October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
February 1, 2012

A CPO arrested two men who ran down a Canada Geese in a farm field using a golf cart while shooting and killing it with a loaded/uncased pump shotgun.  He received a complaint call and was within 10 miles of the incident and was able to catch the men still in the field disposing of the goose. 
Although the quality of the ice in Knox County has been very poor.  A CPO checked several ice fishermen the past week on area lakes.  Two weeks ago an ice fisherman drowned on a private lake of an area sportsman club after falling through thin ice.  Two fishermen were checked on Lake Storey within 100 feet of open water occupied by hundreds of Canada geese.   Both had spent the night fishing for crappie and had about 25 fish each.  Unfortunately for one of the two, he was fishing without purchasing a fishing license.  He was unable to purchase a license, because his status is revoked for being delinquent on his child support payments.  He was issued a citation for fishing without a valid fishing license.

A CPO received a complaint of criminal damage to private property.  A heavy equipment operator had destroyed several acres of habitat along Court Creek in Knox County.  The landowner discovered a bulldozer and backhoe still parked on a neighboring property.  Investigation is pending with the assistance of the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. 

A CPO checked coyote hunters, patrolled multiple State Parks and checked ice fisherman over the past week.  No violations were detected and no accidents were reported.

A CPO is investigating a trespass to land by ATV’s from a complaint on the Bureau and Lee County borders. There may also be hunting violations involved.

A District 1 CPO assisted the Illinois State Police and Henry County Sheriff’s Department with a suicidal subject.  The CPO was the first officer on scene.  The emotionally distraught woman refused to voluntarily go to the hospital for a mental evaluation, however this was the second time that day the woman had contact with the police regarding separate suicidal threats made to second parties.  The woman had a history of suicide attempts.  She was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation.   

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a Tips complaint.  The officer located a poached deer in a field.  Two subjects witnessed a subject exiting their property.  They confronted the individual and recognized the subject.  The man eventually fled the scene when a partner pulled up on the road.  Multiple charges are pending regarding the illegal taking of whitetail deer

A Region 1 Officer investigated a snowmobile crash that occurred in Stephenson County.

A CPO observed an oncoming SUV cross the snow covered road in front of him (narrowly missing a car) and end up in the ditch.  Upon approaching the individual, the CPO observed he had blood shot and glossy eyes.  A Budweiser beer was sitting next to him in the passenger seat and an open Budweiser beer was on the floor behind him.  The male staggered out of his vehicle leaving it in gear.  The CPO administered field sobriety tests to the male.  The male was arrested for DUI.  The male had just been placed on supervision for a prior DUI charge in 2011.  The male was also wanted on a warrant for failure to appear on a DUI charge in Oklahoma.  He was taken to the county jail.

Following up on a complaint, a CPO interviewed two suspected deer poachers.  Completing the interviews, one hunter admitted to taking three bucks during the 2011-2012 hunting season.  The hunter also admitted to having his wife purchase tags for him to use and purchasing tags for others to use.   The second hunter also partook of using other hunter’s deer tags.  Four citations and six warnings were issued to the group.   

A District 1 Officer is investigating coyote hunting within 300 yds of a dwelling complaint in Stephenson County.            

Nothing reported

A CPO arrested a Livingston County man for the unlawful taking of a whitetail deer.  This investigation resulted in one citation and several written warnings for deer hunting violations.  This investigation was a result of inconsistencies found in the Point of Sale program. 

A CPO continues to investigate the unlawful taking of whitetail deer in Mclean County.  The CPO received information on the illegal taking of a whitetail deer in Mclean County.  Researching Point Of Sale records and interviewing witnesses has led to the charging of a Mclean County subject for unlawful take of a whitetail deer, failure to report harvest of whitetail deer, and failure to tag whitetail deer. 

CPOs arrested a Dewitt County man believed to be involved in the unlawful killing of 7 whitetail deer back in February of 2010.  Another Dewitt County subject believed to be involved was indicted on similar charges previously.  This subject was charged with one-count criminal trespass to property, seven counts hunting without permission, seven counts animal torture, seven counts hunting by use or aid of a vehicle, seven counts shining, seven animal harassment by use of a motor vehicle, seven counts unlawful taking of a whitetail deer, seven counts unlawful taking of a whitetail deer out of season, seven counts hunting after hours. 

A CPO arrested two Dewitt County juveniles for numerous traffic violations and drug charges.  The CPO encountered the subjects in their truck at Valley Mill access at Clinton Lake.  The subjects were in their vehicle and parked in a handicap parking area.  When the CPO walked up to the vehicle he observed the subjects with drugs.  When he ordered the subjects out of the vehicle the driver left the vehicle in gear and it rammed the front of the CPO’s squad.  The subjects were also found to be involved in some other ongoing criminal cases in Dewitt County. 

A CPO arrested a Vermilion County subject for unlawfully taking a whitetail deer.  This investigation stemmed from a Point of Sale case that was assigned to him. 

CPOs are investigating a Shelby County boat dealer for registration and title violations.

CPOs arranged to meet with a Herrick man regarding an assigned Point of Sale investigation.  Upon meeting with the subject, he admitted to shooting a deer he did not have a tag for and transporting it home.   The subject bought a tag for the deer the day after he shot it and then checked it in.  He was given citations for hunting with no valid deer permit and failure to tag upon kill.  The subject also drove a vehicle to meet the CPOs on a suspended license and no insurance.  He was given citations for both of those traffic violations as well.

CPOs were assigned several Point of Sale investigations in Marshall, Edgar and Clark Counties.  The investigations resulted in three subjects being issued citations for failing to immediately tag deer upon kill. 

CPOs received a complaint from a subject in Clark County in reference to someone shooting in a subdivision and not wearing blaze orange.  The subject was identified and issued citations for shooting too close to a residence and failure to wear blaze orange.  

While following up on a Point Of Sale investigation, CPOs found a subject who had shot a 9 pt buck and had his wife tag the deer.  The wife did not have a license or permit when the deer was shot.  It was discovered the subject had landowner permits but did not want to use them so he had his wife tag the deer he shot.  The Clark County subject was issued citations for unlawful taking of a deer, failure to immediately tag  and hunting without a valid permit (hunting on property he did not own with landowner only permit).  The subject’s wife was also issued a citation for being an accessory to unlawful taking of whitetail deer.  A 9 pt rack was seized as evidence.

CPOs issued a Clark County subject a citation for taking an antlered deer during the antlerless only season.  The investigation was part of an assigned Point of Sale detail.

A CPO discovered a Clark County subject hunting waterfowl without a hunting license, habitat stamp, state stamp and federal stamp.  The subject was issued a citation and released. 

A CPO cited a Shelbyville man and woman for pollution of waterway for dumping trash in a ditch along the Kaskaskia River.

Nothing reported.

CPOs investigated a shining complaint.  One subject was cited for shining wildlife, shooting from roadway and uncased gun in motor vehicle.

A CPO reported the disposition on three whitetail deer cases.  Two subjects paid $2,226.00 each, and one subject paid $960.00 in fines.

While conducting waterfowl enforcement in Williamson County, a CPO checked three hunters on a commercial waterfowl area.   After watching this group of hunters all morning the CPO stopped them just before they reached their trucks.  The three hunters had killed a limit of 6 Canada geese and 4 white-fronted geese.  This was the hunters’ most successful day of their season.  One of the Canada geese had a leg band on it.  The CPO asked this 51 year old hunter "how many of those did you get this year?"  The hunter replied with a big smile this was the first banded goose he had ever killed.  The hunters told the CPO that the fourth member of their party had slept-in not hunting on this day and he had the sign-in sheets for the club in his truck.  The CPO issued three written warnings for hunting on a commercial waterfowl area without signing in.  The hunters signed-in and recorded their kill later that afternoon. 

CPOs conducted a weekend detail in Burning Star #5 looking for subjects unlawfully fishing in this closed area.  The detail was initiated because of the nice January weather and the run-in the CPO had the prior week with subjects unlawfully fishing in this area.  As a result of this detail four subjects were apprehended in this area fishing without permission and were cited.  Additional warnings were issued for no fishing license and trespass on railroad property to two of the subjects.  When asked, none of the subjects admitted to or knew who ran away from the CPO last week.  As the weather stays mild more details on this 8400 acre site will be scheduled.

A CPO is assisting the Union County Sheriff's Office with an on-going investigation regarding vandalism to houses and property in the community of Ware.  Incidents of rocks being thrown against houses and vehicles causing damage have been reported for the last few weeks and are occurring at all times of the day and night.  Ware adjoins the Union County refuge and it is not known if the "rock throwers" are coming and going from refuge property or not.  Increased surveillance and interviews with subjects in the area will hopefully lead to the persons responsible for this.

District 16 Officer's attended First Responder, CPR, AED, and Bloodborne Pathogen training in Benton at the Mine and Mineral's Office.

A CPO received information that a Gallatin County hunter had harvested a deer before purchasing a deer permit during the 2011 archery season. The CPO conducted an investigation and discovered the subject had killed a deer without a permit.  The subject was issued the appropriate citation.

A CPO is currently investigating the death of a bald eagle in Franklin County.


Office of Law Enforcement
February 8, 2012


A District 6 Officer observed five individuals enter a canyon of Starved Rock at sunset. The officer thought it was odd since individuals have to be off the trails before dark. The officer determined the registered owner of the vehicle in the parking lot was wanted on an outstanding warrant. Another officer came to assist. As the individuals, including the registered owner, walked out of the canyon after dark they were greeted by the two officers. A check through the Illinois State Police showed all five had significant criminal history. All five received citations for being on the trails after dark and the owner of the car was taken into custody for her outstanding warrant.

A District 7 Officer received a complaint that there were multiple dead and crippled snow and blue geese in a field in the south part of Fulton County. Prior to the Officer’s arrival, the caller found that the geese had not been shot but instead appeared to have hit the ground hard due to some weather related event. As they were in season with no limit, the caller cleaned the field up to prevent the public from thinking the geese had been shot and just left in the field.

A District 6 CPO completed investigative interviews of whitetail deer hunters who called in their deer harvest within an hour of purchasing a deer permit.

A District 6 CPO responded to a complaint of a large dumpster fire at a day use picnic area in Rock Cut State Park on Super Bowl Sunday. The CPO and park site technician used three fire extinguishers and then shoveled snow into the dumpster to extinguish the fire. Loves Park Fire Department was dispatched and arrived after the fire was out. Fire fighters inspected the dumpster to ensure the fire was completely extinguished. The fire was successfully put out by Lands and Law Enforcement personnel without incident.

A District 1 CPO completed an investigation of a subject who unlawfully killed a 3 pt buck with his bow in Ogle County in November. The subject killed the deer then went to town and purchased a hunting license, habitat stamp, and permits. The subject was issued two citations and two written warnings.

A District 1 CPO recovered a bald eagle that appeared to have been killed by power lines in Lee County. The eagle will be turned over to USFWS for further investigation.

A District 1 CPO completed an investigation of a subject who purchased two antlerless only firearm permits and checked in a deer in Lee County a short time afterwards. After interviewing the subject, it was discovered the subject’s brother had shot a doe and did not want to use his only tag left so he called him to buy a permit to tag the deer. The subject bought two tags, used one to tag his brother’s deer and used the other tag to continue hunting. Both subjects were issued citations for the violation.
A District 1 CPO completed an investigation of a subject who bought an archery tag and checked in a deer in Ogle County thirty minutes later. The subject killed a doe but did not want to use his either sex tag on the doe. After killing the deer, the subject initially tagged the deer with the either sex tag but switched them after purchasing new permits. Appropriate enforcement was taken.

A District 1 Officer took enforcement action stemming from an ongoing firearm deer hunting accident investigation. The following tickets were issued: unlawfully hunting deer between 1/2 hour after sunset & 1/2 hour before sunrise and unlawfully possessing a loaded firearm during hours when deer hunting is unlawful. A written warning for failure to sign firearm deer permit was issued.

A District 1 Officer patrolled a private lake checking ice fishermen. A ticket for fishing without a valid non-resident fishing license was issued along with two warnings for fishing without license in possession.

A District 1 Officer conducted multiple investigations involving deer hunting permit violations. To date, five tickets and six written warnings have been issued. Violations include taking deer without valid archery permits, failure to tag deer immediately upon kill, taking more than two antlered deer in one hunting season, unlawful transportation of an untagged deer. More charges are pending in ongoing investigations.

A case that a CPO started in 2010 was brought to a close. In October 2010 two Whiteside County subjects were charged with multiple wildlife violations as well as telephone harassment and felony driving while revoked. The wildlife and telephone harassment aspect of the case was settled in 2011 with multiple convictions. In late 2011 a bench trial took place on the felony driving revoked aspect of the case for one subject. The subject was found guilty. Due to multiple previous convictions on a wide variety of crimes, the subject was sentenced to one year in the Illinois Department of Corrections and taken into custody at that time.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported

A CPO was looking for spotlighters in Calhoun County, when he observed a vehicle stop in the middle of the road. After watching the vehicle for approximately five minutes, the vehicle squealed its tires and took off at a high rate of speed. He stopped the vehicle, and while talking to the driver, he noticed the odor of alcohol on his breath. The driver failed field sobriety test and was arrest for DUI. He found open alcohol in the vehicle. The subject refused to take a breath test.

A CPO received a complaint from a retired CPO in Hancock County. He observed someone spotlighting by his house and was able to get the license plate. The CPO interviewed the subject about the incident and was able to obtain a confession from the subject. He seized a spotlight and rifle.

A District Sergeant observed four subjects hunting Canada Geese after hours in Macoupin County. As he walked into the decoys to check the hunters, he noticed several ears of corn. The subjects admitted they had shot after hours, but they stated the entire field was loaded with ears of corn. The Sergeant documented 97 ears of corn in a 45 yards area of the layout blinds. The Sergeant told the subjects what he had found. They admitted to throwing the ears of corn out while covering the layout blinds with corn stalks.

A CPO received a complaint from a landowner of coyote hunters trespassing on his land. The CPO responded to the area, located the subjects, and arrested them for trespassing.

A CPO took a theft report at RIP RAP Landing in the duck hunting area in Calhoun County. The complainant had boat stolen.

A CPO took a theft report in Jersey County. The complainant had several snow goose decoys and an electronic caller stolen.

A CPO recovered an injured bald eagle in Hancock County. He transported it to a rehabilitator.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County.

A CPO cited an Alexander County subject for trapping without permission and untagged traps. The subject had unlawfully set his traps on two different properties in Union County.

A CPO was contacted by the District fisheries biologist in regard to items missing from a storage barn in Lake Murphysboro State Park. The two generators with a combined value of around $4000.00 are believed to have been stolen in a burglary at this site back in November. The generators were discovered missing during an annual inventory.

District 16 Officers are continuing to work on administrative investigations, complete HazMat training, and compile the district's annual inventory.

A CPO issued a Pinckneyville hunter a citation from the previous deer season for unlawful take of whitetail deer without a permit. He was also issued two written warnings for violations.
District 16 CPOs are conducting investigations into administrative complaints generated by Point of Sale. Thirteen investigations are completed with 17 pending.

While checking fishermen at Raccoon Lake in Centralia, a CPO encountered a subject who initially lied about his identity. After providing the correct identification the subject was found to be wanted on a warrant. The subject fled on foot and after a half hour foot chase was apprehended with the aid of Centralia Police Department. The subject was incarcerated in the Marion County jail.
CPOs responded to a call of an injured Bald Eagle. The eagle was eventually captured and transported to the Tree House Bird Rehabilitation Facility where it will be x-rayed and cared for.

A CPO is investigating an oil spill on a newly acquired piece of IDNR property in Lawrence County.

A CPO is investigating a falsification of residency case in Fayette County. The Indiana subject has been receiving resident permits for multiple years.

A CPO reported the disposition on an unlawful take of whitetail deer case in Fayette County. The subject paid fines and costs totaling $1,366.00.

A CPO is investigating a criminal damage case on the Jasper County Prairie Chicken Sanctuary where unauthorized mowing and sign removal has taken place.
A CPO issued citations to a Clay County subject involved in a hunting accident for no hunting license or FOID card.

A CPO reported the disposition on a deer baiting case in Richland County. Two subjects paid $312.00 each


Office of Law Enforcement
February 15, 2012

A Region I Sergeant assisted a District 9 CPO on an investigation involving a subject illegally feeding deer in Schuyler County.  As a result of the investigation, one subject was cited for unlawfully feeding deer.

District 7 CPO and a Sergeant responded to a complaint at a State Park where a subject had been camping and not paying camping fees while avoiding the Site personnel.  The subject was located and the fees were obtained.

District 7 CPO and a Sergeant began an investigation in regards to a subject unlawfully obtaining a commercial fishing license while ineligible due to child support issues. The subject was located at the Fulton County Jail where he admitted to falsifying the application knowing he was not eligible to receive the license due to back child support. The subject was cited for the offense and given a court appearance.

A Region I Sergeant and District 4 CPO are assisting Michigan DNR Investigations in regards to two Illinois residents unlawfully taking deer by use of a snowmobile and posting it online.

A CPO issued a written warning to an archery deer hunter that failed to tag his deer immediately upon kill in late October.  This was from an investigation that originated from the Administrative Deer Permit information received from the Springfield Office.

A CPO completed an investigation of criminal damage to private property.  A heavy equipment operator had destroyed several acres of habitat along Court Creek in Knox County.  The landowner discovered a bulldozer and backhoe still parked on a neighboring property.  An adjacent landowner had hired a contractor to remove brush around the perimeter of an agriculture field.  He was incorrect in assuming his property line extended to the creek bank leading to the destruction of vegetation on the complainant’s property.  The contractor had also been instructed to make a low water crossing across Court Creek without first obtaining an Illinois DNR Water Resources Permit and a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit.  Additionally, he removed a large gravel/sand bar from the bed of the creek to fill in a portion of the bank that was eroding on the landowner’s property.  This violation was referred to both agencies for further action.  The habitat destruction was to be dealt with between the landowners in a possible civil suit.

District 6 CPO investigated a deer hunting case stemming from a field check during the CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) firearm deer season. During a routine check of a hunter in January 2011 this CPO discovered numerous violations which occurred in Boone and McHenry Counties.  A joint investigation with a McHenry County CPO began, which culminated in the authorization by the Boone County State’s Attorney’s Office of two wildlife charges against a Boone County man and possibly four charges against the same Boone County man in McHenry County.

A District 1 Officer issued citations and written warnings to a Rock Falls man after an investigation revealed that he unlawfully took a deer in Lee County with archery gear and no deer permit or habitat stamp.

A District 1 Officer charged a Savanna man for taking a deer with no deer permit in possession and for transporting/possessing an untagged deer.                

A District 6 CPO is investigating a complaint of unlawful trapping of coyote during the closed season and unlawful trapping on lands without permission e.g. railroad easement.  The complainant in this case located the illegal leg-hold trap after his dog was caught in the set. 

A District 6 CPO is investigating a boat registration/title complaint where a man sold a boat after obtaining the watercraft as a result of not receiving contracted fees to store the craft by the original owner.  The original owner filed a complaint that his boat was stolen and wants his boat returned.       
While working in Rock Cut State Park, a District 6 CPO received a complaint from park staff regarding unknown individual(s) driving a motor vehicle on the foot trails within the park.  The CPO located the motor vehicle on the trails which contained six teenage occupants.  In addition to the state park administrative rule violation for driving a car on the trails, five additional violations were recorded including five counts of failure to wear seatbelts, allowing too many passengers in a motor vehicle and defective windshield (cracked).  The owner blew a tire while on the trails and had a family member come out to the park and change the tire for the driver.  Family members of the extra occupants traveled to the park to give those individuals a ride home.

A CPO in Henderson County investigated a poaching complaint in rural Hopper, IL.  A Burlington, Iowa subject will be charged with criminal trespass later this week.  The case originated as a deer poaching complaint.

A District 1 CPO conducted a permit investigation in which a Kewanee man used his wife’s deer permit to tag his second buck of the hunting season.  The husband had one antlerless tag remaining.  However he chose to harvest a second buck without having the proper permit.  He then used his wife’s tag because by his own words, “he was too lazy to go get another permit before he went out again.”  The bow hunter was issued a citation for the unlawful use of another’s deer permit, which is a Class A misdemeanor (punishable up to 1 year in jail and/or a fine up to $2,500).  This violation also carries a mandatory suspension of hunting privileges for 1 year.   

 A District 1 CPO reported the disposition of a case where a subject used another’s permit on a deer he had killed.  Both subjects were charged with tagging violations.  Both subjects appeared in Ogle County Court and pleaded guilty receiving fines of $219.00 each.

A District 1 CPO reported the disposition of a Lee County subject arrested for OUI in the summer. The subject received 18 months supervision and fines totaling $1,784.00.

Nothing reported

A CPO arrested a Dewitt County subject for unlawfully possessing a firearm and firearm ammunition with a revoked FOID card.  The CPO was called by the Sheriff's Office regarding shooting that was going on out in the county.  As the subject was leaving the area he had hidden his firearm from the CPO.  The CPO found the freshly fired shotgun shells and numerous broken clay pigeons in the area the subject had come from.  After a short time the subject’s shotgun was found.

A CPO arrested two Dewitt County subjects for criminal trespass on power plant property.  The CPO found the subjects fishing in the hot water discharge ditch of the Clinton Nuclear Power Station.  This time of year fish congregate heavily in the warm water and are very easy to catch. 

CPOs arrested a subject for unlawful possession of an endangered species.  After receiving a complaint the officers found the subject to be in possession of an endangered turtle. 

A CPO arrested a subject in a deer investigation for unlawful transfer of deer tags.  When the subject was interviewed regarding the number of deer he killed, he failed to account for the deer that his buddy killed and tagged with his permit. 

Region 3 CPOs assisted Decatur Police and Fire Departments in locating a suicidal subject that was missing and believed to have jumped from a bridge into Lake Decatur.  CPOs utilizing boats and side scan sonar were able to confirm a target
of interest previously identified by Lake Patrol.  CPOs marked the target within 4 ft with a buoy, allowing divers to recover the subject’s body.   

A CPO observed a vehicle enter into a cemetery area in Wolf Creek State Park.  After a period of time, the CPO again saw the vehicle at the same location and decided to check on the subject driving.  Upon walking up to the vehicle the driver, an Effingham resident, was sitting in the vehicle with a plastic bag of cannabis in her hand.  She set the bag of cannabis down and began texting not realizing the CPO was standing at the driver's side window observing her.  She was arrested and transported to jail for possession of cannabis and no vehicle insurance.

The Region Captain and a CPO arrested 3 subjects for fishing in a restricted area at Clinton Lake.  The subjects were reported by a Clinton Lake DNR Park employee who saw their vehicle parked next to a sign advising the area was closed to fishing. 

A CPO received a complaint from a landowner in Jersey County of a subject removing a skull and antlers from his property and taking it back to Texas with him.  The CPO was in the process of contacting a conservation officer from Texas when the subject came back to Illinois and wanted a salvage tag for the rack.  The CPO met the subject, seized the rack and skull, and issued the subject a citation.

A CPO received a complaint of subjects in Jersey County shooting ducks, geese, and other birds, while they were snow goose hunting.  The CPO walked the area and retrieved a seagull.  A CPO and District Sergeant interviewed three subjects. They admitted to shooting two mallards, a Canada goose, and a seagull.

A CPO came across a 10-50 Personal Injury close to his house while he was off duty.  He rendered assistance, secured the scene, and collected identification for Adams County Sheriff's Department.  One of the drivers had a revoked drivers license, his license had been revoked for approximately ten years for DUI.  The subject was charged with felony driving while revoked.

A CPO conducted three administrative investigations.  He issued two citations for hunting deer without a valid permit.  While conducting one of the investigations, the CPO remembered the residence had a pile of corn in the back yard during the 1st shotgun weekend.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken for that violation as well.  

In Hamilton County, a CPO investigated a dumping complaint where a couch was dumped into a ditch.   The CPO issued the person two citations for dumping in a waterway on private property.  Several administrative investigations were conducted with multiple citations and warnings issued.   
A CPO conducted an investigation of a subject who harvested a doe during the late antlerless only season in a county closed for the late season.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A CPO completed several administrative investigations which resulted in multiple violations.  Several of the CPO's cases were closed with significant dispositions.  A Saline County man pleaded guilty to outfitting without a license and paid $1,500.00 in fines.  Two Franklin County men were found guilty of deer hunting out of season in June of 2011 and fined just over $500.00.   A man was sentenced in Jefferson County to 2 years imprisonment for theft offenses from 2009.  The CPO arrested the man in July 2009 for stealing gas from a state vehicle at the Mt. Vernon Game Farm.  The CPO arrested the same man in December 2009 for stealing a truck load of gravel from the Ten Mile Creek State Fish & Wildlife Area. 

In Saline County, a CPO is investigating several deer shot with a rifle cases and a separate case of placing bait with a feeder.  

Nine plan of work meetings were attended by District 14 personnel.  

A CPO arrested a Perry County man for falsification of a permit from an administrative investigation.

District 16 CPOs are conducting administrative investigations within the district.

A CPO assisted Union County Sheriff’s Office attempting to locate a subject who shot his girlfriend’s dog with a sawed off shotgun.  He then fled the scene stating he was suicidal.  The subject was later involved in a pursuit with deputies and was taken into custody after crashing.

A CPO was on patrol in Williamson County when he heard a report of a two vehicle crash on Route 13 on the east side of the county.  The CPO was the first police unit to arrive and found that four persons in a full size van had incurred injuries.  The driver of a full size truck was not seriously injured.  The CPO assisted with medical attention and later, traffic control.  Three ISP troopers arrived and two ambulances.  One of the injured persons in the van was an elderly man in a wheel chair.


Office of Law Enforcement
February 22, 2012

A District 7 Officer cited a Fulton County resident for providing false information to obtain a commercial fishing permit. The subject falsely stated that he was not delinquent on child support to obtain the permit.
A CPO finished an administrative permit investigation. A Port Byron woman purchased a deer hunting permit over the counter. A deer was checked in on this permit the same day (40 minutes later). An interview was conducted and the subject stated she did harvest the deer herself and went on to tell a story about how she harvested it. After the CPO confronted her on several points that didn’t make sense she admitted she did not kill the deer. An interview was conducted with the subject who actually shot the deer and used the lady’s permit. The person who shot the deer stated he shot a deer that was standing in tall grass at about 60 yards away. The subject then thought the deer ran toward him and he shot it again. When the hunter went to tag the deer he heard movement in the grass area he originally shot into. When the hunter investigated, he realized he killed two deer and had only one valid permit with him. Instead of calling a CPO and explaining the situation, he opted to call the female family member and attempt to cover it up. The hunter had the family member buy a permit in her name and bring it to him. Doing this is a serious violation for both people involved and is a class A misdemeanor that requires a person to be taken to jail and processed and is also a mandatory one year suspension of hunting privileges. The CPO took all the factors into consideration and opted to issue written warnings to the subjects for the class A misdemeanor and issue three citations for lesser violations. The CPO explained that had they called, and he was able to investigate the situation in person, the act probably would have resulted in a written warning at the most if anything at all was issued. The people were inexperienced hunters that made a bad decision and not bad people. The lady expressed disappointment in herself for telling the lie to the CPO.
While on patrol in Lowden State Park, a District 1 CPO observed a vehicle fail to stop at a 3-way stop. A traffic stop was initiated and it was discovered the driver could not produce valid proof of insurance. Appropriate enforcement was taken.
A District 1 CPO concluded an investigation of a Lee County archery hunter who had purchased a second set of archery permits 50 minutes before checking in two bucks. The subject had shot one of the bucks during a morning hunt, lost the blood trail and was unable to recover it. The hunter went back out hunting and killed a second buck. While retrieving the second buck, the first buck was located. The subject then purchased another tag for the buck he initially thought was lost. Appropriate enforcement was taken.
A District 7 CPO followed up on a deer case from 2011 in Peoria County. The suspect pleaded guilty to four deer hunting violations, had two buck deer heads seized/forfeited and paid $1100 in fines and court cost. The suspect will also lose his hunting privileges for 18 months.
A CPO received a complaint of a subject trapping out of season. After making contact with the subject in the field, the investigation lead to the subject’s residence where the CPO was given consent to enter the subject’s garage to look at a coyote that had been trapped out of season. While in the garage, the CPO observed a handgun. The CPO later found the subject, who lived at the residence alone, had a revoked FOID card. The CPO returned to the residence later in the day with assistance from a District Sergeant and CPO. The three CPOs obtained consent to search the subject’s residence for firearms and ammunition. Nine firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were discovered and seized from the residence. Charges are pending against the subject at this time.
A District 7 Officer cited a Fulton County resident for shooting a buck without a valid permit. The subject had previously filled his either sex permit and didn’t buy a second permit. The antlers from the deer were seized as evidence.
A District 7 Officer cited a McDonough County subject for unlawful taking of a protected species. The case involved taking a whitetail deer without a valid permit.
A CPO was on foot patrol in the Chain O' Lakes State park and arrested an individual for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.
Nothing reported
Nothing reported

A CPO was brought into a shooting investigation initiated by Illinois State Police investigators. The persons involved were in the process of coyote hunting. The CPO investigated the hunting accident. After consulting with the Hamilton County State’s Attorney’s Office, the CPO issued citations for having a loaded firearm in a vehicle and shooting upon a roadway.
A CPO conducted several timber truck inspections. One resulted in the owner of a concentration yard meeting with the CPO. The owner was explained the correct way to complete timber transportation paperwork.
District 15 CPOs have been investigating deer tagging violations. Multiple citations and warnings have been issued.
A CPO seized two whitetail bucks from the same taxidermist as a result of two separate investigations.
A CPO issued two citations for unlawful entry/damage on Prairie Ridge State Natural Area in Jasper County.
A CPO reported the disposition, Marion County, unlawful take of deer case, two subjects paid a total of $720.00.
A CPO issued a subject from Johnson County a citation and written warnings for taking a deer unlawfully without having a deer permit, license or habitat stamp.
A CPO issued a Grand Chain resident a citation and written warnings for unlawfully taking a deer without having a deer permit, failing to report harvest on day of kill, and failure to tag deer.
A CPO issued a Cypress resident a citation and written warnings for unlawfully taking a deer without having a deer permit, hunting license and habitat stamp.
A CPO issued a Metropolis resident a citation for disregarding a “Boat Ramp Closed” sign, driving around the barricade and off the road to use the closed ramp.
A CPO responded to a medical emergency on the Tunnel Hill Trail. A bicyclist apparently had a heart attack. EMS was notified and the Johnson County Coroner was notified.
A CPO closed out a possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia case out of Williamson County from the summer of 2011. The case originated from a DUI Grant detail in the Crab Orchard Wildlife refuge. The two female defendants were each fined $588.00 for possession of cannabis. The paraphernalia charge was dismissed.
A CPO Investigated a diesel fuel spill on Ohio River in Alexander County. A fuel sheen was 1.5 miles long by 20 ft. wide. The Investigation is ongoing with IL EPA and US Coast Guard.
D 16 CPO's are concluding the administrative investigations within the district.


Office of Law Enforcement
February 29, 2012

While on patrol, a CPO received a complaint of a subject standing in a creek with steel posts. Following up on the complaint, the CPO arrested the subject for an illegal trap set and possession of a river otter.
A District Sergeant and CPO were contacted to assist the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Police in reference to an ATV vs. Snowmobile Accident. The snowmobile was following the ATV on a gravel road when it became stuck in a snow drift. The snowmobile hit the ATV and threw the operator of the ATV several feet. The injured ATV operator was transported to a Trauma Center in Rockford. The operator of the snowmobile was charged with OUI (drugs), operation on roadway, no insurance, failure to reduce speed to avoid accident, no valid registration, and youthful operator(no drivers license).
A District Sergeant and CPO were called out at 1:30 am on Saturday morning to assist Rockford Police with a fatal snowmobile accident. A 24 year old subject was operating a sled at a City Park on top of a dry dam when he struck a concrete wall. He was flown to a Rockford Trauma Center. The accident remains under investigation. They will be attending the autopsy to determine cause of death.
A District Sergeant and CPOs arrested a subject on an arrest warrant that we had issued last week in Lee County for possession of weapon with revoked FOID card. The subject was known to fight and be very uncooperative with the police and was taken into custody without any problems and transported to the Lee County jail.
A District Sergeant had an arrest warrant issued for the subject responsible for dumping several loads of household trash in DeKalb and Lee County.
A Marseilles man was charged with failure to tag his deer immediately upon harvest and before being moved and failure to report the harvest by 10 p.m. on the same calendar day taken. The charges were the result of an investigation into the purchase of archery permit and harvest report that occurred after 10 p.m. during the 2011 season.
A CPO responded to two separate calls involving owls. The first owl was reported to be injured on the roadway but was never located. The second owl was found dead by a light pole and was disposed of properly.
District 6 CPO continued an investigation into unlawful taking of a deer. Charges are pending in Boone & McHenry County.
A District 7 Officer interviewed an Iowa subject about an ongoing poaching case in Henderson County. Charges are expected to be filed later this week. The case involves the illegal taking of whitetail deer and criminal trespass.

A District 7 Officer on his day off was driving past an area where he has received numerous complaints about fishing without permission and trespassing. As he drove past, he observed a subject in camouflage attempting to hide. The Officer made contact with the subject fishing without permission to obtain his name which he ran with the County Sheriff’s Department. He was cited for fishing without permission on the Officer’s next day back to work.
A CPO overheard a Knox County Dispatch call of a man observed walking from his running vehicle with a long gun off a County Highway near a rural bank. While units were responding, the complainant observed the subject walking into a cornfield away from the bank. Several Knox County deputies and a nearby ISP Trooper also answered the call. The subject returned to his car and the complainant followed him at a distance. The trooper arrived first and made a traffic stop on the car as it pulled into a driveway on a township road.  The CPO arrived a few minutes later and interviewed the complainant. The driver of the vehicle had parked along the highway and pursued a coyote he had observed in the field. Unfortunately, he failed to case his .243 rifle properly before leaving the scene. The trooper issued him a citation for transporting an uncased firearm.

A District 7 CPO recovered an abandoned stolen vehicle on DNR property in Peoria County. The vehicle had been stolen out of Woodford County and dumped in a creek. State and Local Auto Theft Enforcement (SLATE) is handling the investigation.

A District 7 CPO assisted with the body recovery of a missing Altimeters male subject. The elderly male had been missing for approximately 7 days and was found deceased on DNR property in Peoria County.

A District 7 CPO received a complaint from the Marshall County Health Department that a restaurant had served locally caught turtle and the turtle made someone sick. After further investigation, it was found that the subject did not get sick from the turtle. However, the person supplying the turtle and restaurant owner were interviewed and issued citations for the unlawful sale of sport caught turtle. The restaurant owner was made aware of the legal methods of obtaining turtle and selling it.

A District 1 CPO recovered a dead mature bald eagle on the banks of the Mississippi River in Rock Island County. The eagle was found struggling in the water and it drowned prior to officer arrival. There were no signs of criminal activity. The bird was collected and will be transferred to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

A District 1 officer issued a citation and a written warning to a Sterling man after an investigation revealed that he unlawfully tagged another’s deer with his archery permit and then checked it in as his own harvest.

A District 1 officer issued a citation and written warnings to a Rock Falls man after an investigation revealed that he took over his limit of Whitetail Buck Deer this past season.

A District 1 officer investigated a snowmobile accident near German Valley after an operator’s machine struck a sign post with one of his skis, causing him to be ejected from the sled. The operator later went to the emergency room where he was treated for injuries to his shoulder and groin. A snowmobile incident report form was completed.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

A CPO responded to a poaching tip in Bond Co. in which the complainant was able to get a description of the perpetrator’s vehicle and the license plate. The CPO located the subject’s vehicle and spoke with the owner of the truck. Using his years of experience, the CPO was able to obtain a written confession from the subject and the .22 caliber rifle he used to poach a deer. The CPO issued the subject several violations and the outcome is pending in Bond County court.
A CPO was on his day off enjoying an afternoon deer hunt during the late winter season. He encountered a subject illegally digging for Indian Artifacts on the Shawnee National Forest.
The CPO identified himself and held the subject until a Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy and a US Forest Service Officer arrived on scene. The subject was turned over to their custody and the CPO resumed his afternoon hunt. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in filling his tag but wasn’t worried as he had harvested a deer a couple weeks earlier with his personal truck.
A CPO was busy closing out some of his many cases from 2011. The following are some of those dispositions.

Montgomery County: Illegal Consumption of Alcohol by a minor - $305 and 66 days in Jail
Unlawful take of a Pied-Billed Grebe - $270
Unlawful take of a Pied-Billed Grebe (2 subjects) - $270 each
Unlawful take of a whitetail deer - $500
Unlawful take of a whitetail deer (multiple violations associated) - $1,280
Macoupin County Unlawful take of a whitetail deer--$782
Bond County: No Valid Turkey Permit - $300

A CPO investigated a subject who purchased a firearm deer permit over the counter and then checked in a deer 13 minutes later. The subject admitted to harvesting a doe on the first evening of firearm deer season and he didn’t want to use his either-sex tag so he purchased an antler-less only tag at the local hardware store after harvesting the doe. The subject was issued a citation for the violation.
A CPO investigated another subject for another deer permit infraction. This subject purchased an antler-less only permit at 5:48p on 11/18/2011 in Bond County. Legal shooting hours for that day concluded at 5:08p. He also purchased his hunting license and habitat stamp at the same time. During his interview with the subject, it was learned the subject decided at the last moment to go hunting with his neighbors. The subject knew they did not have the required licenses and permit but went anyway. The subject admitted to killing a doe at approximately 4:00p. The subject received two citations and has a mandatory court appearance in Bond County.

A CPO investigated a subject who purchased an either sex archery permit at 9:05a and then checked in a deer at 10:29a on the same day. The CPO proceeded to the residence to conduct an interview. It was obvious from the interview that this subject had not harvested a 12 point buck with their bow, but rather it was her husband that harvested the deer. After watching his wife endure the CPOs questions, the husband admitted to harvesting the deer and then purchasing a tag in his wife’s name to tag the deer. The husband confessed the deer suffered from “ground shrinkage” and he didn’t want to waste his either sex tag. The CPO noted several deer racks in the garage but one in particular caught his eye. It was a recently European mounted 12 point buck on a plaque. The tag on the rack was the tag belonging to the wife. The name on the plaque identifying the buck hunter was that of the husband. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO was patrolling the Kaskaskia River Fish and Wildlife Area when he observed a subject operating an ATV. The subject drove onto the roadway from a railroad crossing and then onto State property. The CPO proceeded to the location in his squad and observed the subject. The subject did not realize he was there and tried to drive his ATV back up onto the railroad tracks. The CPO made contact with the subject and questioned him as to what he was doing. It was clearly evident that the subject was highly intoxicated. The CPO performed sobriety tests on the subject and he failed all of the tests. He placed the subject in custody and located a small amount of cannabis and drug paraphernalia on his person. The subject was taken to Randolph County jail.

A CPO investigated a complaint of a subject hunting in Washington County during the late winter firearm season. This season is closed in Washington County.  The CPO spoke with the subject and determined that they had not only hunted but had harvested a deer. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO investigated a subject who checked in a deer on the evening they had purchased a tag. His investigation revealed the subject harvested a doe and they did not want to use their either-sex tag. Therefore, they purchased an antlerless only tag at the local Wal-Mart and tagged the deer. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO investigated yet another case in which a subject reported a deer harvest shortly after purchasing a tag. In this case, the subject admitted to harvesting a small fawn and failing to tag it immediately. The subject stated he did not want to quit hunting so he didn’t tag the deer right away. He then went to town and purchased an antler-less only tag. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO investigated a subject who checked in a deer shortly after purchasing a permit. A check of his records revealed he had reported a buck on 11/07/2011. He then checked in a buck on 11/12/2011 shortly after he purchased the permit. When interviewed, the subject admitted to going out to harvest a doe but harvested a buck instead and he did not have an either sex tag in his possession. The subject purchased the tag afterward. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO investigated a subject who purchased a deer permit after legal hunting hours and checked in a deer with the tag shortly afterwards. A short interview of the subject revealed they had harvested the deer earlier and without a valid tag. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO assisted the Saline County Sheriff’s Office on a "man with a gun" call in Carrier Mills. The CPO was the third officer on the scene and interviewed the complainant. After the interview, he assisted in the search for the violator with local and State Police. The case is currently under investigation by the Saline County Sheriff's Office.

A District 14 CPO assisted State and Local Police apprehend a subject who robbed a bank in West Frankfort.
A CPO continued investigating a hunting accident in Hamilton County.

District 16 CPOs are currently working to complete all administrative investigations that were assigned.

A CPO arrested a subject last summer for OUI at Lake of Egypt. The Franklin County man was found guilty and paid $780 in fines and costs and was given 6 months court supervision.

A CPO arrested a Jackson County subject for OUI last summer at Crab Orchard Lake. He was found guilty and paid $450 in fines and costs and received 6 months court supervision.

A CPO investigated an incident on the Tunnel Hill Trail where a Johnson County man had driven his truck on the trail, knocked down and busted in two a 4 x 6 wood post with a sign that read "No Motorized Vehicles on trail”, before crashing his truck in a ditch. He received citations and several written warnings.

A CPO observed a man fishing in the Kinkaid Lake Spillway basin. He was only using a spool of fishing line and a hook. When he was approached he did not have a fishing license. He was cited for the violation.