District 1 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River in Ogle County.  During the patrol, numerous equipment violations were addressed and a boat with engine trouble was towed back to the dock.

A District 1 CPO conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River in Lee and Whiteside County.  During the patrol several equipment violations were addressed and a subject was issued a citation for not having their small child in a PFD while the boat was underway.

A District 1 CPO patrolled the Rock River during the fireworks display in Dixon.

Two District 6 CPOs attended the Peru fireworks in order to keep boats out of the safety zone.  Numerous written warnings were issued prior to the fireworks for equipment violations.

Two District 6 CPOs patrolled the Illinois River near Ottawa.  Two citations were issued for violating a no wake area and several written warnings were issued for equipment violations.

A District 6 CPO responded to a complaint of a person cutting timber at Illini State Park in Great Falls Campgrounds.  Two men from Cicero were cited for possession of alcohol in the campgrounds and one was cited for cutting down timber in the park.

A District 6 officer arrested two individuals for possession of alcohol in a posted restricted area

A District 6 officer arrested one individual for careless operation of a watercraft.  The operator of the watercraft was doing donuts at a high rate of speed right next to another watercraft.

A District 6 officer arrested one individual for careless operation for causing a boating accident; the individual was traveling on a personal watercraft next to another personal watercraft.  While trying to splash the other personal watercraft, the individual lost control and hit the other operator.

A CPO in Henderson County worked a boat enforcement detail at Lake Argyle State Park.  Numerous boating violations were discovered during the detail and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO received a call reference of a subject taking short bass on the Hennepin Canal at Lock 22 in Bureau County.  As the CPO approached the subject, the subject dumped a bucket of fish into the canal.  The subject said he was throwing the small ones back.  It was later found the subject had a plastic storage container in the back of his SUV with an aerator running which contained 14 short bass.  The subject tried to blame the short fish on his 12 year old son while his son pleaded he did not keep any fish.  The fish were measured, photographed and released.  The subject was issued numerous citations.

A District 6 CPO cited an individual for failing to secure her children under 13 in personal floatation devices while boating. 

A District 6 CPO cited an individual for failing to immediately release a largemouth bass that was well under the legal limit. The individual also had two undersize smallmouth bass that he claimed his kids had caught.  All three fish were photographed and released alive.

Two District 6 officers were on boat patrol on the Illinois River around midnight.  The officers observed hooting and hollering coming from the river.  As they looked where the noise came from, they noticed two 25’ boats chasing each other in a small circle churning up big wakes.  The officers responded and had the boats go to shore.  At shore it was determined that both operators had been consuming alcohol.  Both operators were cited for careless operation of a watercraft.  One operator was additionally arrested for operating a watercraft under the influence (BAC of .093). 

Two District 6 officers arrested a male at Lake Holiday for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol.  The operator was additionally cited for operating without enough personal floatation devices, without a type IV throwable device, without valid registration, and operating a boat with passengers sitting on the seatbacks. 

A CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal Parkway and Johnson Sauk Trail State Park.  Three (Off Road) motorcycle riders were issued citations for illegally riding motorcycles on the Hennepin Canal Parkway between Colona and Geneseo.  Three citations were issued at Johnson Sauk Trail Park for fishing without a fishing license.  A subject was issued a citation for taking game fish with use of a cast net at the Steel Dam in Milan on the Rock River (net was seized).  Multiple other boating written warnings and citations were issued as well. 

A CPO responded to a boat accident on the Mississippi River at Dam # 15 in the Quad Cities (about 9:30 p.m.).  A 25ft. Cabin Cruiser was operating in the flooded river above Dam # 15.  The boat operator was attempting to anchor above Dam # 15 to watch the fireworks that were going to be launched off of the Centennial Bridge in Rock Island.  The boat anchor was dragging and getting close to the Arsenal Island (low) Bridge and the Dam.  When the boat operator started the engine and attempted to motor out of the situation the prop got tangled in the anchor line and killed the engine.  The boat drifted under the Arsenal Island Bridge and sustained major damage to the “Bimini Top” as it went under the bridge.  The boat then passed under the Dam # 15 rollers from Pool # 15 to Pool # 16.  Luckily the rollers were all the way up.  The boat then became anchored from the stern (anchor line wrapped around the prop) and began getting pulled down in the water.  The Arsenal Island Fire Department had a boat on patrol with a USCG person onboard and responded within two minutes of getting the call.  The Arsenal Fire boat pulled the distressed Maxum boat and three occupants to safety.  Due to the quick response of Arsenal Firefighters and USCG boat operator, no injuries or fatalities occurred.  This accident remains under investigation.

A District 1 CPO arrested a Savanna man for OUI at Marquette Park Boat Launch. B.A.C. was .154

While conducting boat safety inspections at Marquette Park, a District 1 CPO observed a boat come into the ramp with young children on the vessel.  Two of the young children had lifejackets that were too large for them and a 10 month old was placed in a car seat without a lifejacket. The operator was cited.

While conducting water patrol on the 4th of July, two District 6 CPOs assisted two Rockford Fire Department watercraft with the rescue of three people who were in a stranded boat on the Rock River. The boat was disabled because the anchor line had become entangled in the propeller.  The disabled boat was located approximately four hundred yards north of the Fordham Dam.  When the CPOs arrived, the boats anchor was holding in the fast current, however, moments later the anchor gave way and the disabled boat began floating downstream toward the dam.  The CPOs quickly secured a tow line to the boat and began the tow of the vessel.  The boat and its occupants were towed to a nearby boat slip where the boat was secured.

District 6 CPOS conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River in Winnebago County for enforcement of the Boat Safety and Registration Act.  Fifteen boat safety compliance checks were completed. Three citations and ten written warnings were issued for violations.

A District 6 CPO cited two individuals for smoking cannabis in a canyon at Starved Rock State Park.

A District 6 CPO cited two campers at a campsite for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis, and possession of alcohol against posted regulations.

While in marked uniform patrol on the Rock River in Winnebago County, CPOs patrolled by boat and inspected numerous recreational motorboats out to watch the fireworks; this despite flood conditions and closed area boat ramps. 

Violations detected included:  OUI watercraft, insufficient number of wearable PFD’s, fire extinguishers not in serviceable condition, and youth passengers not wearing PFD’s as required.  Aid in the form of a boat tow was also given to a stranded boater whose anchor line became entangled around his prop.  That vessel and family aboard were towed to safety to a nearby dock.     

While conducting boat inspections on the Illinois River, a CPO arrested a subject for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  The subject refused to submit to breath testing. 

A CPO arrested a subject for fishing without permission of the landowner

A CPO is investigating a property damage boating accident that occurred on the Illinois River.

A CPO arrested four subjects for drug charges while patrolling Kankakee River State Park.

A CPO located a car parked in Kankakee River State Park after the posted closing hours.  Using her K9, she tracked the subjects down to the Kankakee River where she found two of the three subjects unlawfully in possession of smallmouth bass within the restricted size limit.

While patrolling the DuPage River, CPOs were approached by two bow fishermen that had located a .25 caliber pistol in the river.  The pistol was brought to the ISP crime lab for processing. 

CPOs arrested an Astoria man for operation of watercraft under the influence of alcohol on Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County with a .122 BAC.

A CPO arrested a Sigel man at Wolf Creek State Park for illegal transportation of open alcohol.

A CPO responded to multiple complaints called in to the Moultrie County Sheriff's Office of a boater operating erratically at Bo Woods’s boat ramp.  The CPO made contact with the man and appropriate enforcement was taken.

A CPO issued three alcohol citations in restricted area beach at Wolf Creek State Park.

A CPO issued one citation for fireworks in the campground at Wolf Creek State Park. 

CPOs assisted ISP with Rodney T. Miller Triathlon traffic control in Macon County. 

A CPO and a Sgt arrested a Taylorville man for operation of watercraft under the influence of alcohol and overload of watercraft on Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County with a .146 BAC.

A CPO arrested an Effingham woman for driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving and driving on the roadway in Wolf Creek State Park.  Several 911 calls were received about the woman who was extremely intoxicated and admitted to smoking cannabis too.  The woman was taken to the hospital where she provided a blood and urine sample and then to the Shelby County jail.

A CPO cited an Arcola woman for failure to secure a child in seatbelts in Douglas County.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for being wanted on two warrants.  The arrest occurred in Dewitt County near the Clinton Lake Spillway.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol.  The arrest occurred on Clinton Lake near the Marina.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol.  The arrest occurred on Lake Decatur near the Faries Parkway boat ramp. 

On the 4th of July two District 19 CPOs stopped a rental boat on Clinton Lake with nine college students.  There was a quantity of alcohol on the boat and after FST's the operator was found to be OUI and had a BAC of .18%.  There were also five occupants who were under the age of 21.  Multiple citations were issued.

On the 4th of July two District 19 CPOs stopped a boat that was entering the Clinton Lake Marina.  During the stop it was found that the operator had been drinking.  After FST's he was found to be OUI and registered a .086% BAC.

During a boat shift District 19 CPOs received a call of a young male that was hurt while tubing on Clinton Lake.  The 911 caller stated that the boy had been cut in the neck and was bleeding badly.  The boy had fallen off the front of the tube and the metal clip holding it on caught his neck and tore into the skin.  After being checked out by the ambulance it was found that no major arteries had been damaged and just skin was damaged by the metal clip.

During a boat shift District 19 CPO's received a call of a wakeboard accident on Clinton Lake.  CPO's arrived before the ambulance and kept the subject stable.  During this time the subject was going in and out of consciousness.  After talking with other occupants of the boat it was found that the subject was coming out of a turn when the front of his board caught in some wake.  He then came off the board and did three cartwheels before landing in the water.  After further interviews it was found that he had a severe head injury about a year before from a skateboarding accident.

No activity reported.

While patrolling Saline County State Fish & Wildlife Area a CPO observed three ATVs using the local bike trail as a jump. While the ATVs were circling into the neighboring field to make another jump over the bike trail, a stop was conducted and the ATV riders were cited for operating on the bike trail.

While on a boat patrol for Rend Lake Fireworks, CPOs were addressing a Florida registered boat anchored to a pier fishing under the Route 154 bridge. The boat was impeding traffic to the south end of the lake for the firework show. During the check it was discovered the boat owner was a Florida resident and had falsified his application obtaining an Illinois Resident Fishing license. Citations were issued and further investigation with the State of Florida is pending for additional charges.

A CPO checked fishermen at Dolan Lake, Hamilton County State Fish & Wildlife Area and discovered two 11" largemouth bass on a stringer with catfish and bluegill.  Dolan Lake has a limit of one largemouth bass which has to be 18".  A citation and written warning were issued.

A CPO arrested a man on Rend Lake for operating a personal watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  His alcohol concentration was registered at .16, twice the legal limit. 

A CPO arrested a boat operator on the Ohio River at Rosiclare for OUI.  He had children on board and his alcohol concentration registered .13.

A CPO found a person suffering from a self-inflicted wound in a motor vehicle.  The officer applied bandages and pressure to stop the bleeding.  An ambulance transported the person to a local hospital for an evaluation.


Office of Law Enforcement
July 17, 2013

District 6 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on Lake Summerset in Winnebago and Stephenson Counties.  Five citations and eight written warnings were issued for violations of the Boat Registration and Safety Act.

A District 6 CPO was conducting boat inspections at Barto’s Landing boat ramp in Spring Valley.  While finishing an inspection on a boat, another boat pulled in with no registration numbers and an expired decal on the port side.  The operator was cited for failure to display valid registration numbers and unlawful operation of watercraft without wearing lanyard.  Written warnings were issued for the other violations.

A District 7 CPO arrested an intoxicated boater on the Illinois River near Chillicothe.  The intoxicated boater provided a breath sample of .217% and said, “I’ve done this a lot and it finally caught up with me.”

While observing boats at Marquette Park in Savanna, a District 1 CPO observed a Galena man launch a Master Craft boat.  The man started to leave the launch and turned his vessel around quickly returning to the dock.  The man violated the NO WAKE causing other boaters to get upset as they were trying to get their boats on trailers.  The CPO went down to the dock as the operator of the Master Craft was diving off the Stern of the vessel while the motor was running.  The man came up and the CPO asked what was going on.  He said he had forgotten to put the plug in his boat and it was taking on water.  The CPO advised the man to stop diving while the motor was running to avoid injury from the prop.  The CPO then instructed the passenger to turn the motor off.  The CPO asked if the bilge pump was on and the man said it was, but it would drain the battery.  The CPO suggested getting the trailer and pulling the boat out of the water to put the plug in.  The man advised he had found the hole and was going to dive again.  Once the man was safely out of the water the CPO had him tie his boat to the dock and proceeded to conduct a vessel safety inspection.  The man’s registration was expired, he had no type IV throw able device, his battery terminals were not covered, and the CPO had made contact with him because he had violated the no wake.  All violations were addressed and the man thanked the CPO for helping him with his boat.

A CPO in Henderson County worked the Mississippi River in Henderson County.  Twenty citations and warnings were issued to boaters.

A District 1 CPO issued multiple citations and written warnings to three Prophetstown State Park campers.  Two of them were running bank poles on the Rock River with no fishing licenses, out of a boat with an insufficient number of wearable personal flotation devices.  The third was keeping fish in an unmarked live box; some of which were undersized smallmouth bass.         

A CPO conducted Mississippi River patrols assisted by USCG J.Landheer onboard an IDNR Patrol Boat.  Multiple boat safety inspections were conducted on River Pools 14-16 in the Quad City area.  This resulted in many boating written warnings and citations being issued.  A Davenport, IA man was operating his boat (in a questionable manor) in front of  Modern Woodman Baseball Park while a River Bandits game was in progress.  This subject was stopped for a boat safety inspection.  This subject was found to be intoxicated and arrested for OUI.  The subject’s BAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration) was over twice the legal limit at .169% BAC.

A District 6 CPO was called to the Rock Cut State Park campground regarding a camper fire.  Upon arriving on scene, the CPO discovered that a large, Winnebago motor home had become engulfed in flames and was completely destroyed.  The occupants of the motor home escaped unharmed and this case remains under investigation.  Agencies involved in this incident were the Loves Park Fire Department, North Park Fire Department, Loves Park Police and IDNR Police.

A District 6 CPO cited five individuals for driving down the Illinois and Michigan Canal (a hiking and biking path which was closed due to washouts). 

A District 6 CPO responded to a severe personal injury motorcycle crash near the entrance to Starved Rock State Park.  The CPO arrived on scene and rendered first aid to the motorcyclist that had a protruding compound fracture to his left leg.  The motorcyclist was taken to the local hospital and transferred to Peoria.

A District 6 officer arrested five individuals for fishing without a license.

A District 6 officer assisted another officer in arresting three individuals who were unlawfully consuming alcohol under age, and arresting one other who operated a vehicle while revoked.

Two Lake County CPOs investigated a fatal boat accident involving three young boys that tipped over in a canoe.  It occurred in a private retention pond in McHenry County.  One 12 year old boy couldn't swim and drowned shortly after capsizing. 

A Lake County CPO observed a boat without registration numbers on the Chain O' Lakes.  The operator failed field sobriety tests and blew a .158% BAC.  He was issued citations for the OUI and failure to display registration numbers. 

A CPO issued citations for a short Northern Pike and a short Largemouth Bass to two subjects at Des Plaines pond in Wadsworth.

CPOs  conducted a boat patrol on the Chain O' Lakes on Friday, July 12.  The patrol resulted in numerous vessel inspections along with two citations and seven written warnings for boating violations.

A CPO was conducting boat safety inspections at Chain O’ Lakes Boat Ramp.  One boat failed to possess a waterway sticker.  The operator failed sobriety tests and ultimately blew a .085% BAC.  He was arrested and released. 

A CPO arrested a subject at the COLSP for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams. 

A CPO issued a possession of alcohol in a restricted area in Wolf Creek State Park beach to an Orland Hills man and a Mascoutah woman.

A CPO handled a personal injury boat accident in Moultrie County on Lake Shelbyville involving a personal watercraft which hit a wake and a Decatur female suffered lacerations to her head from striking the PWC.

A CPO, while on boat patrol on Clinton Lake, arrested two minors for unlawful possession/consumption of alcohol by a minor.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for OUI.  The arrest occurred near the Clinton Lake Marina at approximately 7:00 p.m.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The arrest occurred during a traffic stop at Mascoutin State Recreational Area.

A CPO handled a boat accident in Shelby County on Lake Shelbyville where a Missouri man's boat began taking on water, swamped and then rolled over.  The boat was totaled and was later refloated and removed by the Shelby County Dive and Rescue Team.

A CPO arrested a Decatur woman for speeding and driving without a valid driver’s license in Wolf Creek State Park in Shelby County.

A CPO and a Sgt, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County, arrested a Sullivan man for operating a watercraft under the influence with a .115 BAC and several boat violations.

A CPO and a Sgt, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County, arrested minors for possession/consumption of alcohol:  Sullivan female with a .101 BAC and an Arcola male with a .111 BAC.

Region 3 conducted pistol training at DeWitt County range with ten CPOs attending the training session.

A Madison County CPO attended the Illinois Youth Police Camp at Principia College.  The educational trailer was used to teach at risk youths about the work Conservation Officers do.  Other departments attending included the IDNR Fisheries, US Coast Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers, ISP, Madison County Bomb Squad, Alton K-9, and the ARCH helicopter.  Approximately 85 youths were at the week-long camp.

After severe storms hit the area, metro CPOs were called to assist with motorists trapped on the highways in flash flood conditions on Saturday.  On Sunday, storms hit again in the Metro area.  CPOs cleared debris and trees that had fallen over the roadways and checked the safety of park visitors.

While assigned to work Lake Lou Yaeger, a Montgomery County CPO assisted the U.S. Marshal Service in apprehending a fugitive.

Two Montgomery County CPOs assisted Hillsboro Rescue with a body recovery at Lake Glenn Shoals.

Two District 13 officers were on patrol at Baldwin Lake checking fishermen.  They observed three subjects fishing near the boat ramp.  After checking for fishing licenses it was discovered that one had a license and the other two did not have a license in their possession.  They had a bucket full of various fish that included one largemouth bass that was under the designated size limit.  During the check, it was also discovered that one of the subjects had unlawfully obtained a resident fishing license while maintaining a residence in Missouri.  Subjects were cited for not having valid fishing licenses, fraudulent purchase of resident fishing license and failure to immediately release undersized largemouth bass.  

Two District 13 CPOs  arrested two subjects at Horseshoe Lake State Park for fishing with no valid IL Sport Fishing License.  They admitted to not having a license and being Missouri residents.  They also admitted to not having a fishing license in Missouri as well.

A District 13 CPO issued various written warnings while patrolling the state parks in the St. Louis Metro region for a variety of offenses including fishing, traffic, and state park regulations.
A District 13 CPO arrested a subject for operation of uninsured motor vehicle after conducting a traffic stop in Horseshoe Lake State Park for speeding.

A District 13 CPO received a call from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office about three subjects who could not leave Baldwin Lake because the gates were locked.  The CPO arrived at the entrance and located three subjects sitting in a vehicle with a small Jon boat strapped to their roof.  The subjects stated that their boat got caught on the rip rap because of the wind.  They exited the boat and walked back to their vehicle.  They drove their vehicle to the boat’s location and removed the boat from the water.  When they got to the gate shortly after 9:00 pm, the gate had been
locked.  A boat safety check revealed that the boat had expired registration, no life jackets, and no other safety equipment.

A District 13 CPO issued citations to three subjects in the past week for unlawfully snagging fish at the Carlyle Lake Spillway.

A District 13 CPO arrested a male subject at Eldon Hazlet State Park for driving while license revoked. 

A District 13 CPO issued citations to a man for snagging 10 paddlefish below the dam of Carlyle Lake. 

A District 13 CPO made a traffic stop on a vehicle at Eldon Hazlet State Park for speeding.  The driver was found to have a suspended driver’s license.  The driver was arrested and taken to the county jail.

Three District 13 CPOs were on patrol at Eldon Hazlet State Park.  While investigating a disturbance call, the CPOs encountered a party.  Two males at the party were found to be in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia, one with a felony amount of cannabis.  The two were taken to the county jail where they were held.

The Monroe County CPO worked two flood duty shifts at Grafton, Illinois on emergency readiness standby.

The Monroe County CPO finished five deer investigations from firearm deer season resulting in numerous tickets to multiple individuals.      

The Monroe County CPO received a credible tip regarding a subject in the act of attempting to sell snapping turtles to local bait shops. Responding immediately, the CPO discovered the initial complaint was valid but several days old, however further investigation revealed additional information.  Logical reasoning and knowledge of the area indicated several potential locations where the subject may have illegally trapped the turtles. While checking several local ponds, the CPO observed four fishermen at one of them and he approached to check their fishing licenses.  As he walked past one of their parked trucks, he noted it matched the description of the turtler’s truck and it contained a cage with two red-eared slider turtles. When the CPO checked the first two fishermen, he determined one of the subjects was likely his suspect.  As he spoke with the subject, the remaining two “un-checked” fishermen departed in such a hurry that they left their lawn chairs and some of their gear behind.  The CPO relayed descriptions of the fleeing fishermen and their truck to another CPO who quickly tracked them down and discovered neither of them had fishing licenses. The Monroe County CPO continued his interview and determined he did indeed have the violator who attempted to sell the turtles. It was determined the subject did not trap the turtles, but legally caught them on hook and line.  However, in addition to the attempted unlawful sale of the turtles, the subject possessed an over-limit of snapping turtles at his residence. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

The Monroe County CPO and Washington County CPO were checking fishermen at a local state-managed lake when they encountered a group of three companions fishing together. One of the fishermen did not have a fishing license, the second fisherman had falsified address information to illegally obtain a resident fishing license and the third fisherman possessed an undersized bass, 3 1/8 inches short of the minimum length limit which was clearly posted 20 feet away. All three subjects were cited.  After the violators departed; a nearby fishermen, (who was legal) voiced his approval of the enforcement.  

A CPO assisted the ISP and Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in recovering a man’s body from Crab Orchard NWR. It is believed the man passed from natural causes and fell into the water. ISP is investigating the incident.

A CPO recovered the carcass of a dead adult bald eagle on Interstate 57 in Alexander County, presumably struck by a vehicle.

District 16 CPOs attended firearms transition training at 10 Mile range.

A CPO observed two subjects operating watercrafts then having difficulty loading the boats at Kinkaid Lake ramp.  Each subject had a boat that they had been operating.  The CPO contacted the operators and inspected their equipment.  He suspected one of the subjects was intoxicated.  The Missouri subject failed field sobriety testing and was arrested for OUI.  He was transported to Jackson County and registered a .088% BAC.

A CPO closed an Alexander County case where the subject was charged with unlawful take of a large white tailed buck deer with a 30-06 rifle and checking it in as an archery kill pleading guilty to unlawful take of deer with a rifle and falsification.  He was fined $500.00 and ordered to make $1000.00 donation to the Conservation Police Operations Fund.

A CPO responded to two ATV complaints from the Massac Co. Sherriff's Office and a private landowner.  The ATV's took off at a high speed when the CPO arrived at the location.

Office of Law Enforcement
July 24, 2013

A District 7 CPO completed a report of a vehicle and trailer which were fully submerged in Banner Marsh State Fish and Wildlife Area.  A fisherman was attempting to launch his boat when his 2013 truck slid backwards down the ramp into 30 feet of water.  A local dive team and a tow truck removed the truck and trailer.

A District 6 CPO arrested six individual for fishing without a license.

A District 6 CPO arrested seven individuals for swimming in a restricted area.

A District 6 CPO arrested an individual for unlawful snagging in waters closed to snagging. 

A District 6 CPO arrested three individuals for unlawful possession of alcohol in a nature preserve.

A District 6 CPO located a small Jon boat with two fishermen on a private pond.  Both individuals had a fishing license, but there were no life jackets on the boat.  A citation was issued.

Two District 6 CPOs responded to a report of two elderly gentlemen missing on the Illinois River. They had left their residence the day before and had not returned.  Neither man answered their cell phones. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputies had located their SUV and trailer in Hennepin.  After a short search they were found fishing about one mile south of Hennepin.  They said the fishing was so good they decided to sleep on the boat.  They did not have any cell phone service where they were fishing.  The officers told them they should have a float plan whenever they go fishing e.g. let their relatives know where they are going and how long they will be gone and also to call their relatives if they change their plans.

A District 6 CPO attended training in preparation of a Hell’s Angels event in northern Illinois.

Two District 6 CPOs responded to a 29 foot boat stranded on the Illinois River. The boater was not familiar with the river and got stuck in a shallow area while attempting to enter a yacht club. Members of the club along with the officers were able to tow the boat into deeper water.

A District 6 CPO was contacted by Illini State Park staff.  They had an individual who had been in the campground for eight days and had not paid for the site. The staff had tried to make contact with the individual, but he was never at the site when the staff went by. They had also left several messages on the camper’s door, but the individual never contacted the staff.  The officer went to the site and was able to identify the individual by the registration on the camper.  The officer contacted a local police agency who gave the officer the individual’s contact information. The officer was able to contact the individual by phone.  The officer explained the consequences of leaving the campground and not paying.  The individual met with the park staff and paid the next day.

A District 6 CPO cited an individual for illegally parking in a fire lane at the Starved Rock Lodge.  The vehicle was illegally parked for over 2 hours.

A District 6 CPO received a complaint about loud campsites that were illegally consuming alcohol against posted regulations.  A CPO responded and cited a site holder for possession of alcohol against posted regulations.  The site dumped out their alcohol.  The site holder also had too many people on their campsite and was informed that they had to purchase another campsite for the extra people and vehicles.  The site holder purchased another site, but only moved their vehicles to the site.  At 11:30 p.m. Conservation Police noticed too many people on the campsites and that they were again in possession of alcohol.  They were evicted from Starved Rock State Park.

A District 6 CPO attended court for two individuals contesting no fishing license tickets.  The individuals showed up to court with fishing licenses, but the judge noticed that the fishing licenses were purchased two hours after they were issued citations.  They were found guilty.

A District 6 CPO cited an individual in a restricted area of Starved Rock for possession of <2.5g of cannabis (hashish) and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The male claimed it was someone else’s drugs that were located in his pants and cigarette pouch.

Two District 6 CPOs responded to the Illinois River where a boat lost power and drifted into a sand bar where it became stuck.  The boat was able to be pulled free from the sand bar and was towed to a marina.  The boat had a rope that had become entangled in the propeller.

A CPO responded to the trails at Starved Rock where 70 year old male was suffering from heat stroke.  It was later determined that he was just suffering from heat exhaustion.  The male declined treatment from the EMT’s. 

Two District 6 CPOs responded to a report of a boat accident on the Illinois River by Starved Rock.  The operator was unfamiliar with the river and struck submerged rocks at a high rate of speed.  No injuries were reported and the boat only sustained cosmetic damage.  Ottawa River Rescue pulled the boat off of the rocks and towed the boat back to shore.

While on patrol at Rock Cut State Park, a District 6 CPO received a call of an injured park patron.  Upon arrival on-scene, the CPO assisted family members in the administration of first aid to a 65 year old man who had fallen. The patient was transported to a local hospital for treatment and was in stable condition.

A District 1 CPO was assigned to work the Oregon Trail Days which took place at Lowden Miller State Park over the weekend.  Order maintenance and traffic control was the primary task during the festival.       

A District 6 CPO was conducting boat safety inspections at Starved Rock State Park Boat Launch.  A man from Orland Park was operating on the Illinois River, downstream from the boat ramp.  The CPO observed him trailer the boat and drive up the ramp, just past the parking lot to the exit road. The CPO met the subject on the exit road and conducted a routine boat safety inspection.  The subject was arrested for Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

District 6 CPOs focused on boat enforcement.  The detail was successful and resulted in two boats assisted, 33 written warnings and 9 tickets. The detail also removed an impaired operator who was charged with OUI and had a breath alcohol content of .190.

A District 1 CPO responded to a property damage boat accident in Rock Island County.  The boat ran aground on a submerged wall in Sylvan Slough and began taking on water.  All five passengers were taken to shore safely by Iowa DNR and there were no injuries.

A District 1 CPO was conducting fishing license compliance checks on Department Lands when she observed three women fishing near a boat launch.  When the CPO approached and asked if they had caught anything they all responded, “No.”  The CPO asked if they had fishing licenses and they all replied they did, but one became quiet and started staring at the ground.  The CPO asked if she was ok and she responded she was fine, she was just spacing out.  One of the women explained her license was back at the picnic table in her wallet so all four proceeded to the table.  She gave her fishing license to the CPO.  When the CPO asked for the other two licenses the women explained they weren’t really fishing they were taking lessons and weren’t catching anything.  The CPO explained the definition of fishing and the requirements for needing a fishing license and where they could purchase their fishing licenses. Citations for fishing without a valid sport fishing license were issued to the two women.

On Sunday CPOs were on patrol on the Chain O’ Lakes when they were passed in very close proximity by a boat traveling at a high rate of speed.  The boat continued on plane into a no wake area and almost struck a bridge piling.  CPOs activated emergency lights and the operator immediately switched positions with a passenger.  The operator failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for OUI.  He blew a .220 BAC

A Lake County CPO responded to a fatal boat accident in July of 2012 and attended the Governor's Boat Safety Bill signing in Chicago.  The family of the victim and state representatives/senator attended as well. 

A McHenry County CPO received a dispatch call from ISP regarding local fishermen who had found an urn at the Chain O' Lakes State Park, Oak Point day use area.  Upon arrival, the CPO located the urn alongside the riverbank which still had the cremated remains of someone, which were inside a plastic bag and zip tied.  A circular metal tag with the cremation services address and an identification number for the deceased was found nearby.  After notifying the local cremation service they provided a name and telephone number of the wife who had picked up the remains.  Evidently, after the man died his body was donated to science and then cremated.  However, instead of spreading his ashes alongside the riverbank and disposing of the urn the wife just placed everything along the bank and left.  When contact was made with the wife, she asked "Is the urn empty?"  When she was informed that the urn was not empty but had the remains of her deceased husband, she stated, "Damn!  Can you just put him in a plastic bag and mail him to me?  I live in Streator and it's too far to drive".   Several days later the wife called back and said she found someone to come get her husband.  Arrangements were made for pickup later in the week.

A McHenry County CPO arrested a subject at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for possession of a BB gun, after the CPO drove by and observed the individual shooting the gun at his campsite.  The subject was also cited for possession of alcohol in a posted restricted area, drug paraphernalia, and cannabis less than 2.5 grams.

Two District 2 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Chain O' Lakes on Saturday.  Numerous watercraft were inspected and multiple citations and written warnings were issued for boating infractions.

A District 2 CPO issued citations and written warnings to three individuals fishing without permission at a gravel pit in McHenry.

A District 2 CPO issued a citation to a fisherman at Moraine Hills State Park for possession of a 6 1/2 inch Largemouth Bass where the limit is 14 inches.

A District 2 CPO issued a citation to a boat operator on Lake Defiance at Moraine Hills State Park.  The operator was lacking a lifejacket for one of the other individuals on the boat.  A written warning was also issued for overloading of the watercraft.

While working Kankakee River State Park, a CPO observed a group of subjects swimming and drinking in a restricted area (the park has an alcohol ban).  While observing the subjects, the officer watched as a female subject was sitting in the water, holding a six month old child while she and her boyfriend smoked marijuana.  Members of the group were also observed littering and polluting the waterway with their beer cans.  Upon making contact, it was learned that one of the subjects was wanted on three warrants (two for possession of marijuana offenses and one for a DUI offense).  The subject wanted on warrant advised that he was "caught" with pot at Starved Rock and couldn't make it to his court date.  In addition to the warrant, arrests were made for possession of alcohol in a restricted area, littering, polluting the waterway, and five drug arrests were made.

A CPO arrested a subject at Stratton Park in Morris for DUI.  The subject refused to submit a breath sample.

A CPO responded to Braidwood Lake to a complaint of a person that was overheating.  The male subject was transported to the hospital and treated for dehydration and heat exhaustion.

A CPO arrested a subject for fishing without permission.

A CPO handled a call of an alligator in a subdivision pond. 

A District 19 CPO was working the west side access of Clinton Lake when a boat approached the launch.  The operator got out of his boat and talked with a site technician.  The site tech informed the officer that the operator seemed very intoxicated.  After the CPO made contact with the operator he found he was OUI.  He registered a .189% BAC.

A District 19 CPO received a complaint at Weldon Springs State Park Campground.  The complainant stated that the campers next to her partied until 2:30 a.m.  When she went and tried to nicely ask them to be quiet the partiers very rudely told her to be quiet.  After she went back into her trailer she looked out her window and saw one of the partiers urinating on her trailer.  When confronted the registered camper admitted to the violations.  Enforcement action was taken.
A District 19 CPO made an arrest of two subjects while checking fishermen at Homer Lake.  The two male subjects were cited for possession of cannabis and possession of paraphernalia.
District 11 arrested a Marshall man for DUI (controlled substances) on Mohawk Drive at Rte 40 in Marshall.  Subject was issued the following citations:
    1.  DUI (Controlled Substances)
    2.  Possession of Controlled Substance (Three (3) Hydrocodone Pills)
    3.  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    4.  Possession of Cannabis (Less than 2.5 grams)
    5.  Illegal Transportation of alcohol by Driver
    6.  Possession/Consumption of alcohol by minor
    7.  Improper Lighting (One Headlamp)
The man was taken to the Clark Co. jail.

A District 11 CPO stopped an Arthur woman for speeding 90 mph in a 55 mph zone in Coles County. The woman was issued a mandatory court appearance speeding ticket.

The Monroe County CPO and District Sergeant worked Frank Holten State Park and Horseshoe Lake State Park on a Friday which had a low number of park visitors but which was very productive from an enforcement perspective.  One
subject was taken to jail on two warrants, four subjects were cited for no fishing license, one subject cited for littering, one subject cited for no child restraint device in vehicle for a four year old child, and one subject was arrested and jailed for being in the park after hours and possessing drug paraphernalia and felony possession of methamphetamine and
felony possession of a controlled substance.  In addition, numerous warnings were issued for no fishing licenses, underage possession of alcohol, and no valid driver’s license.      

District 13 CPOs responded to a call in Clinton County of a hit and run traffic accident. Upon responding to the scene the suspect’s (fleeing) vehicle was observed with front end damage driving away from the scene. The 2 CPOs turned around and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. It was learned after confronting the driver that he had an epileptic seizure. EMS was called and the vehicle was towed. Clinton County Sheriff's Department handled the crash.

Three CPOs were dispatched to a disturbance in the campground, where several intoxicated subjects were dealt with.  No arrests were made, but the campers were verbally warned.

Another complaint led three CPOs to a campsite were ten underage drinkers were discovered with a large amount of alcohol.  A large amount of marijuana was discovered at the campsite and two subjects were arrested and taken to Clinton County Jail.

District 13 CPOs and Sergeant worked the homeland security detail at the City of St. Louis’ Mississippi River front from a boat to secure the U.S. Coast Guard’s security zone during the fireworks display and air show.

A Randolph County CPO directed traffic for many hours, handled a traffic crash, and investigated criminal damage to a utilities pedestal at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex during the SCTP national championship.

A CPO talked to a subject after he backed his trailer in the river at the Grafton Boat Ramp.  A personal watercraft was loaded onto the trailer.  The subject that backed the vehicle in the water appeared to be under the influence.  The subject denied driving.  When the CPO asked him to perform field sobriety test, the subject said "F" you and turned around and put his hands behind his back.  He was arrested for driving under the influence.  He refused to take the breath test.

CPOs were on boat patrol on the Mississippi River in Calhoun County. They stopped a watercraft for a routine inspection. While writing a warning to the operator they learned he was wanted on two traffic warrants. The subject was taken into custody and transported to jail.

A CPO was performing routine boat inspections at Otter Lake, when he observed a subject get in a vehicle with an open can of Budweiser and drive off.  The vehicle was stopped.  The driver did not have insurance.  The passenger with the open can of Budweiser would not cooperate.  After back up arrived, the passenger cooperated and provided his information.  One subject was issued a citation for no insurance.  The other subject was issued a citation for unlawful transportation of alcohol.

CPOs were on boat patrol on the Mississippi River in Calhoun County when they observed a subject on a personal watercraft  jump the wake directly behind a barge.  They stopped the subject.  The subject was 14 years old and had not been through a safety class.  He was with his stepfather, who had jumped the wake earlier, fell off, and couldn't restart his personal watercraft.  The stepfather thought it was fun and had no idea about boating laws or how dangerous jumping the wake was.    

A CPO was on patrol at Pere Marquette State Park when he received a call from Jersey County stating someone had just dumped two chairs along Route 100. The CPO located the vehicle a couple of minutes later.  Two subjects admitted to taking money from a subject to haul the chairs away.  They decided to dump the chairs and keep the money.

A CPO stopped a vehicle for speeding at Pere Marquette State Park.  One of the passengers was wanted on a warrant for truancy.

A CPO was patrolling a state area when he ran a registration plate.  The registered owner was wanted on a warrant and had a suspended license.  Upon stopping the vehicle, the driver was identified as the registered owner.  The passenger was also wanted on a warrant.  During a search of the car, the CPO found two pipes and cannabis.

A CPO was patrolling Jersey County and stopped a vehicle with a defective windshield. The driver was suspended and did not have any insurance.

CPOs assisted the Missouri Water Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard in searching for a woman who fell off the Golden Eagle Ferry.  Due to high water and swift current it was impossible to dive or drag for the body. The body was located a couple of days later 50 miles down river.  CPOs also assisted by giving a breath test to the operator of the ferry and gathering information from the workers on the ferry.

CPOs provided a security zone for the fireworks at Otter Lake in Macoupin County. 

CPOs provided a security zone for the fireworks at Grafton.

A CPO worked at the Sparta Complex during the high school competition.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI at the Wayne Fitzgerell State Park boat ramp.  The subject blew .19

A CPO also assisted Kentucky DNR with side scan sonar on the Ohio River near Golconda for a missing 3 year old.

CPOs conducted boat patrol on Rend Lake resulting in several boating violations being detected.

A CPO responded to a complaint at Forbes State Park beach.  Three subjects were seen drinking from a whiskey
bottle.   All three subjects were under 21.  One of the subjects lied about his identity and was transported to the Marion County jail.  Appropriate citations were issued.

CPOs worked Forbes State Park on Sunday July 21 and cited three subjects for consuming alcohol in the restricted beach area.  One of the subjects was wanted on a warrant.

A CPO responded to a complaint at Sam Parr State Park of a subject using a motor over the horse power limit restriction.  Two subjects were located in a small bass buggy with a motor over 10 hp.  Multiple boating violations were found.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI at Lake of Egypt.  The subject blew .18

A CPO assisted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in the search of missing horseback riders in Giant City State Park.  All missing persons were successfully found unharmed.

Office of Law Enforcement
July 31, 2013

No activity reported

CPOs arrested two subjects for unlawfully possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia while working at Kankakee River State Park.

A CPO responded to a call of a missing person who was a diabetic at Braidwood Lake.  The missing person was found and appeared disoriented, so an ambulance was called to treat the person.

A District 11 CPO was notified by Douglas County of a camper at Walnut Point that was lost on a trail.  The elderly female was located and given a ride back to her vehicle.

A District 11 CPO, while on boat patrol on Twin Lakes in Edgar County, observed a jet ski towing skiers without an observer.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

CPOs were on patrol in the Dam West Recreation Area and observed a van back into a parking spot and two subjects jump out and put the hood up.  They made a motorist assist and conducted a registration check.  Registration came back to a Mattoon woman who was suspended and had a lengthy drug record.  The female driver and male passenger were both in possession of cannabis.  The female was cited for cannabis 6.8 grams and for driving suspended.  The male was cited for illegal transportation, cannabis and paraphernalia.

A CPO was en route to Lake Mattoon to check fishermen and observed a truck parked in the roadway on the Shelby County line road.  He then observed a male subject standing in the ditch urinating and he threw a can into the bean field.  The CPO conducted a traffic stop and found the driver and two female passengers with open beer.  The two females (Mattoon and Neoga) were cited for Illegal transportation and the male passenger (Neoga) was cited for illegal transportation of alcohol and littering.  The driver was arrested for DUI and DUI .08 and cited for illegal transportation of alcohol.  The driver was transported to the Shelby County jail.

CPOs conducted transition pistol training at the Charleston Police Department Range.

A CPO was conducting boat inspections on the Illinois River at Beardstown when he arrested three subjects for under age possession of alcohol.

A CPO was patrolling the Illinois River at Grafton when he observed a subject swinging from the ski bar on top of the boat. After stopping the boat, the CPO conducted field sobriety tests on the operator. The operator failed field sobriety tests. A breath test revealed a BAC of .10. The operator was also under age. The subject swinging from the bar was arrested for under age consumption and was found in possession of a fake ID.

A CPO was checking fishermen at Pere Marquette State Park.  A check with the Illinois State Police revealed one of the subjects was wanted on a warrant.

CPOs attended the duck blind draws at Pittsfield and Quincy.
A CPO attended a boat safety class in Adams County. 

CPOs arrested two subjects for fishing without permission, fishing license not in possession, unlawful possession of cannabis, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, near Zeigler.

A CPO cited a subject for allowing his son to take wild turkey illegally. The father was cited for unlawful possession of wild turkey and assessed a $500.00 civil penalty.

A CPO arrested a Missouri man for taking deer during closed season, transporting an uncased bow in vehicle, and hunting without license in Jefferson County.

A Sgt. and CPO conducted a boating detail on the Wabash River near Grayville.  Multiple boats were inspected and warnings for equipment violations were issued.  Just prior to dark, a boat approached the ramp with two toddlers not wearing lifejackets.  The CPO conducted an inspection and gained probable cause that the operator was intoxicated.  The subject was arrested and had a BAC of .10.

The same evening CPOs traveled to Rend Lake to assist District 14 with boating enforcement.  Both officers encountered subjects operating watercraft under the influence and their BACs were .09 and .11.

A CPO responded to a TIPS report of a lady possessing two coyote pups.  She stated she called the IDNR and was told she had to purchase a permit at Walmart in order to keep the coyotes.  The coyotes were seized and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO cited two subjects for fishing without licenses and issued six warnings for boating violations at East Fork and Forbes Lake.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI on Rend Lake.  The subject blew .12.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI on Kinkaid Lake.  The subject blew .18.

A CPO caught four subjects under 21 with alcohol at Kinkaid Lake.  The subjects also had multiple boat safety violations. Citations were issued and the subjects were directed to the marina (minus alcohol) to purchase PFDs (personal flotation devices).

A CPO attended a multiple agency ginseng enforcement meeting in Missouri.  The meeting concentrated on concerns and cooperation between state and federal agencies regarding ginseng enforcement.