October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
October 5, 2012

A CPO patrolled Lake McMaster at Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area.  During most of the boat and fishermen compliance checks no violations were found.  A few boats did however have minor equipment violations which resulted in seven written warnings being issued.

A District 7 Officer attended the Spoon River Gobblers Jakes Day Event in Fulton County and gave a presentation on his Job Duties.

Three District 7 CPOs worked an ATV detail in Peoria County where numerous trespassing complaints were received over the summer months.  Only one ATV was observed in the complaint area and was stopped.  Enforcement action was taken.  

A CPO received information that a subject may have attempted to illegally obtain landowner deer permits.  Following up on the information, one subject was cited for falsification to obtain permits.  Two other subjects received warnings for similar offenses. 

A CPO investigated a trespassing complaint in Henderson County.  An out of state landowner discovered four deer stands illegally placed on his property.  The investigation will continue through deer season.
Early in the morning, a CPO responded to a report of an elderly man slumped over the wheel of his car on I-88 near the Hillsdale IL exit.  The man was found unconscious. The subject was “woken up”.  The subject stated he was tired and just trying to get some sleep.  The CPO suggested he move to the truck stop at Hillsdale IL which was within view.

A CPO responded to a heated fishing complaint in Oregon IL.  An Oregon subject called and complained that while he was running his trot lines on the Rock River, another subject in a boat cut and took one of his lines.  The CPO met on scene with the subject and took a written statement.  They then went via boat to the location of the cut line.  It was verified (what was left of the) the trot line was a legal line and was tagged with the owner’s name and address.  While on the river the complainant stated he believed another boater in the area was responsible.  This suspect boater took off heading up river at a fast speed after he observed a CPO in the boat with the complainant.  The CPO and complainant followed this boat until it stopped and contact was made on the Rock River with the suspect.  The subject stated he was trolling and snagged the trot line inadvertently.  The suspect, a Byron IL man stated the trot line then got tangled up in the prop on his kicker motor and the concrete block of the trot line broke the skag on his motor.  It didn’t appear to the CPO it was a “fresh” break and no new marks were observed on the prop.  The suspect had retained the trot line in his boat and had refused to give it back to the rightful owner.  The CPO advised the suspect it was a legal fishing devise and ordered it returned to the owner.  CPO Beltran, a local CPO, came on duty and assisted with the situation.  The Oregon IL complainant stated he was upset the person “stole” his line, and then refused to give it back to him.  The complainant requested enforcement action be taken.  It was determined rather than a “theft” charge, the suspect would be issued a citation for pollution of a waterway since he threw away, in the river, parts of the trot line apparatus.  The States Attorney’s office will be consulted before any further charges are filed.   

A District 1 CPO spoke to approximately 150 students at the JoDaviess, Carroll and Whiteside County 4th Grade Conservation Day held at the Mississippi Palisades State Park. The children were taught about natural resources, the goals of the DNR, the role of a CPO and native Illinois wildlife.  A wildlife education trailer was used which displayed full mounts of native Illinois fish and mammals as well as animal furs.

A District 1 CPO conducted a timber truck inspection. No violations were discovered.

A District 1 CPO spoke to approximately 50 students at a hunter safety class in East Dubuque. The students were taught about the hunting laws in Illinois.

A District 1 CPO spoke to approximately 100 students at a hunter safety class in Mount Carroll.  The students were taught about the hunting laws in Illinois.

A District 1 CPO issued a Dubuque, Iowa man a citation for unlawful sport fishing without a valid non-resident sport fishing license.

Several complaints of illegal dumping were received from site workers at Goose Lake Prairie State Park.  The site workers advised that on three separate occasions someone had dumped multiple items, including several boxes of Kleenex tissues and empty bottles of hard liquor, along the roadway at the state park.  On one occasion, items of mail were located in the dump sites.  After completing paperwork at the District Office on a later date, a CPO observed approximately ¼ mile stretch of the park roadway covered with hundreds of Kleenex tissues.  As he left the park, he observed a single vehicle following him out of the park.  After exiting the area, the vehicle began approaching at a speed of 73 mph in a 55 mph zone.  The CPO stopped the vehicle and upon approaching the driver, observed several Kleenex boxes and an opened bottle of vodka in the passenger seat.  After a short interview, the subject admitted to illegally dumping on the state property on multiple occasions.  A quick call to the GLPSP site superintendent confirmed the mail recovered from previous dump sites was that of the driver.  The subject was arrested on two counts of illegal dumping on state property, two counts of illegal dumping from a motor vehicle, illegal transportation of alcohol and speeding.   

A CPO received a complaint of a Will County resident leasing hunting property in Champaign County that he foreclosed on in 2010.  Three separate groups of hunters were caught on the property by people who were granted hunting rights by the current landowner.  Each of the three groups presented signed, written leases provided by the previous landowner.  CPOs worked together on the case and interviews were conducted with the previous landowner and two of the subjects who received the fraudulent lease.  The investigation revealed the previous owner of the 175 acre property still owned a 15 acre piece of land bordering the large acreage.  He deceived the leasers into thinking they were leasing the entire property he previously owned, despite only legally leasing the 15 acres.  Email transactions and area photos provided by the leasers along with interviews resulted in the arrest of the subject for deceptive practices (Class A misdemeanor).     

No activity reported.

No activity reported

Region 5 officers participated in a night shoot at the Ten Mile Creek range. 

Witnesses said a man drowned when he was kayaking on the Little Wabash River in White County.  Several CPOs and command staff responded alongside other emergency responders from the surrounding area.  The recovery effort continues in spite of dangerous river conditions.

A District Sergeant and CPOs used sonar to locate a drowning victim on the Wabash River. The boater had overturned in his canoe and was sucked into a log jam on the river. Sonar was used to locate the victim, however the dangerous conditions of the river would not allow divers to enter the waters. Boats were used to break up the log jam and the boater was recovered the following day.  

A CPO responded to a call from the Union Co. refuge site manager that a worker had located a possible meth lab on the property. A CPO responded to the complaint and the lab was confirmed and removed by ISP.

District 16 CPOs completed firearms training at 10 Mile Conservation Area. 

District 16 CPOs attended two Hunter safety classes and two public speaking appearances.


Office of Law Enforcement
October 12, 2012

A CPO was notified by an off duty CPO to make contact with two hunters who observed a deer acting strangely and then just dropped dead.  The hunters inspected the deer thinking it may have been shot, but did not see any sign that it was hunted.  The CPO (with instruction from the IDNR biologist) removed the spleen and also the head of the deer so it can be tested for EHD or CWD (diseases). The results of the testing are pending at this time.

A CPO handled two automobile accidents in Starved Rock State Park.  One was a minor with no injuries and the other involved a motorcycle on the Rt. 71 curves just east of the lodge. The two subjects on the motorcycle had serious injuries and were taken to Ottawa OSF Medical Center.

A subject was unlawfully climbing in Lonetree Canyon and fell about 30-40 feet off the sandstone ledge. The CPO was the first responder to the scene and the subject had to be taken by Utica Fire Dept. down to the river where Ottawa River Rescue took him to a meeting point and LifeFlight Helicopter flew him to Peoria OSF Medical Center.  Citations for Unlawful Climbing and Unlawful Entry into Restricted Area (Off Trails) are pending at this time.

A CPO was checking shore fishermen for compliance to the act in Boone County when he came upon a man fishing in Candlewick Association Lake fishing without a license.  A computer check of the subject’s information revealed the man to be a recent parolee, armed and dangerous, and wanted on a felony arrest warrant for unlawful possession of cannabis.  The subject was taken into custody without incident by the CPO and then transported to the Boone County Jail in lieu of bond.  Once at the jail the man was charged for the fishing license violation.

A CPO in Winnebago County attended a DUI/OUI training update complete with practical exercises used to demonstrate proficiency administering field sobriety test batteries consistent with NITSA and USCG standardized and validated testing procedures.

A CPO in Winnebago County cleaned, prepared, and maintained the district’s RTV and RTV trailer for the upcoming fall festivals to be held at Starved Rock State Park and for use during the upcoming hunting season(s).

A CPO in Winnebago County received a dumping complaint in a floodplain along the Rock River.  Charges and court ordered cleanup are pending state’s attorney’s authorization

While checking archery deer hunters in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO discovered a subject to be hunting over salt and mineral blocks he had placed approximately 20 yards in front of his stand. The subject was issued a citation for hunting deer by use/aid of bait and a warning for feeding deer.

A District 1 CPO spoke to 150 area third grade students at the Dixon Stewardship Days in Dixon about the duties of a CPO and Illinois Conservation Law.

While checking an archery deer hunter in Lowden Miller State Forest, a District 1 CPO discovered the hunter to have all required permits but no hunting license and habitat stamp. While talking to the hunter, it was learned he was a first time hunter and had just taken his safety class in August of this year.  The hunter thought his hunter safety card was his hunting license. The CPO educated the hunter to the law and took appropriate enforcement action.

A CPO received two complaints of deer hunting over bait on state sites.  At Spoon River State Forest, after determining the location, a hunter was found in a deer stand overlooking a salt block.  He was issued a citation for Deer Hunting with the Use of Bait.  At Argyle Lake State Park, a location was found where a hunter had deposited two granular materials on the ground and had also cut down several small trees clearing a shooting lane.  No hunter was found, but the area will continue to be checked.
Several deer hunters were checked during the youth firearm deer season by a CPO at Spoon River State Forest.  Two subjects were issued written warnings for failure to wear proper blaze orange during a firearm deer season.  Two non-resident hunters were found to be archery hunting without purchasing a hunting license.  They claimed that the local Wal-Mart had sold them habitat stamps and an additional antlerless only deer permit instead of their hunting licenses they had requested.  One of the two had also harvested a 9 point buck.  He had called in his kill and obtained a confirmation number, but had failed to place the leg tag on the deer as required.  Both subjects were issued written warnings for the hunting license violation and instructed to purchase their non-resident license on the way back to the hotel.  A citation was issued for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill.  The deer was tagged after being photographed.

A CPO checked several archery deer hunters at Argyle Lake State Park.  Ten written warnings were issued for violations including: license not in possession, failure to sign in at check station, and failure to wear blaze orange during a gun deer season (Youth Firearm).

A District 1 CPO looked into a complaint of unlawful deer hunting in a baited area. A tree stand baited with a salt block and apples was discovered. Two hunters were charged in the case. The violations included: unlawfully attempting to take deer by the use of bait, unlawful feeding of deer, deer hunting without a valid hunting license and deer hunting without a valid habitat stamp.

A District 1 CPO conducted squirrel hunting compliance checks on two hunters. Both hunters were found to be squirrel hunting with unplugged shotguns. Written warnings were issued.

A District 1 CPO conducted archery deer hunting compliance checks on department lands during the youth firearm deer season. The following violations were found: unlawfully deer hunt without the required blaze orange during a firearm season and failure to obtain and display the free site specific hunting permit.

Two District 6 officers and the District Sergeant located six different individuals digging for Ginseng plants in Matthiessen State Park over the weekend. Two of the individuals were found digging in a nature preserve. It is illegal to take Ginseng plants from any state park or nature preserve. The plants seized from the individuals take several years to mature to size they had in possession. Several citations were issued and all individuals have a mandatory court date in LaSalle County Court.

CPOs located four individuals snagging on the Illinois River. Three of the four did not have fishing licenses and every fishing pole in the group had a snag hook on the line. Another 40-50 snag hooks were located in a plastic box. One of the individuals stated he had paid $150 for the snag hooks and thought he could use them on the Illinois River.  One CPO told him that he could, if he was within 300 yards of a lock and dam, but he was almost a mile away from the lock and dam. Several citations were issued. The snag hooks on the poles were confiscated, the snag hooks in the plastic box were returned to the owner.

CPOs responded to a boater in distress call on the Illinois River. Visitors at Starved Rock State Park saw a boat stuck on the rocks with an older couple with a child on board.  The man had gotten out of the boat and tried to push the boat off with no success. The officers launched a boat and headed towards their location. About halfway to the location the officers saw the boat heading towards them. The man had finally been able to get the boat free.  A Boat Safety Compliance check was done on the boat and three violations were found.  Enforcement action was taken. 

District 7 Officers located many archery deer hunters in field not wearing blaze orange during the youth firearm deer hunting weekend.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

No activity reported.


A CPO made an arrest of a male subject for possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.  The arrest was made in Champaign County along the Sangamon River.  The male subject who was arrested was smoking the cannabis with his six year old son present.  The subject was also issued a citation for fishing without a fishing license in possession.

A CPO made an arrest of a male subject during the youth firearm season in Champaign County.  The subject was found to be in possession of an untagged deer.  The subject also was transporting an uncased bow in a vehicle, hunting without a habitat stamp and not wearing blaze orange.  The subject was issued one citation and three written warnings.

A CPO arrested a Casey, IL man who had harvested a buck but recorded it as a doe due to it being a small buck.  The man was cited for Unlawful Use of an Antlerless Tag. 

A CPO arrested a Decatur man archery hunting deer on the Shelbyville WMA in Moultrie Co without any deer permits.

A CPO cited a Paris, IL man for fishing without a fishing license at Twin Lakes in Paris.  The CPO noted the man was alone and told the man, whose drivers license was suspended, not to drive a car.  Shortly after leaving the CPO saw the man driving a car.  The CPO stopped the man for Driving While Suspended and located prescription pills in the car which the man did not have a prescription for.  The CPO arrested and transported the man to the Edgar County Jail.

A District Sergeant assisted Grafton and Alton Police Departments with motorcycle riders on Route 100. Grafton Police were in pursuit of four motorcycles. They passed the Sergeant at speeds of over a 100 mph. They passed on the shoulder of the road and on the center line between two vehicles.  Grafton Police discontinued the pursuit. The Sergeant continued towards Alton and assisted Alton Police who had one of the subjects at gun point.  The Sergeant and the Grafton Police identified him as one of the reckless drivers. They also apprehended another motorcycle rider who broke someone's side mirror on their van earlier in the day.

A CPO arrested a subject in Adams County for hunting deer over bait. The subject was hunting over trophy rocks and salt blocks. The subject also did not have a habitat stamp.  The subject’s dad admitted to placing the bait out. He was arrested for placing the bait out.
A CPO arrested a dad in Adams County who was allowing his 12 year old son to hunt over bait during the youth season. They were hunting over a mineral block and water softener salt pellets.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County.

A man was recovered from the Little Wabash River from a boat accident the previous weekend in White County.

A CPO issued a citation to the guardian of a youth hunter for allowing the youth to hunt without a permit.  Both hunters had firearms and the youth hunter did not have a youth season permit.     

A CPO saw a man in camo clothing washing his hands by a truck next to a garage near Elizabethtown.  The CPO pulled in to investigate and discovered two out of state hunters had finished processing two deer and neither deer were tagged.  The deer shot the day before was not called in.  Both hunters were cited. 

A CPO finished an investigation in Gallatin County and issued seven wildlife citations.  The man possessed a bobcat, rattlesnake, had turkey violations, and was cited for a deer shot with a shotgun during the archery season.  The man also didn't have a permit or a hunting license.

A CPO cited two hunters in Saline County for deer hunting without a permit and a hunting license violation. 

A CPO tracked down a suspect on a deer poaching case in Hardin County from Saturday night.  He was tracked down as he was headed to the ferry crossing at the state line.  The man was cited for hunting from the roadway, hunting without a permit and hunting without permission.  

A CPO issued several citations for illegal transportation of alcohol and possession of alcohol by a minor. 


Office of Law Enforcement
October 19, 2012

A CPO investigated a hunting accident involving a subject hunting from a climbing deer stand.  The subject adjusted his chains upon reaching his hunting level.  Prior to climbing down, the hunter had to re-adjust his chains.  After the final adjustment, the hunter tested his stand and found he did not properly secure the top chain.  The hunter fell to the ground from approximately 15 feet and sustained a serious spinal injury. 

A CPO received information a deer had been dumped in a garbage dumpster.  Responding to the complaint, he found there were three deer in the dumpster.  Digging through the dumpster, the CPO located an old deer tag.  The following investigation yielded two subjects who killed bucks and did not properly tag or register the deer.  The subjects admitted to wanting to kill more than two bucks.  The deer were seized and citations issued.

A CPO finally made contact with a Morrison IL man who abandoned a watercraft at the boat launch in Morrison Rockwood Park in May of this year.  The boat was registered to a man found to be deceased.  Tracking down family members proved to be very difficult.  Eventually after investigating it off and on for several months the suspect was located.  Park staff left the boat at the launch for several weeks before they reported it to law enforcement.  The boat was towed.  The subject stated “I don’t have a driver’s license and when I went back to get it, it was gone.”  A seizure tag was left attached to the dock that remained for months after the boat was towed.  The subject never made any attempt to contact park staff or any police agency to inquire about the boat.  The subject was issued a citation for never transferring the boat into his name and a citation for abandoning the boat on a Department site.  The subject has a mandatory court appearance in Whiteside County Court in November 2012.

CPOs and a District Sergeant were called to a hunting accident.   A Site Technician at Shabbona State Park located a deceased male that apparently fell out of a tree stand while archery hunting whitetail deer.  Illinois State Police Crime Scene Investigator processed the scene and the deceased hunter was removed by the Dekalb County Coroner’s office.  An investigation of the scene showed that the bottom of the deer stand was not completely secured against shifting.  The stand was able to be shifted (side to side) between 6 and 8 inches.  The hunter was not wearing a safety harness. 

CPOs cited two subjects for hunting deer with aid/use of bait on opening day of archery season.

A CPO cited a subject for possession of two 11 inch largemouth bass on the Fox River.  The subject claimed someone gave them to him as he left the boat ramp.  He said he knew the legal limit was 14 inches, but “thought it was okay since they were dead.”

A CPO found a subject field dressing a 9 inch and 11 inch largemouth bass on the Fox River.  This subject also claimed someone gave him the fish.  He was cited for the undersized fish and warned for field dressing fish with size limits.

While observing crappie fisherman at Clinton Lake a CPO noticed that the five fishermen were not measuring any fish.  After checking the group it was found that two of the fisherman were in possession of a total of 7 short crappie.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO investigated a hunting accident that occurred in Livingston County.  An archery hunter fell from his deer stand and shattered his leg.  During the investigation the CPO discovered the hunter was hunting over bait.  The CPO issued the hunter a citation for unlawfully hunting over bait. 

A CPO is investigating a fatal boat accident that occurred on Lake Vermilion near Danville.  Witnesses observed an empty boat circling and then observed an unconscious subject floating in the water near shore.  The victim was a participant in a club bass tournament fishing Lake Vermilion. 

A CPO issued citations to subjects on Lake Evergreen in McLean County for the taking of short fish.  The subjects tried throwing the short fish before he reached them but failed to get rid of all the illegal fish. 

A CPO used sonar on Carlyle Lake to help look for two missing boaters.  Due to the large search area, the boaters were not found until they floated a few days later.
District 13 Sgt. and CPOs attended U.S. Coast Guard training on Lake Michigan.  The training involved the operation of the new port security boats.
While checking a group of three dove hunters, a CPO found two of the hunters to have more than 3 shells in their shotguns.  One hunter did not have a plug in the gun and had 5 shells in it.  The other hunter had a plug in the gun, but had floated a fourth shell in the carriage.  Citations were issued.

A CPO patrolled Department lands FHSP.  He observed two white males fishing Cahokia Canal on the east side of Rt. 203.  Their vehicle was parked in front of the sign stating No Trespassing, Hunting or Fishing.  Both subjects had valid sport fishing licenses.  I asked if they were aware that they could not fish this area without the permission of the landowner and they stated no.  One of the males stated that a Fairmont City officer ran them off of one of the canals yesterday.  They both received a citation for fishing without the consent of the landowner. 

Several Illinois Conservation Police Officers (CPO) from various parts of the state were working at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources World Shooting complex. The complex was hosting the Amateur Trapshooting Association Grand American (ATA) World Trapshooting Championship.  This annual event attracts thousands of competitors, vendors and enthusiasts from all over the nation.  During this event at approximately 4:50pm a severe thunderstorm with heavy rain and strong winds swept across the Recreational Complex in Sparta. The CPOs were first to respond, assisted by Illinois State Police, Sparta Fire Rescue and Sparta Police Department.  The destruction created by the strong winds hurled 55 gallon metal trash cans, scorer’s chairs and port-a-johns several feet into the air throughout the packed parking lots and camp grounds.  Several tents, golf carts and cargo trailers were turned over and several 24-30,000 pound campers were pushed off or broke their jack stands. There was cosmetic damage to a large number of vehicles and camper trailers.  Competition shooting was cancelled for the remainder of the day and resumed the following morning.  The only reported injury was transported by relatives to Sparta Hospital where he was treated for a head laceration and released.

A CPO investigated information related to baited dove fields in St Clair and Madison Counties.

A CPO patrolled State Lands in the Metro-East. 

A CPO assisted with body recovery efforts on Carlyle Lake.

A CPO attended a Town Hall Meeting near Mascoutah to discuss Illinois Hunting & Trespassing laws with the SCCSD.

A CPO attended a Hunter’s Safety class in New Baden in Clinton County.

A CPO worked the evening security detail at the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Sparta all weekend.

A CPO met with Randolph County Conservation Area Site Superintendent about a harassing phone call which the anonymous call threatened to have a petition signed to have her fired if she does not repair the levees at Kidd Lake Marsh.
A CPO responded to a cougar sighting near Chester, IL.  The incident could not be confirmed as a cougar.

A CPO responded to an unlawfully dove hunting without permission complaint.  Citations were issued to two hunters for unlawfully hunting without permission.  Also, one of the subjects did not have a valid hunting license, habitat stamp or HIP#.

A CPO responded to an unlawful operation of an ATV on private property without permission.  The subject was located at a local hotel and was issued a citation.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety Class in Chester.

A CPO located a manipulated sunflower field and three mowed wheat fields for doves inside the Doza Creek Waterfowl Management Area.  The management of these fields unlawfully baited the area for waterfowl.

A CPO received a fishing without permission complaint.  Three women decided to fish a strip cut lake which they did not have permission from the landowner before they reached their fishing destination of the World Shooting and Recreational Complex.  The three women were issued citations for fishing without permission.

A CPO investigated a trespassing complaint in Bond County south of Sorento.  The landowner advised that he had seized a trail camera located on his property.  The trail camera conveniently overlooked an area baited with “Deer Cane”.  Upon further investigation it was discovered that the individual who placed the trail camera happened to mistakenly allow his picture to be taken.  The CPO then tracked down the individual and subsequently arrested him for criminal trespassing and illegally baiting or feeding of wildlife (deer).

A CPO investigated a camping complaint at Coffeen Lake State Fish & Wildlife Area.  One subject was subsequently arrested for illegally littering in a state park.

A CPO spoke to a group of sportsmen and youngsters at a hunter safety class in Donnellson.

A CPO investigated a complaint of two big bucks illegally taken near SABF on Columbus Day morning.  The investigation resulted in the seizure of a 14 pt deer head taken without a valid archery permit, which was also illegally retrieved from the SAFB complex and failed to be properly checked in by 10 pm on the same day of harvest.
A CPO assisted ISP District 18 officers with funeral arrangements involving the tragic death of a Master Sergeant.  A CPO had been involved with the recovery of the Sergeant who was involved in a boat accident on 09-30-12 at Glen Shoals Lake in Montgomery County.

A CPO assisted district personnel with a security detail at the World Shooting Complex.  While en route back to Montgomery County he received a call from Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office regarding a hunting complaint south of Litchfield.  The deputy advised that he and an ISP Trooper were trying to locate several hunters trespassing.  After locating the subjects they were transported to the jail in Hillsboro.  After the CPO arrived at the jail he discovered numerous wildlife violations had taken place.

The following is a list of the violations that were cited:
Two citations for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill, citation for failure to wear blaze orange, citation for no hunting license, citation for no habitat stamp, citation for no archery deer tags, citation for hunting without permission of landowner.

A CPO cited a hunter in Saline County for hunting deer over bait.

A CPO caught a man hunting from a vehicle at Ten Mile Creek SFWA with a loaded, uncased .22 caliber gun.  He also found a bow hunter in Jefferson County without permits or a license.

A CPO cited a Fayette County hunter for unlawfully hunting over bait.  The hunter was also issued written warnings for failure to wear required blaze orange during youth firearm deer season and transportation of an uncased bow.

A District 15 CPO issued a Bond County hunter a written warning for failure to immediately tag deer after killing it.

A District 15 CPO settled a dispute between a hunter and an adjacent land owner in Clinton County. The dispute was in reference to hunting near inhabited dwellings.

A CPO cited a Marion County subject for unlawful possession of a white-tailed deer unlawfully taken over bait.  This was a very lengthy investigation which resulted in the seizure of a buck estimated to score over 200".  The investigation is continuing.

A CPO cited three subjects for hunting deer by the aid of bait in Jasper County.  The three had put out 6 piles of deer cocaine and mineral blocks.

An ATV patrol detail was held in Perry County on Saturday.   An area of @ 3,000 acres was patrolled on private property.  CPOs and a District Sergeant participated in the detail.
CPOs assisted the Jackson MO City Police on a search for a missing woman.  The missing woman had been missing for about a year and her husband was convicted for the offence. The area searched was the Devil’s Island area in Alexander County on the Mississippi River.  Low waters prevented the use of sonar since the island was not navigable due to sand bars.  Poor weather and winds hampered the search effort but a foot search was held on the north portion of the island by CPOs.

A District Sergeant attended two Fort Encampment meetings in Metropolis for the 2012 event.  Emergency plans were developed for weather, medical fire and parking issues.  A repeater is being brought in for communications since StarCom doesn't work in the park.

District 16 CPOs responded to four trespassing complaints and attended two public speaking events.


Office of Law Enforcement
October 26, 2012

A CPO responded to an accident on the Starved Rock trail system. A visitor, who was hiking, tripped on a tree root on the main trail and injured his leg.  The CPO was assisted by Utica Fire and the Ottawa River Rescue. The subject eventually was assisted to his vehicle where he declined medical attention.  He stated that his wife, who was present, would drive him to the emergency room in Will County (closer to his home).

A CPO arrested a subject for violating the Environmental Safety Act after he was spotted by a citizen dumping the waste from his RV along a roadside ditch around Tonica. He was cited with a mandatory court appearance.

A CPO in Henderson County investigated a complaint regarding a stolen boat.  Two subjects are claiming ownership of the same vessel.  The investigation is ongoing.

A CPO apprehended two subjects with lead shot in possession during the opening weekend of north zone waterfowl  season.

A CPO and District Sergeant responded to (and investigated) a boat accident on Mississippi River Pool 16 near Fairport.  The boat (with seven occupants) ran into a channel “day marker”.  There were two fatalities and four subjects were seriously injured.  A CPO (BAT) is completing the investigation.      

A CPO conducted an investigation of illegal archery deer hunting by the aid of bait. The investigation resulted in the issuance of a citation for unlawfully attempting to take deer by the aid of bait and a citation for archery deer hunting without first obtaining an Illinois hunting license to a Rockton, IL man.  The CPO also issued the hunter a written warning for unlawfully archery deer hunting without first obtaining an Illinois habitat stamp.

A District 1 CPO conducted deer and turkey hunter compliance checks on department owned properties.  Several warnings were issued to those failing to display the free site hunting permit on the dash of their vehicle while afield.  A subject was also issued a written warning for driving with an expired driver’s license.

A District Sergeant stopped a vehicle for speeding and the driver was charged with being a Predatory Sex Offender in the State Park and a citation for speeding.

A District 7 Officer completed an investigation of family members of a landowner who were illegally obtaining Landowner Property Only Hunting Permits.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO in Winnebago County developed new information that lead to identifying suspects who possessed and used stolen checkbooks from a motor vehicle burglary that occurred at Rock Cut State Park on Memorial Day Weekend. The CPO interviewed two of the three suspects caught on video surveillance from area retailers and obtained written confessions under Miranda, assisting two local law enforcement jurisdictions with forgery and retail theft cases against them.  The interview also lead to new information as to how the suspects came into possession of the stolen checkbooks which got the CPO one step closer to solving this felony vehicle burglary.

A CPO continued to check a baited deer stand in Boone County.

A CPO assisted a local law enforcement agency with a citizen report of a “panther” sighting.  Further description lead to the proper identification of this animal as a bobcat.  Along with proper identification, the CPO calmed the citizen’s concerns through education of this particular species.

A CPO in Winnebago County responded to a “sick deer” complaint. The deer was recovered, the brain stem and tonsils removed for CWD testing, then properly disposed.

A CPO spoke to a group of 100, including scouts and parents, regarding the duties of a CPO.  The Region I Wildlife Education trailer was utilized. 

A CPO observed three subjects on the morning of the waterfowl opener.  One subject did not have a hunting license or the required waterfowl stamps/HIP number.  The other two were observed operating the boat blind around the pond with uncased/loaded shotguns.  Numerous boating violations were also addressed.  Three citations and eight written warnings were issued. 
A CPO arrested a Casey,IL man who had harvested a buck but recorded it as a doe due to it being a small buck.  The man was cited for Unlawful Use of an Antlerless Tag.

A CPO arrested a Decatur man archery hunting deer on the Shelbyville WMA in Moultrie County without any deer permits.

A CPO cited a Paris, IL man for Fishing without a Fishing License at Twin Lakes in Paris.  The CPO noted the man was alone and told the man, whose drivers license was suspended, not to drive a car.  Shortly after leaving, the CPO saw the man driving a car.  The CPO stopped the man for Driving While Suspended and located prescription pills in the car which the man did not have a prescription for.  The CPO arrested and transported the man to the Edgar Co Jail.

A CPO cited a Rochester man for Overlimit of Crappie on Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County.

A CPO arrested a Decatur man who left the Shelbyville Wildlife Management Area in Moultrie County after archery deer hunting for Driving While License Suspended, and the subject was wanted on an active warrant out of Macon County for Crimes Against Persons.  The CPO transported the subject to the Moultrie Co Jail.

A CPO assisted an elderly lady who had fallen while walking on a rural country road in Moultrie County.  The lady was transported by ambulance to the hospital for treatment.

A CPO mailed a Summary Suspension to a Tennessee man after receiving results from the ISP Crime Lab.  The man arrested for DUI in Coles County had a .295 BAC and Cannabis in his system at the time of arrest.

A CPO arrested a Terre Haute, IN man for DUI Drugs in Clark County.  The CPO stopped the man after he crossed the center line twice.  During the arrest he discovered 114 Grams of Cannabis.  The man was arrested, transported to jail and issued citations for DUI Drugs, Improper Lane Usage, Obstructed Windshield, Possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia.  A second Terre Haute, IN man in the vehicle was charged with Possession of Cannabis 30-500 grams and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

No activity reported.

District 14, 15, & 16 CPOs attended the Ft. Massac Encampment in Metropolis. CPOs provided 24 hour coverage for the event starting on Friday and concluded on Monday at 8 am. The IEMA Regional Command trailer was brought in and a repeater for the event for radio coverage.  On Saturday the event brought in 124,000 people and Sunday brought in 115,000 people.  The event was very successful from a security standpoint.  No issues were reported and no accidents were reported.  CPOs parked cars at the IDNR site, directed traffic and maintained foot patrols for the event.  The ISP, Metropolis Police Department, Fire Department, and EMA all worked together for the event.

On Sunday, the Region Captain requested the sonar boats to Rend Lake to search for a drowning victim as a result of a fatal boat accident.  The Workskiff and Ottercraft responded and began searching for the victim. On Monday evening the victim was located by Marine Sonic Tow fish sonar.  The Rend Lake Search and Rescue team was brought in to recover the body after it was located and marked for the divers.

A CPO spoke at SIU to the Wildlife Club.  Seventy students were present for the presentation.
A CPO cited two men in Franklin County for trespassing along a railroad, fishing without a fishing license and fishing without the consent of the landowner. 
Several District 14, 15 & 16 personnel worked the Fort Massac Encampment over the weekend.

A fatal boat accident occurred at Rend Lake on Sunday the October 21st.  Several CPOs from Districts 14, 15 & 16 responded to investigate the accident and search for the man with sonar equipped boats.  An occupant on the boat reported a man fell overboard and did not resurface in the Gun Creek finger of Rend Lake.  The search continues with three sonar equipped boats.  The Franklin County Sheriff's Office, US Corp of Engineers and the Rend Lake Dive Team are assisting in the recovery. 


Office of Law Enforcement
October 31, 2012

A District 7 Officer assisted Henderson County Sheriff’s Department on a complaint of suspicious activity on the Mississippi River.  Two separate areas were searched for illegal activity.
A District 7 Officer received a call at home from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department about a deer that had been poached.  A suspect has been identified and the investigation continues.

District 7 Conservation Officers conducted a Trout Enforcement Detail at Argyle Lake State Park for the opening weekend of the Fall Trout Season.  One CPO unfortunately spoiled the covert nature of the detail by issuing a citation to a fisherman for unlawfully taking of trout during a closed season on the day before the season opened.  A second fisherman was issued a citation for no valid non-resident fishing license.  He presented a resident license upon being checked, but his Iowa driver’s license had been issued more than two years ago.  He was instructed to have his address changed with Point-of-Sale upon purchasing his non-resident license.  All fishermen observed on Saturday quit fishing upon catching their limit of five Rainbow Trout.

A CPO received a complaint of suspicious activity in one of the parking lots at Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area.  A goose hunter had observed several male subjects in the early morning hours dragging a tarp to a pick-up truck in the lot.  Site staff found several nearby trees marked with paint and disturbed dirt giving the appearance that something had been buried.  With the assistance of the site staff, a five gallon bucket was unearthed.  It turned out to be a geo-caching or doomsday prepping site because the bucket contained bags of rice, beans, and pop-tarts.  The items were disposed of by the site staff.
A CPO continued an investigation into an illegal archery deer hunter attempting to take deer by the aid of bait. While working split shifts this week in an attempt to catch the hunter in the illegal tree stand, the CPO’s efforts have been unsuccessful.  This case remains under investigation.

A CPO handled a boat accident that involved multiple people being hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning.  On October 20, 2012 a 27 ft. Sea Ray was attempting to leave the marina at Ducky’s Bar and Grill south of Andalusia IL.  The water level was extremely low and it appears the lower unit and exhaust area became packed with mud.  The boat slowly cruised downstream making its way toward Fairport IA marina.  Four persons onboard the boat out of nine persons became overcome with carbon monoxide fumes and actually “passed out”.  Other passengers were able to vent the cabin area and get the boat to the marina at Fairport IA.  The affected passengers were taken to the emergency room at the Muscatine IA Hospital.  Three of the four effected persons were then transferred to University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City.  These three people were put into a hyperbaric chamber to cleanse the poison out of their systems.  All four subjects have recovered and are doing well.  The exact cause of the Co2 leak remains under investigation.

No activity reported.

A CPO responded to a TIPS complaint in Wolf Creek State Park of a subject shooting from the roadway at a deer.  The CPO was only given a partial description of the truck involved.  The CPO was able to locate the Windsor men in Windsor and obtained a confession.  Both subjects were cited for hunting from the roadway. 

A CPO, while patrolling Lake Mattoon in Cumberland County, arrested a Harvey woman wanted on a Cook County warrant.  The CPO transported her to the Cumberland County jail and issued her a citation for fishing without a valid license.

A CPO cited a Mattoon man for taking geese during closed season on Lake Shelbyville.

A CPO attended a 5 Day Homicide/Death Investigator Class in Champaign, IL to assist in fatal boat accidents and death investigations.

A CPO located a 15 yr old male subject hunting near a baited area.  After talking with the hunter, the CPO identified the subject that placed the bait on the adjacent property near where the 15 yr old was hunting.  The male subject that placed the bait was issued a citation for unlawfully feeding whitetail deer. 
A CPO made an arrest of an archery hunter for possession of cannabis 30 - 500 g and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The arrest took place in northern Champaign County.  Charges for unlawful hunting of deer with the aid or use of bait is also pending the investigation. 

A CPO located a baited area in Greene County. He located two hunters on the property, but neither was hunting over the bait.  During an interview, he obtained a confession as to who placed the bait in the field.  The subject was issued a citation for unlawful feeding of deer.

A CPO located two hunters in Adams County hunting over bait. One subject was hunting over a mineral block. The other hunter was hunting over a "Trophy Rock".  Both were issued citations for hunting over bait.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Greene County.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Jersey County.

A CPO cited a man in Pope County for hunting without permission.

A CPO took enforcement action with two Franklin County men for illegal operation of ATV's on private property without permission and operation on the roadway. 

A CPO located a baited waterfowl area in the Central Zone portion of Fayette County.  On opening day a CPO, a District Sergeant, and SA observed a subject hunt the area and take over his limit.  The subject who prepared the field was contacted and interviewed.  The investigation is ongoing.

A District Sergeant cited three subjects for deer hunting by the aid of bait in Jasper County.

A CPO is investigating a deer poaching case in Jackson County.  A landowner reported that he had caught a man shooting from his truck at a buck deer.  The complainant reported that he had found the deer and that he had a partial plate of the suspect.  Upon investigation the CPO is attempting to locate the violator and the case is under investigation with charges pending.

A CPO assisted with practicals at the Conservation Police Academy.

A District Sergeant taught Turkey and Hunting accidents at the Conservation Police Academy.

A CPO is investigating a deer poaching case in Massac County.

Dist 16 CPOs responded to several hunting complaints the past week in reference to hunting without permission.