Office of Law Enforcement
May 18, May 25 & June 1, 2011


A CPO arrested a subject for unlawful entry into a restricted area. The CPO was notified by ISP that a farmer was having issues with people cutting across his land and going into IDNR property, specifically the Blackball Mines Nature Preserve. The farmer advised the CPO that he has a posted No Trespassing sign up, and wants them notified not to cut through his field. The subject was cited for being in our restricted nature preserve and warned not to trespass on the farmer’s field.

While checking bank fishermen at the Oregon dam, a District 1 CPO discovered a subject to be in possession of a smallmouth bass in a basket with various other legal fish.  The subject was cited for failure to immediately release smallmouth bass during the closed season and the fish was seized.

A District 1 CPO found an individual searching for morel mushrooms in a DNR hunting area that was currently closed to everyone other than turkey hunters with a valid site permit.  Enforcement action was taken.

While conducting traffic enforcement on department lands, a District 6 CPO arrested a woman for driving while revoked. This arrest began when the CPO noticed the front seat passenger wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Once the vehicle pulled into a parking stall, the CPO approached the passenger to discuss the violation. During the stop, the CPO discovered the subject driving had a revoked driver’s license. The passenger was issued a citation for no seatbelt, the driver was arrested and the vehicle was towed.

Region 1 CPOs attended a Rapid Medical Response Class which focused on officer involved shootings and emergency medical techniques in self aid or buddy aid.  The course focused on combat medicine for tourniquet application, pressure dressings, and clotting agents.  The information provided was extremely beneficial and practical. 

A District 1 CPO patrolled the Rock River during the rain showers.  There were no boats in the area however the CPO checked four fishermen along the bank on private property.  When the CPO approached, one of them said “Man, I never thought you’d be out here in the rain.”  The four were high school seniors and believed since they were on private property they did not need a license.  The CPO informed the young men of the regulations and issued written warnings.    

While working Hennepin Canal State Park, a CPO checked a subject fishing.  The subject produced a valid Illinois fishing license.  Upon questioning, the subject was found to have provided a friend’s fishing license as his own.  The subject was cited for obstructing a police officer and for fishing without a valid license in possession.  The subject admitted to having used his friend’s license for the last five years (he was revoked for failure to pay child support). 

District 6 CPO was checking shore fisherman in Boone County when, after walking to a quarry pit, found two fisherman who acted surprised to see the uniformed officer.  When asked to present their fishing licenses, the first fisherman told the officer that he has fished this pond for years and had never purchased a fishing license because he didn’t keep the fish he caught but practiced “catch and release” fishing only. The second fisherman indicated he had a fishing license but not in his possession.  When the officer requested to see his I.D. so he could verify he had purchased a license through the Point Of Sale System, the second fisherman suddenly remembered his license had expired. 

While working a DOT Grant at Spring Lake State Fish and Wildlife area, a District 7 CPO observed a subject turn a corner at such a high rate of speed that the car nearly went into the ditch.  The CPO turned around to stop the subject.  After several miles, the CPO was finally able to catch up with the vehicle and paced it with radar at nearly 60 miles per hour in a 20 mph zone.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO responded to a call of a two-year old that had fallen off of a two foot ledge onto concrete at Illini State Park.  The two-year old hit his head on the concrete and was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released.  The mother was found to have a valid warrant out of LaSalle County and was arrested.

A CPO was performing a boat safety check on a vessel on the Fox River at the Ottawa Boat Ramp.  The operator and one passenger were both under 21 years of age and had been drinking alcohol.  The operator was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was arrested for OUI.  He refused to give a breath sample. 

A CPO was working the Mackinaw River when he observed a canoe with no registration.  A total of 3 canoes were eventually stopped and cited for no wearable life jackets and no registration.

A CPO assisted local and state law enforcement agencies with a meth lab in Henderson County.  After the lab was seized, IDNR property was located at the residence.  Theft charges are pending against two subjects.

A CPO assisted the Aurora Police Department in a search for a missing child associated with a woman who committed suicide in Rockford, IL. This involved a two day search of state parks, fields and wooded areas in multiple counties.

A CPO and his intern rescued four boaters who claimed their boat battery had lost power while on the east end of LaSalle Lake.  The winds were high and the boat was taking water over the starboard gunwale.  The CPO secured a line to the bow of the disabled boat and towed the vessel and its occupants back to the ramp.

A CPO made an arrest of several subjects that were hiking and swimming in restricted areas in Starved Rock State Park.  One subject was also in possession of alcohol which is posted restricted as well.  All were issued citations.

A CPO used the Region 1 Education Trailer at two fishing derbies.  The Monmouth Police Department Fishing Derby at Citizens Lake and the Galesburg Kids Fishing Derby at Lake Storey were held on Saturday and Sunday.  The weather was poor with cold temps and rain but many children and their parents walked through the trailer. 

A CPO checked fishermen and boaters at Lake McMaster, Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife area.  Of the dozen boats checked, several had minor equipment and registration violations which resulted in 12 written warnings.  Just after arriving, he witnessed a subject fall overboard from a small fishing boat.  The boat was drifting with a small 9.9 HP motor running but not in gear.  The operator suffered some bruising on his left inner arm while trying to grab a fishing pole that had fallen overboard ahead of him.  A boat accident report was completed.

A CPO patrolled Lake Bracken in Knox County.  Of the seven boats checked only one was found to be in violation.  A two person pedal boat with a trolling motor was stopped as it crossed the lake.  The boat was not registered, the battery was not secured, and no personal flotation devices were on board.   The owner/operator was issued a citation for no life jackets and a written warning for the other violations.

A CPO was checking shore fisherman in Boone County when he came upon two Hispanic gentlemen fishing near the Belvidere Park Spillway.  As the officer approached, he noticed one of the men looked back, saw him, and began to whisper to the other man fishing.  The CPO identified both men and learned that the one who whispered to his friend did not have a fishing license.  The CPO escorted the man back up to his squad where he ran the man’s name and date of birth through state police dispatch.  The fisherman returned “wanted On a $10,000.00  warrant – armed and dangerous - will fight with police – member of the Mexican Mafia.”  The CPO also observed three teardrop tattoos next to the man’s right eye indicating he had murdered three individuals.  The man was taken into custody by the CPO without incident and transported to the Boone County Jail.
The boating and fishing activities are increasing and a district 1 CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal by boat.  One of the
residents with a boat dock along the canal was just pulling away from his dock when the CPO approached.  The officer
completed a boat safety check and the operator was found to have only a type four throwable PFDs in the small motorboat.  The officer advised the operator to return to the dock which was approximately 20 yards away and get all the required equipment before coming back out on the water.  The boat operator complied and was issued written warnings for the violations.  As the officer pulled away the boat operator said, “Thank you and that will never happen again Officer”. 

A district 1 CPO conducted a boat safety inspection at the Rapid City boat launch and the operator was found to have an outstanding warrant for this arrest.  The Port Byron man was arrested and posted the cash bond at the local police department. 

A District Sergeant arrested a subject at Rock Cut State Park for driving while revoked, and obstructing Identification. He was taken to the Winnebago County Jail.

District 1 & District 6 CPO’s assisted Aurora Police Department in a search for a missing 6 year-old boy.  CPOs searched areas of Whiteside, Ogle, and Lee Counties by foot and on ATV.  The child was not located.  The investigation is ongoing.

CPOs assisted the Sterling Fire Department and Whiteside County in a search for a missing Rock Falls man.  He was last seen swimming in the Rock River near Lawrence Park.  CPOs searched land by ATV and utilized the side scan sonar.  As of this time the subject has not been located.  The search continues.

While on foot patrol at White Pines State Park, a District 1 CPO observed four subjects walking along the railroad tracks to a popular swimming area in a restricted area.  As the CPO waited for the subjects to get closer, they were overheard talking about the trouble they could get into for being back there especially possessing the alcohol they did. The CPO then made contact with them discovering they were all underage and consuming alcohol.  All four subjects were charged with underage consumption of alcohol.

A CPO was called to Sheridan by a subject who called ISP complaining that someone entered onto his property to fish without permission. The CPO responded to the call and met the complainant at his property.  There was a white SUV parked off the road on his land. The complainant took the CPO down to the pond where two men were observed fishing. They were taken back to their truck and in their possession were eight Largemouth Bass. Three of the fish still seemed to be alive and were immediately released after it was established that they had no permission to be there.   Both subjects were arrested for fishing without permission and no valid sport fishing license. They were given a court date and given instructions that they must appear in court. Photos were taken of the remaining five Bass, and a field report completed.

A District 7 CPO responded to a call from a landowner complaining of subjects fishing without permission.  Upon his arrival, all five subjects began packing up to leave.  At the landowner’s request the subjects were cited for fishing without consent of the landowner.

A CPO stopped a vehicle for speeding.  After having a drug dog alert on the vehicle, a smoking device suspected to have burnt cannabis residue in it was found.  The driver was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

A CPO stopped a vehicle at Matthiessen State Park after a registration check showed the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license.  The driver of the vehicle was the owner.  He was arrested for driving while license suspended.  Upon being searched after the arrest, he was found to be in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  He was charged with those also.

A CPO investigated a one vehicle motorcycle crash at Starved Rock State Park.  The driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

A CPO charged four subjects for swimming/wading where posted “prohibited” after they were found climbing up a waterfall and the sliding down the rocks into the pool. 

CPOs investigated a boat crash on the Illinois River near the Marseilles Lock.  The boat had struck a submerged log, seriously damaging the outdrive.  The operator suffered minor injuries.  None of the other five occupants were injured.  The CPO issued one of the occupants a citation for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor. 

CPOs patrolled the Illinois River in the Peoria area on Memorial Day.  Despite 25mph winds, the river being at moderate flood stage, and 2 foot waves, boating traffic was heavy.  They handled a complaint of a boat sinking while tied to a dock at Detweiller Marina, rescued a boat adrift outside of East Port Marina, and then towed it and its six passengers to the launch ramp.  Two personal watercraft operators were issued citations for violating the No Wake Area within Spindler Marina.  Several other written warnings were issued to boat operators during the patrol for equipment and registration violations.

Two District 6 CPOs were assigned a random boat livery inspection to a boat rental facility in the town of New Milford within Winnebago County.  The inspection revealed 106 documented violations under the boat rental statutory requirements.  Four multi-count citations were issued to the proprietors of the business with a mandatory court appearance mandated.   Under statute, the subjects IDNR. Boat Rental Livery License is subject to a minimum (1) year suspension if found in violation.

A District 1 CPO followed up on an illegal dumping case from Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area in which a subject dumped a “truckload” of household garbage in a remote parking lot.  While picking up the garbage the park staff located a fishing license for a local resident.  After several attempts, the CPO was finally able to make contact with the owner of the fishing license.  He admitted to dumping the garbage in order to avoid taking it to the transfer station 10 minutes away from his residence.  The Kewanee man was cited for the illegal dumping on state property. 

While checking fishermen at the Colona Boat Ramp and the Hennepin Canal, a district 1 CPO arrested a Rock Island man for two outstanding warrants.  He was unable to post the $400 cash bond and was transported to the local jail.    

A District Sergeant and a CPO arrested six minors at Starved Rock Campgrounds for unlawful consumption of alcohol. One of the subjects was taken to the LaSalle County Jail for obstruction of ID.

A District Sergeant stopped a car for speeding and arrested the driver for driving while suspended.

A District Sergeant and a CPO investigated a drowning in northern LaSalle County at a private campground pond. The man was recovered and taken to Sandwich Hospital. The Sergeant attended the autopsy in Sycamore and the death was ruled drowning.

A CPO observed four people fishing in a flooded area of Starved Rock State Park.  As he approached the individuals he noticed that one of them was wearing an electronic ankle bracelet.  The fisherman stated that he did not have a fishing license.  As the CPO was checking the second fisherman, he noticed the other two fishermen put down their fishing poles and walk away.  The second individual stated that he was not fishing but admitted to fishing after the officer stated that he was observed fishing.  The CPO located the third fisherman by a tree.  The individual acted as if he did not understand English, but later was able to speak and understand English.  The fourth individual (a friend of the third fisherman) left 5 minutes prior to, reportedly, use the restroom. The CPO took the three individuals to his truck and located the fourth fisherman hiding behind the tree on a cell phone.  The individual looked shocked but complied
with the officer’s request.   A check of the computer system showed that all four individuals had fishing licenses 2 years prior.  All four individuals were issued a $120 citation for fishing without a valid $14 sport fishing license. 

A CPO was patrolling along the Mississippi River in Rock Island County.   The CPO entered Sunset Marina to find a 23 ft. Mach 1 boat on fire.  Rock Island City Fire Dept. was on scene.  The boat owner stated he started the boat then went to the stern and looked in the engine compartment.  The subject turned around to head to the front of the boat when an explosion occurred.   The subject was blown into the front cuddy cabin as the boat burst into flames.  The subject was forced to run through the flames to escape and jumped into the water.  An eye witness stated the boat owner looked like a stunt man on fire when he jumped into the water.  The boat owner had only singed eyebrows and hair and refused medical treatment.  It was a cool day and he was wearing long pants, a sweatshirt and a ball cap.  The cause of this accident has not been determined at this time and is still under investigation.

While on patrol at Starved Rock State Park, a CPO stopped a subject for failing to wear his seat belt and found his driver’s License was suspended.  He was arrested for driving while suspended.

A CPO and District Sergeant handled a serious motorcycle accident.  The driver failed to negotiate a turn on Rt. 71 in Starved Rock State Park and drove off the road, struck a culvert and ditch.    She suffered a compound fracture of her right leg and internal injuries and numerous cuts and abrasions.  She was transported to Illinois Valley Hospital in Peru, IL.  The Emergency Room doctor was concerned that she had life threatening internal injuries.  She was airlifted to St. Francis hospital in Peoria, IL where she was stabilized.

A CPO investigated a boat accident involving two personal watercrafts.  As one operator was driving in circles, the second operator ran into his port side.  The collision caused damage to both watercrafts.  The operator driving in circles suffered a broken leg / foot.  The investigation is pending.

While checking fishermen in Rock Island County, a CPO located a resident of Iowa and a resident of Wisconsin with Illinois resident fishing licenses.  Both subjects were cited and their illegal licenses were seized.   

A CPO arrested an individual at Illinois Beach State Park for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of more than 2.5 less than 10 grams of cannabis.  The driver was also issued a written warning for no rear registration light.

A CPO cited a subject on the Fox River for possession of an undersized largemouth bass (10 inches).  There is a 14 inch minimum size limit. 

A CPO assisted Zion Police Department with a criminal sexual assault case that occurred within the Zion city limits and in Illinois Beach State Park.  After learning two of the children were victimized in Illinois Beach State Park, the CPO charged the subject with 3 Class X felonies for predatory criminal sexual assault of a child and two Class 1 felonies for criminal sexual assault.

CPOs observed a subject throwing a cast net on the Fox River near the Carpentersville dam. The subject was catching sport fish, found to be in possession of 2 smallmouth bass, 4 bluegill, and numerous rough fish.  He was issued a citation for use of a cast net within 300 yards of a dam, use of a cast net to take sport fish, and two citations for the possession of the smallmouth out of season.

CPOs observed two subjects fishing without permission on Metra Railroad property in Elgin. Neither had licenses and both had long criminal histories as gang members. The female subject, who was three months pregnant, was wanted for aggravated assault out of Elgin. An Elgin female officer was requested and the violator was taken into custody. Both subjects received two citations.

CPOs stopped a pontoon boat installing piers on Channel Lake for not displaying registration numbers.  The operator received a warning for the violation and one CPO arrested the passenger/employee for possession of cocaine.  The subject was transported to the Lake County Jail.

A CPO investigated a fish kill on Slocum Lake.  Approximately five-hundred 2-3 inch Yellow Bass and several Common Carp were reported dead along the shoreline after several days of heavy rainfall.

CPOs responded to a boat accident on Channel Lake.  The 17 year old operator of a Personal Watercraft (PWC) hit a large wave ejecting him and subsequently causing him to hit his head and rendering himself unconscious and face down in the water.  The winds were strong at 25-30 mph and waters white-capping.  Fortunately a passerby observed the unoccupied PWC and went over to investigate.  He then saw a lifejacket floating in the water and determined that it was someone floating face down in the water.  The passerby put a lifejacket on, entered the water, turned the unconscious operator over onto his back and pulled him back to the back platform of his boat where he was able to revive the subject by performing chest compressions.  The operator was transported to the local hospital for observation.  Had it not been for the quick response of the passerby, the outcome of the young operator would most likely have been quite different.   

A CPO assisted a couple at Illinois Beach State Park who inadvertently locked a 1 year old child in their vehicle, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees.

A subject arrested by CPOs for felony driving while revoked and numerous fishing violations received six month periodic imprisonment at the Lake County Jail and a $2,300 fine.

After locating a subject who sneaked onto private property to fish in Will County, a District 3 CPO noticed the subject’s pupils were dilated. The CPO questioned the subject about smoking/possessing marijuana.  The subject denied both.  Unconvinced, the CPO escorted the subject back to his vehicle.  A consent search was requested and granted.  Cannabis and drug paraphernalia were found inside the vehicle.  The subject was arrested for fishing on private property without permission, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.

While conducting surveillance on two fishermen in Will County a District 3 CPO observed one of the subjects smoking marijuana.  Once finished smoking, the subject handed the drug pipe to the other subject.  The CPO approached the fishermen, recovered the smoking pipe and additionally obtained a baggy with cannabis from each subject.  Both fishermen were arrested for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.  One of the subjects had a prior arrest for possession of cannabis.

After observing a vehicle traveling at a speed of 82 mph in a 55 mph zone in Will County, a District 3 CPO conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.  During the stop, the CPO gained reasonable suspicion that the subject could have illegal drugs.  A search was conducted on the vehicle.  Three items of drug paraphernalia and a bag of cannabis were discovered during the search.  The subject was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis and speeding. 

After observing a driver commit a lane violation at Des Plaines Conservation Area, a District 3 CPO conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The driver provided the CPO with a Mexican ID card, claiming he did not have a valid driver’s license.  The subject was cited for driving without valid driver’s license and improper lane usage.

Two District 3 CPO’s responded to a hunting complaint near Monee. The complainant claimed her neighbor was hunting within a short distance of her residence.  The CPOs then made contact with the neighbor who stated the he was indeed hunting.  After a short interview, the subject was issued a citation for hunting within 100 yards of an inhabited dwelling.

Two District 3 CPO’s were checking fishermen for compliance at Hammel Woods.  While leaving, the CPOs saw two vehicles parked next to each other with multiple subjects standing around them.  As the CPO’s drove past, all the subjects quickly entered the vehicles and began to leave. Probable cause was acquired to make a traffic stop on one of the vehicles. Consent was given to search the car. The driver was cited for disobeying a traffic control device and the passenger was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis <2.5 grams.

Two District 3 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Kankakee River. Multiple warnings and one citation was given for equipment violations.

A District 3 CPO conducted an IDOT detail at Des Plaines Conservation Area.  Six written warning were issued for moving violations.

A District 3 CPO conducted an IDOT detail at Silver Springs State Park.  Six written warnings were issued for moving violations and two alcohol citations were issued during the detail.

A District 3 CPO conducted an IDOT detail at Des Plaines Conservation Area.  Five written warnings were issued for moving violations, one written warning for watercraft equipment violation, one citation for IVC violation and two citations for alcohol.

Two District 3 CPOs were patrolling Des Plaines Conservation Area when contact was made with two male subjects along the Kankakee River. After making contact with two subjects, one was taken into custody for a felony, no bond warrant issued for his arrest from California for a parole violation.  After confirmation on the identification of the subject, California advised they would extradite.  The second subject was cited for driving on a suspended driver’s license.

A District 3 CPO was conducting a traffic enforcement detail during a field trial at Des Plaines Conservation Area. During the detail five written warnings and four citations were issued for IVC (Illinois Vehicle Code) violations. With assistance from another CPO, a vehicle search was conducted on one of the traffic stops.  After the vehicle search, the driver was arrested for possession of cannabis <2.5 grams.  During the same detail a CPO responded to and handled a three vehicle traffic accident. The accident was caused in part by inclement weather and driving too fast for conditions. No injuries were reported and two vehicles were towed due to damage from the accident.

Two District 3 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Kankakee and Des Plaines River. During the detail eleven boat inspections were conducted and four vessel assists were conducted.

While investigating an illegal burning, two District 3 CPOs observed two recently killed whitetail buck skull caps attached to a tree.  One of the skull caps was tagged with a 2010 archery deer permit, while the other was untagged.  After questioning the subject on the harvest of the deer, the CPOs gained reasonable suspicion the subject may have unlawfully tagged one of the bucks with another hunter’s permit.  A history search of the subjects harvest records indicated he may have harvested three antlered deer during the 2010 archery deer season.  After a short interview, the subject admitted to the violation.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

While conducting an inspection on a District 19 outfitter, a CPO discovered 22 violations.  As the inspection continues it is believed numerous other violations will be revealed. 
A CPO found six violations during an inspection of a District 19 outfitter.  The violations involved several non-resident hunters. 

During a traffic stop in Dewitt County, a CPO found the driver of the vehicle to have a suspended drivers license and also wanted on a warrant.  The subject was arrested for driving while suspended and taken into custody for the warrant. 

District 19 officers have been busy with fish enforcement for the past couple weeks.  The crappies have been biting heavily and numerous cases have been made on over limits.  

A District Sergeant is assisting Mclean County on an illegal burn investigation that was called into the county. 
A CPO arrested a Tuscola man for DUI in Shelby Co while on an IDOT DUI Grant.  The man was cited for DUI Alcohol, DUI over .08 BAC and improper lane usage.  Subject had a .113 BAC.

A CPO arrested an Oakley man after his picture was published in a Decatur paper holding a hen turkey without a beard.  The turkey was killed this spring season.

A CPO arrested a Findlay man for DUI after he observed beer bottles fall out of the back of his pickup truck.

A CPO arrested one suspended driver, one revoked driver and two illegal transportation of alcohol.

A CPO and District Sergeant arrested a Forest City man for OUI on Lake Shelbyville w/ a .198 BAC.

A CPO arrested a man for a warrant arrest from the boat on Mill Creek in Clark County.

A CPO had an illegal transportation of alcohol.  

 6 illegal transportations of alcohol in Mascoutin, one DUI at Kickapoo, one drug and paraphernalia arrest Mascoutin, one suspended driver Moraine View, some alcohol in restricted area tickets in Kickapoo and Clinton Lake Beach, a couple of boat tickets and lots of warnings.  CPOs were called back out- WCSP for thirteen underage drinkers- more details/tickets to follow.

A CPO investigated a fatal boat accident on the Mississippi River at Quincy. A male subject left a local business in Quincy and headed up river to his cabin. Several hours later, his Jon boat was found floating down the river with no one in it.  CPOs assisted in trying to recover the subject.

A District Sergeant investigated a fatal boat accident on the Illinois River South of Hardin.  A female and male subject were thrown from a Jon boat. The female made it back to the boat and used a cellular phone to call for help. The male subject did not make it back to the boat. CPOs assisted in trying to recover the subject.

A District Sergeant and CPO assisted the Jersey County Sheriff's Department in a fatal motorcycle accident on Route 100 East of Grafton.  After hitting the guard rail the subject was thrown in the Mississippi River. They recovered the subject in approximately 3 feet of water.

A CPO is investigating the break in to the water treatment plant at Pere Marquette State Park.

A CPO is investigating an incident at Pere Marquette State Park where a pit bull killed another dog in the campground.

A CPO is investigating a subject who failed to pay for services at Pere Marquette State Park Campground.

A District Sergeant arrested a subject for driving while suspended. The subject was taken to Jersey County Jail.

A District Sergeant arrested a subject for speeding over the posted limit. The subject was traveling 98 mph in a 55 mph zone. The subject was taken to Jersey County Jail. 

District #14 officers worked the annual “Paralyzed Veterans of America” (PVA) fishing tournament at Rend Lake over the weekend. The tournament ran smoothly without any incidents.

District #14 officers also participated in the first IDOT Grant detail at the Rend Lake Complex, Dolan Lake, and Ten Mile Creek Conservation Areas.

CPOs, while on a routine traffic stop, caught two subjects with open alcohol and the driver with a suspended driver’s license. Appropriate enforcement was taken.

A CPO arrested a subject for DUI at Wayne Fitzgerell State Park. Upon searching the vehicle an incident led to the arrest; the CPO also found the subject in possession of cocaine. The CPO seized the cocaine and the subject was transported to the Franklin County jail.

A CPO arrested two persons in Jackson County for fishing without a fishing license.

A CPO instructed Region IV CPO's on OUI/ DUI.

A CPO responded to several wildlife calls in Johnson County that were referred to a licensed rehabilitator.

A CPO is investigating an incident where two boats collided on Kinkaid Lake, no injuries were reported and it is property damage only.  The accident is still under investigation.

A CPO inspected numerous boats at Pyramid State Park.  Multiple written warnings were issued along with several citations for boating and fishing violations.

A CPO arrested a Williamson County man for driving while suspended.

A CPO is investigating a capsized sail boat on Crab Orchard.  It was reported that a gust of wind caused it to tip into the water on its side and sink. No injuries were reported.

District 16 CPOs worked the IDOT Grant this weekend in Jackson and Williamson Counties.

A CPO worked small lakes in District 16 and inspected numerous fisherman and boats, multiple written warnings were issued.

A CPO issued a Kentucky resident two citations for “unlawfully taking deer” and “no valid hunting license”. The CPO worked in cooperation with Kentucky DNR.

A CPO and Herpetologist inspected a Jefferson County residence for threatened and endangered species. The CPO charged the subject with five class A misdemeanors and one business offense. An alligator snapping turtle was also seized.

A CPO caught a subject driving on a suspended license after making a routine traffic stop for speed. The CPO issued the subject two citations.

A CPO investigated two boat accidents that occurred at Rend Lake over the weekend. One involved a 32’ Sea Cruiser with six passengers on board. The operator, who was later arrested for OUI and Careless Operation, made a sharp turn at a high rate of speed and flipped the boat.  Amazingly there were no injuries. The other accident involved two boats that backed into each other with minor property damage.

CPOs assisted with the boat accident previously mentioned and made the OUI arrest of the operator.

A CPO caught two subjects unlawfully operating an ATV on a roadway in Jefferson County. The two subjects tried to elude being stopped.  The CPO called another CPO to assist and they were able to catch the two subjects. The operator had a suspended driver’s license and the passenger was “wanted” for failure to appear in Jefferson County.  CPOs transported both subjects to the Jefferson County Jail.

A CPO caught another subject driving while license suspended during a routine traffic stop for speed.

A CPO arrested a subject on Rend Lake for OUI.  The CPO also issued two subjects at the Hamilton County Conservation Area citations for illegal transportation of alcohol.

District # 14 CPOs participated in Region 5’s OUI refresher training; boat accident investigation training; and 2nd quarter Defense Tactics.

A CPO conducted patrols on small lakes and strip cuts in Perry County.  Numerous boat inspections and sport fishing checks were conducted.

A CPO arrested a boater on Kinkaid Lake for operating under the influence of alcohol. The boater’s BAC was in excess of .08 and he was processed and jailed at Jackson County.

A CPO investigated a boat accident on Crab Orchard Lake that resulted in the sailboat being capsized.  The three occupants were rescued by a fisherman who was nearby.  No injuries were reported. The accident was attributed to the main sail being raised at the same time a 35-40 mph gust of wind occurred.

CPOs conducted boat patrols on Memorial Day weekend on Crab Orchard Lake and Lake of Egypt.

A CPO was on patrol near Crab Orchard Lake when he was notified by a USFWS Refuge officer that a subject he had detained had just stolen a boat and was heading in a north direction.  The CPO launched his boat and began a search for the stolen boat and suspect. The suspect narrowly missed hitting two other boats under the Route 13 bridge that is a no wake area. The boat was located on the shore line of the north end of the refuge. The subject was fleeing on foot in a north east direction straight into a heavy storm damaged forest area.  The CPO radioed for assistance from the state police and Williamson County Sheriff.  Information was obtained that the subject was a man wanted in Missouri and California.  He was also wanted for parole violations. The search for the subject continued for ten hours in some very thick terrain.  Two Williamson County K-9 dogs were used in the search, but even the dogs could not travel thru this storm damaged woods. The subject was encountered four different times, once he just smiled at an officer that had his firearm drawn and gave him verbal commands to go to the ground. The suspect disappeared into the thicket again. The sheriff's department located a residence in Cambria where this subject had spent a couple of nights. They also located the vehicle that he had stolen in Branson, Missouri and all of his personal belongings inside it. The search was conducted with officers from the Illinois Conservation Police, USFWS officers, Illinois State Police, Carterville Police Department, Cambria Police Department, Hurst Police Department, and the Williamson County sheriff's deputies. The search was reduced at 10:00 p.m. and the subject is still at large. This subject has an extensive history of violence and resisting arrest.
CPOs responded to a stranded boat on Kinkaid Lake.  Due to the cold and impending thunderstorms no other boats were on the lake.   The boat was located with a husband and wife in it who informed the officers their three children and another adult couple needed to be brought in also.  The others were at a remote campsite further out on the lake.  The CPOs transported all seven subjects and towed the boat back to the boat launch. The District Sergeant then assisted the subjects for a couple hours, helping them get their truck started and gassed up, and the disabled boat loaded.  All were relieved when they were able to get on their way home.

A CPO left the Mt. Joy boat launch at Kinkaid Lake to make a "food run" for the patrol boat crew.  After just departing, the CPO observed a young male subject walking down the side of a busy roadway just wearing swim trunks, no shoes, no shirt.  Thinking that was not the best idea the CPO turned around at the next intersection to go back and check on this individual.  As the CPO was driving back he noticed residents from one of the nearby houses flagging him down and pointing to where he had just observed the subject.  The CPO then observed as the subject was now running through an adjacent yard and field located by a number of residences near the boat launch.  The CPO drove his squad to where he last saw the subject jump a fence and summoned another CPO and Sergeant to come his way to look for this subject.  It was still unknown why this young man was running.  A short time later the subject walked up to the Sergeant's unmarked squad and as he was being detained commented to the Sergeant that he did not have markings on his truck like the other ones. The 19 year old male subject was intoxicated and thought he was walking to his campsite in a nearby private campground.  He was actually about a mile from his campsite.  The subject and one other subject at his campsite were cited for underage consumption of alcohol. 

CPOs responded to a capsized boat at Cedar Lake near Carbondale.  Three subjects had turned over their Jon boat in windy conditions and swam to the bank.  CPOs assisted them in their boat recovery and retrieving their belongings from the site.

A CPO arrested three male fishermen without a fishing license on department lands.  All three fishermen had extensive criminal backgrounds.

A CPO arrested a Kinkaid Lake boater for operating under the influence of alcohol. The boater had a BAC in excess of .08. The boater was processed and jailed at Jackson Co.

A District Sergeant arrested a Missouri man for driving while his license was suspended. He was processed and jailed at Jackson County.

A CPO arrested a Kinkaid Lake boater for operating under the influence of alcohol. The boater had a BAC in excess of .08. The boater was processed and jailed at Jackson County.

District 16 CPOs worked the IDOT Grant and fifty-one written warnings were issued, one OUI arrest and eight alcohol arrest were made.