October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
Weekly Activity Report
June 6, 2012

While on water patrol, CPOs found three subjects floating in a boat which had broken down.  The subjects were towed to a ramp by the CPOs.  While towing the subjects, it was found that they did not have PFDs or any other safety equipment on board.  They were issued the appropriate citation.

District 1 CPOs patrolled the Mississippi River in Pool 16.  The CPOs inspected nearly 20 watercrafts and various violations were found including no battery covers, fire extinguishers, and PFD violations.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.  The CPOs were also requested to tow in an inoperable PWC.  The operator had just picked it up from the repair shop and after launching it, a hose was found to be detached and the PWC was taking on water when under power.
A District 7 CPO checked boats on Lake McMaster at Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area.  One boat was found to have a dry rotted Type IV PFD and a battery which was not secured, nor the terminals shielded.  He was issued written warnings for the violations.  Another boat with four persons on board was found to have no PFDs.  The boat operator was issued a citation for operation of a watercraft without personal flotation devices.

A District 7 CPO conducted boat patrols on the Illinois River around the Peoria area during the Memorial Day weekend. Numerous boat checks were made and enforcement action was taken. One OUI arrest was made on an intoxicated boat operator who blew a .19%.

A District 7 CPO conducted sport fishing checks by boat at Banner Marsh State Fish and Wildlife area.  Multiple boats were checked with only minor violations noted.

A District 1 CPO responded to call on a hit and run boat collision. A Savanna woman was arrested after the pontoon boat she was operating collided with an unoccupied boat when leaving a sand bar on pool 13 of the Mississippi River. The investigation resulted in the woman being issued the following tickets: unlawful operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol, unlawful operation of a watercraft with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or greater (.204), careless operation of a watercraft and failure to render aid or provide information after a collision. The woman was fingerprinted, given a mandatory court appearance and released after posting $200 bail.

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint of a man cutting live trees behind his campsite at Apple River Canyon State Park. A Chicago man was issued a warning for cutting trees within a state park. The same man was also issued a written warning for allowing a minor to possess a BB gun in a state park.

While patrolling the Mississippi River, a CPO located a subject driving in circles on Pool 17.  Approaching the boater, he claimed to have drank only two beers.  The subject was later arrested for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol and for being wanted on a warrant.

Patrolling Black Hawk State Historic Site, a CPO located a group of subjects in a restricted area after hours.  Checking the subjects, one was found to be a missing/runaway juvenile.  The parents were contacted and juvenile returned.    

A District 1 CPO arrested a Sterling man at Harry Oppold Marina on the Rock River for two counts of operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol and one count of reckless operation of a watercraft.  This occurred after an investigation revealed that the subject crashed a v-bottom aluminum fishing boat into the stern of a ski boat that was beached at a sandbar.  One passenger of the v-bottom boat was ejected on impact, but was not injured.  A boat accident report was completed.

While in marked uniform patrol in Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County, a CPO observed a Chevrolet S-10 pickup containing thirteen passengers, three of whom were under age 13 not in seat belts, riding in the rear bed of the truck.  The stop revealed a 4 yr. old, a 9 yr. old, and a 12 yr. old were among the group riding in the rear bed while the truck drove down the park road.  Violations of too many passengers in a motor vehicle and seat belt/child restraint were addressed with the driver.   

District 6 CPOs conducted a fatal boat accident investigation on the Rock River in Winnebago County. Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police requested the assistance of IDNR’s sonar boat to attempt to locate the body of the missing boater, who was believed to have been lost overboard during the accident. The CPO utilized side-scan sonar equipment to locate and direct Rockford Fire Department Divers to the victim.  CPOs located what was believed to be the body of the missing boater. Rockford Fire Department divers recovered the body of the missing boater. This case remains under investigation. Agencies involved in this case are the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department, IDNR Conservation Police and the Rockford Fire Department.

A CPO made an arrest of a male subject on the Illinois River for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol.  The arrest was made at the Allen Park Boat Ramp in Ottawa shortly after 9:30 pm. 

A CPO in Henderson County arrested a subject for unlawful dumping in a state area.  A female subject had dumped eight bags of dirty diapers at Gladstone Lake.  The subject was cited and ordered to remove the trash from the site.

CPOs responded to a drowning at Illinois Beach State Park on Memorial Day in which a 20 year old male drowned after attempting to retrieve a raft on Lake Michigan.  The subject could not reach the raft, turned back to shore, but could not make it.  He was pulled from the water by people on the beach. Beach Park Fire and Rescue were on scene but were not able to revive him.

CPOs, along with Lake County Sheriff's deputies, searched for a missing three year old child at Illinois Beach State Park on Memorial Day.  A park employee located the child on the other side of the beachfront approximately 20 minutes after he went missing.

CPOs responded to assist the Lake County Sheriff's Marine Patrol on a serious personal injury accident on Pistakee Lake.  The operator of a Glastron boat struck a pontoon boat and a passenger on the boat while attempting to get up on plane.  The victim was transported to Condell Medical Hospital in Libertyville with five broken ribs, a broken leg, fractured pelvis, a lacerated spleen, and lacerations on her face.  She is now in fair condition.  The operator of the Glastron boat was arrested by the Lake County Sheriff's Office for careless operation and OUI.

CPOs arrested a subject on Nippersink Lake for operating a watercraft while under the influence alcohol/drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, improper passenger location, and operating without lights after sunset.  The operator provided a urine sample and his BAC was .151.

CPOs arrested a subject on Pistakee Lake for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol and no Fox Waterway user sticker.  The operator’s BAC was .111.

A CPO cited a subject for possession of two undersized largemouth bass.  The subject received two citations for the bass and a written warning for failure to obtain a non-resident fishing license.

A CPO responded to a boat on fire on Crooked Lake.  The fire was extinguished by the fire department after it drifted across the lake unoccupied.  A witness assisted in locating the operator, who was already back at his residence, uninjured.  The operator said his boat stalled out and caught fire as he was trying to restart it.  He used two fire extinguishers without success, then jumped overboard and swam to shore.  He said he didn't know how to swim, but somehow made it to shore.  The boat burned down completely to the hull.

A subject cited for unlawful use of lights from a vehicle pled guilty and was fined $271.

A CPO arrested a fisherman at the McHenry Dam for failure to immediately release a 21" Northern Pike.

CPOs cited a subject fishing on Nippersink Lake for failure to immediately release a 22 1/2" walleye. 

A CPO arrested a subject fishing at the Algonquin dam for failure to immediately release an 18" smallmouth bass and no valid fishing license.

A CPO arrested a subject at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for DUI and driving while revoked.  The subject blew a 0.182 on the RBTIV and was also wanted on a $5,000 outstanding Boone County warrant for failure to appear for driving while revoked.

CPOs arrested a subject on Grass Lake, Chain O' Lakes, for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  The subject blew a 0.144 on the RBTIV.  A passenger on the boat was subsequently arrested for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.

CPOs cited two fishermen on Petite Lake for failure to immediately release an eight inch Largemouth Bass and an eleven inch Walleye.

CPOs, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville, arrested a Teutopolis resident for Operating a Watercraft Under the Influence of Alcohol in Shelby County with a BAC of .107.

A CPO checked a Paris man and juvenile fishing Mill Creek and cited the Paris man for fishing without a license.  The juvenile stated he was 15 years old and did not require a license.  The CPO discovered the juvenile lied to him about his age.  The CPO drove to their residence in Edgar County and saw numerous untagged deer skulls with antlers.  Upon questioning, the Paris man stated he found all the deer skulls, but did not request incidental kill tags.  The CPO seized the deer heads and cited the man in Edgar County for Unlawful Possession of Untagged Whitetail Deer.

A CPO cited a Nokomis man for Pollution of a Waterway in Shelby Co near Oconnee, IL.

A CPO cited three Champaign men for being over limit on Crappie on Lake Shelbyville.

A CPO observed a vehicle driving on the shoulder of the road. After stopping the vehicle, the driver appeared to be under the influence. The driver failed the field sobriety test, but passed the portable breath test. The driver was taken to the hospital for a blood and urine sample. The subject admitted to taking Xanex and Methadone.

A CPO stopped a vehicle for illegal lane usage.  After stopping the vehicle, the driver appeared to be under the influence. The driver failed field sobriety test. The driver stated he was on multiple prescription drugs for various medical conditions.  The driver was taken to the hospital for a blood and urine sample.

CPOs stopped a vehicle in Pike County. The driver was suspended and wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Adams County.

CPOs patrolled the Mississippi River during the Fishing for Freedom Event in Quincy.

A District Sergeant attended the red tag draw at the Mississippi River Area.

A CPO stopped a boat on Kinkaid Lake for being overloaded and later arrested the operator for OUI.  In court, the OUI charges were dismissed and the subject paid $1000.00 in fines and costs for overloading a motorboat.

A CPO cited a Metropolis subject for fishing the Ohio River without a fishing license.  He stated he bought a license about a month earlier, but no transaction could be found on POS.

A CPO issued a DuQuoin man a citation for unlawful possession of a furbearing animal without a permit. The violation originated from the man trying to sell a raccoon on Facebook. 

An OUI detail was held on Saturday at Lake of Egypt. Due to the cold weather and conditions, boater turnout was poor.

A CPO issued a citation to a man who was trolling on Lake of Egypt and had two girls under 13 without PFD's dangling their feet off the front of the boat.

A District Sergeant responded to two men fishing without permission on a private pond. The land owner requested the two men be issued written warnings for the offense.

Office of Law Enforcement
Weekly Activity Report
June 13, 2012

A District 6 CPO located a fisherman on the Illinois River in possession of a 12 1/2” sauger.  A citation was issued.

The District 6 Sergeant and a CPO located four individuals bank fishing on the Vermilion River. Behind the fishermen were clearly posted “No Trespassing” signs. As the Sergeant was watching, one of the individuals tore down one of the “No Trespassing” signs. Seven citations were issued for Criminal Trespass, Criminal Damage, and Fishing License not in possession.

A District 6 CPO handled a motorcycle crash on Route 71 in Starved Rock State Park. The operator lost control as she approached what is known as Deadman’s Curve. She appeared to have only minor cuts and bruises, but was transported to a local hospital as a precaution. The operator was wearing a helmet and leather jacket. 

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint of a neighbor taking a rabbit out of season.  Two juveniles witnessed a neighbor shoot a rabbit in her garden.  An interview with the neighbor revealed the greyhound dog had first attacked the rabbit and she then fatally shot the rabbit with a BB gun.  She believed she was doing the right thing by not letting the rabbit suffer any longer.  The woman had a fence around her yard and the garden, but the rabbit was still able to get inside the yard.  The CPO discussed other options for rabbit repellant and the woman was educated about the rabbit season.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.   

A District 1 CPO conducted a boat patrol on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River. Boat safety, registration and fishing compliance checks were completed. One of the boats stopped had the following violations: insufficient personal flotation devices, unsecured/covered battery, no sounding device (battery or horn), failure to transfer watercraft registration within 15 days of purchase, improper display of registration and unserviceable fire extinguisher. Enforcement action was taken.

A District 1 CPO patrolled area state parks. After observing individuals fishing the Apple River within the boundaries of Apple River Canyon State Park, fishing compliance checks were conducted. Four Chicago area subjects were issued citations after they were found to be sport fishing without valid sport fishing licenses. One subject stated he couldn’t even catch fish because he wasn’t using bait. He was informed that lures, in this case a small spinner bait, do in fact catch fish and that a fishing license is required.

While on foot patrol at Black Hawk State Historic Site, a CPO located a group of subjects in one of the pavilions.  One of the subjects was arrested for the illegal possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.    

A CPO assisted a District Sergeant and another CPO with two motor vehicle accidents in, or around, Starved Rock State Park.

While at the Region I Office, a District Sergeant was assisting a subject with questions he had regarding the registration of his watercraft. During the conversation, it was noted the subject appeared very nervous. A check of the subject through ISP revealed the subject was wanted on a warrant for Failure To Appear- Obstructing Police. The subject was taken into custody, posted bond, and was released.

A District Sergeant attended the Moline Conservation Club Annual Fishing Derby. There were 190 kids and parents in attendance. The Sergeant answered conservation questions, assisted in baiting hooks, removing fish, untangled lines, provided casting lessons, and monitored the area for littering.

A CPO assisted the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department in the search and recovery of a drowning victim in Lake Thunderbird.  The CPO utilized side-scan sonar equipment to assist the recovery.

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a call about a boat in distress on the Mississippi River.  The officer located the stranded vessel floating in the channel north of Oquawka.  The boat was pulled to safety.  Further inspection revealed the boat had completely sheared off the lower unit of the motor. 

District 1 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on Pool 14 of the Mississippi River.  Several written warnings were issued for various boating violations, and the appropriate enforcement action was taken on an Iowa fisherman for running trotlines with hooks in excess of fifty on Illinois Waters.  Also during the boat patrol, a Maywood man was cited for being in possession of an illegal undersized Largemouth Bass on Cattail Slough. 

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department was investigating a missing person along the Rock River.  Witnesses reported last seeing the man operating his boat which was later found run up on shore near a public bike path.  After an unsuccessful two day search, CPOs were requested to assist in the search of the missing man using side scan sonar from one of the department’s jon boats.  Within two hours, CPOs located the body of the missing man at the bottom of the Rock River.  Using GPS on the sonar unit and buoys to mark the specific location for divers, the Rockford Fire Department was able to successfully recover the body of the missing man on their first dive attempt.  The incident became a reportable fatal boat accident reported by the department.

While on boat patrol on the Rock River in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO observed a pontoon boat underway with several children under the age of 13, not wearing PFDs. The boat was stopped and a safety inspection was completed. The operator was informed about PFD requirements and other safety equipment regulations. The operator was issued one citation and two written warnings for his violations.

A District 1 CPO is investigating a personal injury hit and run boat accident which occurred on the Rock River in Ogle County.

A District 1 CPO was on his way home from a boat patrol on the Rock River when the CPO received a call from ISP District 7 to respond to the Port Byron, IL., boat launch on the Mississippi River for a river rescue.  The information given to the CPO was that a Port Byron man who was intoxicated and possibly suicidal, had left Jimmy Lee’s bar in downtown Port Byron, walked over to the river, took his clothes off and jumped in.  The CPO launched his boat and began a search for the missing Port Byron man.  The subject was located a short time later at the Le Claire, Iowa boat launch area.  The subject stated he intentionally swam across the river to win a bet he made in the bar.  Le Claire, Iowa Police arrested the subject on a “Public Intoxication” charge and he was taken to jail. 

A District 6 CPO located a fisherman on the Fox River in possession of a 32 inch muskie.  The fisherman did not know what type of fish he caught, but because it was so long he thought it would be legal. A citation was issued.

A District 6 CPO was patrolling Illini State Park when he observed two individuals in possession of alcohol.  The officer requested identification from both individuals.  One individual stated he did not have identification on him, so the officer asked for his name and date of birth. There was no record of the individual using the information he gave the officer. But a similar person was wanted on a warrant out of Cook County for a parole violation. The physical description matched the individual. When asked, the individual stated it was his twin brother. Through further questioning and research the officer determined the individual was lying about his identity. On the way to the jail the individual admitted he was the person wanted on the warrant. He was charge for obstruction of a peace officer.

Two District 6 officers were on boat patrol on the Illinois River when they observed a jet ski spraying two individuals on an inner tube. The operator went towards the inner tube at a high rate of speed, then when he was approximately ten feet away from the inner tube he would turn away. The officers observed the operator do this same action two times. During questioning, the operator stated he had been boating for fifteen years and knew what he was doing. He was issued citations for Careless Operation of a Watercraft and No Wake Zone violation.

CPOs arrested the operator of a pontoon boat on Nippersink Lake for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  Her BAC was .133.

A CPO seized hydrocodone pills, cannabis, and drug paraphernalia from two juveniles at Illinois Beach State Park.  The juvenile with the pills could not produce a prescription and the pills were being carried in a plastic baggie which the juvenile attempted to conceal from the CPO.  The cases are being referred to Lake County Juvenile Intake.

A CPO cited a fisherman for failure to release a smallmouth bass during closed season and two fishermen for failing to release three largemouth bass under the required size limit.

CPOs, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville near Lithia Springs, in Shelby County, arrested two Beecher City subjects and one Herrick subject for Unlawful Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor.

A CPO cited a Chrisman, IL, man for Unlawful Entry into a closed area for climbing onto a closed and barricaded courtesy dock in Wolf Creek State Park.

A CPO assisted Piatt and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office searching the Kaskaskia River in Douglas County for a missing runaway Piatt County youth.  The youth was located the next day at a campsite along the river by Dive/Search Team using kayaks in the shallow water and was returned to his parents. 

CPOs stopped a pontoon boat attempting to come up on plane in a no wake area. After stopping the boat they noticed the operator had been drinking.  During the inspection, the CPO asked for his whistle and the operator gave him the fire extinguisher.   After FST's he was found to be OUI and blew a .113 BAC.

No Activity Reported.

CPOs received a complaint of persons fishing without permission on Peabody Coal ground in Saline County.  They located the subjects and issued four fishing citations and four boating citations.

A CPO finished an administrative investigation in Franklin County.  A man was cited for unlawful take of a whitetail deer during the closed season and issued a warning for a second violation. 

While walking the primitive camping area at Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, a CPO and District Sergeant found minors in the possession of, and consuming, alcohol.  Forty-nine cans of beer were dumped out and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPOs were on boat patrol at Rend Lake.  One CPO arrested a man for OUI, who registered .19.

A CPO investigated a grass fire at Sahara Woods.  Carrier Mills Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire.

A CPO and the District 14 Sergeant responded to a boat accident that occurred at Rend Lake.  A boat rammed the riprap near the entrance of the North Marcum Day use area, crossed the sidewalk and came to a stop in the grass.  The CPO cited the operator for careless operation of a watercraft, failure to notify a police agency of a property damage accident and not using the lanyard cut-off switch. 

JUNE 20, 2012

A District 1 CPO & Sergeant worked a boat patrol on Pool 16 of the Mississippi River.  During the patrol written warnings for miscellaneous equipment violations were issued.  A subject was also arrested for Operation of a Watercraft While under the Influence of Alcohol BAC above .08.

While on foot patrol in Lowden State Park, a District 1 CPO observed individuals at a campsite possessing alcohol in a restricted area.  After watching the subjects at the site for a few minutes, the CPO observed one of the campers doing a dance holding what appeared to be a bottle of alcohol.  As the subject was dancing, the other campers instructed him to bring the vodka back to the table.  The CPO entered the campsite and instructed the four subjects to place their hands on the table.  The CPO observed a grinding device full of cannabis and a glass cannabis pipe in front of one of the subjects.  The subject was arrested for possession of cannabis and paraphernalia and all subjects received citations for possession of alcohol in a restricted area.

District 1 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River in Ogle County.  During the patrol numerous boats were inspected and a total of eighteen violations were addressed with citations and written warnings.

Two District 6 CPOs, Region Captain, local police, fire, and water rescue units responded to a boat accident on a private pond.  The local police department received a 911 call of a boat accident with a subject missing.  One of the officers launched his sonar equipped boat to assist in the search.  An hour into the search, the body of the missing man was located.  The officers learned two men were fishing from a boat when it capsized.  The men tried to swim to shore where one was able to make it safely.  The other man disappeared under the water. There were no personal floatation devices on board the boat.

A District 6 CPO handled two vehicle accidents, both property damage only.  One involved a motorcycle at Starved Rock. The operator was not able to negotiate a curve, causing him to lose control.  The other involved a hit and run at Illini State Park boat ramp.  An individual returned to the ramp after a day on the river to find her vehicle had been struck on the driver’s side.

A District 6 CPO responded to a boat accident at LaSalle Lake.  The boat, with five individuals fishing while the boat was drifting, did not notice until it was too late that they had drifted dangerously close to a rock covered dike.  They were unable to get the motor started before they struck the dike.  All aboard were able to get to shore without incident and were able to save most of the items they had on board.  When the officer arrived, he saw all the items from the boat on shore and quickly determined that the boat was overloaded.  The boat was recovered by a local tow service.  One citation was issued for an overloaded watercraft and three written warning issued for equipment violations.

Two District 1 CPOs worked an OUI detail at the Lowden State Park boat launch near Oregon on the Rock River.  The first boat safety check revealed a mother holding an infant without a PFD on the infant as required by law.  The occupants of the boat tried to justify this action because the infant was being nursed.  The CPO advised the occupants the proper way to handle this situation was to pull onto a sand bar or dock while the PFD was off the infant.  No adults onboard were wearing a PFD.  The CPO brought to their attention in the event of an accident it would be almost impossible to save the infant’s life while trying to keep their own heads above water.  The child care provider should also have on a PFD so they are in a position to render aid to the child in the event of an accident.  A citation was issued to the boat operator for this violation.  Over twenty boat safety checks were completed at the ramp and from a patrol boat.  This detail resulted in two citations and seventeen written warnings being issued.  Two subjects were put through field sobriety testing but no OUI arrests were made.

A District 1 CPO was traveling westbound, west of Mt. Morris on Highway 64.  The CPO observed thick black smoke billowing from south of Highway 64 near Maryland Rd.  The smoke was so thick it was creating a hazard on the highway.  The CPO found a large fire burning at a farm.  The fire was near the farm buildings, diesel fuel tank, corn bins and the smoke was blowing toward the house.  It appeared somebody was home but despite repeated attempts knocking at the doors nobody came to the door.  The CPO had Polo Fire Department respond to the scene and put out the blaze.  A family member drove into the farmyard as the CPO was investigating the fire and went in the house and woke up the farmer and had him come outside.  It appeared the farmer was heavily intoxicated and he denied setting the fire.  The heavy smoke from the fire was due to multiple tires and shingles on fire.  A large tractor tire was on top of the pile on fire.  The Polo fire Department worked for over an hour to extinguish the blaze and used a bobcat to tear the pile apart and apply foam to burning tires and shingles.  This event remains under investigation.

A District 1 CPO was on patrol in Morrison Rockwood State Park when a male subject was observed driving into the lake parking lot area not wearing a seatbelt.  A traffic stop was conducted.  The driver and his passenger both had open Budweiser beer cans in the vehicle.  The driver was cited for not wearing a seatbelt, illegal transportation of alcohol and issued a written warning for not having his driver license on his person.  The passenger was cited for illegal transportation of alcohol.  The driver has a mandatory court appearance in Whiteside County Court in July, 2012.    

While conducting trail enforcement at Illinois Canyon at Starved Rock Stated Park, a CPO found eight juveniles in a restricted area swimming.  The juveniles were escorted from the area. With assistance of another CPO, their parents were called and they came to the Starved Rock Office to get them.  The dangers of the area were explained to the parents.

A Galesburg paper delivery boy, after observing numerous rabbits along his route, decided to invite some friends to shoot them with a pellet gun as the papers were delivered.  As one friend drove, the other rode in the pick-up bed shooting rabbits along the streets.  Upon stopping at an area gas station, the attendant observed blood on the clothing of the subjects as they bragged about shooting rabbits as the papers were being delivered.  The attendant called Galesburg Police Dept, and a unit stopped the suspect vehicle a short time later.  The officers found several pellet guns and eight dead rabbits in the truck.  Citations were issued to the shooter for unlawful taking of rabbits during a closed season.  He was also arrested for Unlawful Use of Weapons.  The driver’s pick-up truck, the rabbits, and the weapons were seized as evidence.  Follow-up investigation by the local CPO resulted in the paper boy being issued a citation for unlawful taking of rabbits during the closed season (Contributing to illegal activity), since he initiated the plan and assisted in recovering the animals after they were shot.  The driver was issued written warnings for being an accessory to hunting without a license, transporting an uncased gun, hunting without permission, and unlawful taking of rabbits during a closed season.  He will be required to pay a $500 impound fee to recover his 1987 pick-up from the city.

A District 7 CPO assisted Knox County Sheriff’s Department and the Illinois State Police with a battery that occurred on the Spoon River near London Mills.  While consuming large quantities of alcohol, two parties of tubers began arguing and a battery occurred.  The victim called 911, claiming the offender had a handgun and that a pregnant woman had been assaulted by several male subjects.  Several law enforcement agencies responded.  Due to the heavy alcohol consumption of the victim, a suspect could not be identified.  Two subjects, one from each group, were arrested on Failure to Appear Warrants.

A District 6 CPO, while running radar at Rock Cut State Park, stopped a car for speeding. During the traffic stop, the CPO determined the driver of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license. Additionally, there were two children, who were not in child restraint seats, and the driver was in possession of a suspended driver’s license. A valid driver was called to the scene and required to bring child restraint seats with them. Upon securing the children in proper child restraint seats and verifying a valid driver was on-scene, the CPO released the car and children to the valid driver. The suspended driver was arrested and charged with driving while suspended, speeding, child restraint violation and unlawful possession of a suspended driver’s license

A CPO responded to a call for assistance with a suspicious subject in Mercer County.  During the course of investigation, the CPO confirmed the theft of multiple trophy deer heads/racks.  The trophy heads/racks were recovered at the scene.  Arrested at the scene by Mercer County Sheriff’s Police, the suspicious subject was wanted on two felony warrants and was found to be in possession of over 75 stolen items.  The suspect was also linked to burglaries in nine Illinois and two Missouri counties.  Multiple charges are pending.

During a patrol on Mississippi River Pool 16, a CPO arrested a subject for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol.  The subject submitted a breath sample in excess of .08.

While on foot patrol at Black Hawk State Historic Site, a CPO arrested a subject for the illegal possession of cannabis.    

No Activity Reported.

A CPO cited a Sullivan man for Selling a Watercraft without Certificate of Title.

A CPO cited a Mattoon woman for Unlawful Entry into a Restricted Area, climbing over barricades onto a closed dock at Wolf Creek SP.

CPOs were on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville and arrested a Shelbyville man for Unlawful Possession of Less than 2.5 Grams of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia.

CPOs responded to a boat accident on the Illinois River in Pike County.  A personal watercraft struck a sandbar. The operator and a passenger were thrown off.  Both subjects were taken to Passavant Hospital in Jacksonville.  The operator was arrested for operating a watercraft under the influence.

A CPO was checking fishing license north of Quincy, when he checked an individual without a license.  The individual was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.

CPOs worked the Free Fishing Days Event at Pere Marquette State Park.  Approximately 2000 children signed up for the event.

A CPO attended a hunter safety classes in Adams County.

A CPO attended a boat safety class in Adams County.

District CPOs completed two administrative investigations.  Individuals were cited for unlawful taking of a deer in a county closed during the antlerless only deer season and unlawful take of deer without a permit.  Another violation discovered was unlawful use of another's permit.

While working the Wabash River, a CPO arrested subject on a Douglas County warrant.

A District Sergeant and CPOs worked a boat patrol on Forbes Lake.  A boat safety inspection was conducted on a pontoon boat operated by a man and his fiancé.  Field sobriety tests were conducted on the male operator.  The subject had been drinking but was not over the limit.  The next day, CPOs were back on Forbes Lake and checked the same pontoon boat.  This time the female was operating the boat and was arrested for OUI with a BAC of .11.

A CPO concluded an administrative investigation that resulted in three arrests in Missouri for hunters claiming residency in Illinois.

A CPO arrested a Union County man for unlawfully digging ginseng from a state site. He was arrested and bonded in Union County.

A CPO is investigating a Seadoo PWC accident where it struck a submerged object, causing damage to the vessel.

A District Sergeant used sonar to search for stolen guns in the Mississippi River. The guns were not found and the suspect later stated he lied about where he actually threw them.

A CPO investigated a Saline County man for making false application for free land owner deer permits.  The man is the son of the land owner and had moved out of his father’s residence to another home his father owns.  The subject was issued a written warning for the violation.

A CPO is investigating a subject in Williamson County for obtaining a free landowners permit on his father's property in Jackson County.

A CPO conducted two boat registration and title investigations in Williamson County.

A CPO responded to a complaint of a subject guiding fisherman on Crab Orchard US Fish & Wildlife Refuge. The complaint was unfounded.

CPOs conducted boat patrols on Kinkaid Lake and Lake of Egypt.

A CPO was checking fishermen along the Ohio River when he came across two fisherman way out on a sand bar point.  The first man said he had a license, but did not have it with him.  After a little bit of talking, he finally admitted that he did not have one.  The other man looked in his wallet and finally said he didn't have a license either.  Citations were issued.

A CPO was checking fishermen at Mermet Lake when he came across two subjects with six poles/lines in the water.  When asked for fishing licenses, one man said he wasn't fishing.  The CPO explained that he had been watching them before he approached and the man admitted that he had cast the line out a few times.  While running the subject's info, the CPO was notified that the man had an arrest warrant from Franklin, Williamson and Saline Counties.  Citations were issued and the man was taken to jail in Metropolis.

CPOs worked boating enforcement at Kinkaid Lake and Lake of Egypt, noting several warnings and public assistance for stranded boaters.

A District Sergeant and CPOs attended the visitation and funeral of retired Conservation Police Officer Peter Clark in Cairo as the Honor Guard with a CPO playing Taps at the funeral.

A CPO concluded an administrative investigation of out of state hunters that were getting false tags. The investigation resulted into seventeen charges that were filed in Union County for various wildlife violations.

A CPO had a disposition on a case in Alexander County.  The case was made during a wildlife checkpoint in 2010 during firearm deer season.  It was determined at the checkpoint that subject had been falsifying application documents to obtain resident deer permits and hunting licenses.  He had moved to Florida several years prior, but continued to use his old Illinois address.  The subject was convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor and paid a $2500.00 fine.

A CPO completed a property damage only boat accident report.  The accident occurred on Kinkaid Lake when the boat operator, who was not familiar with the lake, operated his twenty foot Seadoo jet boat into a stump field.  The boat struck one, or more, stumps.  A large hole was punched into the bottom of the hull and a piece of wood was forced into the impeller of the port engine.  None of the seven passengers were hurt.  The low water conditions on the lake were noted as a contributing factor in this accident.