October 2011

MAY 2, 2012

A District 1 CPO conducted a compliance check on an angler that was fishing from a pier at Morrison Rockwood State Park’s Lake Carlton.  The angler was in a shaky lawn chair at the end of the pier, which was rocking in the high winds.  The angler was drinking beer and had already consumed a considerable amount.  Due to the water temperatures, high winds, and alcohol consumption, the angler was advised to be extra careful while fishing and to consider moving back to the shoreline since he had no Personal Flotation Device available to him.  
A District 1 CPO observed two subjects fishing from a Jon boat on a private lake.  The CPO found that there were no PFDs on the boat, the boat was not registered, there was no sounding device and the battery was not secure nor the terminals shielded.  The subjects were drinking beer.  The CPO issued a citation for the PFD violation and written warnings for the remaining violations.  Additionally’ the CPO told the subjects about Operation Warm Weather/Cold Water and the reason for the enforcement detail.

A District 1 CPO patrolled the Rock River on a warm April afternoon.  Only minor violations were detected and appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A District 6 CPO assisted in the search of the Illinois River and surrounding areas by boat for a missing Ottawa man. The man had been missing since the early morning of April 28.  While searching the Fox River, the officer observed an older boat being launched from a nearby public boat ramp.  The officer observed two small children near the boat and pulled his boat alongside and conducted a courtesy inspection of the watercraft which revealed that owner had failed to provide enough PFDs for his passengers.  The officer explained the proper amount of wearable PFDs needed to be onboard before the boat could legally get underway.  The owner left a friend with the vessel, retrieved an additional PFD, and took the children and friend out fishing.

A District 6 CPO, while conducting increased boat enforcement for Operation Warm Weather, Cold Water, had an opportunity to check boats on a Department lake. Upon the CPO’s arrival at the boat launch, the CPO noticed a small aluminum Jon boat had already been launched and was tied to the dock. The CPO approached the two men, who were preparing to board the boat, and requested to inspect the watercraft. While speaking with one of the men, the CPO noticed slightly slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the subject. The CPO inquired who the boat belonged to and was told that the other subject was the boat operator. The CPO then spoke to the man who appeared to possibly be intoxicated and explained the CPO’s observation. The man admitted consuming a few drinks today. The CPO cautioned the possibly intoxicated man not to operate the boat or a vehicle, and the CPO’s shared with him the CPO’s concerns regarding man’s sobriety. The CPO then spoke to the man who was the boat owner. The CPO questioned the man regarding his alcohol consumption; spoke with him to determine his level of sobriety and to determine his ability to safely continue. During the CPO’s conversation with the boat owner, the CPO didn’t note any indicators of impairment. The CPO shared with the boat owner his observations of his passenger and confirmed he, the boat owner, would be the operator of the watercraft, which he was. No enforcement action was taken.

A District 7 CPO checked boats at Lake McMaster, Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area as part of Operation Warm Weather Cold Water.  A subject was issued written warnings for not having a Type IV personal flotation device on his boat.  He was also issued a written warning for failure to display valid registration stickers.


A District 1 CPO continued investigating an incident which involved a man apparently being mistaken for a turkey and subsequently shot.

A District 1 CPO attended a court proceeding regarding a fatal deer hunting incident which took place in JoDaviess County.

A CPO arrested an individual for possession of marijuana and possession of cannabis at Starved Rock State Park.  

A District 6 CPO cited two individuals for fishing without a license.

A CPO closed out an illegal hunting case from January of 2011.  The first illegal hunter pled guilty to the following…
          - Unlawfully transporting an uncased firearm ($200 Fine).
          - Possession of a firearm without a valid Firearm Owners Identification card (FOID) ($200 Fine).
          - Possession of firearm ammunition without a valid FOID ($200 Fine).
          - Hunting whitetail deer without a valid permit ($200 Fine).
          - Failure to wear the required blaze orange ($200 Fine).
          - Hunting without a license ($200 Fine).
          - Hunting without a habitat stamp ($200 Fine).
All of the illegal hunter’s gear (to include camouflage hunting apparel, deer butchering kit, handheld radio, binoculars, flashlights, channel lock pliers, and compass) was awarded to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  The judge allowed the family of the Illegal hunter to get the shotgun (family heirloom) returned for a payment of $250 directly to the IDNR.

The second illegal hunter pled guilty to the following…
          - Attempting to unlawfully take a deer ($250 Fine).
          - Failure to wear the required blaze orange ($250 Fine).
          - Hunting without a valid hunting license ($250 Fine).
          - Hunting without a valid habitat stamp ($250 Fine).
All of the illegal hunters gear (to include camouflage apparel, binoculars and a Browning Bow) were awarded to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

The case totaled $2650 in fines.  The first illegal hunter had his hunting privilege suspended until late 2013.

A District 6 CPO assisted the USF&W agents with a bald eagle death investigation.

A District 6 CPO was patrolling a state park when a concerned citizen approached the officer and indicated that two individuals were in a shelter making strange noises and movements. The officer drove to the shelter noting a vehicle leaving the parking lot occupied by a male and female subject. The officer did not locate anyone when he checked the shelter and surrounding area.

A District 6 CPO was observing fishermen along the Illinois River and determined five males and one female were fishing.  A compliance check revealed that the five males had fishing licenses and the female did not. A citation was issued.

A District 6 CPO conducted a compliance check of a mother and her three children fishing the Illinois River. During the check the 15 year old son caught a 12 inch smallmouth bass. When the officer asked the son what he was going to do with the fish, the son said “keep it”. The officer informed the group that a smallmouth bass must be 18 inches to legally keep on the portion of the Illinois River they were fishing.  The officer retrieved a fishing digest from his squad, explained the fishing laws to the group and gave the digest to the mother. The mother took a picture of her son and the fish prior to releasing it.

A District 6 CPO was contacted by the region office who had received a call from an individual concerning boat registration. The region personnel contacted the CPO due to a concern about how well the office personnel communicated the boat registration process to the individual, who is hearing impaired.  The CPO met with the individual and was able to explain the registration process without a problem.

A District 7 CPO cited a subject for taking a turkey out of season

A District 7 CPO in Henderson County investigated an illegal dumping case in McDonough County.  The investigation revealed that a subject unlawfully disposed of a turkey along the roadway.  Further investigation revealed the bird was not checked in.  Charges are pending.

A District 7 CPO responded to a complaint of a suspicious vehicle parked in rural Fulton County.  Investigation showed a Pekin subject had been fishing on coal company property without consent of the landowner and without a valid fishing license.  Citations were issued for both violations.

A District 7 CPO received a call the State Police District 7 Communications of a subject from found dead in a field.  The call originated from the Knox Co. 911 Call Center.  The CPO was closer than the deputies on duty. Upon arriving, a man wearing sweat clothes was observed lying face down in the dirt surrounded by several subjects in an agriculture field.  The caller identified himself and was recognized by the CPO as a hunter who had just left nearby Spoon River State Forest after turkey hunting.  He said he was driving by and saw the subject lying in the field.  He thought the man might still be alive.  The CPO checked the non-responsive man who was still face down in the dirt.  He was rolled onto his side and placed in the recovery position and began gasping for air.  The CPO requested an ambulance, covered the subject with an emergency blanket, and monitored his condition until emergency personnel from Victoria Fire Department arrived.  The subject was identified as a man who had violated an order of protection the prior night.  He had evaded deputies in a foot pursuit near his former residence.  The CPO assisted a Knox Co. Sheriff’s Department Investigation’s Sergeant in determining the distance from the residence listed in the order of protection.  By utilizing a rangefinder and Google earth imaging, it was determined the subject was found lying approximately 1200 feet from the protected address.  The order specified a 2000 foot distance from the residence.  Charges are pending with the Knox Co. Sheriff’s Department.

A District 1 CPO conducted several boat registration inspections at the Region I Office assisting the public in getting their watercrafts approved for registration.

A District 6 CPO completed foot patrols upon Rock Cut State Park trail system as part of an evaluation objective.  Patrol focused on State Park Administrative Rule Violation(s) in addition to presenting a law enforcement presence off water/roadways in the park.
A tree stand cleanup project at Big Bend State Fish and Wildlife area continued on April 27.  An additional twelve illegal tree stands were seized by a District 1 CPO.  To date, this brings the total to forty illegal tree stands seized by Illinois Conservation Police.  Nine citations and one written warning have been issued ending with nine convictions for leaving the tree stands up past the February 1st deadline.  It was clear some of the stands were left up for years causing damage to trees.  Any hunters in the future who don’t have their stands properly marked with their name address and telephone number (per Administrative Rule 670) can expect to have their tree stand seized immediately.

A CPO was contacted by Buffalo Rock State Park Superintendant regarding a car inside Buffalo Rock after closing hours. He advised the CPO that there was a call earlier in the day about a subject interested in camping at Buffalo Rock State Park, but the person never inquired as to the location of the campsites. After driving the trail, the CPO observed a camp in the restricted area of the park. After contacting the campers, one camper was found to possess a small amount of marijuana. The campers were walked out to the patrol truck and all given a written warning for being in the restricted area. The one camper with the marijuana was arrested and charged with Possession of Cannabis less than 2.5 grams.

A CPO observed a vehicle in the Starved Rock State Park visitor’s center lot just after the area was closed. After walking the trails the CPO located two hikers who stated they got turned around on the trails. Both hikers were issued written warnings for being on the trails after the area/trails closed.

A CPO investigated a tip of a Sugar Grove resident attempting to sell snapping turtles on Craigslist.  The CPO communicated with the subject online and set up an appointment with him to "buy" the turtle.  The subject did not have a resident aquatic life dealer permit and admitted to selling two other turtles without the permit in February.  Additionally, one of the turtles he was attempting to sell was only 1.5 inches long.  He received one citation and two written warnings.

A CPO patrolled a private lake in Will County in search of people fishing without permission.  Two subjects were located and contact was made.  One of the subjects had dilated pupils and was subsequently found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.  Arrests were made for possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia and fishing on property without permission from the landowner.

A CPO stopped three motorcyclists for speeding.  Two were found to be in violation of drivers license classification (no valid motorcycle license).  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.  

While randomly running registration numbers of vehicles parked in an I & M Canal parking lot, a CPO observed a vehicle occupied by two male subjects enter the parking lot.  Upon running the registration on the vehicle, it was determined the registered owner had a suspended drivers license.  Contact was made with the driver, who was the registered owner.  He was arrested for driving on a suspended drivers license. 

A CPO handled an accident involving a truck that backed into the Kankakee River while launching a boat. The driver failed to put the truck in park and the truck entered the river, becoming completely submerged.  No one was injured and the vehicle was removed with the assistance of Wilmington ESDA and the tow company.

A CPO observed a male and female subject acting sexually inappropriate within a popular recreational area at Des Plaines Conservation Area.  The CPO approached the two subjects and observed both to be consuming alcoholic beverages in the restricted area.  While issuing citations, another vehicle pulled into the parking lot and four male subjects exited the vehicle.  A short time later, the four subjects were observed fishing at Milliken Lake.  While checking them for compliance, it was determined the subject who the CPO observed driving earlier did not have a valid drivers license.  He was arrested for driving without a valid license.

While at a gas station in Wilmington, a CPO was approached by an individual who had just witnessed a hit and run accident.  The CPO obtained vehicle descriptions and direction of travel before attempting to catch up to the violator.  A short time later, he observed two vehicles matching the witness’s description.  After stopping both vehicles, he spoke with the victim, who was on the phone with the Illinois State Police advising that her car had been hit by the driver of the other vehicle.  He approached the violator and immediately observed several indicators of alcohol impairment.  The CPO proceeded with field sobriety testing and the subject was subsequently arrested for DUI with a BAC of .185 and leaving the scene of an accident.  The CPO completed an accident report following his arrest and additional charges may follow. 

A CPO assisted Channahon PD on a suicidal subject call.  The subject was taken into custody without incident and taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.
CPOs located a turkey hunter who was hunting after hours in Shelby Co.  It was discovered that the hunter was hunting without a valid permit due to being on Lake Shelbyville Corps ground, but had a permit only valid in Wolf Creek SP.  The Champaign man was cited for hunting without a valid turkey permit and given written warnings for additional violations.

A CPO located a subject that another CPO had asked for assistance with an administrative deer violation.  The CPO cleared up the Christian Co. deer hunting violation with a written warning.  However the subject was issued a citation for fishing without a valid fishing license in Shelby Co.

A CPO and District Sergeant, while on the way to the District 19 range drove upon a single car rollover accident on Rt. 32 in Moultrie Co.  The CPO checked for injuries and evaluated the victim while the Sergeant called for an ambulance and directed traffic.  The subject was transported by ambulance from the scene.

No Activity Reported.

A CPO responded to a report of two hunters hunting on private land without permission of the land owner. The subjects were gone upon the arrival of the CPO. The reporting persons told the CPO that one of the subjects has permission to hunt the adjoining property to the west. The CPO located an area on this property that had a blind and turkey decoys set up. The CPO also located evidence of an electronic calling device. The subjects are reported to hunt this property on weekdays only. The site was checked over the weekend and no one hunted the area.

A CPO responded to a trespass with a motor vehicle complaint on private property. The CPO apprehended the two subjects that had been mudding in a Ford Bronco. The father of one of the subjects knew the land owner and a written warning for the offense was issued.

A CPO assisted Union Co. with the taking into custody of a subject who was high on bath salts and was combative.  Same subject shot his girlfriend’s dog with a sawed off shotgun several months ago in town and in front of her children.  

A CPO received a complaint in Johnson Co. of turkey hunting without permission.  He responded to the camp and documented that one of the hunters had been sneaking onto the adjacent property without consent.  Both subjects stated they had ridden ATVs all around the wrong property as well.  One subject who was hunting without permission was a resident of Indiana.  He had moved there from Illinois in 2004 but continued to receive resident permits and licenses under a previous address in Illinois.  Multiple citations were issued.

A CPO issued a Perry Co. commercial waterfowl club owner a written warning for failure to report end of year harvest records.


MAY 16, 2012

A CPO conducted a boat patrol on Mississippi River Pool # 14 in Rock Island and Whiteside Counties.  Ten boat safety checks were conducted and five shore fishermen were checked at Lock and Dam # 14.  This detail resulted in nine boating written warnings and one boating citation.  The citation was issued to a Clinton, IA man for not having a PFD on his ten year old son as required by law.  A lengthy conversation took place with the father and he was advised of the fatalities already occurring this year that could have been prevented if a PFD was being worn by the now deceased subjects.  

A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety inspections on a private lake. The following violations were observed and documented with written warnings: unsecured battery, operation of watercraft after sunset without required navigation lights, operation of motor boat without a lanyard cut-off switch attached to operator.

A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety inspections on Pool 12 of the Mississippi River. The following violations were observed and documented with written warnings: unsecured battery and untagged sport fishing device.

A District 7 CPO checked boats at Lake McMaster and Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area.  Of the dozen boats checked, no violations were found.  Several registration questions, including delays in processing, were answered.  One individual was issued a written warning for no valid fishing license.

A CPO checked shore fisherman and completed watercraft safety inspections along the Rock River and area lakes in Winnebago County.  Violations detected and addressed included: unlawful fishing without fishing licenses, youthful operation of a motorboat, unlawful operation of a motorboat without a horn or whistle, unlawful operation of a motorboat with fire extinguisher not in serviceable condition, and improper use of registration - failure to transfer watercraft certificate of number.  

A District 1 CPO conducted boat patrols on different stretches of the Rock River in Whiteside and Lee Counties over the weekend.  Various boating violations were discovered and addressed, as were several illegal/unattended sport fishing devices.

A District 1 CPO concluded a lengthy abandoned boat investigation resulting in citations being issued for Unlawful Abandonment of Watercraft and Pollution of Waterways.  Restitution is also being sought for towing and disposal fees.  The Sterling subject was located incarcerated at the Whiteside County Jail on other unrelated charges.

A District 1 CPO responded to a boat accident that occurred just up river from the Arduini Boat Ramp in Rock Falls on the Rock River.  A Sterling woman was heading up stream from the boat ramp with her two daughters in their pontoon boat when they struck a submerged stump with the outboard motor.  The motor bracket broke, causing the motor to fall off; only being attached by hoses and cables.  The pontoon boat drifted downstream after an attempt to anchor the boat failed.  The pontoon boat drifted into the cable just upstream from the upper dam, where the boat operator secured her vessel until another recreational boater came to their aid and towed them back to the ramp. 

A District 1 CPO received a complaint of a Geneseo man advertising mallard ducklings for sale on Craigslist.  The CPO called the number listed and the man invited the “unidentified” CPO out to view the ducklings.  A few days later the CPO showed up in uniform and completed an inspection.  The man was raising captive mallard ducklings and offering them for sale.  The US Fish & Wildlife Service does not require a federal permit for the captive mallards; however, IDNR requires an Illinois Bird Breeder permit.  The man agreed to purchase his permit immediately that day and will start keeping records as required by the Illinois Wildlife Code.  He was issued a written warning for the violations. 

A District 1 CPO received a complaint of a Kewanee woman advertising marble fox for sale on Facebook for $250.00 each.  The marble fox is a color phase of the grey fox and is most commonly found in the fur farming industry but in this case was being sold as “pets”.  To possess a marble fox the owner must have a Fur Bearing Mammal Permit issued by the IDNR.  Records as required by the Illinois Wildlife Code are to be kept on each animal and transaction.  The CPO met with the woman and she had 16 marble fox (eight breeding adults and eight kits) in her ex-husband’s back yard in Kewanee.  The foxes appeared to be healthy and the clean cages were secured with padlocks.  The woman agreed to purchase a permit the following day and a written warning was issued for the violations.   

CPOs were patrolling the Starved Rock campground at 12:30 AM when they noticed a flash of light from inside a car.  They observed three more flashes from a lighter and observed the individual in the vehicle put the object to his mouth.  The officers walked to the car in the dark and surprised the occupant when they turned the light on at his door.  The occupant handed the officers a marijuana joint upon them identifying themselves.  The individual was cited for possession of cannabis.

A District 7 CPO responded to a pollution event causing a fish kill in Tazewell County.  A 4x4 farm chemical sprayer fell off a bridge, spilling approximately 700 gallons of herbicide and diesel fuel into Prairie Creek, south of Morton.  The chemical killed aquatic life and cleanup efforts were still on-going.   The driver was treated and released.  The State EPA was working in conjunction with the Illinois DNR on this investigation. 

A CPO completed foot patrols upon Rock Cut State Park trail system.  The patrols focused on State Park Administrative Rule Violation(s) in addition to providing a law enforcement presence off water/roadways in the park.

A CPO found eleven subjects swimming in a restricted area of Illinois Canyon.  The CPO led the subjects off the upper trail where numerous people have been injured due to falls from the cliffs, which is why the trails area closed.  The eleven subjects were having a get-together after prom.  Citations were issued.

A CPO was dispatched to assist another CPO at the Page Park boat launch on the Rock River in Dixon with a possible fatal boat accident.  Upon arrival, search and rescue crews were attempting to recover the body of a man who attempted to retrieve his boat after it floated away while trying to load it on the trailer.  The CPO utilized a fire department’s boat, equipped with side scan sonar, to assist in locating the subject.  The subject was eventually recovered by dragging operations approximately 200 yards downstream from where he was last observed.  The subject was not wearing a PFD at the time. 

A CPO had previously assisted Louisiana DNR with a subject who had taken an over limit of crappie from Louisiana and returned to Illinois.  Louisiana DNR Law Enforcement issued two citations to the subject. 

A CPO taught a boater’s safety course at Lake Wildwood with four people in attendance.

A CPO observed a male subject catch an Asian Carp at the Hennepin Canal with the use of a large treble hook.  The hook was in the fish’s side.  The fisherman had a lure strung on his line about a foot higher than the treble hook.   When asked about the treble hook, he said he would sometimes “accidentally” catch a fish with the treble hook when they would bite the lure.  The CPO advised the subject about the snagging laws and left.  The CPO then watched from the weeds as the fisherman began to pull his line through the water and catch two more Asian Carp in the side.  The subject was issued the appropriate citation.

A CPO cited a fisherman on Pistakee Lake for failure to immediately release a walleye which was under the legal size limit of 14 inches.

A CPO cited a fisherman on the Chain O' Lakes for an over limit of walleye. 

A CPO cited a fisherman at Sand Pond for failure to immediately release a short largemouth bass. 

A CPO cited a fisherman on the Fox River for failing to release two largemouth bass. 

A CPO cited a fisherman on Grass Lake for failing to release a short walleye. 

A CPO observed a vehicle exceeding the speed limit and commit a lane infraction.  While running the vehicle registration, the driver was observed taking a drink out of what was believed to be a beer can.  A traffic stop was conducted and upon approaching the driver, was told the canned beverage was a soda.  After asking the driver to hand over the can, the driver admitted it was a beer.  He was cited for illegal transportation of alcohol and operation of an uninsured motor vehicle.  Warnings were issued for improper lane usage and speeding.

CPOs and a District Sergeant responded to a capsized boat at Heidecke Lake.  The caller advised that the occupants were stranded in the lake.  Upon arriving at the location, the CPOs located two occupants and assisted them as they swam towards shore.  Each subject had minor injuries and were escorted by the CPOs by boat to paramedics waiting at the boat ramp.  The CPOs were able to recover the boat and tow it to shore.  An investigation as to what caused the boat to capsize is pending. 

A CPO observed two subjects fishing at a private lake in Plainfield.  Upon approaching the subjects and conducting a compliance inspection, he located a drug pipe and a container with cannabis.  Neither subject had a valid sport fishing license.  One subject was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis and fishing without a license, while the second subject was cited for fishing without a license.

While patrolling a private lake, after receiving multiple complaints of subjects sneaking onto the property and fishing without permission, a CPO observed two subjects fishing along the shoreline.  After relocating and finding the subjects vehicle hidden on the narrow corner of the lake, he made contact with them.  Both admitted to knowing it was illegal to fish on the property.  While gathering their fishing gear to relocate to the squad, the CPO observed one of the subjects appear to hide something next to a large rock. Due to the steep banks, the subject was not immediately questioned about his activity.  The CPO requested assistance from a Will County Forest Preserve Officer working nearby.  On his arrival, the subjects tackle and vehicle was searched.  A small container with cannabis was located inside the vehicle.  Additionally, a prescription pill container was located containing water and multiple cannabis seeds.  After relocating to the original location of contact, the CPO found a second prescription pill container with cannabis hidden where he initially made contact with the fishermen.  Arrests were made for possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, fishing on property without permission from the landowner (X2) and fishing without a valid license (X2).

While checking a fisherman for compliance along the DuPage River, a CPO observed several legal fish in a basket along the shoreline.  While checking the immediate area, a plastic bag was located hidden from plain site.  Closer observation revealed a smallmouth bass wrapped in the bag.  The fisherman initially claimed to have set it aside to put in the fish basket later, but after a short interview, admitted to knowing it was an illegal fish.  After successfully releasing the fish, the  CPO cited the subject for possession of a smallmouth bass during the closed season.

A CPO arrested a Sullivan man for possession of less than 2.5 grams cannabis in the Shelbyville Fish and Wildlife Area in Moultrie Co.

A CPO assisted Moultrie Co Sheriff’s Office with a two car traffic crash that included one fatality.

A CPO was given a license plate from the Shelbyville Fish and Wildlife Site Superintendent from a vehicle that had driven off the road and struck a tree.  The CPO discovered the owner to be a Sullivan woman who was wanted on a Coles Co. arrest warrant.  Sullivan PD and the CPO went to her house and found out that her son had borrowed her car.  The woman was arrested on the warrant and transported to jail.  The CPO made contact with the son, a Mattoon man, the next day.  The man admitted to be in the Shelbyville F&WA in his mom's car and ran off the road striking a tree.  The CPO issued a citation for driving off the roadway and two written warnings.  The CPO then discovered that the man was a passenger in the car that was at fault in the fatal traffic crash

A CPO stopped a car driven by a Marshall man in Clark Co. doing 79 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. During the stop, it was found that the man's driver’s license and vehicle registration were expired.  The CPO issued citations with a mandatory court appearance. 

A CPO, while working Pana Lake, issued a no fishing license and no PFD citations.  He issued three boat written warnings.

A CPO received an additional complaint on a former Shelbyville area boat dealer.  The CPO and an SOS Investigator met with, and interviewed, the subject on a new boat that had been sold on consignment with the owner in turn not being paid.  The CPO forwarded a theft over $500 to the Shelby Co. State Attorney’s Office.
CPOs, while working fish enforcement on Lake Shelbyville, cited a Decatur man for being over limit on under 10" crappie and a Findlay man that was over limit on both under and over 10" crappie.

A CPO cited a Charleston man for an EPA burning violation.

A CPO cited four individuals at Wolf Creek SP boat dock for unlawful entry into a restricted area.  The dock was closed, posted and barricaded due to needed repairs.  Individuals climbed over the barricades to use the dock.

A CPO cited a Camargo man on Walnut Point SP Lake for failure to transfer certificate of number of watercraft and a written warning for no sounding device.

A CPO stopped four Bethany youth at a Lake Shelbyville parking lot in Shelby Co. and discovered several loaded, uncased guns in the vehicle.  The subjects claimed to be coyote hunting.  The CPO issued citations for uncased/loaded firearm in a vehicle and no hunting license.

A CPO arrested a convicted Child Sex Offender for being in Mascoutin State Park over the weekend.  The subject and a passenger were also found to be in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. 

A CPO followed up on a Ford County complaint and arrested two subjects.  The two subjects were charged with four counts of unlawful hunting and numerous written warnings.  The subjects had been stopped out in the country late at night by Gibson City Police and found to be in possession of illegally killed rabbits.

A CPO assisted the power plant in a search for trespassers in a restricted area.  The subjects were not found. 

A District Sergeant responded to Moraine View State Park and assisted with a missing/endangered subject.  The subject was eventually found and was in relatively good health.  He was in the possession of drugs and had three outstanding arrest warrants. 

While working recreational boaters at Clinton Lake, a CPO observed two jet skis violate the no wake zone.  When they returned, an inspection was conducted on their equipment and the CPO found several safety equipment violations on the two watercrafts.  The CPO then ran the operators of the watercrafts through the computer and found that one of them was wanted for a warrant out of Tazewell County.  The boat citations were issued and the wanted operator was transported to jail. 

A CPO was working Lincoln Trail Homestead when he made a stop on a vehicle that was driving recklessly through the park.  Once stopped, the CPO found that the three occupants were in the possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.  All three subjects were arrested. 

While working Kaufman Lake in Champaign County, a CPO found a Champaign County subject who was over bagged on largemouth bass that was cleaning the fish on the water.  The subject was issued citations and will have to appear in court for the violations. 

A CPO attended Conservation Day in Hancock County.  Four hundred 5th graders attended.

A District Sergeant received a call from a National Guard Chief Warrant Officer regarding possible trespassers on National Guard property in Randolph Co.  The Sergeant notified a CPO and headed to the location.  The CPO ran the plates on the truck while the Sergeant and Sparta Police officers searched for the subjects on foot.  Two subjects were located fishing from a boat on the property.  They claimed a representative from the National Guard had given them permission to be there, but they could not give a specific name.  They received multiple citations and warnings. 

A CPO located a tree stand on Peabody River King St. Fish and Wildlife Area.  The stand did not have any identification attached as required by Administrative Rule.  In addition, the stand had not been removed by the required date of January 31.  The CPO seized the stand and left a seizure tag. 

A CPO was checking fishermen at Peabody River King St Fish and Wildlife Area when he encountered a subject in possession of a short bass.  The CPO ran the subject through State Police and found he was wanted on a warrant.  The subject was taken into custody and transported to the St. Clair Co. Jail.  He also received a citation for the short fish. 

A CPO was working turkey hunters in Monroe Co.  He was on foot patrol when he observed two subjects dressed in camouflage and carrying shotguns.  He made contact with the subjects and found that neither subject had a valid permit and one of the subjects did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp.  Multiple violations were cited.

A CPO continued on foot patrol for turkey hunters in Monroe Co.  Approximately forty minutes after arresting the two subjects without permits, he apprehended another hunter without a valid permit, hunting license, and habitat stamp.  Multiple violations were cited.

A CPO was working an evening shift in Bond Co. with an intern when they observed the vehicle in front of them driving erratically.  They followed the vehicle while the CPO recorded the incident with his in-car camera.  He made a  traffic stop on the vehicle and found the female driver to be highly intoxicated.  The driver refused all tests and was taken into custody.  When they arrived at the county jail, the CPO assisted her out of his squad.  Once out, the intern climbed out of the back seat.  The female subject looked at the intern and asked him when the CPO had picked him up.  She didn’t know he was in the vehicle while driving to the jail. 

A CPO was running radar in Frank Holten St. Park.  He stopped a vehicle for doing 26 mph in a posted 20 mph zone.  The driver was found to be wanted on two warrants from St. Clair Co.  The subject also had a suspended driver’s license.

A CPO and District Sergeant responded to a paddle boat theft from the Rend Lake Resort.  Three men took a paddle boat from the shore without permission, then paddled to the main lake.  The men were brought back to the resort.  The owner of the paddle boat did not want charges pressed because two of the men worked for the resort last summer.  Citations were issued to the three men for boating violations.  

A CPO assisted Saline County with a domestic violence call and a single vehicle accident.  

A CPO investigated a truck fire at Saline County FWA.  A camper started a generator in the bed of his truck after filling it with gas.  A fire started in the truck bed and spread until the truck was destroyed.  Equality FD was called to put the fire out. 

Region 5 conducted firearms training at Ten Mile Creek SFWA. 

A District Sergeant and CPOs were called out to assist the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department in searching for an overdue turkey hunter.  Officers and volunteers searched for the hunter from midnight until 3 p.m. when the 56 year old hunter was recovered. 

A CPO cited a non-resident turkey hunter for transporting an uncased loaded firearm in a vehicle. The CPO received the complaint about the subject road hunting turkeys the day prior and was able to locate him the next day.

A CPO cited three subjects for no fishing license and the driver of the vehicle for driving while suspended at Centralia Lake.


MAY 23, 2012

A District 7 CPO checked boats at Spoon Lake in Oak Run and found several minor violations.  Registration display violations were found on numerous boats.  Each boat operator was issued written warnings and explained the proper method to display their valid registration.  Two boats were found to have personal flotation device violations as they were leaving the dock.  One had failed to transfer the life jackets in their boat dock storage locker to the boat.  They were escorted back to shore and the operator was issued a written warning.  Another boat had a young child getting on his grandfather’s boat when the CPO pulled into the slip beside it.  Only adult size life jackets were on the boat.  The CPO loaned the boat operator a youth size PFD to enable them to go fishing.  Two subjects were issued written warnings for expired registration on their boat trailers.

A District 1 officer conducted boat safety inspections and fishing compliance checks on a private lake. The following violations were observed and documented with written warnings: unsecured battery, improper display of registration and fishing without fishing license in possession.

A District 1 officer conducted boat safety inspections and fishing compliance checks on pool 12 of the Mississippi River. The following violation was observed and documented with a written warning: unsecured battery.

A District 1 officer conducted boat safety inspections and commercial fishing compliance checks on pool 13 of the Mississippi River. The following violation was observed and documented with a written warning: unsecured battery.

A District 1 CPO conducted a boat patrol and ramp checks along the Rock River in Ogle, Lee and Whiteside Counties. Numerous boats and fishermen were checked and a total of four written warnings and one citation were issued for various safety equipment violations.

A CPO checked shore fisherman and completed watercraft safety inspections along the Rock River and area lakes in Winnebago County.  Violations detected and addressed included: unlawful fishing without fishing licenses, youthful operation of a motorboat, unlawful operation of a motorboat without a horn or whistle, unlawful operation of a motorboat with fire extinguisher not in serviceable condition, and improper use of registration - failure to transfer watercraft certificate of number.  
A District 1 CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal by boat.  The CPO inspected three fishermen along the bank and all were in violation for no fishing license.  They were cited for the violations. 

A CPO taught Illinois boating law at a boat safety class put on by the Corps of Engineers at the Lock and Dam # 14 Project Office.  Several boating and water related fatalities have already occurred this year, so extra time was given to talking about these situations and how they could have been prevented if the adults had been wearing a Personal Flotation Device/Life Jacket.

A CPO was on patrol at Old Green Valley Parkway along the Rock River in Moline IL.  Recent heavy rains have caused the river level to rise quite a bit and the current is swift and strong.  The CPO observed a family recreating near the water.  A young boy took his shirt off and entered the water with his pants on and no PFD.  The CPO immediately made contact with the family and politely had a talk with them about the multiple water related fatalities that have occurred in the district already this year.  The mother and father thanked the CPO for taking extra time to talk with them and making them realize it was a bad decision to allow their son in the water.

A CPO was checking fisherman along the Illinois River in Starved Rock State Park.  An individual saw the officer coming and left his fishing poles.  The individual’s friend stated that the fisherman went to the restroom.  The CPO finished checking other fishermen and came back 45 minutes later.  The fisherman had not returned.  The CPO seized the poles and waited another 15 minutes.  The fisherman returned and showed the officer his fishing license.  The CPO noticed that the license was purchased 15 minutes prior.  The fisherman was issued a citation for fishing without a license and evicted from the park. 

A District 6 officer was checking LaSalle Lake when he observed an eleven foot inflatable watercraft powered by an electric trolling motor coming into the boat ramp area. During a safety inspection the operator did have all the required safety equipment on board, but did not have the registration displayed. The officer explained why a gas motor is required and the dangers of operating a small watercraft on the lake. Two written warnings were issued.

A District 6 officer responded to a boat accident on the Illinois River near Seneca. A boat, drifting in the river, was struck by another boat that was going approximately 20 mph. The operator of boat that was underway, was distracted by one of the passengers and did not see the drifting boat in time to avoid a collision. Over $2000 in damage was sustained to the drifting boat, but none of the six people on board the boats received any injuries. Both operators of the boats have over 500 hours experience operating watercraft and alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

A District 7 Officer in Fulton County located a subject wanted on a battery warrant issued by Tazewell County.  Bond on the warrant was $619.  The subject was transported to Fulton County and was unable to post bond. 

A District 6 CPO while checking fishermen along the Rock River in Rockford made two separate illegal fishing cases:
In the first case, the CPO began watching fishermen who were fishing along the east bank of the river. In doing so, the CPO observed a Rockford woman who was illegally snagging. The woman would cast out, drop the rod tip and then begin jerking the rod sharply. She did this repeatedly. Upon making this observation, the CPO drove to the east side of the river and checked the woman and her creel. In her possession were several fish which displayed on their bodies evidence the fish had been snagged. The fish were seized and the woman was issued a citation for unlawful snagging.

In the second case, while checking fishermen along the Rock River in Rockford, the CPO discovered two Rockford men who were in possession of smallmouth bass during the closed season. Both men were issued citations for the above listed offense and the fish were released after being photographed.

A CPO completed foot patrols, UTV patrols and mountain bike patrols upon Rock Cut State Park trail system.  Patrol focused on State Park Administrative Rule Violation(s) in addition to providing a law enforcement presence off water/roadways in the park.

A CPO arrested an individual in the Starved Rock State Park Campground for possession of alcohol in a posted restricted area.

A District 1 CPO investigated a call of an incident in Ogle County where a turkey hunter shot at one turkey and killed two. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered the hunter was hunting without a valid permit as well as numerous other violations. A total of three citations and seven written warnings were issued and the two turkeys were seized.

A District 1 CPO assisted Ogle County with an ATV accident with injury. A subject was operating along the roadway and hit a dog. The subject was thrown from the ATV and knocked unconscious. After being treated by EMTs at the scene, the subject was released; receiving a citation and having his ATV towed.

A District 1 CPO appeared in Ogle County court on a case where a subject purchased his deer permits and hunting license after killing a small buck. The subject pled guilty and received three months supervision and fined $180.00.

A CPO seized two 3 1/2 foot American Alligators from a residence in Crystal Lake.  The alligators will be transported to a refuge in Florida.  The owner was cited for possessing a threatened/ endangered species without a permit.

A pheasant hunter who was arrested by a CPO for theft and taking an overlimit of pheasant from the Chain O' Lakes State park entered a negotiated guilty plea to the overlimit charge, paid $900.00 in restitution to the owner of the pheasant farm, and was banned from hunting in the park for one year.  An anonymous tip was called in stating the hunter was making his own tags to put on extra pheasants he killed in the park.  A District Sergeant and CPO set up surveillance on the hunter over a two month period, and eventually the hunter invited the CPO to hunt with him not knowing he was a CPO.  A system was put in place to detect the fake tags, and the hunter was apprehended during a game check point with four pheasants over the limit.  Records were seized from two years of hunting and additional pheasants were seized during a search of the hunter's residence.  The owner of the pheasant farm is going to use the restitution money to place extra pheasants in the field at no cost for the 2012 season. 

CPOs arrested a subject on Lake Marie for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams.

A CPO responded to a call from the Coast Guard concerning a boat that was beached along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.  He attempted to locate the boat by vehicle, but ended up hiking approximately two miles to reach the boat and two occupants. The boat had broken down and they had been there for approximately three hours trying to get help. The CPO transported them back to their campsite where they were going to make arrangements the next day to retrieve their boat.

CPOs cited three fisherman on the Fox River for unlawfully using a commercial device (cast net) within 300 yards of Algonquin Dam and no valid fishing license. 

A CPO arrested a subject at Des Plaines Lake for public indecency, obstructing identification, and operating an unnumbered watercraft.  The CPO observed the subject land his kayak on shore, then take his shorts off.  The subject was walking around completely naked while taking pictures.  When the CPO confronted the subject, he gave the CPO a false name and date of birth.      

A CPO found a subject in possession of an eight inch largemouth bass on Chain O' Lakes, which was set aside in a bucket away from the stringer of drum.  The fisherman said he got a ticket for the same violation the last three years in a row. 

A CPO found a fisherman with two 8 inch largemouth bass on Nippersink Lake.  The juvenile knew the fish were too short.  His father was issued one citation and one written warning. 

No Activity Reported.

A District Sergeant and CPO located a juvenile runaway at Pere Marquette State Park campground after receiving a tip from DCFS. The juvenile had been missing since April 3rd. 

A CPO attended a boat safety class in Adams County.

A CPO was in the Quincy area, when a dispatch came out of an armed robbery. At approximately 2:00 pm, members of a motorcycle gang drew a pistol on another motorcycle gang and committed a robbery in Quincy.  He observed what he suspected to be the offenders, turned around, and followed the five motorcycles for approximately 15 miles.  During this time, more information came out which led the CPO to believe he was in fact following the offenders.  One of the motorcycles then pulled into a gas station and got on his cell phone as the CPO continued to follow the other four, who later pulled into their clubhouse and went inside.  The CPO pulled across the street.  As the CPO approached, the fifth motorcycle pulled up to the club.  The CPO ordered the subject to the ground multiple times, but the subject did not follow any commands and then fled on his motorcycle at a high rate of speed.  Shortly after, three of the other riders came out of the clubhouse and were ordered to the ground.  The subjects eventually complied as the fourth rider emerged from the building.  The fourth subject refused to comply and then went behind the building before emerging on the opposite side.  After the CPO raised his rifle on the subject, he complied and went to the ground.  The CPO maintained the subjects in the prone position until backup arrived from county and Illinois State Police.  All four were taken into custody.  The victims were brought to the scene and positively identified the subjects.

A CPO cited a Louisiana man who obtained a resident turkey permit by using an Illinois address.  Conservation Officers from Louisiana issued the citation for the CPO. 

The Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) held a fishing tournament on Rend Lake.  District 14 CPOs worked the event and assisted several non PVA boaters in distress.  One broken down boat, another boat on the rocks, and a boat on fire were assisted.  A District Sergeant assisted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office with an overturned boat near the Ina boat ramp Sunday night after severe weather passed through.

A CPO spoke with approximately 75 Boy Scouts at Dolan Lake about fishing and boating safety. 

A detail conducted on the Wabash River by a District Sergeant and CPOs resulted in ten written warnings for boat equipment violations and three citations:
During one of the inspections the CPO noticed the subjects in the boat were drinking Busch Light beer.  A short time later multiple Busch Light beer cans floated past the boat.  The subjects claimed they did not throw any cans out.  The empty cans were retrieved and the lot numbers matched the cans in the violator's boat.  One citation and multiple warnings were issued.

Later during the detail, the officers approached a boat to conduct a safety inspection.  As soon as the occupants in the boat saw the officers, the driver switched places with one of the passengers.  The CPO conducted Field Sobriety Tests and the operator of the boat was arrested for OUI and blew .15.

A CPO wrote 14 written warnings and 6 citations at S.A. Forbes S.P.  On Saturday, he issued two citations for possessing alcohol on Forbes beach, one for driving while revoked, and two life jacket tickets.

On Sunday the 20th, a District Sergeant and CPO worked with another CPO at S.A. Forbes S.P.  One CPO issued one citation for a short fish, 11" bass.  A subject had been seen with alcohol on the beach.  The CPOs made contact with the group and found them in possession of alcohol on the beach.  A radio check revealed one of the subjects to be wanted on a warrant out of Clay County.  As the officers were waiting for transport, a CPO observed a subject pull into the parking lot and the passenger got out of the vehicle with an open can of beer. 

A CPO conducted a boat safety class in Effingham.

A District Sergeant responded to a boat that had sunk at Kinkaid Lake at the marina. The boat was unoccupied and had recently had the lower unit replaced.

District 16 CPO's attended inspection at Lake Murphysboro SP.

A CPO was called to take two falcons to a rehabber that had fallen from their nest in Alexander Co.

A CPO is investigating a trespassing complaint in Jackson Co. stemming from a trail camera.

A CPO assisted ISP 22 on a subject wanted for burglary. The CPO spotted the subject walking on a roadway and was able to take him into custody. He was transported to Jackson Co. where he was jailed.

Office of Law Enforcement
Weekly Activity Report
May 30, 2012

A District 7 CPO cited three subjects for not having life jackets while kayaking on the Mackinaw River.

A District 7 CPO conducted numerous boat inspections and fish enforcements at Banner Marsh Fish and Wildlife Area.  Written warnings were issued for boat equipment violations and one subject was arrested for an outstanding Peoria County warrant and taken to jail. 

While conducting a watercraft patrol on the Rock River in Winnebago County, CPOs came upon a 20 foot pontoon boat with an overcapacity of passengers, some of whom were sitting upon the upper rear decking over the stern, consuming alcoholic beverages.  The boat was stopped and the watercraft inspection further revealed the operator was not wearing the lanyard engine cut-off as required, the batteries were exposed, not covered and secured to the hull and the group was short three wearable life jackets.  By the time the CPOs completed documenting the above listed violations while floating down river with the pontoon, the group on the stopped vessel indicated they had reached their private pier/residence destination and unloaded.  The operator was not found to be O.U.I.

A District 1 officer conducted boat safety inspections and fishing compliance checks on a private lake in JoDaviess County. The following violations were observed and documented: operation of a motorboat without a horn or whistle, operation of a motorboat without a fire extinguisher in working condition, operation of a motorboat with unsecured/shielded battery, operation of a watercraft with improper display of registration, operation of a watercraft without required personal flotation devices and sport fishing without a valid sport fishing license in possession.

A District 1 officer conducted boat safety inspections and fishing compliance checks on a private lake in Carroll County. The following violations were observed and documented: operation of a motorboat without a horn or whistle, operation of a motorboat with unsecured/shielded battery, operation of a watercraft with improper display of registration, operation of a watercraft without required personal flotation devices and operation of an overloaded watercraft. One of the watercrafts had five occupants when it was rated for four and no personal flotation devices on board. The operator was issued multiple citations and given a mandatory court appearance.

A District 1 CPO conducted boat patrol on Rock River in Ogle County and checked various boaters and fisherman during the weekday patrol.  

A District 1 officer is investigating a personal injury horse riding accident which took place at Morrison Rockwood State Park.

A CPO stopped a truck at Starved Rock State Park for a seat belt violation in which there were two children in the bed of the truck.  The driver of the vehicle was found to have a suspended driver’s license for DUI.  The driver was also found to be DUI and had no valid insurance. The driver was arrested and later gave a breath sample of .110 BAC and was released on cash bond.  Possible felony charges and seizure of his vehicle are pending. 

District 1 Sergeant responded to a diesel spill in Rock Island County.  A fuel tank on a waste truck broke free and was drug down the road.  The tank leaked approximately 40 gallons of diesel fuel onto the roadway.  The fuel went into a storm drain and drainage ditch which leads to Mill Creek.  CPO’s will continue to monitor the area for contamination and environmental damage.

District 1 Sergeant arrested four subjects at the Hampton Dam on the Mississippi River for snagging game fish during a closed season.  One of the subjects was also cited for fishing without a sport fishing license. 

A District 6 CPO located a fisherman on the Fox River in possession of a smallmouth bass and a citation was issued. The officer then went to the Illinois River near Marseilles and located a fisherman with a 13 inch smallmouth bass in possession.  A citation was issued.

Two District 6 CPOs conducted a compliance check of four bank fishermen in the Starved Rock Nature Preserve and discovered alcohol with the fishermen.  Alcohol is not allowed in the nature preserve. The officers checked the area behind the fishermen and located three empty cans with the same lot number as the cans found on the bank. The fishermen were throwing their empty cans into the weeds. During the interview that followed, the officers determined that three fishermen had been drinking and two of them had thrown their empty cans in the nature preserve. Five citations were issued and two fishermen have mandatory court dates.

Two District 6 CPOs responded to a possible suicidal subject in the Sheffield area, possibly along the Hennepin Canal. Per the subject’s wife, he was at “Hennepin Lake” near Sheffield and had taken a large quantity of pills. County Sheriff’s deputies searched the canal parking lots while one CPO checked the canal towpath on ATV. The subject had been talking to his wife using his cell phone, so the other CPO had the State Police contact the subject’s cell phone provider. The provider was able to locate the cell phone in the Chicagoland area, approximately 90 miles east of Sheffield. The search was called off. The subject finally contacted his wife. 

Two District 7 CPOs assisted the Iowa DNR with a fatal boat accident in Henderson County.  The accident, which occurred on the Iowa side of the river, involved two boats occupied by twelve people.  Eight individuals were transported to the hospital.  One subject was life-flighted to Iowa City.  Four subjects died in the accident.  Illinois officers used side-scan sonar to help locate the individuals.  The four victims were recovered in approximately five hours.

While checking fishermen in Rock Island County, a CPO located a subject parked next to the Mississippi River.  The driver was found to be in possession of cannabis. 

While patrolling the Mississippi River, a CPO located a subject driving in Pool 17.   While approaching the boater, the driver attempted to hide a beer next to the driver’s seat.  The subject was later arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol. 

No Activity Reported.

A CPO and District Sergeant while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville, arrested a Martinton, IL. man for operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of .172, a Lexington, IL. man for operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of .218 and a Mahomet, IL. man for operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of .180.

CPOs worked together to make a case of a Thomasboro, IL. man taking twelve crappie over the daily limit on Lake Shelbyville in Shelby Co.

A CPO, while on patrol at Charleston Lake in Coles Co., arrested two minors for possession of alcohol and a Charleston, IL. man for unlawful gift or sale of alcohol to a minor.

A District Sergeant responded to a TIP Complaint below the Lake Shelbyville Dam and discovered a Decatur man to be in possession of a 35" musky.  Subject was cited for failure to immediately release short fish.

A CPO cited a Mattoon, IL man for driving while license revoked in Cumberland Co. at Lake Mattoon.

CPOs, while on boat patrol on Mill Creek Lake in Clark Co. arrested a Robinson, IL. man for operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of .140.

A CPO investigated a single vessel boat accident where a Savoy, IL. man ran his boat aground on Lake Shelbyville during the night.  Shelby Co. Dive Team was called out to pick up the subject, who was later cited for careless operation of a watercraft.

A CPO arrested a Mokena, IL. man for driving under the influence of alcohol in Wolf Creek State Park.  Subject refused breath test and was transported to the Shelby Co. jail.

A CPO was called by the Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Office on a noise complaint in the Wolf Creek S.P. Horse Camp.  The CPO discovered several Arcola minors were consuming alcohol and cited four of them for consumption of alcohol and referred the four juveniles to the Shelby Co States Attorney.  The subject who rented the campsite was cited for violating quiet hours.

CPOs are investing two environmental complaints of unlawful burning in Shelby Co.  One CPO cited a Mode, IL. man for burning the contents of a mobile home he was paid to tear down.

A CPO arrested a Robinson, IL. man for violation of a sex offender in Lincoln Trail S.P. in Clark Co.

A District Sergeant drove up on a single motorcycle accident in Moultrie Co.  A Shelbyville man was unresponsive and had numerous injuries.  The Sergeant administered first aid until the Windsor Ambulance arrived and transported the subject to the hospital.  Moultrie Co. Sheriff’s Office handled the traffic accident report.

District 19 holiday weekend activity:  30 arrests and 27 written warnings.  Three OUI's at Clinton Lake, one criminal aggravated battery arrest at Mascoutin Beach, and two warrant arrests.

A CPO arrested a Dewitt County subject on a failure to appear arrest warrant.  The CPO  encountered this subject at the beginning of his shift and remembered that he was wanted on the warrant out of Dewitt County. 

While checking fisherman at the Clinton Lake Spillway, a CPO arrested a subject that was wanted on a warrant out of Woodford County. 

While on a patrol boat detail at Clinton Lake, CPOs arrested a Dewitt County subject for OUI.  The subject was found to have a BAC of .084.

While on a patrol boat detail at Clinton Lake, CPOs arrested a Logan County subject for OUI.  The subject was found to have a BAC of .084. 

While performing a ramp check of recreational boaters at Clinton Lake, a CPO arrested a subject for OUI.  At the time of contact the subject had a BAC of .082. 

A CPO handled a personal injury accident that occurred on Clinton Lake.  A female tuber was injured when she was thrown from the tube and the other passenger landed on her, injuring her back. 

A CPO handled a minor personal injury and property damage accident that occurred on Clinton Lake.  The wake of a large cabin cruiser caused pontoon boats to sustain damage when it passed their location.  The CPO is investigating and may issue citations to the operator. 

A District Sergeant arrested a Piatt County resident for aggravated battery.  These charges resulted from a fight that the subject was involved in at the Mascoutin Beach.  The Sergeant was close to the beach area when the fight started was able to round up all the parties involved and witnesses. 

A District Sergeant handled an incident at the Clinton Lake Marina.   While attempting to launch a boat, a boater’s Ford Expedition and boat trailer slid into Clinton Lake and became submerged.  The rear wheels began sliding on the algae covered ramp and the driver was unable to stop the slide.  The vehicle was removed by divers and a towing company. 

A District Sergeant responded to a medical emergency at Moraine View State Park.  An elderly subject was losing consciousness in the campground and was transported to a Bloomington hospital by LeRoy Ambulance. 

A CPO handled a missing adult complaint at Kickapoo State Park.  The subject went missing from a canoe trip on the middle fork.  At a certain point the group noticed that she was no longer with the group traveling downstream and they were unable to locate her.  The CPO and the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office began searching for the subject.  She was found later in the day. 

CPOs located a highly intoxicated suicidal subject near the Higgins bridge access.  The subject’s family was located and he was released to their custody. 

A CPO assisted Vermilion County on a complaint of a DUI subject that had lost control of their vehicle and ran through a tent camp area at Kickapoo State Park, striking a tree.  The driver was arrested for DUI and received additional citations. 

CPOs responded to a boat accident on the Illinois River at the Browning boat ramp. The boat exploded shortly after leaving the ramp, leaving one passenger with burns to her back.

A CPO was patrolling Fall Creek, when he observed a subject in the closed area. The subject provided the CPO with a false name and fled the area on foot. The CPO was able to obtain the identity of the subject and located him at his residence. The subject was arrested for being in a closed area and for providing false identification.

A District Sergeant and CPO were on boat patrol on the Mississippi River near Grafton, when they observed a personal watercraft being operated after sunset. During the stop, they observed the passenger was bleeding. They had hit a sandbar and were ejected from the watercraft. They refused medical attention. The operator appeared to be under the influence. The operator failed field sobriety tests and had a BAC of .082. During the observation, the operator wanted medical attention.  Both the operator and passenger were transported to St. Anthony's Hospital in Alton where they were treated and released.

A District Sergeant observed a vehicle at the Grafton boat ramp being towed from the ramp with the boat not on the trailer properly. The driver had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, as well as all the passengers. The driver failed field sobriety testing, recording a BAC of .208. 

While conducting a boat inspection at Sailboat Harbor, a CPO noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on the operator.  The operator failed all field sobriety testing.  He was arrested for OUI and registered .12% on the RBTIV. 

CPOs were on boat patrol on Rend Lake.  One CPO arrested an operator for OUI.  The operator refused the required testing.  

CPOs conducted a boat patrol on Rend Lake.  A CPO arrested a boat operator for OUI.  The subject registered a .19 on the RBTIV. 

A CPO notified another CPO, the land officer, of a car leaving the North Marcum area of Rend Lake with two highly intoxicated occupants.  The CPO observed the vehicle speeding and stopped it.  The female driver was intoxicated and arrested for DUI.  She refused testing at the Franklin County Jail.  

A CPO and District Sergeant conducted a boat patrol on the Ohio River.  The CPO arrested the operator of a pontoon boat for OUI.  He registered .15 on the RBTIV.   

A CPO arrested a subject on Forbes Lake in Marion County after with a BAC of .13.

A CPO arrested a subject on the Wabash River in Lawrence County with a BAC of .12

A CPO arrested a subject on Vandalia Lake with a BAC of .08.

CPOs received a call of a missing child at S.A. Forbes State Park.  The officers arrived and were able to locate the child.

A District Sergeant cited two subjects for possessing alcohol in the restricted beach area at Forbes Lake.

A CPO stopped a local man for speeding after sunset on Kinkaid Lake.  While conducting a safety inspection, a strong odor of alcohol was noticed.  After field sobriety tests, the man was arrested for OUI and transported to the local county jail. 

CPOs held a TV interview on WSIL Channel 3 news concerning the holiday weekend.  Boating safety and OUI's were discussed.

CPOs conducted boat patrols at Crab Orchard and Lake of Egypt over the Memorial Day weekend. Several boat violations were cited and one operator was arrested for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. Several boats were also assisted after breaking down on the water.

CPOs conducted boat patrols at Lake of Egypt over the Memorial Day weekend. Several citations and written warnings were issued.

A CPO began an administrative assigned investigation involving a Williamson County subject for violations of deer and turkey hunting.

A CPO is investigating a boat title case in Williamson County.

A CPO arrested three individuals at Kinkaid Spillway for possession of alcohol in a restricted area.

A CPO is investigating a complaint that originated off a Facebook page.  A DuQuoin man purchased two raccoon off Craig’s List and attempted to sell them off his girlfriends Facebook website. Charges are pending.

A CPO arrested a local man for OUI at Lake of Egypt. His BAC was in excess of .09, and was processed and bonded at Williamson Co.

A CPO and District Sergeant responded to a hurt swimmer at Kinkaid Lake. The swimmer had jumped from a cliff in excess of 60 feet high. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for a broken neck.