October 2011

                             Office of Law Enforcement
                               WEEKLY ACTIVITY REPORT
                          April 4, 2012

After an investigation into a male subject fleeing on an ATV, a CPO made arrests of two male subjects. The charges were criminal trespass, operating an ATV on property without permission, unlawful operation of an ATV on a highway, driving while license revoked and obstructing a peace officer.  The two subjects will have mandatory court dates in April at the LaSalle County Courthouse.

A District 1 CPO checked fishermen on a private lake. A fisherman was issued a written warning for not having his fishing license in possession.

A District 1 CPO patrolled pool 12 of the Mississippi River. Several fishing and boat safety compliance checks were performed. Written warnings were issued for the following offenses: inaccessible type IV personal flotation device, no sounding device and unsecured/uncovered battery.

A CPO cited an individual for illegally snagging fish at Starved Rock State Park.  The individual was cited for snagging in 2010 at the same location.  The individual was wanted on a warrant for the park violations and illegally snagging fish in 2010.  The individual plead guilty, paid his citation, and posted $200 for bond.  At court the individual’s fishing pole, fishing net and fishing net extender were awarded to the DNR.

A CPO interviewed an individual in Putnam County reference a turkey that he had taken in the fall.  As suspected, the individual admitted to killing the turkey and then purchased a permit.  He was cited and has a mandatory court appearance. 

A District 6 CPO was conducting traffic enforcement at Rock Cut State Park. During the traffic stop, the CPO was informed by the Illinois State Police that the driver of the car was wanted on a warrant in Boone County for failure to appear. The CPO arrested the driver, who was lodged at the Winnebago County jail.

An Orland Park man was arrested at a Honda owners gathering at Starved Rock State Park after members of the group complained about his reckless behavior behind the wheel of his BMW.  The man raced around the group at a high rate of speed causing the car to drift sideways, nearly striking several vehicles.  After interviewing several witnesses the man was charged with reckless driving.

A CPO stopped and arrested three individuals speeding this past week within Rock Cut State Park who, upon further discovery, all had suspended drivers licenses from their home states.

A CPO patrolled the upper Pecatonica River by jon boat to check fisherman during the Northern Pike & Walleye spawn.  No arrests for undersized or illegal possession of fish were detected. However, fishing license and boat equipment violations were documented and addressed. 

A CPO received a complaint call of a domestic disturbance in the Rock Cut State Park Campground.  Upon the CPO’s arrival, witnesses gave the CPO a vehicle description of a couple who engaged in a loud argument at a nearby shower building parking lot.  This argument ended with the man punching and cracking the windshield of their vehicle.  Later, when the minivan returned to the park, the CPO and a District 16 Trooper stopped the van in the campground for speeding and discovered the female was driving with the couples one year old in her lap with the intoxicated male passenger drinking an open beer. Evidence of a domestic disturbance were unfounded, however, a campground eviction followed the issuance of numerous park and traffic citations and written warnings.       

An Eldridge, IA, man pleaded guilty to the falsification and use of deer permits by a Non-Resident.  He was born and raised in Henry County, IL but then moved to Iowa.  The man used his childhood address to apply for the deer permits.  He illegally harvested a doe and failed to check in the harvest.  The man appeared in court and pleaded guilty to all charges.  He was fined $720.00 total and his hunting privileges were suspended for 2 years.    

A District 1 CPO investigated a trespass complaint in Ogle County where a subject was discovered trespassing after his picture was discovered by the landowner while reviewing his trail camera photographs. The offender was located and admitted to being on the property without permission. The subject was charged with criminal trespass.


A CPO’s assistance was requested by Crystal Lake Police regarding an incident in which a Red-tailed Hawk was shot with a pellet gun.  An investigation revealed two subjects were target shooting when they became bored and decided to hunt squirrels.  One of the subjects shot a squirrel and it subsequently ran up a tree injured.  In an attempt to finish off the squirrel, he saw movement in the tree and fired a shot.  However, to the “surprise” of the shooter, a mature Red-tailed Hawk fell dead from the tree.  Appropriate citations were issued.

During a night boat patrol focusing on resource enforcement on the Chain O’ Lakes, CPOs cited one fisherman for failure to immediately release a 13 inch Walleye (14 inch minimum), one fisherman for fishing without a license, and a third fisherman for pollution of waterways.  Fourteen written warnings were issued for boat equipment and registration violations.

A CPO was checking fishermen at Belvidere Lake when he encountered a subject with a plastic bag full of mussels.  The subject did not have a commercial musselor license.  Appropriate action was taken and the mussels were returned to the water.
A CPO located a subject who was wanted for Larceny and Obstructing Justice at a factory in North Chicago.  When the CPO attempted to handcuff the subject, he fled on foot.  The CPO chased the subject through the factory and caught him outside.

A CPO arrested a fisherman at the Curran Gravel pit in Lakemore for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia and fishing without permission.  Four other fishermen attempted to flee the scene, but were apprehended with the assistance of the Lakemoor PD.  All of the subjects were cited for fishing without permission.

A Livingston County deer hunter was arrested by a District 3 CPO and pled guilty to charges of unlawful possession of a rifle during firearm deer season, unlawfully hunting deer over/by aid of bait, deer hunting while not wearing blaze orange and unlawful transportation of uncased firearms in a motor vehicle.  Total fines and costs were $2264.00 and the deer hunter was placed on two years court supervision.

Two District 3 CPOs responded to a complaint of subjects keeping undersize walleye on the Kankakee River.  Upon making contact with the subjects, one subject was found to be wanted on a $10,000 Cook County warrant and a $3000 Will County warrant.  No illegal fish were located, but the two subjects were cited for fishing without a fishing license.

While on a general patrol, two District 3 CPOs located a subject fishing without a fishing license.  Upon running the subject’s name through ISP, the subject was determined to be wanted on a $75,000 warrant for aggravated DUI.  He also had a revoked driver’s license.  The subject was arrested on the warrant, for driving while license revoked and fishing without a valid sport fishing license.

After observing a subject driving recklessly through a construction zone and littering from the vehicle, a District 3 CPO initiated a traffic stop.  The driver was stopped and cited for driving more than 30 mph over the posted speed limit and littering.

A District 3 CPO received a complaint of individuals fishing on private property without permission from the landowner. Upon responding to the location, the CPO observed 2 boats on the private lake, each occupied by 2 fishermen. Contact was made with all the violators, 2 of which were dropped off at the lake and snuck in. Appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A District 3 CPO received a complaint of a male subject exposing himself to others within the state park.  After taking a report from the complainant, the CPO searched and later located the violator, who was engaged in sexual activity within the park with another male.  Both were arrested for public indecency.   

After observing a vehicle commit a lane infraction, a District 3 CPO conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. While speaking with the driver, the CPO observed the strong odor of burnt cannabis coming from inside the vehicle.  The driver consistently denied having smoked cannabis or having any in his possession. The CPO searched the vehicle and located a baggy containing marijuana. The subject was arrested for possession of cannabis and improper lane usage. 

A District 3 CPO located 2 subjects who had snuck into a Department owned lake to fish prior to the lake opener. While conducting surveillance on the subjects, the CPO observed one of the fishermen drinking beer and tossing his cans into the weeds.  Contact was made and appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

While patrolling the state park, a District 3 CPO observed a subject in a restricted area holding a drug pipe. Contact was made with the subject, who was found to be in possession of a drug pipe and a prescription pill bottle containing cannabis. He was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis. 

Two District 3 CPOs observed a large load of garbage dumped along the side of a dead end road. Evidence gathered from the garbage led them to a residence not far from the location. An interview with the suspected violator resulted in a full confession. The subject was arrested for illegal dumping. 

A District 3 CPO closed out several reports. The dispositions were as follows:  

-A subject arrested for felony DUI (DUI while license revoked) pled guilty to the violation. He was sentenced to 30 months reporting probation, assigned to 30 hours of alcohol treatment, sentenced to 10 days work release and fined $3,569. 

-A subject arrested for OUI watercraft pled guilty to the violation. He was fined $1,059 for the violation.

-A subject arrested for OUI pled to a reduced charge of careless operation of a watercraft. He was fined $2,000 for the violation.

-A subject arrested for being a convicted sexual predator present in a state park pled guilty to the violation and was fined $382.

-A subject arrested for driving on a suspended driver’s license failed to appear in court on two separate occasions while the case was pending. An arrest warrant was issued on each missed trials (one for $3,000 and another for $5,000).  Eventually, the subject pled guilty to the violation and was fined $3,973. 

-Two subjects arrested together for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia each pled guilty and were fined $500 each. 

No Activity Reported.

CPOs were on patrol in Pike County, when they noticed a fire along side of a house. The house had
an outside wood burning stove with a pile of wood stacked next to the house. The wood pile had
caught fire. The CPOs knocked on the door, but no one was home. One CPO used a garden
hose on the fire, while the other CPO contacted the local fire department. The fire department
extinguished the fire. The house was saved due to their actions.

CPOs were patrolling private property, when they located a vehicle used in a hit and run personal injury accident. They called the Pike County Sheriff's Department, who obtained a search warrant. The vehicle was seized along with several guns, drugs, leopard skin, and bobcat.

A District Sergeant attended career day at Jersey Community High School. Students from three other high schools also attended. The total number of students were 1100.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Adams County.

A CPO attended 2 hunter safety classes in Macoupin County. 

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Jersey County.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Schuyler County.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Pike County.

A District 10 Officer was patrolling Sangchris Lake State Park when he observed two vehicles parked in a restricted area with tents set up.  After contacting the subjects and obtaining identification, the subjects were issued appropriate citations and warnings for parking in restricted area, camping in unauthorized area, unlawful ground fire and fishing license violations.

District 10 Officers attended the Fish Fest Event at the Scheels store in Springfield and addressed numerous questions and complaints regarding the "Alabama Rig" and other fishing related issues.  Several hundred people attended the event over the weekend.


On 03-26-12 CPOs were dispatched to Lake Glendale to assist the Pope County Sheriff's Office. They assisted in the recovery of vehicle floating approximately 50 yards from the boat launch.  When the vehicle was towed to the launch a man was observed inside. The man was deceased. Crime Scene services processed the scene.

A CPO investigated a potential fish kill on 03-26-12 at Rend Lake.  The CPO and a fisheries biologist checked the area and found dead shad along the banks and concluded the fish died due to temperature changes during the weekend. 

CPOs completed night fur-bearer surveys with local wildlife biologists. 

A CPO handled three separate incidents during the youth turkey season in which two turkeys were killed with one shot. The CPO issued warnings and explained the importance of identifying your target and what is beyond.

A CPO was checking fishermen at Vandalia Lake and encountered two subjects in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 

CPOs worked a detail at Newton Lake looking for people using oversize motors. Multiple citations were issued.

A CPO was contacted by SIU-C researchers working in Burning Star Mine #5 who suspected a trespasser stole one of their large box traps.  One of the researchers wrote down a license plate for the vehicle the trespasser was driving and thought they observed one of their traps in the back of the truck.  Sure enough when the CPO arrived at the suspect’s house the trap belonging to SIU was still in the back of the truck. The subject told the CPO he was just going to borrow it to trap some of the neighbor's cats. Appropriate citations were issued and the trap was returned to the SIU-C Wildlife Lab. 

A CPO participated in the annual spotlight survey of Jackson County with the District Biologist.

A CPO arrested two subjects who were fishing without permission in Burning Star #5. The subjects were in possession of 14 Largemouth bass so the over limit was also addressed.

A CPO took a report of a theft at Lake Murphysboro State Park. A Warn brand winch was taken off the front of one of the park's trucks and a stainless steel water tank was also taken.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety Class at New Burnside, 30 students were in attendance.

A CPO is continuing an investigation on unlawfully taken deer killed by MO. residents. The case originated from an administrative investigation.

A CPO cited a subject for unlawful operation of an ATV on State property (Alexander Co.).

A CPO attended and taught a hunter safety class in Union County.

A CPO assisted the State Police with the ground search for a suspect who murdered a man and stabbed a woman the night before near the town of Pulaski in Pulaski County. Subject was taken into custody by ISP.

A CPO investigated a Johnson County subject that reported killing two deer during the late winter hunt in Massac County.  Unfortunately for the hunter, Massac County was not open for firearm hunting during the late winter hunt.

A CPO assisted the Paducah Police Dept and the Massac County Sheriff's Dept at Ft. Massac State Park.  A man and his wife, from Champaign County, were wanted on numerous warrants for deceptive practices. After being incarcerated, their truck and camping trailer had to be inventoried and towed to a secure storage area until the couples are finally released, which is not expected to be for quite some time.

A CPO cited an East St. Louis fisherman for fishing with no valid fishing license. The fisherman was unable to purchase a license due to failure to pay child support.

Office of Law Enforcement
   Weekly Activity Report
   April 12, 2012

A District 1 CPO and Sergeant patrolled the Rock River by jon boat and completed several boat inspections on the evening of Easter.  One of the inspections involved inflatable kayaks which had been purchased for $60 each from a local store.  The paddlers thought since they were “blow up boats” without a HIN (Hull Identification Number), they did not need registration or PFDs.  The officers discussed hypothermia conditions and told them of the recent drowning in cold water.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken and they were advised to apply for registration immediately.
A District 1 CPO was advised of juveniles jumping off the Illinois 78 bridge into the Green River.  The CPO arrived and found 2 teens walking down the levee as 1 teen was swimming in the Green River.  They had all been jumping off the bridge into the cold water.  Their mother had dropped them off there and they planned on camping overnight.  The kids had no other dry clothes; however they had a package of hotdogs, chips, and 3 gallons of Kool-Aid in back packs.  The day time temperature was 64 degrees and the overnight low was expected to be around 40 degrees.  The teenagers were told they were trespassing and the CPO took them home.  The mother was advised of possible child endangerment concerns and the trespassing violation.  No enforcement action was taken at this time.
A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety inspections on pool 13 of the Mississippi River. No violations were discovered.

A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety inspections on pool 12 of the Mississippi River. A written warning for unsecured battery was issued.

A District 1 CPO & Sergeant conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River in Rock Island & Henry Counties. During the patrol, a Citation was issued for a fishing violation and Written Warnings for boating and fishing violations.

A District 6 Officer inspected three boats.  Two boats had no boating violations.  The third boat did not have adequate/appropriate PFD’s.  The operator was ordered to remove his boat from the water until he was in compliance.

A District 1 CPO assisted the district biologist with a night time wildlife survey.

A Region 1 CPO is investigating a battery that occurred at Rock Cut State Park on April 4, 2012. The case is under investigation.

District 6 CPO checked two subjects fishing in Rockford, IL. During the inspection, the CPO discovered the two individuals didn’t possess a 2012 Illinois fishing license. Additionally, one of the individuals was in possession of a smallmouth bass during the closed season/undersize as well.

While checking the subjects through the computer database, the CPO discovered one of the subjects was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear by Rockford PD. The CPO arrested the wanted subject and lodged her in the Winnebago Co. jail.

Since the 2012 fishing license was due two days prior to the CPO making contact with the fishermen, the CPO issued written warnings to both subjects for fishing without a fishing license. These two individuals appeared to have limited financial resources and based on the conversation at the scene, they were also struggling with outstanding financial obligations. Based on these reasons, the CPO directed the subjects to release the fish (which was alive and healthy). The subject was given a written warning for possession of an undersized smallmouth bass/closed season.

A CPO observed a male get into the passenger side of a car with an open Miller Lite beer.  The driver drove through Utica and was stopped near Starved Rock.  The passenger was issued a citation for illegal transportation of alcohol.

A CPO observed eight people in a small S-10 pickup truck.  Four of the occupants were in the bed of the truck (ages four, six, thirteen, and thirty-seven).  The driver was informed that all occupants in a motor vehicle are required to wear seatbelts.  She was cited for failing to secure a child under 8 in an appropriate child safety restraint and verbally warned for the 13 and 37 year old.  After she was issued the citation, she stated that the parent received the citation the last time.

A CPO stopped a blue 1986 Pontiac Fiero that was displaying antique plates.  Antique vehicle plates cost only 6 dollars a year, but can only be used to go to or from car shows/demonstrations/repair shops.  The operator had stayed overnight at the Starved Rock Lodge the night before and was not going to a show or repair shop.  A check of the plates revealed that they were not issued to the car that was being driven.  The operator was issued citations and must appear in court.

District 1 Sergeant attended a dinner for nine kids who were participating in a "Dream Hunt" hosted by Wildlife Organizations in Ogle, Stephenson, and Lee Counties. The kids were hunting turkey during the youth season. While in attendance, the Sergeant practiced calling turkeys with the participants and spoke to the group about hunting safety, regulations, and the ability to create life long memories while hunting.

A Region 1 District 1 CPO was advised on the morning of April 2nd of a fatal PWC accident that occurred the night before on Mississippi River pool # 15 in Moline IL.  The CPO responded to the scene and was briefed by Moline Fire Dept. who was actively conducting body recovery operations.  Initial eyewitness reports stated the Moline man was not wearing a PFD and fell off the PWC into the water.  The subject reportedly was not able to make it back to the PWC before disappearing under the water line.  The missing subject was recovered at approximately 7:00 PM on April 2.  A juvenile on the PWC at the time did have on a PFD; he was able to get back on the PWC uninjured.  The investigation is ongoing.

A Region 1 District 1 CPO utilized the Region 1 wildlife education trailer on April 2, 2012.  The CPO gave a presentation to a group of Boy Scouts at the Port Byron United Methodist Church.

A Region 1 District 1 CPO attended a hunter safety education class at the Morrison Sportsman Club on April 4th 2012.  An emphasis was placed on the use of PFD’s in all water related outdoor endeavors in light of a recent fatal boat accident in the area.  

A CPO was at a local gas station speaking with officers from the sheriff’s department and a local police department.  A truck missed the entrance to the gas station and almost drove into the ditch.  The CPO followed the vehicle from there and noticed it crossed its lane marker and a couple other minor IVC violations.  The vehicle was stopped and the driver was found to be intoxicated.  The driver was arrested for DUI and he later gave a breath sample that registered .237 BAC. 

A CPO assisted the Louisiana DNR with a case where an Illinois resident returned from Louisiana with an over limit of Crappie.  The CPO interviewed the subject and found he was in possession of 125 Crappie that he admitted to taking from Louisiana.  The possession limit is 50 Crappie.  The fish, which had already been filleted, were seized and the case will be referred to the Louisiana DNR. 

At approximately 8:43 AM on April 7, 2012 a boat accident occurred on the Illinois River in Tazewell County. A CPO was notified and responded at approximately 9:05 AM. Two subjects were operating a 66' houseboat that was taken without the owner's permission from the East Port Marina. They struck and drove over the Peoria Dam. Both subjects and the vessel have been recovered. The subjects were not injured in the accident. The houseboat sustained substantial damage, approx $20,000. The Peoria Dam was also damaged in the accident. One subject was arrested for Reckless Operation of a Watercraft (Class A Misdemeanor) and Theft Over $300.00 (Class 4 Felony). The other subject was arrested for Operation of A Watercraft While Under The Influence Of Alcohol BAC > .08 (Class A Misdemeanor) and Theft Over $300.00 (Class 4 Felony). Both subjects are currently incarcerated in the Tazewell County Jail. The investigation is ongoing at this time. In addition to the Illinois Conservation Police, Fon Du Lac Park District Police, Creve Coeur Police, North Pekin Police and Bartonville Police greatly assisted with this accident.

No Activity Reported

A CPO and a college intern were checking fisherman along the Little Wabash River in Shelby County when they checked two fishermen from Mattoon.  Both men attempted to hide drug paraphernalia as they approached.  Both subjects were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and for possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO, while checking fishermen along the West Okaw River in Moultrie County, arrested a Decatur man for possession of drug paraphernalia and for possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.  A second Decatur man is being referred to the Moultrie County State’s Attorney office for possible charges of possession of synthetic cannabis.

A CPO arrested a Decatur man along the Kaskaskia River in Shelby County for possession of drug paraphernalia and for possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO arrested a Stewardson man along the Little Wabash River in Shelby County for possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO relayed an injured Bald Eagle to the University of Illinois Veterinarian’s Clinic.  The eagle was found along the Little Wabash River in Shelby County and could not fly.  The eagle’s wing was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated.  Fortunately, there are several educational institutions willing to provide the eagle with a home.

A CPO responded to a stranded boater call on the Parnell Area of Clinton Lake.  The boat operator was traveling at approximately 35 knots where the lake is extremely shallow and posted no wake.  The boat eventually stopped after traveling in water approximately one foot deep.  The CPO was able to tow the boat out of the shallow water using a jon boat.  The operator was issued a citation for violating the no wake area.

A CPO and the Pike County Sheriff's Department received a report of a missing person.  An ATV was found parked by a pond while a boat was found floating in the small private pond with a fishing pole in the boat.  Soon after, the body of a man was found in the pond. It is unknown how the man fell out of the boat.

A CPO finished interviews on the taking of waterfowl out of season. A total of three individuals were cited for taking of waterfowl during the closed season. These individuals shot two Mallards, a Canada goose, and a Sea Gull during the late snow goose season.

A CPO was patrolling Siloam Springs State Park, when she observed someone speeding and conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear in Adams County.

A CPO was a first responder on a traffic crash near Rend Lake.  A man rolled his truck and threatened anyone who tried to assist.  After a few minutes of negotiating by ISP troopers, SOS Police and the CPO, the man was transported by ambulance.  Drugs, alcohol and a handgun were found in the truck. 

A CPO responded to a domestic situation where a female juvenile had a verbal argument with her boyfriend in Giant City State Park.  The female juvenile was then left in a parking lot in the park.  The juvenile had no means of transportation back to Granite City.  An Officer contacted the parents of the juvenile and made arrangements for her to be picked up at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  The juvenile was then taken to the Sheriff's office to wait for her parents.

A CPO arrested a Jackson Co. man for being wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.  The bond was $5,000 and he was taken to jail where he was allowed bond.

A CPO arrested a Union Co. man for transporting logs without proper documentation.

A CPO discovered during a deer permit violation interview, that a hunter had tagged his deer with his wife's deer tag after killing the deer in a closed county for the firearm season.  A citation was issued.

A CPO conducted a boat registration investigation, finding the boat had changed hands 4 times without any title or registration transfer. A citation was issued for the offense.

                          OFFICE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT
                             WEEKLY ACTIVITY REPORT
                                        APRIL 18, 2012

A CPO patrolled the Mississippi River and area backwaters in Rock Island County.  Only minor boating violations were encountered and addressed.

A District 1 CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal by ATV with expectations of more boats on the canal due to the extremely rough water conditions on the local rivers due to high winds and rain.  However only one boat was inspected, but a dozen fishermen were out attempting to fish between the rain showers.  The most common violation was No Fishing License for 2012.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken with each inspection. 

Two District 1 CPOs conducted a patrol on Mississippi River Pool 14.  The weather was cold and rainy but a few boat safety inspections were conducted.  One person didn’t have a PFD readily accessible.  We discussed the importance of having a PFD at least close by if needed in the kind of weather he was operating in.

A District 1 CPO concentrated patrols to areas along the Rock River including dams and boat ramps.

A CPO inspected a boat with three occupants near Marseilles.  The operator of the watercraft did not have a fire extinguisher, sounding device, batteries secured, or registration numbers displayed properly.  Additionally, all three occupants had been consuming alcoholic beverages, but only had one wearable PFD in the boat.  The operator passed field sobriety tests and was issued a citation for the PFD violation.  He was issued four written warnings and given a boat registration and safety digest.
A boat patrol was conducted on the Mississippi River Pool 14 by District 1 CPOs.  Various fishing boats were checked in the high winds, and one subject was warned to keep his PFDs more readily accessible during these types of water conditions.    

A District 1 CPO patrolled Mississippi River Pool 12.  No boating violations were discovered.

A District 1 CPO utilized the Region 1 wildlife education trailer on April 10.  The CPO gave a presentation to a group of Tiger Cub Scouts at the Port Byron United Methodist Church.

A District 1 CPO is filing charges on a Sterling man for unlawfully abandoning his fiberglass watercraft in the Rock River in hopes that it would sink and not be discovered.  Additional watercraft registration violations and pollution of waterway charges will also apply.

A CPO in Henderson County concluded a joint investigation with the Iowa DNR.  Last fall the officer was contacted by the Iowa DNR regarding a subject from Illinois fraudulently obtaining Iowa permits and licenses.  The Illinois officer located the subject’s residence in Oquawka.  Over the next few months the subject was observed on many occasions using the residence.  Further investigation revealed the subject paid property taxes at the residence.  The investigation resulted in the offender being charged with multiple counts of fraud.  A ten point deer was also seized.

A District 6 CPO investigated two burglaries to two separate vehicles at Rock Cut State Park. On this particular day, two friends met at Rock Cut State Park to walk one of the park’s trails. While the park patrons were away from their vehicles, the suspect(s) shattered the windows and stole numerous items, valued in excess of $300. This case remains under investigation.

CPOs spent three days in court and were called to give testimony in a bench trial involving a restraining order against Buffalo Range.  The case is being handled by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and IDNR.  The case will resume April 24.

CPOs participated in the release of an immature bald eagle recovered last fall with a shotgun wound. The female bird named Peace was released back to the wild Saturday on Plum Island across the river from Starved Rock State Park.  A reward of up to $2,500 is offered for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for shooting the eagle. Those with information can call the Department of Natural Resources hotline at (877) 236-7529, state police at (815) 224-1171 or Bureau-Putnam County Crime Stoppers at (815) 925-7412.

A District 7 CPO and his intern gave 14 fifteen minute presentations on boat and water safety at the McDonough County Farm Safety Days.  Several hundred area fifth-graders were given presentations on ATV safety, animal safety, tractor safety and other related farm safety issues throughout the day-long event.  The boat and water safety section dealt with use of personal flotation devices and drowning prevention.

A subject cited for shooting a deer decoy from a motor vehicle accepted a plea agreement in Lake County Court.  The subject pled guilty to hunting from a motor vehicle and no hunting license.  He agreed to pay $500 to the Illinois Conservation Foundation and was fined an additional $964 in fines/court costs.  The crossbow used in the incident was awarded to the Department.

A CPO has been participating in a joint burglary investigation with Lake County Sheriffs, Island Lake, and Wauconda PDs.  In January, the CPO responded to three Burglary to Motor Vehicle complaints in Moraine Hills State Park, where several personal identification documents were stolen.  In March, Island Lake conducted a search warrant on the suspect's house and found the Moraine Hills State park burglary victim's driver's license along with several other items including ammunition stolen from a state trooper’s residence.  The Lake County States Attorney's office charged the suspect with eight felonies including unlawful possession of a stolen personal identification document. 

A subject involved in a PWC accident at night on Labor Day weekend was cited for OUI (BAC .16), violation of no wake, and operation of PWC after sunset.  The operator was air lifted from the scene with serious head injuries, but quickly recovered.  The subject pled guilty and was fined $2,200 in fines/court costs, 18 months supervision, ordered no drugs/alcohol, random drug testing, and victim impact panel.  

No Activity Reported

No Activity Reported

On April 12, a CPO stopped to assist a vehicle with three people wearing camo clothing in Saline County.  The CPO discovered an uncased shotgun and an untagged turkey in the vehicle.  The assist turned into a wildlife violation bonanza.  At the end of the contact, the CPO confiscated two sets of turkey fans, legs and beards; issued ten citations and cleared a previously unsolved driving off the roadway case at Sahara Woods.  Eight citations were issued for turkey hunting violations, one for an uncased firearm in a vehicle and one for driving off the roadway on IDNR property. 

A CPO assisted another CPO on the motorist assist that turned into a turkey poaching case.  One of the subjects was a person the CPO had been attempting to contact since the first deer season for violations from 2011.  He received a total of eight citations for the violations. 

A CPO assisted Saline County Sheriff’s Office with a search for a missing turkey hunter in the Shawnee National Forest.  The hunter was found deceased the next day. 

A CPO made several turkey hunting cases in Jefferson County.  A man was found turkey hunting after hours.  Another hunter was in possession of an untagged turkey.  On Ten Mile Creek SFWA, the CPO found a turkey hunter that killed a turkey, hid the bird and continued to hunt after harvesting his limit.  The same hunter was riding an ATV on Department property, with an uncased shotgun, while hunting in the wrong county.  He also failed to tag the previously killed turkey and had no Ten Mile Creek permit to hunt.

A District Sergeant and CPOs concentrated on illegal ATV operation on April 15.  The result was several citations including driving off-road on Department property and operation of an ATV on the roadway. 

A CPO encountered a subject at Ramsey State Park operating a boat while fishing.  As he was conducting the boat safety inspection, the subject was found to be impaired from consuming alcohol and cannabis.  The subject was arrested for OUI and possession of cannabis.

While checking fishermen at Red Hills State Park, a CPO made contact with an Indiana subject fishing with no license.  A radio check revealed the subject was wanted on three warrants from Bond County, Illinois.

A CPO cited a subject at Newton Lake for using a 150 h.p. boat.  The lake has a 25 h.p. limit.

A CPO responded to assist Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Dept. and ISP with a suicidal subject with a gun.  Upon arrival, the CPO assisted an ISP Trooper in a foot chase of the suicidal subject.  At one point the subject pulled out and displayed a knife but quickly threw it down.  The subject was apprehended and taken to a local hospital for evaluation.   

A CPO received several complaints of snagging at the Kinkaid Lake Spillway.  The CPO witnessed an individual snagging at the basin.  The subject was also found to not have a fishing license and was issued a citation. 

A CPO assisted a landowner having problems with ATVs running on his property.  The property is adjacent to Ft. Massac State Park and the ATVs were also running on park property and through Massac Creek. Citations were issued to those ATV operators.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class of thirty students at the DuQuoin Middle school.

A CPO issued a written warning to a Nashville, IL., commercial club owner for failure to report end of season harvest records.


APRIL 25, 2012



A District 7 Officer did a Sport Fishing by boat detail at Banner Marsh.  Seven written warnings were issued and one citation for No Wearable PFD’s Onboard was issued.

Two District 7 CPOs conducted boat safety equipment exams of boats participating in the IHSA Bass Tournament at Argyle Lake State Park.  Several boats did not have the battery terminals shielded properly.  The violations were corrected while being observed by the officers.  One boat was planning on taking three persons aboard a vessel rated for only two as indicated on the capacity plate.  The boat operator was advised to only take one passenger/participant or risk being cited.  He complied throughout the morning of fishing.  Another boat did not have the proper lanyard kill switch.  It had been bypassed by using a zip tie.  The boat owner was advised to not use this outboard.  He later advised that he had the proper lanyard in route to the event. 

A CPO was invited to speak on BNNS Satellite/Internet Radio regarding conservation topics in Boone County.  Areas questioned included: Chronic Wasting Disease, watercraft safety and education, recent state record walleyes caught in the immediate area, Operation Warm Weather Cold Water, and evasive species affecting Illinois.

A CPO checked a subject preparing to load eight passengers into his boat at a local boat ramp. Four of the eight passengers were children. While conducting a boat safety inspection, the CPO discovered the boats capacity was four passengers, the boat operator only possessed two children’s wearable PFD’s, the boats batteries were unsecured/uncovered and the vessel was unregistered. The CPO took appropriate enforcement action and spent time explaining to the operator the potential for a serious boat accident as a result of overloading the vessel and failing to provide necessary PFD’s, which are size appropriate for all passengers. Following the discussion and evaluating the potential for additional charges if he launched the vessel, the operator decided to place his boat onto the trailer until the violations could be corrected.

A District 1 CPO patrolled Johnson Sauk Trail SRA and observed people taking gear out of a boat which was on the trailer in the parking lot well after dark.  The CPO approached on foot and spoke to the people.  They had arrived late in the evening, set up their campsite, then returned to the boat to remove or secure any valuables.  The CPO discussed weather conditions for the weekend along with PFD use in cold water.  No violations were found and the boat owners were thankful for the patrol by the CPO.


District 1 & 6 CPOs, along with USFWS are investigating a situation in Stephenson County of a wounded mature bald eagle and three other mature bald eagles that were found dead. The investigation is ongoing. 

A District 1 CPO received a call of an injured osprey near a private lake in Port Byron IL.  The CPO arrived on scene and in fact it was an osprey with a broken right wing.  Hoo Haven Rehabilitators were called from near Rockton, IL.  They sent a volunteer to the location to take possession of the large raptor.  Hoo Haven stated this was only the second time they’ve encountered an osprey.  The osprey is expected to recover and be released back into the wild.

While off duty, a CPO located a subject selling a great horn owl (stuffed) on the internet.  Investigating the information, the CPO found the seller to be a local “resale shop”.   While at the resale shop, the CPO found that the owners were also selling a largemouth bass (stuffed).  Concluding the investigation, the illegal items were seized and the owner was cited. 

A District 1 CPO is investigating an incident involving a man apparently being mistaken for a turkey and subsequently shot. On April 17, 2012 at approximately 8:18 am., the JoDaviess County Sheriff’s Department received a call from Midwest Medical Center in Galena advising of a gunshot victim from a hunting incident in their emergency room.  The Illinois Conservation Police and Illinois State Police responded to the medical center. Two District 1 CPOs returned to the scene of the incident with all parties involved to investigate. The investigation revealed an Itasca, IL. man was field turkey hunting in the Elizabeth, IL.  area.  He was allegedly mistaken for a turkey and shot with a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with #4 shot by a 61 year old Rockford, IL. man.  The alleged shooter was turkey hunting on an adjacent property.  The shooter and victim were not hunting in the same party and did not know each other or the fact that each was hunting in the same general vicinity. The Itasca man was transported to the hospital by members of his own hunting party, where he was treated and released. Both hunters were in possession of the correct licenses and permits. The incident remains under investigation by the Illinois Conservation Police. No charges have been filed at this time.

A CPO conducted three commercial waterfowl investigations from hunting clubs who failed to submit their kill sheets. Written warnings were issued to each of them.

CPOs charged two Chicago area men for snagging after observing the men using a snag pole and hooks in the Illinois River near Starved Rock State Park.

A District 6 CPO arrested a subject for Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol. The CPO sought and received permission from the State’s Attorney to upgrade the charge to Aggravated DUI, a class 2 felony. He was also authorized seizing the vehicle pursuant to Article 36 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.


A CPO found a subject to be in possession of three northern pike under the 24 inch size limit in Lake County.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.


A CPO cited an Allenville man for hunting turkeys without a valid turkey permit.

A CPO cited three men for hunting turkeys on the Lake Shelbyville Project ground without a valid turkey permit.

A CPO rescued stranded boaters on Lake Shelbyville after dark when their boat broke down.

A CPO was called by the Coles Co Sheriff’s Office to assist with some garbage bags in a creek near Rardin, possibly containing body parts.  The CPO investigated and was able to determine the garbage bags did in fact contain rotting deer meat and hides.


A CPO was checking fisherman, when he encountered a subject without a license. He learned the subject was wanted on a warrant for contempt of court.

A CPO was checking turkey hunters, when he checked a subject hunting with a landowners permit. The subject admitted to hunting on property several miles down the road.


A CPO issued two citations to a Zeigler man in Franklin County for fishing without consent and no fishing license.  The fisherman had been told a week earlier to keep off the property.  When asked why he returned he said, "fishin' is just so awesome here."

A CPO is investigating criminal damage in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.  Vulgar remarks were painted on and around the Class A campground, playground and shower house. 

CPOs investigated a two boat collision on Rend Lake.  An operator’s inattention caused heavy damage to both watercraft.  The CPO cited the operator for careless operation of a watercraft.

A CPO is investigating a potential wildlife poisoning in Hamilton County.

A CPO participated in a "touch a truck" event in Benton.  Many emergency vehicles from the surrounding area participated in the event.  Digests and literature were passed out.

A CPO assisted a Site Tech with a female found lying near a creek in Dixon Springs State Park.  The Site Tech attempted to keep the female conscious until authorities and EMS arrived.  The case is currently under investigation by Golconda Police Department. 

A CPO attended and inspected the watercraft at IHSA bass fishing sectional at Lake of Egypt.  Twenty-three boats were inspected prior to the event.

A CPO attended the Earth Days program at Mermet Lake.  The CPOA trailer was used for the event, which was attended by approximately 200 students.

A CPO cited a Massac County hunter for turkey hunting without permission.

A CPO is investigating an ATV accident on Fort Massac State Park property.  A subject was riding an ATV unlawfully on the site.   The rider attempted to climb a creek bank and flipped the machine which landed on his female passenger.  She was airlifted to the hospital. 

A CPO assisted Union County Sheriffs Dept.  at a rural house fire where the parties involved (Two large families who live close together and don’t get along.) had to be broken up to avoid fights.