Office of Law Enforcement
December 4, 2013

A District 7 CPO conducted a taxidermy inspection in Stark County.  The man possessed numerous taxidermy mounts which he accumulated while working at an exotic animal ranch in Texas.  He learned to do taxidermy work to save money and to improve upon work he had done as a customer.  He only possessed one untagged (coded) item which did not belong to him.  After determining he did not operate as a business, he was issued a written warning for failure to properly tag specimens.  He was advised that it was not necessary to purchase a license to do taxidermy work for him – not for hire.

A District 7 CPO responded to a criminal damage to property complaint in Knoxville.  A subject had purposely knocked over a beer display after arguing with the clerk of a local gas station.  The CPO located the suspect vehicle at another nearby gas station.  Knoxville Officers responded to the location, conducted interviews, and took appropriate enforcement action.

A District 1 CPO was called to Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area for a reported missing/stolen hunting dog valued at $10,000 since it was a national champion.  The owner last saw the dog near his truck but when he got to his truck, the dog was gone and several vehicles were pulling out of the parking area.  The dog owner searched the park for over 24 hours and there were no signs of the dog until park staff returned to work the next day.  The park staff provided a list of the registered hunters from that assigned hunting area.  Those hunters were from the Joliet area, so the CPO enlisted the help from CPOs in Will County.  The dog owner has enlisted his dog loving friends to help search for signs of the dog, however, he firmly believes the dog was stolen and not just "missing".  The investigation is still pending.  

A District 6 CPO stopped a truck on a narrow county road for a traffic infraction at 11 p.m.  The truck had four occupants.  Three of the four occupants were under the age of 21 and had been drinking.  The driver (who was over 21) had a suspended license and had also been drinking.  An unloaded .22 rifle was found in the vehicle along with a spent .22 shell casing on the floor of the front passenger seat.  The driver was issued three citations and the truck was towed.  The three minors were notified to appear in court.

CPOs in Stephenson County responded to a complaint of unlawful hunting whitetail deer by aid or use of vehicle or conveyance by placing a deer decoy out in a field in the general area of the complaint the night prior to the first firearm deer season as well as the Friday night of the first firearm deer season in an attempt to validate the complaint information.  After midnight, a vehicle was observed driving off road into the field where the decoy was placed while shining the decoy using high beam headlights.  The vehicle then fled from CPOs in marked squads who attempted to stop the vehicle shinning.  The suspect was discovered later that day and arrested for shining as well as multiple vehicle code violations.  

A CPO in Stephenson County investigated a complaint of hunter interference.  The complaint and subsequent report was referred to the state’s attorney’s office for review. 

A District 6 CPO located a 40 year old man and his 10 year old son hunting over a mineral block.  When asked for their hunting licenses and deer permits the man stated they were back at the truck.  During the walk back to the truck, the man stated a relative had given the mineral block to his son as a present. The block had been in the area since June. Several citations and written warnings were issued.

A CPO in Henderson County cited an Iowa resident for hunting without permission on the Mississippi River.  The case revolved around a property dispute involving property rights to the actual Mississippi riverbed.

Working the desolate roads of rural Mercer County, a CPO found a hilltop to park on.  At about 9:00 p.m. a vehicle approached from the west at a slow rate of speed.   Watching the vehicle with his binoculars, the CPO observed the
driver shining the surrounding trees with a light.  Reaching a bridge, the driver stopped and continued to shine up and down the creek.  As the driver passed the CPOs location, the CPO pulled out behind the vehicle.  Activating his emergency lights, the CPO stopped the vehicle.  The driver admitted to raccoon hunting without a license.  Two hunting citations and several written warnings were issued.        

Officers are investigating two Rochelle men after a suspected illegally taken buck was posted in the Rochelle and Ogle County newspaper.  Several witnesses were interviewed and charges are pending.

A CPO was patrolling northwest Winnebago County.  He observed a white Chevy pickup park along the road. The CPO positioned his squad behind the white pickup and noticed movement to the east of the vehicle. A white male was standing in the wood line.  His hands were bloody and furnished with a knife.  At the man’s feet lay a yearling doe. The CPO approached the man identifying himself and engaging the man in conversation. The man stated that the deer was hit by a car and that he shot it with a .22 caliber pistol.  The CPO located the loaded pistol inside the man’s truck. The pistol was uncased and the man did not have a case for the pistol in his pickup. The CPO informed the man of his violations and issued him one citation and several warnings.

A District 1 Officer issued multiple citations and written warnings to a Tampico man for unlawfully hunting raccoons with no hunting license and shining a light from his vehicle on a Whiteside County roadway.   

A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Whiteside County trapper for failing to check his traps and remove animals within each calendar day.

 A District 6 officer arrested an individual for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of more than 2.5gr but less than 10gr of cannabis at Starved Rock State Park.

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for unlawfully hunting without permission.

A District 1 CPO checked several waterfowl hunters during the long holiday weekend.  Violations addressed were hunting waterfowl without a state waterfowl stamp, hunting waterfowl without a federal duck stamp, and an uncased gun.  Seventeen different boats of hunters were checked.

A District 2 CPO received a call from the McHenry County Sheriff's Department regarding a deer that had just been poached.  An undercover Deputy and a federal Marshall were checking the status of registered sex offenders in the area and observed a large buck chasing a doe in a freshly plowed field.  Being a hunter, the Deputy turned back around, parked alongside the road, and was watching the buck.  Suddenly, four consecutive rifle rounds were fired from an abandoned barn nearby and the 10 point buck fell dead approximately 100 yards away.  The Deputy then observed a tractor and plow leaving the barn area and travel north along the main road.  Unfortunately, the operator of the tractor drove off before the CPO was notified.  As the Deputy remained parked off the side of the road in his unmarked squad a white farm truck drove past and parked just south of them in a field adjacent to where the deer was shot.  When the CPO arrived on scene the white truck was still parked down the road but with no occupants.  The CPO secured the buck, found four spent .223 rifle casings in the barn, and then began looking for the tractor.  After a few minutes the CPO drove back towards the barn to try and make contact with the driver of the white truck to find out who owned the field and was plowing earlier.  However, the CPO met the white truck along the road.  An investigative stop was made and the driver soon admitted to killing the buck.  He had seen the buck in the area before and when he seen it that day while he was plowing, he parked behind an abandoned barn and fired his assault rifle at it.  He observed the buck fall then drove the tractor back to their farm, grabbed his skinning knives and truck, and drove back.  However, he got spooked because a strange vehicle was parked alongside the road.  The rifle was located back at the barn under some hay bales.  The rifle was seized and the CPO made the violator gut the deer so it could be taken to a local meat locker and donated to Sportsmen Against Hunger.  The head was removed and waiting to get scored to determine a fair price for compensation.

A District 2 CPO cited two individuals for harvesting deer without first obtaining a habitat stamp.

A District 2 CPO issued a written warning to a deer hunter for failure to check in two deer taken during the firearms season on the same calendar day taken.

A CPO cited a group of hunters in Big Rock for hunting without unplugged guns.

CPO cited a hunter who was hunting within 300 yards of a dwelling without permission.
A District 2 CPO cited an Antioch man for disturbing traps without authorization.  The man had pulled and taken 20 traps, along with at least three muskrats, from the trap line of a local trapper.  The traps and rats were returned undamaged.

A District 2 CPO cited a Lake-in-the-Hills man for hunting over bait.  The man was hunting over a pile of shelled corn.  He admitted he knew the corn was present on the 18th but thought he had "cleaned it up".  Despite some of the corn being gone, there was still ample corn in the baited spot when the CPO arrived on the 22nd.

A District 2 CPO checked an area known to be baited with salt blocks.  The CPO found a subject in a ground blind 10 yards from where one of the salt blocks were.  The subject was in possession of a crossbow and claimed he was "huntin' yotes".  He also was in possession of a grunt call and antlers with a deer decoy 30 yards from him.  The subject admitted to putting out the salt blocks in September and removed those 4 days prior.  He also admitted he was deer hunting.  Appropriate enforcement action taken. 

Two District 2 CPOs observed three trucks parked along the woods.  As they inspected the woods they observed one hunter walking back to the truck.  During the hunter inspection he was found to not possess a habitat stamp.  The hunter stated there were four individuals hunting and they were on their way out to the trucks.  As the hunters came out they were all inspected and none of them possessed all the necessary paperwork.  One hunter had nothing and another stated, "We decided we would split the permit and whoever shot the deer would use the tag."  Appropriate action was taken. 

A District 2 CPO arrested a subject for deer hunting with denied FOID and no valid deer permit. 

A District 2 CPO handled a TIP report that even though the suspected violator was not involved in the complaint, the interview of the subject resulted in a confession of archery hunting without hunting license, habitat stamp, or deer permit on November 20th.   He stated he didn't purchase anything because he was a non-resident. 

A District 2 CPO observed four pheasant hunters hunting upon the roadway.  Further inspection showed one shotgun was capable of holding more than three shells.  Appropriate action was taken. 

A District 2 CPO cited a goose hunter for hunting without a federal waterfowl stamp

A District 2 CPO cited a goose hunter for hunting without permission.  Another hunter (son) was issued written warnings for hunting without permission and hunting license not in possession.

A District 2 CPO cited a subject who tried to check in a 6 point buck the following day after the 1st shotgun season without first obtaining a hunting license or habitat stamp.

A District 2 CPO cited two subjects for shooting a deer without first obtaining a habitat stamp.

A CPO cited a Clark County man for a no wake violation on Mill Creek Lake.

A CPO cited a Clark County man for speeding in Clark County.

A CPO cited a Tuscola man for hunting without permission in Douglas County.

Two District 11 CPOs discovered a Cumberland County husband and wife deer hunting without permission and they had no licenses or permits.  Total of ten citations were issued to the pair.

A Mississippi hunter was issued seven citations in Clark County for several hunting violations, including fraudulently obtaining resident licenses and deer permits for several years.

An Indiana man was cited in Lincoln Trail State Park in Clark County for failure to pay camping fees, littering, unattended animals and his camper was towed out of the State Park.

A complaint was called into ISP of a shot fired from the roadway in Iroquois County.  After an interview, two subjects (father and son) from Kendall County admitted to using a spotlight and shooting an opossum from the roadway.  Both subjects were cited for hunting from the roadway and hunting by aid of conveyance.

A Mattoon subject who works as a Lake Shelbyville guide and a Morris subject were checked at the Whitley Creek boat ramp exiting the lake by a District 11 CPO.  The subjects were found in possession of 36 crappie.  Ten under 10" and 26 over 10".  Some of the crappies were found on a stringer in the live-well, some loose in the live-well and in a cooler in the back of the Morris subject’s truck.  Both subjects were cited for over the limit of crappie.

A Conservation Police Captain en route to Springfield for a Captains Meeting was passed on I-72 by a vehicle traveling near 100 MPH.  He stopped the vehicle in Springfield, which was occupied by a Springfield man and woman returning from a trip to Decatur to a Methadone Clinic.  The subjects were not wearing seatbelts and there was no proof of Insurance.  The male was wanted on a Sangamon County warrant for manufacture and delivery of methamphetamine.   A K-9 was called to the scene which alerted on the vehicle.  Heroin and drug paraphernalia were located in the vehicle.  The stop and case was turned over to Illinois State Police units who were called to assist.
A CPO issued a citation to an Urbana woman for failing to immediately release an undersized crappie while fishing at Clinton Lake. 
A CPO responded to a TIPS complaint about hunters hunting without permission.  When he arrived on scene a dead button buck was found with no tag.  No suspects have been identified.
A CPO responded to an attempted suicide at Moraine View State Park.  Along with the CPO, the LeRoy Police Department as well as Elsworth Fire and Rescue responded to the scene at a camp site in the State Park.  The subject took 20 Zanax pills and threatened to cut his wrists but could not go through with it and called 911.  With all departments working together, the subject was transported to the hospital in Bloomington and the CPO secured the knife the subject was going to use at the camp site.  The investigation is pending.

No activity reported.

A CPO in Pope County spoke with local duck hunters in the southern Pope County area.  They were concerned about not seeing as many ducks in 2012.  The CPO then spoke with another individual who stated a local club was bragging about killing large numbers of ducks.  The CPO discovered the location of the club and walked the area.  The CPO observed a tractor and disc with ears full of corn still stuck in the disc.  The CPO also observed high concentrations of corn scattered all over the field and in the flooded area in front of the blind.  The area appeared to have been manipulated by knocking down an acre of corn and then bush hogging and discing the area.  On opening day three District 14 CPOs approached the blind and discovered five subjects hunting the baited area.  Charges are pending for hunting waterfowl over a baited area. 

A CPO in Pope County located two subjects hunting waterfowl in a state area.  One of the subjects said he was not hunting.  He appeared nervous as the CPO spoke with the other subject.  He said his friend was only calling for ducks.  The CPO observed two loaded shotguns and asked if he owned both of them.  He pointed to one and the CPO checked for a plug.  The shotgun was in compliance and the CPO checked the next gun.  The subject said he borrowed the gun and did not know if it could hold more than 3 shells.  The CPO was able to load more than 3 shells in the gun.  He asked the subject if he was still hunting with both guns.  He said he wasn't going to take the hit and admitted his friend was hunting.  The other subject admitted to hunting and was given multiple citations.

A CPO in Pope County recovered a large 9 point buck that was taken illegally by out of state hunters.  The CPO discovered the subjects had killed the buck with a crossbow and then used a resident landowner permit to report the harvest.  The deer was seized and the subjects received multiple citations.

A CPO apprehended two Carrier Mills hunters for road hunting and one hunter for transporting an uncased rifle in Saline County.  The two hunters were walking back to their vehicle after checking on a recently poached deer lying in a corn field.  An uncased rifle and open ammunition were found in the front seat when the CPO walked up to the cab.  The hunters stated that they didn't shoot the deer and it was confirmed the deer was in severe rigor.  The hunters claimed they were driving the back roads looking for coyotes to kill and said they would have exited the vehicle to shoot if they saw a coyote.  Citations for hunting from the highway and transportation of an uncased rifle in a motor vehicle were issued.

A CPO received a TIPS complaint about two deer that had been shot with SIU tags in their ears.  The tags stated that the deer were inedible.  The hunter was trying to find out what was wrong with the deer.   After making numerous calls it was found out that SIU wildlife had tranquilized the deer to tag them the week prior to firearm season making the deer meat inedible.
A CPO cited a man on opening day of the southern zone waterfowl season for hunting without a waterfowl stamp.  He was also warned for having one lead shot shell with him as well. 

A CPO cited two men and issued a written warning to a juvenile hunter for failure to maintain separate daily bag limits.  One of the men was also issued a written warning for transporting a loaded firearm; he had left one shell in the magazine tube.

A CPO cited two juvenile hunters for failure to maintain separate daily bag limits.

A CPO cited a non-resident hunter for hunting deer without a habitat stamp.

A CPO cited a subject for riding his ATV on a public roadway.

A CPO received a TIPS complaint of an illegal deer camp on a Fish and Wildlife area.  The remnants of a camp were found but no evidence of who had been there could be discovered.  Surveillance of the area will be conducted.

A Sgt. and CPO conducted surveillance on a commercial club that is believed to be using an electronic calling device.

A CPO observed four duck hunters on opening day as they shot several mallards and wood ducks.  As they were leaving, he stopped them.  Two did not have federal waterfowl stamps, two did not have state stamps, nor were their licenses and stamps signed.  They had all the ducks in one bag, failing to keep them separate.  Warnings were issued for the stamp and license violations and all were issued citations for the separate bag offense.  One of the hunters remarked that the CPO had issued him a citation a year ago for not having a fishing license and about three years ago for underage drinking. 

A CPO attended a hunter's safety class at the Du Quoin Middle School.

A CPO was investigating a dumping and wanton waste complaint in Perry County.  During the investigation he located a subject who was wanted on a warrant for theft out of Randolph County.  The subject was taken into custody and transported to the Perry County Jail.

A CPO cited a deer hunter for hunting without a license and a warning for no habitat stamp in Perry County.

CPOs worked the opening of the southern zone waterfowl season in and around the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge.  Some ducks were harvested but it was not a barn burner.  Violations noted were failure to maintain separate bag limits, no hunting license, and numerous boating infractions.

A CPO responded to the Union County Refuge firing line unit in the early morning hours on Friday.  A 20 year old subject was stuck in a ditch next to the Clear Creek levee in his Nissan Altima.  The subject stated to the CPO that he made a wrong turn on his way to black Friday shopping and in the process of turning around became stuck.  No damage was done and a tow was arranged which pulled the young man's car out of the ditch so he could go shopping.

A CPO, while patrolling on the Kinkaid Fish and Wildlife Area, located an area where a large party had been.  Several bags of trash, beer cans and assorted liquor bottles were left in a food plot on the state ground with the remnants of where a large fire had been.  The investigation will continue.

A CPO charged a subject with unlawful use of an unplugged shotgun while waterfowl hunting in Jackson County.

A CPO conducted two ginseng certifications for the week.

A CPO was contacted by the Jackson County Sheriff dispatch in reference to a complaint of trespass or hunting without permission in rural Jackson County.  The CPO was advised they had a deputy at the location, but he needed to respond to another call.  The CPO ended up finding two Williamson County men and a Jackson County man hunting squirrels without permission.  The CPO called the landowner and told him the men's names.  The landowner told the CPO that he did not want them to receive tickets, but to tell them they could not hunt there in the future.  The CPO issued the three subjects written warnings for hunting without permission and one of the subjects was issued a citation for a license violation.

A CPO met with a landowner who had contacted him about someone that had been hunting with bait during the first firearm season.  The CPO investigated the area and the complaint was unfounded.  What the landowner saw the hunter putting on the ground was doe urine.


Office of Law Enforcement
December 11, 2013

A District 7 CPO responded to a citizen complaint in reference to deer hunters using ATVs to drive and shoot deer.  A deer hunting group was located gathered around an ATV and untagged deer.  Enforcement action was taken.

The District 7 Sgt. was on patrol in Fulton County when he observed a white male with a little bit of blaze orange on, running away from the road in an open pasture.  Thinking an illegal hunter or deer drive was in progress, the Sgt. pursued the suspect on foot and with the help of Fulton County Deputies the suspect was apprehended at his residence.  The suspect was 23 years old, but developmentally disabled and had a low IQ.  The suspect’s mother had told him two rules to follow; stay on the road and don't talk to strangers.  Since he had already broken rule number one, he wasn't about to talk to strangers, especially the ones chasing him through the woods.  A field report was completed.

A District 6 officer located an archery hunter during the 2nd Firearm Deer season.  A citation was issued for failure to wear 400 square inches of blaze orange during a firearm season.  A warning was issued for hunting with an invalid deer permit since the archery season was closed.

A District 6 officer responded to a call of a falconer hunting without any blaze orange. The officer located the falconer with his red-tail hawk. The hawk had just successfully made its first hunt and was eating a rabbit.  The officer had a conversation with the falconer and his sponsor; all new falconers must have an experienced falconer as a sponsor.  The sponsor thought falconers were exempt from the blaze orange requirement. The officer educated them and the appropriate enforcement action was taken.

Responding to a waterfowl over-limit complaint, a CPO did not find the hunters over their limit of geese.  One of the hunters was cited for hunting waterfowl with lead shot in possession and received several warnings for licensing violations. 

A CPO in Henderson County cited a Missouri resident for unlawful transportation of an uncased, loaded firearm during the shotgun deer season.  The subject had three loaded shotguns in his truck.

A District 6 CPO received a phone call from a DNR biologist who informed the CPO that an individual dressed in blaze orange brandishing a shotgun was in Rock Cut State Park. The CPO searched and found the individual who was sitting near a paved bike and walking path. The man was unaware that Rock Cut State Park was not open to hunting.  The man was issued one citation and one written warning. 

Two subjects were seen trapping along the Hennepin Canal during firearm deer season.  Neither subject was wearing blaze orange.  It was found they were a grandfather/grandson.  When asked if they knew it was firearm deer season, they said yes.  When asked why they did not have blaze orange the grandfather said they had forgotten it.  They were advised the reason for the blaze orange law and the grandfather was issued a citation.

A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Whiteside County man for continually allowing his dogs to chase and harass deer.  This is the second violation for this offense within the last year and was reported by disgruntled firearm deer hunters watching the dogs chase deer off their property.  

A District 1 CPO took appropriate enforcement action, after it was reported via TIPs complaint, that a hunter was bow hunting for deer at Morrison Rockwood State Park during the 2nd Firearm Deer season.

A District 1 CPO is investigating an unlawful trapping complaint at the Hennepin Feeder Canal in Rock Falls.  This was after a man from Rock Falls black Lab got its head caught in a 220 Connibear trap.  The untagged trap was cut off the dog with bolt cutters and the Lab suffered some minor cuts and swelling. 

A District 1 CPO followed up on an anonymous complaint of a possible felon deer hunting with a firearm.  The CPO located the hunters on the property but they all had valid FOID cards, deer permits, and licenses.  One hunter forgot his blaze orange hat in the truck and one hunter was wearing an upland game vest which was less than the required 400 square inches of upper outer chest covering blaze orange.  Written warnings were issued for the violations.  The hunters said this was the second year they have been hunting this property since the previous hunters were kicked off the property by the landowner for shooting deer and leaving them lay.  Since then, they have had a ground blind stolen and have been harassed by the previous hunters.  They believed the presence of a CPO was just another way for him to harass them by calling in a bogus complaint.       

A District 1 CPO investigated a complaint of hunting without permission in Ogle County. It was discovered a hunter had shot from his property onto property he did not have permission to hunt, killing a deer.  The hunter then entered the property to recover the deer. The hunter later recovered the deer and dragged it back to his property. The subject was issued two citations, a $250.00 civil penalty, a warning, and the deer was seized. 

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for unlawful entry into a restricted area at Illinois Canyon in Starved Rock

A District 6 CPO conducted wildlife compliance checks of deer hunters during the second firearm deer season.  One citation was issued for no valid hunting license and one for transportation of an uncased firearm.  Ten written warnings were also issued for various violations of the wildlife code.

A District 6 CPO observed an individual deer hunting in Putnam County.  The CPO looked at the tag on the deer the subject had shot and noticed it was from Bureau County.  He interviewed the hunter and in the end issued three citations and confiscated the deer.  The deer was donated and the hunter will have a mandatory court date in Hennepin.  

A District 7 officer arrested a Mississippi resident for providing fraudulent information to obtain resident deer permits and a resident hunting license.  The Mississippi resident had been unlawfully purchasing resident deer permits and hunting licenses in Illinois since 2006.   By purchasing Illinois resident hunting licenses and deer permits instead of non-resident he had saved himself $3,294.00 over that period.

A District 1 CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in the Savanna Army Depot. The CPO along with a County Deputy stopped the subjects.  It was discovered they were archery hunting without permission and during a closed season.  The CPO explained their archery tags were not valid because of firearm deer season.  Both subjects were cited.

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of Less than 2.5 gr of cannabis at Starved Rock State Park

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for unlawful possession of a firearm with a revoked FOID card while hunting waterfowl. 

A District 7 CPO received a complaint from a homeowner of hunting without permission.  The man had found blood at the end of his driveway and a shotgun slug shot shell in the roadway.  Examination of the blood trail on the road led to a farm field about a half mile away.  Interviews of the hunters in that field obtained a confession to shooting a deer while standing on the right of way.  A citation was issued for shooting upon a public right of way.  Written warnings were issued for hunting after hours and for permit violations. 

A District 7 CPO patrolled Knox, Fulton, Warren, and Mercer Counties during the second firearm deer season.  Citations were issued for deer hunting without a valid deer permit and expired registration sticker on a motor vehicle.  Numerous written warnings were issued for permit violations.

Two Men from Esmond were out during the second firearm deer season.  They were in possession of rifles, not wearing blaze orange clothing, no hunting license, no habitat stamp, no hunting safety class, and were teaching a 14 year old grandson to coyote hunt.  Appropriate citations and warnings were issued.

Three Dakota men were hunting in 15 acres behind a residence and were checked by CPOs.  The men did not have on proper blaze orange clothing and were also standing next to a pile of corn and hay spread on the ground to attract deer.  Citations were issued for hunting over bait and warnings for the blaze orange clothing requirements.  

A Forreston man was checking his trapping line when checked by a CPO.  It was discovered that in the bed of his truck was a rabbit.  The man knew he could not trap rabbits and stated it was an incidental catch in a 220 conibear.  Instead of disposing of it he stated he did not want to leave it in the field and get a citation for baiting.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A man from Davis was running his trap line with a loaded uncased pistol in the vehicle and an uncased rifle.  After the CPO issued a citation he extended the greeting of the day and mentioned that he was good friends with another CPO and told the arresting CPO to “Tell the other CPO I said hi”. 

A District 1 CPO cited a Yorkville man for hunting deer without a valid site specific permit. He was also issued a warning for entering a closed area.

After receiving a tip from a man at a gas station, two District 2 CPOs scouted the area where bait was alleged to be.  Ten yards in front of the deer tent was an area which had mineral block remains.  The following afternoon a hunter was seen hunting the area and was charged with hunting deer by use or aid of bait.  The hunter advised he had no knowledge of the bait and believed someone had set him up.

A District 2 CPO responded to a complaint from a state site superintendent about a vehicle parked alongside the road near the area where deer hunting is allowed.  As the CPO traveled down the road towards the vehicle it began to pull away.  The vehicle was stopped for parking along the roadway.  No conservation violations were discovered, but the driver did not possess a valid driver’s license.

A District 2 CPO charged a hunter for deer hunting over bait.  The hunter initially did not understand the violation because he was adamant he waited for the bait to be 10 days old before hunting over it.  The CPO explained the law and advised areas are still considered baited 10 days after bait removal. 

A CPO received a complaint of turkey poaching in northern Livingston County.  The CPO found the truck parked in a field and observed blood and one turkey feather in the bed of the truck.  After locating the hunters in the field and completing a field check he asked the hunters who killed the turkey.  One hunter from Chicago admitted that he killed the turkey and put it in the tool box in the bed of the truck.  He also admitted that he shot the turkey from the road and on property that he did not have permission.  The driver of the vehicle, a Streator resident, admitted that he knew what the passenger was going to do and stopped the truck to let him shoot.  Multiple citations were issued and the turkey and shotgun were seized.

Just after arriving home on the Saturday of second shotgun season a CPO received a trespassing complaint on power
company property.  The CPO went to the location and found the hunters and the owner of the property.  The owner of the property stated that he did not show them the property lines and that they may have been confused.  While checking the deer that had been harvested the CPO noticed a tag of another hunter on the buck that one hunter stated he shot.  After going to the farm where the rest of the deer were hung, two more deer were found that had been illegally tagged.  The trespassers were from Chicago and Oklahoma.  Citations were issued to three hunters for tagging violations.

A CPO responded to a call in Piatt County for hunting without permission.  The CPO located a Farmer City man hunting the property and a citation was issued.

A CPO was patrolling Macon County when he made contact with two subjects from the Decatur area driving in a field.  The CPO located a loaded/uncased shotgun sitting between the driver and the passenger.  Proper enforcement action was taken.

A CPO was patrolling Macon County when he saw a vehicle parked in a field lane still running.  When he made contact with the Cerro Gordo man he located a loaded/uncased shotgun in the passenger seat.  The man was cited for transporting a loaded/uncased firearm.

A CPO in McLean County issued a Shirley man a citation for failure to tag a whitetail deer taken during the 2nd firearm deer season.

A CPO in McLean County issued a Heyworth man a citation for hunting whitetail deer without a valid permit during the 2nd firearm deer season.

A CPO in Calhoun County received a complaint of a waterfowl hunter threatening the check station operator at Batchtown on two separate days. The hunter went to Mississippi River Area Office to complain about the check station operator and told the site superintendent about threatening the check station operator. Statements were obtained and the subject was arrested for disorderly conduct. The subject received a 45 day eviction notice from the MRA public hunting areas, check stations and office.

A CPO in Calhoun County received a complaint of subjects hunting without permission. The CPO went to the property and located two subjects. A friend told them they could hunt there. The two hunters were arrested for hunting without permission. Their friend was arrested for accessory hunting without permission.

A CPO in Jersey County received a complaint of baited area at Copperhead Hollow.  The CPO located a subject hunting over bait and not wearing blaze orange.  The hunter had placed granular mineral at two locations.

A CPO in Jersey County observed a large amount of garbage dumped in a boat ramp parking lot at Piasa Harbor. Inspecting the contents, the CPO located mail belonging to a local resident. A follow up investigation revealed the brother of the resident took the load of garbage to the boat launch to dispose of it in the dumpster which had been removed for the winter.  Therefore, he dumped the garbage in the parking lot.  He was cited for illegal dumping on public property.

A CPO in Adams County responded to a complaint that a subject shot deer over property line. The landowner confronted the shooter and an argument ensued.  The CPO responded to ISP dispatch of deer hunters threatening each other.  When the CPO arrived, only the landowner was there upon arrival.  The CPO put down the deer as it had been spine shot and was not able to move. The CPO contacted the shooter who told him the deer had run over the line after being shot.  The evidence did not show that to be the case. The subject was cited for hunting without permission.

A CPO in Adams County responded to a similar complaint.  A 14 year old boy shot at a doe. It ran onto the neighbor’s property.  The grandfather and boy's father checked for blood up to the property line. They found no blood so they called off the search. The neighbor (Outfitter) had a client claim to watch the family enter the outfitter property and search with flashlights for the deer. He recorded it on his phone. The outfitter sought out the family and confronted them.  The CPO arrived the next morning and met with both parties. The video is unclear. The subjects cannot be identified.  The video only shows two lights and two subjects walking.  No boundary or landmarks can be identified in the video.  They both claim the other party is at fault. The CPO is writing a report and referring to the State's Attorney.

District 14 CPOs and the Sergeant provided a security detail for a public Fracking Meeting held at Rend Lake College.

District 14 CPOs and the Sergeant worked an airplane detail with the Illinois State Police Air Operations unit.  The night time enforcement detail covered White, Hamilton, Saline and Gallatin Counties.

A CPO received a complaint in District 14 of a subject poaching deer from his residence outside the firearm deer season. The deer was located and the subject was interviewed and confessed to shooting at the deer. Citations were issued and the shotgun was seized.

While patrolling through the winter storm, a CPO stopped a vehicle he had been observing stopping in the roadway on several occasions, possibly road hunting. The people in the vehicle turned out not to be hunters, but all had open alcohol and the driver was revoked.

A CPO conducted an early morning patrol after several inches of snow had fallen and followed fresh vehicle tracks to a subject sitting in his running vehicle, hunting with a loaded muzzleloader at the ready in his passenger seat. The hunter claimed he had gotten cold and returned to the truck, but absent were any foot prints in the snow around the vehicle to support his story. An additional loaded pistol and an untagged buck rack were also found. Multiple citations were issued and items were seized.

A CPO was checking hunters along the Wabash River after the winter storm had passed.  A hunter was observed returning to a truck and during the compliance check the CPO detected a strong odor of cannabis. The hunter had brought with him to the field a bag of cannabis and a hitter pipe but left his wallet at home with his hunting license and permits.  An arrest was made for possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, and not having his hunting license, habitat stamp and deer permit in possession.

While patrolling down a dead end road in White County a CPO made contact with a hunter leaving the field in his vehicle.  A check of the hunter found he had failed to sign his deer permits, but more importantly, his muzzleloader was still loaded.  A warning and citation were issued.

During the heavy snow and ice storm a truck was observed stopped in the roadway.  Two CPOs in an unmarked vehicle pulled alongside the truck and stepped out to speak with the driver. The CPOs observed a young boy, in the passenger seat, with an uncased rifle alongside his body. The CPOs also observed three large caliber rifle rounds sitting on top of the console of the truck.  The CPOs secured the rifle and spoke with the driver.  He was cited for hunting from the motor vehicle and three other citations.  During this encounter another truck pulled up with Tennessee plates.  The CPOs approached the truck and observed an uncased shotgun alongside the passenger’s body.  Those subjects were also cited.   

A CPO assisted the U.S. Forrest service with a doe that had been illegally taken by use of rifle from a motor vehicle.  The two subjects were cited.

A CPO investigated a traffic accident in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.  A crash report was completed.  Also in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park a Kentucky pheasant hunter was cited for having lead shot and hunting with an unplugged shotgun in the controlled hunting area.

A CPO cited a Harrisburg man for transporting a bow in his motor vehicle without a case.  The man was driving slowly and frequently stopping in an area known for road hunting.  The man stated he was just out looking around at the snow and enjoying the scenery. 

Also in Saline County a CPO heard shots fired after legal shooting hours and investigated.  The CPO found a man hunting deer with a variety of violations.  The hunter was cited for hunting after legal hunting hours and hunting over bait.

A CPO assisted the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office in getting a group of hunters, who had been snowed in at the bottom of a ravine in their vehicle for two days, unstuck and pulled up the hill.

A CPO also cited a man in Hardin County for hunting from the roadway. 

Three CPOs and a Sergeant assisted the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office and ISP investigators with the search for a missing woman from Rosiclare.  The officers utilized sonar from a boat to check areas of the Ohio River.  The search was requested the first day of the second firearm deer season. 
Several motorists and hunters were assisted in District 14 due to the severe weather conditions.

District 15 officers completed an investigation developed from a TIPS complaint.  A Lawrence County man was arrested on two felony resource theft charges with 20 additional wildlife code violations.  Stemming from using other’s permits, taking over limit of bucks going back to 2009, and taking deer with a cross bow.  In addition, two other people have been charged in connection with this case for loaning their buck permits and falsifying harvest data.  A fourth subject has been charged with five counts of falsifying residency to obtain resident deer permits.  A total of 17 deer mounts/skulls have been seized.   Additional charges have been filed by the Tennessee Game and Fish.

A CPO wrote seven citations in Wayne County during the second firearm deer season.  Violations included uncased guns in vehicles, loaning, transferring deer permits, using unplugged shotguns, and unlawful take of deer.

A District Sgt and CPO arrested a felon in possession of a firearm in Jasper County and for using another's deer permits.

A CPO cited a Crawford County subject who killed two deer and only had one permit.  Neither deer were tagged.  The subject stated he was going to have a friend tag one of the deer.

A CPO wrote two citations in Jasper County for transporting an uncased loaded firearm and deer hunting with no permit.

A CPO seized a 14 point buck killed in Marion County after discovering the subject tagged the deer with his mother's permit.

While checking a Fayette County deer hunter, a CPO noticed the hunter was not wearing a blaze orange hat.  As the CPO approached the subject stood up and walked toward the CPO with no gun.  The subject stated he was not hunting but was just helping his friend watch for deer.  No other hunters were in the area.  Following the tracks in the fresh snow the CPO located a shotgun hidden in a brush pile loaded with two slugs.  The subject admitted to shooting at a deer and missing.  A check with ISP revealed the subject was a convicted felon and the gun he was using was stolen from Peoria.  The subject was arrested and transported to the Fayette County jail.

A CPO cited a northern Illinois man for unlawfully firearm deer hunting with a Ruger 9mm semi automatic pistol. 

A CPO cited a Massac County man for hunting by the aid of a vehicle, possession of a rifle during firearm deer season, hunting from the roadway, and transport of an uncased firearm.  The 260 Remington caliber rifle was seized.  

A CPO cited seven different individuals for unlawful transport of loaded and uncased firearms in motor vehicles.

A CPO cited a New Jersey man for unlawful possession of whitetail deer and failure to tag immediately upon harvest.  

A CPO cited a northern Illinois man for firearm deer hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

A CPO located a large untagged white-tailed deer in a truck from Georgia at a camp.  The CPO remained at scene while nobody was present.  Approximately one hour later three subjects from Georgia arrived in a Polaris UTV.  The "hunters" were in possession of an additional untagged trophy white tail buck deer.  They also were in possession of two uncased shotguns and a 7 mm rifle.  Subsequent interviews led to the discovery that one of the subjects had killed his third buck of the season two days previously and had placed one of the other subject’s permits on the deer and falsely reported the harvest.  The subject whose permit was used on that buck then continued to hunt even though his permit had been utilized unlawfully.  He killed a large buck the next day and had no permit to put on the deer.  Three large white tailed bucks were harvested off the property during the weekend; all of the deer were unlawfully taken and possessed.  Three bucks, three firearms, and a 2012 Polaris Ranger UTV were seized.

A CPO assisted the ISP and Hardin County Sheriff's Department in a search for a missing woman and her vehicle.  Side scan sonar was used to check all vehicle access points to the Ohio River.  A search was done from Cave in Rock Ferry Landing to Rosiclare.  No vehicle was located.  

A CPO cited a waterfowl hunter for illegal possession of lead while waterfowl hunting.  The hunter was also warned for transporting a loaded firearm on a boat.  The firearm had frozen shut due to the freezing rain and he stated that he couldn't get the shells out when he was picking up to go home.   

A CPO warned three firearm deer hunters for not signing their deer permits prior to deer hunting  

A CPO cited a subject for driving under the influence.  While working a deer compliant with the Sgt. they were trying to locate the possible offending vehicle.  They came across a vehicle in front of them that was stuck in the snow.  The Sgt.  quickly assisted in getting the subject unstuck as the driver told the Sgt. that the offending vehicle was just up the road stuck as well.  The Sgt continued on his way and found that the vehicle tracks ended shortly after leaving the driver.  The driver had lied about the other vehicle and Sgt Rendleman thought that he had smelled alcohol on the driver.  The Sgt radioed the CPO and explained the situation.  The CPO made traffic stop on the vehicle and confronted him about the other vehicle and the alcohol.  The driver stated that he had had about two beers.  He took field sobriety tests which showed impairment and he was arrested for driving under the influence. 

A CPO warned two subjects in Perry County for not having their deer permits in possession. 

A CPO assisted multiple motorists in Perry County during the recent snow storm. 

A CPO assisted the Perry County Sherriff's Department with traffic control while they investigated a crash on Route 127. 

A CPO located two deer hunters in Perry County not wearing blaze orange.  A compliance check revealed that neither hunter possessed a valid permit and one hunter did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp.  The hunters were cited for not having permits and warned for the additional violations. 

A CPO investigated a TIPS complaint in Jackson County.  The complainants observed two subjects shoot multiple deer from the roadway.  The case remains under investigation. 

A CPO went into a wooded area on private property to check a deer hunter he had seen wearing blaze orange and walking on the ground. The hunter was walking very slowly. The CPO made contact with the man and was told that he had gotten cold and was climbing down with his climber stand before shooting hours were over. The man told the CPO he had gotten about four feet from the ground and the stand slid on the tree. The CPO carried his stand and shotgun back to the man’s house. The hunter refused any medical treatment and told the CPO he just needed to soak in his bathtub. The hunter had all the proper permits and was left at his residence to soak. The CPO checked on the subject the following day and found he was back out hunting.

A CPO met with a landowner in Williamson County that had a concern of person’s hunting without permission on his property.  He told the CPO that he had found some stands on the backside of his property a week earlier and removed them.  Then the CPO checked his property and found no one hunting it at that time. The property will be checked in the future. 

A CPO assisted several stuck motorists in an early ice and snow storm in southern Illinois.

A CPO is working with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office on a vandalism complaint that occurred at a hunter parking lot on the Cache River WMA.  The out of state hunter had three of his truck tires slashed while he was bow hunting on the state property.  The investigation is pending as the CPO and a deputy talk with locals living in the area. The CPO issued a written warning to a deer hunter that was wearing camo pattern blaze orange.

A CPO issued written warnings to a deer hunter, just starting to hunt, for not having a habitat stamp or a hunting license.

A CPO issued citations to two hunters for having uncased shotguns on their ATV; they were not loaded and the hunters thought it was ok since they were on private property.

A CPO came across a hunter who had killed a deer, and as the CPO was checking the attached tag, he asked when he had killed it.  The hunter said he shot it the day before.  The CPO asked why the confirmation number was not on the tag and the hunter explained he had not called it in yet because of poor phone reception.  The CPO then checked for license and habitat stamps which the hunter had failed to purchase.  The hunter was issued written warnings for failing to report harvest and not having a habitat stamp.  He was issued a citation for not having a hunting license.

A CPO checked a hunter as he was walking through a cow pasture.  The hunter stated his tag was in his truck.  They went back to his truck and the hunter showed his deer tag but did not have a habitat stamp or license.  He was issued written warnings for failure to have his tag in possession while hunting, not having a solid blaze orange vest, and no habitat stamp.  He was issued a citation for not having a hunting license.

A CPO came upon a hunter in the woods that appeared to be sleeping; there was a blaze orange hat lying on the ground next to the hunter, but he did not have an upper outer garment of blaze orange.  After waking him, the CPO learned that the hunter's tag and license were in his truck, not in his possession.  He was issued written warnings for the tag, license and stamp not in possession. He was issued a citation for not wearing blaze orange.

A CPO had received information about a hunter trespassing on a water district levee earlier in the bow season with his UTV.  While working in the area, the CPO noticed UTV tracks leading from the subject’s cabin, going down the road and then crossing a field onto the restricted levee.  Following the tracks, the CPO was able to locate the hunter.  He was found to have a loaded rifle on the UTV along with his two toddler age children.  He was issued various written warnings for the UTV operation on the road, on private property, hunting without permission and was issued a citation for possession of rifle during the firearm deer season and for transporting a loaded firearm on a vehicle. 

A CPO assisted Jackson County Sheriff’s Department with the snow emergency by helping stranded motorists and assisting with vehicle pullouts. 

A CPO was given some information where suspected meth lab activity had been observed. The information was forwarded to the proper authorities. 

A CPO gave a one hour presentation to the Conservation Law Enforcement class at SIU-C.  The presentation covered duties of the CPOs and the hiring process.

Office of Law Enforcement
December 31, 2013

A CPO in Jo Daviess County inspected three hunters after completing a deer drive during the second firearm deer season.  One hunter was loaded with buckshot, hunting without a habitat stamp, and did not have his hunting license or deer permit in possession.  The second man was hunting with an unplugged shotgun, an expired FOID card > 1year, and was also hunting without a habitat stamp.  The third hunter had an unsigned deer permit. 

A local taxidermist in Winnebago County reported what he believed to be an illegal buck deer brought into his shop.  The investigation revealed the whitetail “buck” deer was tagged with an antlerless-only deer permit, the hunter falsified the county where the deer was harvested on the Point Of Sale check-in record, and the deer was immediately tagged upon kill as required.     

A District 7 officer completed random commercial inspections on taxidermists in the area.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A  District 1 CPO received a complaint about snowmobiling in Ogle County.  The CPO arrived and discovered a subject had operated a snowmobile through, and caused damage to, a planted rye field, a food plot and a CRP tree planting.  The snowmobile tracks were followed through the field and CRP to a house where there was a snowmobile parked in the backyard.  The CPO made contact with the owner of the snowmobile who admitted to riding on the private property and causing the damage.  The subject was charged with criminal damage to property and snowmobiling without permission.

A CPO received a phone call from Winnebago County Sheriff's Department.  They advised the CPO that a suicidal subject was thought to be in Rock Cut State Park. The man, a white male, was armed with a pocket knife and had camping gear in his possession.  A task force was assembled consisting of state, county, and municipal officers.  Officers began to search the park hoping to locate the man. The Department of Natural Resources and Winnebago County provided all terrain vehicles, such as side by sides and four wheelers, to aid in the search. The man was located by two Winnebago County deputies.  The deputies located him by smelling his camp fire. CPOs transported the two deputies and the man via side by side to their squads. The man was transported to Rockford Memorial Hospital to receive treatment.  

A District 7 CPO responded to a citizen complaint in Peoria County of three waterfowl hunters using a boat to hunt on property without permission and hunt within 100 yards of an inhabited dwelling.  The hunters were contacted and enforcement action was taken.  

A Lena man was arrested in Wisconsin for DUI and during the arrest it was discovered he had a deer head in the bed of his truck.  A Wisconsin warden was called, and then an Illinois warden, to discover the deer had been taken illegally.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 1 CPO cited a Skokie man during muzzleloader season for not having his deer permit on his person while hunting.  He was issued written warnings for no blaze orange cap and hunting deer without a habitat stamp.  When the CPO asked for his permit the man advised he would have to go back to his blind and get his keys to his locked car and that the permit was in there.  The CPO explained he needed to have his permit in his possession. The man explained, had he killed a deer that morning he would had field dressed the deer and got it back to the car first.  The CPO explained per the law he is to immediately tag the deer upon kill and it would be unlawful for him to move it without a tag.  The man said he was done hunting and was going to go home.  The CPO explained he could go to the nearest gas station and get an orange cap and a habitat stamp and enjoy the rest of his afternoon. The man thanked the officer and packed up his gear.  

After the recent snowfall, a District 1 CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal Snowmobile Trail.  The trail had not yet been officially opened but there were fresh tracks in the snow.  Just as the CPO came up to a trailhead parking lot, a snowmobile pulled into the entrance of the trail from the roadway.  An inspection was completed and the operator was found to be in violation of the mandatory insurance law.  The CPO informed the operator the trail was not yet open and gave him the hotline number to call to see if the trail is open.  Enforcement action was taken and the operator returned to private property. 

A District 7 CPO received a complaint of an untagged deer in Fulton County.  A subject claimed he found a dead doe on his property during the second firearm deer season.  The deer had been shot with a shotgun slug but the subject claimed he had not hunted.  The salvage deer process was explained to him and a citation was issued for unlawful taking/ possession of a protected species. 

After a measurable snow in Knox County, a District 7 CPO conducted snowmobile enforcement.  He responded to a county dispatch complaint of ATVs riding at high speed in Williamsfield.  One subject was found pulling children on a sled on the city streets.  He was issued a written warning for unlawful operation of an ATV on roadway.  Two additional ATVs were issued warnings for the same violation in Lewistown in Fulton County.    

A District 6 officer conducted a night time patrol on a road known for shining wildlife, the officer observed two individuals in a pickup truck in the middle of a field shining the woods with flashlights.  Upon making initial contact with the individuals they fled the scene and eluded apprehension.  The vehicle’s description was documented. The following day the officer was able to track down the vehicle and with strong video evidence was able to obtain a confession from the violator.

A District 6 CPO was called to investigate a snowmobile accident that occurred in Long Point.  The operator was attempting to drive around a culvert and the right ski struck the culvert.  Citations were issued for too fast for conditions, no insurance, and no valid registration

A District 2 CPO wrote a snowmobiler for operating too close to the roadway and operation on a highway without a valid license.  Written warnings were also issued to the individual.

Two District 2 CPOs were parked near a snowmobile trail when three snowmobiles appeared.  When the snowmobilers saw the CPOs, they turned around and went the other direction.  The CPOs were able to locate the snowmobilers a short distance away and issued citations for failure to provide proof of insurance.

A District 2 CPO cited an ice fisherman for fishing without a valid license.

A District 2 CPO arrested an individual for hunter interference after he confronted three waterfowl hunters who were supposedly hunting in "his" hunting area.  The subject verbally assaulted the three hunters threatening to take them to shore and beat them one at a time.  One of the hunters had just recently purchased a new video system and had the unit mounted on their boat to record the days hunt.  Fortunately for them they recorded the entire event.  After informing the subject that he was being filmed he left.  However, after leaving, the subject exchanged his Jon boat for a vehicle and followed the hunters to a nearby boat ramp where the situation escalated and fists were flying.  A local municipality was called and the subject and one hunter were subsequently arrested for battery.

A District 2 CPO cited three snowmobilers for no proof of insurance and another for no registration. 

Two District 2 CPOs responded to a complaint of a deer being illegally taken.  Upon investigation, no deer was illegally taken, but a deer feeder was located on the property.  Appropriate actions were taken. 

Two District 4 CPOs finished a two month investigation involving a Burr Ridge man who has been baiting deer and hunting over bait. Trail cameras were used to obtain three hours worth of videos and pictures of bait being placed and the individual hunting the baited area. On Thursday 12/19, we attempted to interview the man at the Burr Ridge Police Department.  After explaining why we wanted to speak with him, the individual became visibly nervous and stated he was uncomfortable and had nothing to say and walked out at the beginning of the interview.  After making a positive ID on the subject, we proceeded to his residence where multiple citations were issued for placement of corn where deer are present and hunting over bait. The unlawful take of an 11pt whitetail buck from this baited stand remains an ongoing investigation.

While working snowmobile enforcement, a District 2 CPO cited two snowmobilers for no proof of insurance.  Another was issued a written warning for failure to display valid decals. 

A subject arrested for hunting whitetail deer with a crossbow, and with the use of bait, pleaded guilty in McHenry County Court.  The plea agreement resulted in $500 to the Conservation Police Operations Assistance Fund.  He was also fined an additional $335 and given 6 months supervision.  The court returned the crossbow to him and nolle processed the crossbow charge in exchange for a guilty plea on the baiting charge. 

No activity reported.

A CPO in Pike County responded to a complaint of hunting from vehicle.  A Pike County Deputy came across a subject putting down what the subject claimed to be a wounded deer.  The CPO met with the subject later that day. The subject admitted he shot from vehicle and doe was not wounded.

A CPO in Jersey County was checking waterfowl hunters for compliance.  The CPO located a subject without a valid firearm owner’s identification card.  The subject did not have a FOID card for over twenty years. 

A CPO in Jersey County investigated a suspicious deer harvest.  An archery deer hunter harvested two bucks and one doe over a three day period. The second buck was determined to have been shot without a permit.  Throughout the interview, the suspect did not tell the truth.  He was given a citation, and the buck was seized. 

A CPO in Macoupin County investigated a suspicious deer harvest. The investigation revealed the subject purchased a hunting license and deer permits after successfully harvesting a deer. He was cited for hunting deer without archery deer permits and a 10 point buck was seized.

A CPO in Jersey County received a report of a subject in possession of a bobcat in 2011.  Upon making contact with the subject, it was determined the bobcat was purchased from a game breeder in Montana.  Because the subject was in the process of moving to Montana, the CPO warned him to not return to Illinois with the bobcat.  In 2013 after receiving a complaint, the CPO made contact with the same subject who had brought the bobcat back into the state. The subject advised he had been given permission to bring the animal back by the USDA while going through the application process for a federal permit.  A follow up investigation revealed no permission had been given. The bobcat was seized and the subject was arrested for the unlawful possession of a dangerous animal.

A CPO in Pope County heard hunters shoot several times throughout the morning.  A few hours later, the CPO found the hunters in a flooded field.  The CPO observed the hunters for three hours from a location in the field.  The hunters first shot a hen mallard but did not retrieve the bird.  The hunters shot five more mallards but made no attempt to retrieve the hen.  The CPO then checked the hunters and observed all the hunters with a limit of mallards, without the hen being
retrieved.  One hunter was found to be using an unplugged shotgun and another hunter stated he shot over his limit of mallards.  The individuals were cited for the offenses.   

A Sesser man was arrested for trapping the culvert on a public roadway near Rend Lake in Jefferson County.  The same CPO arrested a Waltonville man for wanton waste of ducks for leaving his birds in the field at the Ryder Bottoms Access area in Jefferson County.  Two Mt. Vernon men were also arrested in Jefferson County for hunting deer over bait and not wearing blaze orange clothing during Late Winter Firearm Season.

CPOs have been investigating a deer poaching incident which initiated in Jefferson County, but has spread into Washington, and Marion Counties.  A search warrant was served in Washington County where a 15 point deer rack was seized which had been shot with a rifle.  Four subjects have been cited for multiple violations including taking over limit of antlered deer, falsification/transfer of deer permits, taking deer with a rifle, taking deer by the use or aid of a vehicle/light, taking deer with no valid permit.

A Fayette County CPO cited two separate subjects for unlawfully taking antlered deer during the late winter firearm season.  One of the deer was a large 10 point and the other was a 5 point.

A subject charged with multiple commercial roe fishing violations in Wabash County pleaded guilty and made a contribution to the CPOA (Conservation Police Operations Assistance) fund in the amount of $1,100.00.

A CPO and Sgt. investigated a subject in Wayne County who reported the harvest of two nine point bucks within an hour of purchasing the permits.  The subject admitted to buying the permits to cover deer killed by two Michigan hunters.  A telephone interview with the Michigan subjects revealed they each killed a buck and gave it to the landowner.  One of the subjects had “doe only” permits.

A CPO and Sgt. conducted a check on three Mississippi bow hunters in Wayne County.  The three hunters had “doe only” permits and had harvested four deer.  The deer had been deboned and all evidence of sex was gone.  The subjects did not report the harvest of the deer until the day after.  Citations were issued.

During the final week of December, all District 16 CPOs were on vacation at one point or another.  However, the district still provided resource protection enforcement patrols, noting the following activity:  

A CPO continued an illegal deer taking investigation involving subjects from local counties. No arrests have been made at this time.

A CPO was on patrol when he found two vehicles in the closed area of Lake Murphysboro State Park after hours.  The subjects were issued written warnings. 

A CPO stopped a timber truck on its way to a log yard.  The proof of ownership form was not completely filled out and the driver had failed to secure the logs with chain or strap, although there were logs stacked above the trailer's cradles.  The CPO issued the driver a written warning for the conservation violation and contacted an ISP truck inspector to deal with the load not being secured.

A CPO stopped another timber truck later in the week.  This driver did not have any of the required proof of ownership paperwork.  The CPO contacted the timber buyer and everything checked, but the driver (son of the timber buyer) was issued a citation.

A CPO assisted a group of waterfowl hunters at Pyramid State Park that were stranded due to their boat motor breaking down.

A CPO responded to a report of a fatal hunting accident in Perry County.  An investigation revealed the hunter suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after he climbed into the deer stand.

A CPO located two subjects hunting in a restricted area at Pyramid State Park during the late firearm season.  Both subjects were cited for the offense.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Perry County.  The hunter in question was issued a written warning at the landowner’s request.

A CPO conducted night patrols in Massac and Pulaski Counties in areas with known spotlighting activity.

A CPO conducted surveillance of baited tree stands in Massac County.

A CPO attended the Union County/Horseshoe Lake Youth Waterfowl Hunt banquet.  He spoke to the group of approximately 150 youths with their parents.  The event was held at the Anna/Jonesboro High School. 

A CPO assisted Alexander County with a domestic incident call where a female subject was struck in the head with a pistol.

A CPO observed a subject spotlighting from a pickup truck in Union County.  Upon contact, he located two loaded rifles and an uncased compound bow.  During the course of the arrest, three types of drugs were discovered/seized from the subject.  These included cannabis, vicodin, and Xanax (without prescription).  The subject also had his two year old son sitting in the passenger seat of the pickup truck, not properly restrained and within reach of a loaded rifle.  Subject was arrested with multiple citations being issued.