APRIL 4, 2013

A CPO continued to work on a McDonough County Boat Dealer/Manufacturer Fraud investigation.  Customers throughout the country were contacted to verify sales and delivery status.  At least seven boat trailers were fraudulently sold by the salesman from a non-existent manufacturing company.  The boat dealer owners confirmed their company does not manufacture trailers in a joint interview with an investigating FBI agent.  Records seized in an earlier search warrant indicated failure to deliver eight trailers, 24 pontoon boats, numerous outboard motors, and three floating docks by the company totaling approximately $160,000 in sales.  The investigation is ongoing and charges will be pending both federally and in McDonough County court.

A CPO spoke to a Hunter Safety Class in Lewistown in Fulton County.  No hunting digests were available to the instructors and students. The CPO returned the following day with enough digests for each family to have reference material for the 2012-13 hunting season.

District 1 CPOs rescued an injured bald eagle in Galena.  It was brought to a licensed rehabilitator.

A District 7 CPO assisted with the boat and sport fish enforcement at MWC Walleye tourney near Spring Valley on the Illinois River.  The tourney consisted of 130 boats fishing in inclement weather (snow storm) with no incidents reported. 

On March 22, a CPO finished investigations on two administrative permit cases ( involving the same person).  A Moline man was found to have harvested two antlerless deer during the first firearm deer season.  The subject did have the proper license stamp and permits in his possession at the time he took the deer.  Instead of using the permits he had in possession, he opted to leave the deer untagged and drive to town and buy two over the counter firearm antlerless – only permits.  The subject then returned to the deer and tagged them with the newly acquired tags and checked them in.  The subject furthered his violations by then using the two permits (NOW VOID, because they should have been used first season) during the second and late winter deer seasons to harvest deer.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 1 CPO investigated possible firearm deer check station violations. Enforcement action is pending.

A District 1 CPO assisted researchers in locating a Wisconsin DNR radio collared wolf.

A District 1 CPO spoke at a hunter safety course.

A District 1 CPO completed an investigation into a complaint of road hunting. The following charges were filed by the Jo Daviess County State’s Attorney’s Office: Unlawful discharge of a gun from a public right of way, unlawfully taking of a deer with a firearm during the closed season, unlawfully hunting deer between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise and unlawful use a light from a vehicle.

Conducting random computer searches, a CPO located several subjects involved in taking deer illegally.  Two subjects were cited and parts of two deer were seized.  

A District 1 CPO heard rumors of a personal injury snowmobile accident involving a Henry County man on private property which occurred a couple of weeks prior.  The CPO met with the involved snowmobile operator and he confirmed the accident did indeed occur with personal injury only.  The operator was maneuvering in a snow covered picked corn field when he misjudged a change in terrain where an old dirt road went between two farm fields.  The operator first tried to hit the brakes, then realized he would nose dive so he gave it some gas to lift the front end up and “jump” the ditch.  When the snowmobile came down, the operator landed on the seat causing him to lose his breath and pain to his lower back.  The operator was transported to the local hospital by personal vehicle and then airlifted to Peoria due to a spinal injury for two lower vertebrae compressed in his back.  The operator was released with a back brace and his recovery will continue at home.  The operator had been riding snowmobiles since he was eight years old.  He did not think a report was necessary since the incident occurred on private property and there was no damage done to the snowmobile.  A written warning was issued and the operator completed the appropriate forms. 

A CPO was advised of an in progress poaching complaint at Big Bend SFWA in Whiteside County.  The CPO was in Cordova at the time.   The suspect spoke briefly to site staff and stated “I’m coyote hunting and scouting turkey”.  When the subject was advised coyote season was closed within the State site, the hunter became angry and started acting in a bizarre manor.  At one point the hunter grabbed his crotch and “started humping the air facing us as he was laughing very loudly”.  The hunter fled the area in a Chevy truck.  The CPO switched to ISP District 1 radio and requested assistance from ISP and Whiteside County Sheriff’s Dept. in finding the suspect vehicle and suspect.  The suspect’s license plate was obtained and found to be registered to a Rock Falls subject.  The CPO anticipated the subject may be headed back to Rock Falls and expedited to Rock Falls on I-88.  It was found that the registered owner of the vehicle has an extensive violent criminal history.  An Illinois State Trooper located the suspect vehicle on Prophetstown Road and conducted a traffic stop one-half mile north of I-88.  The subject was detained until the CPO arrived.  The CPO observed a violation as he walked past the suspect vehicle.  The subject had a long re-curve bow that was not being transported legally.  The suspect was interviewed and he denied hunting illegally at the SFWA and stated he was only target practicing.  There is no designated area to shoot a bow and arrow at that site.  The subject also had a compound bow and several arrows with him.  This is the bow the suspect was spotted with in a remote area of the SFWA.  The arrows that went to this bow (except for one) were all broad head blades used to kill an animal and not target practice.  All evidence suggested the subject thought coyote season was open and he was using this as a cover to attempt to poach a turkey prior to turkey season.  The subject was issued multiple citations and all hunting equipment was seized as evidence.  The subject has a mandatory court appearance in Whiteside County Court in April.  At one point during the stop the subject was speaking with the State Trooper and stated that he was “Turkey Hunting at Big Bend”, and then quickly change that to “Turkey Scouting at Big Bend”.  This was all caught on video.  It was later determined the subject had not applied, was not on the list for, and did not possess a special site hunting permit for the upcoming spring turkey season at Big Bend SFWA.  The CPO made contact again with the subject and served him with a “Nuisance Forfeiture” complaint for all the seized hunting gear to include two bows, all arrows and a bow case. 

A District 1 CPO investigated an abandoned sailboat found on the Mississippi River near Galena. The owner of the sailboat was contacted and the boat was returned.

A District 6 CPO was called to the scene of a pollution incident in Loves Park. During the investigation, the CPO was informed that a local business owner had used a Bobcat to crush a vehicle gas tank in the business parking lot. While doing so, it is believed that a significant amount of gasoline was spilled into a nearby concrete, flood control drainage system which drains into the Rock River. IEPA was notified and is expected to file charges against the owner of the business.

A District 6 CPO was notified by a Rock Cut State Park employee of the discovery of a large bag of suspected cannabis. The employee was conducting maintenance within the park when he discovered the bag.  The CPO conducted a search of the area where the drugs were found and discovered a second bag containing suspected cannabis. The bags contents were wet and frozen from being exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time, so an exact weight was not known. A presumptive presence cannabis test was conducted for the presence of cannabis, which resulted in a positive indication.  Illinois State Police were contacted and met with the CPO. The drugs were found to be “Root Ball,” the unusable portion of cannabis production. No arrests have been made.

A CPO checked fishing licenses of Knox and McDonough County fishermen.  Impoundments patrolled included Snakeden Hollow Lake McMaster, Buffalo Pheasant Habitat Area Lake, Lake Storey, Lake Rice, Spring Lake, Citizen’s Lake, and Argyle Lake.  Two written warnings were issued for fishing without permission of the landowner at Lake Rice, Soengataha Country Club.  A written warning was issued to a teenage fisherman for fishing without a valid fishing license.
In an ongoing boat dealer investigation, a District 7 CPO issued two written warnings to the President of the corporation for failure to apply for registration/title for boats sold during 2012.  Two written warnings were also issued for failure to surrender a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin for boats delivered out of state.  The company is trying to complete orders for over thirty customers which were made by their former salesman.   While trying to avoid bankruptcy, the company is gearing up to manufacture and deliver over $160,000 in pre-paid boat sales.  The investigation is ongoing and the owners are cooperating with investigating agencies.

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a report of an illegal gathering in a state park.  A large group of individuals had accessed the park for a private/public gathering on Easter Sunday.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 1 CPO responded to a reported fish kill on the Mississippi River near Campbell’s Island in East Moline.  The CPO had previously heard on the local news the previous night a similar fish kill had been reported on the Iowa side of the river.  Once there, the CPO observed several dead, very large gizzard shad floating at the surface near the shore line.  The fisheries biologist said this is a natural occurrence after long cold winters and it would be common for people in the area to see these dead fish along the shoreline

A District 6 CPO observed two bank fishermen on the Illinois River. After observing them for approximately twenty minutes making several casts during that time frame, the officer made contact. Both fishermen denied fishing even though there were poles on the bank with lines in the water next to them.  After the officer informed them he had observed them, they still tried to deny they were fishing. Two citations were issued.

A District 6 CPO conducted several compliance checks of walleye and sauger fishermen on the Illinois River. No fishing violations were found, but several boat equipment violations were noted. Enforcement action was taken.

A CPOT arrested a subject for two charges of falsification of deer permits and two charges of hunting during a closed season.  Subject was using his wife's landowner deer permits for several years and had nine deer harvested under her name since 2007.  The subject was arrested for violations in Pike County.  Forfeiture of shotgun and two deer mounts is pending.

A subject cited for retaining a live raccoon was fined $271 in Lake County Court.

Three subjects cited for hunting on State Property in a restricted area and over bait pled guilty in Lake County Court.  Each subject was fined $402.

A subject cited for disobeying a no passing zone plead guilty in Lake County Court.  He was fined $301. 

No Activity Reported.

A Monroe County CPO devoted six hours to a Hunter Safety Course and a “Shielded Waters Youth Fishing Program”. During the hour and one-half between programs, he briefly patrolled a local state park and another nearby lake, locating five different subjects fishing without licenses as well as a boat operated without registration and lifejackets.

A Randolph County CPO completed two deer investigations in which the hunters did not use their either sex firearm deer tags to tag the does they harvested.  The hunters took possession of the does and then purchased antlerless only firearm deer permits to document the harvest of these does.  They continued to hunt for a buck.  The hunters were issued citations.

Two Sergeants and four CPOs attended and completed the NASBLA Tactical Boat Training which was held at the Alton Lock and Dam.

A District 13 CPO attended a hunter’s safety course in Highland.  There were approximately 80 students in attendance. 

A District 13 CPO arrested a subject in Cahokia for possessing two live wild turkeys. The subject did not possess any permits to have the wildlife, nor proof of where he acquired them. He was cited for Possession of Wild Turkey and Retaining Them Alive.

A District 13 CPO wrote two written warnings to a subject in a kayak at Horseshoe Lake State Park for two violations of the Boat Code.

A District 13 CPO attended a hunter safety class at the Witt Lions Club in Montgomery County.

A District 13 CPO reported the following dispositions:

On January 31, 2013, in Montgomery County Court a Litchfield resident plead guilty to the following charges:
 - Did Unlawfully Hunt w/o Permission of Landowner & was ordered by the court to pay $467.00 including court costs;
 -Did Unlawfully Hunt w/o a Habitat Stamp & was ordered by the court to pay $120.00 including court costs;
 -Did Unlawfully Archery Deer Hunt w/o a Permit & was ordered by the court to pay $467.00 including court costs.
Another Litchfield resident involved with this case pled guilty & paid a $120.00 fine including court costs on the charge of Accessory to Unlawfully Failing to Tag Deer Immediately Upon Kill.

On October 22, 2012, in Bond County Court, a Panama resident pled guilty to Criminal Trespass to real property & illegally feeding or baiting of wildlife (deer).  The violator was ordered to pay a fine of $500.00 including court costs on each charge.

A Madison County CPO attended a boating safety class at Holiday Shores.

A Madison County CPO assisted a Calhoun County officer with the location and recovery of a vehicle in the Mississippi River with the use of sonar.

A CPO checked a beaver trapper in the Rend Lake sub-impoundments.  Several violations were found including; untagged traps, possession of a freshly killed mink during closed season, possession of a dead Red-Tailed Hawk, loaded rifle in a vehicle, no boat registration, no fire extinguisher, and no life jacket.  

A CPO has been investigating ginseng violations within District 14.  Six violations for purchase of ginseng by a ginseng dealer prior to two weeks after harvest season opening and harvesting without a license have been documented so far. 

CPOs worked boat patrol on the Wabash River and cited a subject in possession of three short sturgeons.

CPOs worked a bass fishing tournament at Newton Lake with over 100 boats involved.

A CPO has been working with Indiana COs on commercial fishing enforcement on the Wabash River.  A Clark County subject was arrested after his nets were located near Darwin.  The subject's licenses were deemed invalid for the last two years due to his checks being returned for insufficient funds.  The subject was sent a certified letter letting him know his licenses were invalid and he continued to fish for sturgeon.  The CPO was contacted and made the arrest on the subject.  Multiple charges are pending.

A CPO charged three separate subjects for harvesting deer prior to purchasing deer permits.

A CPO gave a presentation to the pre-K class at John A Logan College on wearing life jackets.  The three and four year olds were allowed to try on a life jacket and then help each other put one on and take one off.  The children enjoyed the exercise.

A CPO arrested a subject on a warrant in Carbondale for failure to pay on a charge of public urination.  This was a city of Carbondale charge which the subject "forgot" to pay his fine.  The CPO transported the subject to the Jackson County jail to await his $277.40 bond.

Lake Murphysboro State Park personnel observed a subject driving off-road at the Kinkaid Spillway doing a little mudding.  The subjects and others in a parked truck which was also covered in mud stayed at the Spillway until the CPO arrived.  The driver of the vehicle observed mudding and the driver of the pick-up truck both admitted to off-roading at this site and were ticketed.  The subjects told the CPO that more of their friends were coming with other vehicles to engage in the same activity.

District 16 CPOs continue to close out reports and work on clearing evidence.  Additionally the first quarter of defensive tactics has been completed as well as annual inspections of all firearms.

A CPO attended the Pinckneyville School District career buffet on March 28.  The buffet is a career day scheduled by the Pinckneyville Chamber of Commerce.  Approximately 300 students attended the event.  The CPO conducted 20 classes regarding the duties and responsibilities of a CPO.

A CPO conducted sport fishing and boating patrols in Pyramid State Park and Perry County. Several violations were noted as a result of the patrol.

A CPO, while patrolling around Campus Lake at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale was flagged down by a group of students at Thompson Point.  The group was with a student in a mechanical wheelchair and as the CPO pulled over they explained a baby squirrel was in the subject's wheelchair.  The CPO walked over to the subject in the wheelchair and noticed a fox squirrel tail hanging out from below the wheelchair.  Close by on a nearby tree was the mother of the squirrel and she was "barking" and obviously upset with her baby hiding in the wheelchair.  The CPO "gloved-up" and reaching under the wheelchair was able to remove the baby squirrel from the chair reuniting it with the mother squirrel in a nearby bush. 

A District Sergeant assisted the Massac County ESDA set up and maintains a sonar boat for the Ohio River.  



APRIL 11, 2013

A CPO in Henderson County conducted an enforcement detail at a local lake to emphasize cold weather boat safety.  Numerous warnings were issued to boaters and fishermen

While on patrol at Rock Cut State Park, two District 6 CPOs received a complaint of a possible suicidal subject.  A search of the park was conducted and the suicidal subject was located. During the investigation, the CPO discovered that the man had made threats to harm himself. The CPOs offered to transport the man to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The man agreed to a consensual committal and was transported to the hospital.

A CPO checked fishing licenses of Knox and McDonough County fishermen.  Impoundments patrolled included Snakeden Hollow Lake McMaster, Buffalo Pheasant Habitat Area Lake, Lake Storey, Lake Rice, Spring Lake and Argyle Lake.  A written warning was issued to a fisherman for no valid fishing license.

A District 6 CPO cited a 21 year old female at Starved Rock State Park for giving alcohol to a minor and a 20 year old for possession of alcohol by a minor.

A  District 6 CPO cited an individual taking artifacts from a nature preserve.

A CPO cited a subject for not having a valid fishing  license, he also issued multiple written warnings for various boating violations.

A District 6 officer responded to theft from a motor vehicle in the Starved Rock State Park visitor center parking lot.  A van had the driver’s window broken out and a purse was stolen.

A District 6 officer took a report from an individual who believes her coat was stolen from her vehicle while she was visiting Starved Rock State Park.  The individual had left her hotel, visited the park, and then drove home. That night she realized her coat was missing.  There was no evidence the vehicle had been tampered with and she thought she had locked her doors when she went hiking.  The coat is valued at $20000.

A CPOT received a call for service to rescue an Owl found injured in Bureau County. He responded to the call and rescued a Barred Owl off the side of the highway.

A CPOT cited and released a Putnam County man for falsification of records, possession of hawk feathers in violation of the Illinois Endangered Species Protection. Subject was also cited for 10 other wildlife violations.  The officer seized the hawk feathers, approximately 11 pounds of processed whitetail deer meat, and an illegal buck skull and antlers possessed by subject. He also took the owl to a Raptor Rehabilitator.

A CPOT conducted sport fishing checks and boat inspections at La Salle Lake issuing 2 citations; one for no valid fishing license and another for the battery unsecure right beside an unsecure gas can, and battery terminals not covered. The 4 written warnings were issued for other violations regarding the Boat Registration and Safety Act.

The District 7 Sgt. finished up an administrative permit investigation in Fulton County.  The investigation led to citations being issued to two subjects for violations that occurred in November of 2012.  Assistance in the investigation was provided by a Region 2 trainee and his Field Training Officer.

No activity reported.


CPOs arrested a Riverton man in Bethany for DUI (combined alcohol and drugs), possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis, illegal transportation of open alcohol, reckless driving, and improper lane usage.  The man had driven into a ditch multiple times, almost causing accidents as well as doing three "doughnuts" in the middle of Rte. 121, stopping traffic in both directions before pulling into the local Casey's gas station, exiting his vehicle and finishing off a bottle of Coors Light.  CPOs contacted him at that point and placed him under arrest.

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man at Lake Mattoon for an outstanding Cumberland County warrant for failure to appear for possession of drug paraphernalia.  The man was also cited for fishing with no valid fishing license.

CPOs completed two trapping complaint investigations. The first resulted in five citations being issued and several traps were seized.  The second was a commercial trapper who failed to euthanize skunks and raccoons.  Live animals were found at the business.  Enforcement action was taken. 

CPOs assisted Illinois State Police on Interstate 72 and rural roadways during record snow fall.  CPOs were able to locate and get help for over 30 stranded motorists. The most serious was an SUV that spun out. The vehicle was left teetering on a cement culvert fifteen feet above an open stream.  The driver was removed and after three attempts by a tow company, the vehicle was secured. 

CPOs completed an investigation of a baited stand on Sangchris Lake State Park. The hunter stated he did not see the pile of corn because he was hunting his second (Illegal) stand placed on the park.  Enforcement action was taken.

CPO arrested 70 year old man for fishing without a valid sport fishing license in Morgan County. He was under a child support revocation.

A CPO conducted an investigation after receiving a complaint of shining.  The CPO arrested a Mason County subject for the unlawful use of spotlight to shine deer.

A CPO conducted an investigation of a hunting accident.  After the investigation it was determined the subject accidently shot himself in foot while coyote hunting. The firearm safety was off.

A CPO conducted an investigation of two teens who used an ATV to run down and kill white tail fawns. As a result of the investigation, the two teens were arrested.

Deer Permit Investigations
District 10 CPOs completed numerous administrative investigations, which resulted in citations and seizure of several deer racks and archery equipment. 

District 10 Public Appearances
 A CPO was asked to speak at the Illinois State Taxidermy Convention/Contest.  Subjects covered were Taxidermy Law, record keeping, possession of endangered and threatened species.  Also covered were new laws regarding non-powered water craft and ATV's.  
A CPO made a public presentation to YMCA youth group on a farm in Logan County.
A CPO made a public presentation to a Ladies group in Scott County
A CPO made a public appearance at a Cub Scout meeting in Atlanta.
A CPO made a public appearance at New Salem presented by the NRCS office. Topics of discussion were conservations laws.

District 10 CPOs worked the 2013 Annual Deer and Turkey classic located at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center.

Saftey Educations classes
District 10 CPOs taught 10 Hunter's Safety Classes and 1 boating safety class throughout District 10.

A CPO heard turkey calling after 1:00 pm in Gallatin County.  He walked west to investigate the calling.  A turkey hunter, aided by a caller, shot two turkeys at 1:24 p.m. in front of the CPO.  The hunter was cited for hunting after 1p.m., unlawful take of two wild turkeys without valid permits and a $500.00 civil penalty was authorized on the citation. 

A CPO completed a deer permit investigation in Gallatin County.  The CPO found several violations including, failure to tag immediately after the kill, hunting without a permit and failure to report harvest.

A CPO cited two separate boats on Dolan Lake for possession of short bass.  People at Ten Mile Creek were also cited for having a fire in a non-designated area and driving off the roadway. 

A CPO and District Sergeant took enforcement action on illegal operators of ATV's on private property and on the roadway's.  Sixteen violators were documented.

District 16 CPOs assisted Region 4 District 13 with a fatal boat accident that occurred on the Mississippi River near Alton. Two men went overboard and were not seen again. Humminbird and Marine Sonic sonar was used to search for the men. Extreme current did hamper sonar operations and debris in the water. The area was searched for two days without success.

A District Sergeant concluded the evidence inventory for District 16.

A District Sergeant and CPO assisted the Jackson Co. Sheriff in looking for a missing man at the Kinkaid Lake Hunting area. The man went looking for mushrooms and did not return to his vehicle. A search was conducted that night without success. The following day the man was located by a private helicopter near his hunting stand. The man had suffered a reaction to medication he was taking. He was transported to a hospital and treated. ATV's and foot patrols were used to locate and transport the man from the woods.


Office of Law Enforcement
April 17, 2013

A CPOT responded to a boat accident at LaSalle Lake. The boat sustained severe damage to the starboard side hull, puncturing holes in the hull from slamming against the rocks, causing the boat to swamp and partially submerge. The wind was blowing out of the west with gusts estimated over 18 mph on the east side of the lake. Both individuals escaped the vessel unharmed. Written warnings were issued for two unsecured batteries and a missing capacity plate.

A CPO was passed by an automobile containing two adult males and one infant seated on the lap of the front seat passenger.  This vehicle also had a cracked windshield and no front license plate displayed.  A traffic stop for the listed violation(s) further revealed that the driver had a suspended driver’s license.

A CPO was called to a complaint of an injured egret which was migrating through the area.  The information was referred to the local federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

A CPO was called to a complaint regarding a dumped 22’ fiberglass boat which was left abandoned on a farm field.  The boat was absent a trailer, motor, helm station and all mechanicals.  Investigation is pending.     

A CPO observed two fishermen walking quickly toward their vehicle at the Buffalo Pheasant Habitat Area. The area, which had just opened to public fishing, was acquired from Pheasants Forever.  A check of the two and a brief interview found one had caught a single bass, the other a 7 largemouth bass.  The site limit was three bass daily, only one over 15 inches.  One subject was issued a citation for taking more than 6 largemouth bass daily and two written warnings for the site specific violations.  The other fisherman was issued a written warning for expired registration on his vehicle.  The fish were returned to the pond from which they came.

A CPO completed a supplemental report relating to a boat dealer fraud investigation.  Upon the execution of a search warrant of the business and seizure of its records in February, the company had failed to deliver 24 boats, 8 trailers, 2 docks, and several outboard motors which had been paid for.  This amounted to a total of approximately $251,219.46 in undelivered merchandise.  The salesman and primary offender that was taken into custody on a U.S. Marshal’s Service Probation Violation Warrant, had his federal custody hearing.  He was ordered held for 6 months and parole extended 2 additional years.  Federal fraud charges may be pending upon his release.  State charges were dismissed due to his federal incarceration and may be re-filed upon his release.  The company is attempting to complete orders and give refunds by liquidating assets. 

A CPO assisted Knox County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Illinois State Police with a criminal damage to state property arrest.  At the trooper’s request, the CPO took photos of the scene with his issued digital camera.  The subject had removed several feet of fencing along the interstate along with some guard rail and had relocated the IDOT and some neighbor’s fencing.  All images taken along with some Google Earth Images depicting an area of brush on state property that had been removed will be saved to a CD and forwarded to the trooper for future prosecution

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a complaint at a local state site.  Turkey hunters discovered an unusual series of candles displayed in the forest.  An investigation into the incident continues.

Acting Captain stopped a vehicle at 9:00 am on I-39 in Winnebago County for speeding 100 mph. The driver said he was late for class and was arrested for speeding, driving while suspended, and DUI. He was taken to the Winnebago County Jail with a BAC of .216 . The 2006 BMW was seized under Article 36 after the Winnebago County State’s Attorney authorized Aggravated DUI charges. (class 4)


No activity reported.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

A CPO cited two subjects on Ramsey Lake for no safety equipment in a boat, over limit of crappie, and crappie under size limit.

A CPO cited a subject with an over limit of crappie at East Fork Lake.

A CPO is investigating a subject for killing a turkey and using his wife’s tag on the turkey, in addition to unlawfully hunting with a landowner tag.

A CPO cited a subject for unlawfully dumping a vehicle in the Embarras River in Crawford County.

A CPO was in Jasper County for court.  While driving past a barn on Newton Lake Fish and Wildlife Area he noticed the barn was on fire.  Witnesses saw a hooded subject running from the fire after it started.  The CPO observed the subject hiding behind a residence.  After being told to stop, the subject fled on foot.  The CPO chased the subject for approximately 1 mile to the next county road where the subject was apprehended with assistance from the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.   It was later learned the subject had stolen a vehicle in Toledo, IL.  The stolen van was recovered the next day by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. The subject has been charged with arson, resisting arrest and motor vehicle theft.

A Pope County CPO assisted Union County IEMA with the search and recovery of a missing 4 year old boy.  The boy had wandered off into the forest and was located 6 hours after the initial report of him missing.   


Office of Law Enforcement
April 24, 2013

A CPOT cited two individuals from Putnam County who falsified records on the harvest of an 8 point buck in early November of 2012.

A CPO in Henderson County conducted safety inspections at the annual I.H.S.A. state fishing tournament which took place at Lake Argyle in McDonough County.

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a report of a breached levee in Oquawka.  A levee failure resulted in the flooding of a portion of the downtown.
A CPO assisted IDNR fisheries biologists at Lake Storey in Galesburg.  After the annual setting of trap nets on Sunday, several were removed from the water and fish released by persons believing illegal netting of fish was occurring.  Similar incidents have occurred in prior years, but no damage was done to the nets on this occasion.

At an IEMA request, a CPO photographed flood damage in London Mills and Oquakwa after levees failed in both towns.  Pictures and Google Earth images depicting affected areas were e-mailed to the Operations Center in Springfield.

A District 1 CPO is investigating the unlawful dumping of chemically treated seed corn along the public roadways of Whiteside and Henry Counties.  The IEPA ordered the dumped grain to be cleaned up by the owner, which was determined through investigation.  Criminal charges are pending.

A District 1 CPO conducted turkey hunting compliance checks on state owned hunting properties.  No violations were discovered.

A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety checks on a private lake. No violations were discovered.

A CPO in Winnebago County was called to a complaint regarding a dumped 22’ fiberglass boat which was left abandoned on a farm field.  The boat was absent a trailer, motor, helm station and all mechanicals.  The investigation revealed an Iowa resident who acquired the boat for salvage/recycling dumped the boat.  Charges are pending a face-to-face interview with the suspect in Iowa.

A CPO in Winnebago County was called to flood duty in LaSalle County along the Illinois River.  Duties included: evacuation of supplies/equipment from Starved Rock State Park buildings in low lying areas along the river, ferrying employees of the department to inspect facilities along the Illinois River, and ferrying employees of the Army Corps of Engineers by boat to inspect submerged facilities at the lock and dam in LaSalle.   

District 6 CPO’s conducted flood duty patrols along the Kishwaukee River in DeKalb County in an effort to assist citizens in the evacuation from their flooded residences in Evergreen Village trailer park.  Fifteen people were evacuated from their residences.

District 6 CPO’s performed flood related patrols in LaSalle County along the Illinois River. These patrols included a search for a missing woman whose van was washed off a flooded roadway.  This case remains under investigation.

Two CPO’s responded to calls for service in Peoria County due to the Kickapoo Creek flooding its banks.  One boat rescue involved an 81 year old wheelchair bound male subject.  Seven other boat rescues involved swift current near Raber’s meat locker off Farmington Road.  

A CPO responded to a levee breakage near Barstow IL.  The levee was overtopped by flood waters and eroded away quickly.  Residences near Barstow were evacuated at about 3 p.m.  Bins filled with sand were lined up, and a makeshift levee was constructed on Barstow Road from Barstow for 1/4 mile in an attempt to keep the town from flooding.   At 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 21, 2013 the alarm sounded telling people it was time to evacuate from Barstow.  Attempts to keep the town from flooding had failed.  All residents were removed safely.

While a CPOT conducted a covert trail detail at Rock Cut State Park another CPO attempted to make a traffic stop on a reckless driver. The driver fled and CPO's and well as State Police Officers searched for the suspect’s vehicle. The vehicle was found (Rock Cut Fishing Pier) shortly after but the driver was not in the vehicle.  A search of the immediate area was conducted and the suspect was found hiding in the woods.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

A District Sergeant was requested to assist the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department for a search on a missing man. The man was reported missing at 10 pm by his wife when he didn't return.  The man had parked on the Kinkaid Hunting area in northwest Jackson County and had went on a hike at noon.  The Sergeant reported to the scene with an ATV and began the search.  The area was searched until 4 am when the search was delayed till daylight. At daylight the search was resumed and continued without success.  At 9 am a private helicopter was summoned in to aid in the search. The helicopter was sent from Black Diamond Harley Davidson, owner of the craft. Within 20 minutes the helicopter located the man lying next to a log near the lake. The man was transported out and treated by the EMT's. The hiker had been taking a new medication and had had an ill effect from the medication.  He was treated and released without harm.

A District Sergeant and CPO were requested to assist the Union County Sheriff on a missing 4 year old male in the Lick Creek area. The 4 year old had been outside playing and had wandered off into the woods with the family dog.  A massive search was conducted that involved ATV's, two helicopters and one airplane.  Approximately 1000 people in the community joined in to locate the child. The boy was reported missing at 2 p.m. and was located just at dark 4 miles from where he had walked off.  He did sustain some cuts and bruises and was cold but was okay. The boy was treated and released by the local EMT's and reunited with his family.

District 16 CPO's were busy inspecting turkey hunters in southern Illinois.  

A CPO participated in the Kinkaid Lake Spring Clean-up.  This annual event sponsored by the IDNR, Kinkaid Conservancy and the Shawnee Muskie Hunter's collected trash from the shoreline of the lake.  A friendly competition ensues as participants attempt to fill their boats with the most trash.  A CPO took the big fish of the day award for collecting a semi-trailer tire on the rim.