October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
October 5, 2011

A CPO patrolled Snakeden Hollow. Upon arriving at the site, an ATV was observed driving south on Knox Hwy 28 along the east boundary.  The operator was stopped and issued a written warning for unlawful operation of an ATV on a highway.  He was planning on operating from his home to his grandchildren’s more than a 15 mile round trip.

 While on the Lake McMaster Jon boat patrol, eleven watercraft inspections were completed by a CPO.  A written warning and a watercraft registration inspection form were both completed for the owner of a kayak that had no registration.  Another written warning was completed for expired registration that the owner claimed to have renewed on-line.  He had no proof of the renewal.  A final warning was issued to a boat operator whose wearable personal flotation devices were not in good condition, they had become dry rotted from being left on the seatbacks. 

A Palatine man and another adult were supervising a group of young boys on the trails at the Matthiessen State Park Dells. The man stated that his son had climbed down an embankment just above the dells.  The man stated that he left the trail and began to climb down to get his son back on the trail when he lost his footing and slid approximately 10 feet down the embankment causing injury to his right ankle.  Oglesby Fire and Ambulance were dispatched to the scene. Fire personnel had to rappel down to the man to secure him in a Stokes basket and bring him back up to the trail. The man was transported to Illinois Valley Community Hospital for a possible broken ankle. The man was charged with unlawful entry into a restricted area for leaving the trail.

A CPO is working an ongoing investigation regarding illegal netting of game fish at the Rockton Dam in Winnebago County.  Reports indicate that they are illegally netting striped bass at the base of the dam during weekday evenings.  After repeated surveillance, the investigation is still ongoing.

A CPO received a complaint from the Illinois Secretary of State regarding a complaint received from a Kane County resident who purchased a used boat and trailer from a used car lot in the city of Belvidere in Boone County.  The complainant advised he had never received the watercraft title and registration but had a copy of the receipt from the used car lot showing he had paid for those items at the time of purchase.  The investigation revealed the customer acquired the boat in a trade (not a purchase) with the owner of the used car lot in exchange for the customer agreeing to roof the dealer’s home.  The dealer did not submit the required watercraft application and fees until the roofing job was completed which was past the required 15 day submittal period from the transaction.  In addition, it was discovered the department could not process the title and registration application because the dealer failed to pay tax on the barter and submit the required Illinois Revenue Form with the watercraft paperwork.  The CPO assisted the customer in completing the IRS form properly as well as compiling the watercraft paperwork correctly for re-submittal.  An administrative violation for paperwork submittal is pending enforcement action against the used car dealer.   

A District 1 CPO received results from the Illinois State Police Crime Lab indicating that a Sterling subject that was earlier arrested on the Rock River near Oppold Marina for operating a watercraft under the influence of drugs, tested positive for cannabis.  Additional charges were filed for operating a watercraft with any amount of cannabis/controlled substance in blood or urine.

With the assistance from an off duty Region 2 CPO, a District 1 CPO arrested a Fulton man for depositing waste motor oil along a public roadway next to an Illinois Waterway, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife refuge property.

Select Region I and Region II firearms instructors from the Illinois Conservation Police provided marksmanship training to IDNR, Iowa DNR, and USDA CWD sharpshooters over a 3 day training/ qualification period at the Aurora Sportsmen Club.

Region I Firearms and DT instructors completed fall night shoots, and firearms/DT combined training exercises over the past few weeks.        

A District 6 CPO conducted an investigation of pollution in Rock Run Creek, located in Stephenson County.  The Illinois EPA is the lead agency investigating this pollution case along with IDNR Office of Law Enforcement and IDNR Fisheries. It was discovered that approximately 15,000-20,000 gallons of contaminated soy milk product leaked, causing an estimated 5,000 gallons of product to enter Rock Run Creek.  The stream continues to be monitored for any negative impact caused by the spill. This case remains under investigation.

A CPO patrolled Snakeden Hollow.  While in the Lake McMaster parking lot, a vehicle was observed entering the lot.  The driver drove back out of the lot after observing the marked squad on the far side of the lot.  The registration was checked by use of the IWIN terminal and found to be expired seven months ago.  A traffic stop was made a short time later along the east boundary of the park.  The driver advised that he was planning on fishing at Lake McMaster but after observing my presence he decided to leave because of his expired plates.   The subject was issued a traffic citation for expired registration. 

A CPO made an arrest of three male subjects for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  The arrest occurred at Starved Rock State Park.  The three male subjects were juveniles and were released to their parents and referred to the juvenile probation department of LaSalle County.

A CPO responded to a complaint of an illegal squirrel hunter.  The 15 year old youth was hunting without a license and did not have an FOID card.  He was issued a couple of written warnings, given a hunting digest and had the laws explained to him. 

A District 1 CPO patrolled DNR hunting sites and checked deer hunters. Vehicles were checked for site specific windshield permits on sites which require them. Sign in sheets were also checked to confirm hunters were signing in and out properly.  Hunters were checked for hunting license, habitat stamp and archery deer permits. No violations were noted.

A CPO was working a remote area in Whiteside County on Sunday night.  While looking for suspicious deer poaching activity the CPO observed a subject driving his Dodge truck in an erratic manor.  The CPO followed the truck for a short time and noticed the license plate light was out and the truck was partially driving in the wrong lane.  The subject made a left turn heading toward Cordova IL.  The CPO drove straight a short distance and turned off his lights to observe the suspect’s truck.  The truck stopped along the road after going only half a mile and turned back around coming toward the CPOs squad.   After the subject passed the CPOs squad, the CPO activated his emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop.  Contact was made with the 20 year old Erie IL subject.  The subject had the odor of an alcoholic beverage (beer) on his breath.  A consent search of the vehicle was conducted.  This search revealed an open Budweiser beer can half full of cold beer sitting on the floor of the driver area. Two unopened beer cans were found in the back seat of the truck.  The subject was given a preliminary breath test that scored .023% blood alcohol concentration.  Citations were issued for improper lane usage, possession/consumption of alcohol by a minor and illegal transportation of alcohol by a driver.   The subject has a mandatory court appearance in Whiteside County Court on October 24, 2011.   

A CPO attended the grand opening of the Bass Pro Shops in East Peoria. There were approximately 8,000 people through the doors from 6-9pm.  Various questions were asked by the public, ranging from boating to trapping.

A District Sergeant attended the Tri-County (Jo Daviess, Carroll, & Whiteside) Conservation Field Day at the Mississippi Palisades State Park.  Utilizing the Region I Education Trailer, she talked to 150 4th graders about the job duties of a CPO, watercraft safety, and wildlife. 

A District Sergeant worked a four month investigation involving Wakeen’s Family Boating Center.  The investigation began with a complaint advising a subject had not received his watercraft registration.  During the investigation, it was determined registration paperwork and taxes were not remitted and/or property filed by Wakeen’s on 47 watercraft.  One of the business owners pleaded guilty to four counts of selling a watercraft without a certificate of title.  She was placed on two years conditional discharge and was assessed fines and costs totaling $7,500.00.  The owner’s of Wakeen’s Family Boating Center also paid $53,666.00 to the Illinois Dept. Of Revenue for taxes owed on watercraft they sold prior to the investigation

A CPO worked an eight month investigation involving Milan License & Title (a business that files paperwork for vehicle titles, registrations, and taxes).  The investigation began when the CPO was conducting watercraft inspections on the Mississippi River.  He checked the registration paperwork provided by two boat operators.  The CPO noted the operators appeared to have been overcharged for registration fees.  The CPO uncovered 44 cases involving alleged thefts by deceptive practice. He also uncovered cases where tax forms and bills of sale had been allegedly altered.  The owner of the business pleaded guilty to three counts of theft by deceptive practice.  She was placed on two year’s probation and assessed fines and costs totaling $45,427.00.  The fines included restitution to the Illinois Department of Revenue in the amount of $36,580.   Also included in the fines was restitution to the theft victims in the amount of $2,997.00.   

A CPO cited a subject for possession of a 23" northern pike in Lake County.

A CPO cited the operator involved in a PWC (personal watercraft) accident from Labor Day weekend.  The operator was released from the hospital and issued citations for OUI (BAC .16), operation of PWC between the hours of sunset and sunrise, and violation of no wake zone.  He was also issued several written warnings for other violations.

A CPO investigated a boat dealership in Wisconsin that was advertising as a rental boat service on Craigslist without a rental boat license.  The dealership had not rented any boats yet and was informed of the license and business requirements.  The owner was issued a written warning.

A CPO investigated a property damage boat accident on Lake Michigan in Waukegan Harbor.  The operator of a 33' powerboat was attempting to moor his vessel in the harbor when a strong wind out of the east blew the boat into a sailboat moored at its pier.

A CPO cited a Decatur man for hunting over bait in Shelbyville Wildlife Management Area near Bethany.  Another CPO had discovered the area baited after receiving a tip from a concerned sportsman. 

A CPO cited a Sullivan man for hunting over bait in Eagle Creek State Park.  CPOs had discovered the area baited after receiving a tip from a concerned sportsman.

A CPO received a call from the Illinois State Police advising that a subject was stuck in a sink hole on a trail at Walnut Point State Park.  Upon arrival, the CPO discovered the subject was not on a trail and had actually left a foot path and crossed a dry finger of the lake.  Not knowing the lake has springs, he made it about two thirds of the way across when he broke through the crust and sank to his waist in muck.  The subject was able to use his cell phone and guide emergency responders to his location where it took five firefighters to pull him out.  His fishing poles, tackle box, bucket and catfish were also salvaged and returned.

Nothing reported.

A CPO checked several archery deer hunters over the weekend which resulted in four citations for no hunting license; and two citations for no valid deer permits.

CPOs investigated a personal injury hunting accident in White County involving an archery deer hunter who fell out of a tree stand and injured his back. The hunter was airlifted to Evansville hospital.

A CPO attended and instructed a trapper safety class which had 45 students that participated.

A CPO apprehended two Carbondale subjects fishing in a closed/restricted area of Crab Orchard refuge NWR, both were cited for the offense.

A CPO assisted Jackson County Sheriff's office with a 911 call. The subject did not answer the county's call back. The CPO entered the house through an open window and found the subject to be Okay, he was showering. The man told the CPO his phone has been out of service and he had a work order on it.  After a laugh the subject thanked the CPO for checking on him.

A subject apprehended by a CPO was digging ginseng on USFW at Crab Orchard and the information was sent to the Refuge Police for federal charges.

A CPO instructed 16 different classes over three days.  The groups ranged from 3rd to 5th grade students.

A CPO issued four warnings to fishermen trespassing on mine property that adjoined Pyramid State Park. The subjects thought they were fishing on public property.

A CPO issued a Missouri driver a citation for illegal transportation of alcohol.  The driver had stopped for a break in the middle of a country road.
 A CPO worked a prospective Ginseng digger on Shawnee National Forest in Alexander County. He conducted surveillance on the subject’s vehicle.  He made contact with them when they exited the timber.  One man was in possession of Ginseng roots and an over limit of squirrel. The man was cited for the offenses.

October 12 & 19, 2011

A CPO patrolled Lake Storey in Galesburg and Snakeden Hollow over the past weekend of nice weather.  Many boats and shore fishermen were checked.  The operator of an unregistered kayak was issued a written warning for an unnumbered watercraft.  A registration inspection form was completed and a registration application was provided to enable the owner to obtain the proper registration.  Another boat operator had no personal flotation devices (PFD’s) on board.  He was issued a citation for no wearable PFDs.  He was also issued written warnings for expired trailer registration and no throwable type IV PFD.  At Lake McMaster, Snakeden Hollow, a boat operator was issued a citation for violating the no wake restriction while operating an outboard above the 10 hp limit.  A fisherman was issued a citation for no valid fishing license.  Another fisherman was issued a written warning for fishing on a closed site on Columbus Day morning.  The site is closed to fishing activity two weeks before the opening of Goose Hunting Season. 
A District 1 CPO handled TIPs complaint of raccoon hunting without permission in Whiteside County where coon hunters were running their Blue Tick Coon Hounds on property they did not have permission to be on.  The CPO spoke with both parties and it was decided that no complaints were going to be signed.
A CPO assisted IDOC officers in a search for an escaped inmate from the Quad Cities area.  The CPO and a Correctional Officer searched along the Hennepin Canal and along a stretch of railroad tracks by the use of an ATV.  The escaped inmate was located a couple of days later.
A CPO assisted the Bureau County Sheriff’s Department with a search for a bank robbery suspect.  The CPO used an ATV to search the outskirts of the town, including timberlines and cornfields.  The investigation is being continued by the Bureau County Sheriff’s Department. 
CPOs assisted with a boat accident involving a Personal Watercraft.  Both the female operator and the female passenger went over the Marseilles Dam on the Illinois River.  One CPO arrested the operator for OUI, OUI over .08 and careless operation of a watercraft while the other CPO continued to investigate the boat accident.  The passenger was taken to a local hospital for treatment.  Her injuries were not life-threatening.  The operator’s BAC was .091. 
A District 7 CPO was on a patrol checking a lake for fisherman who did not have permission.  He observed two subjects fishing, neither subject had a fishing license or permission to be there.  They were issued appropriate citations.
A Stickney man was charged with operating his watercraft into the posted restricted area below the Starved Rock Lock and Dam, operating without a type IV throwable PFD and failure to secure and have the terminals of the boats batteries shielded. The CPO recognized the man from the previous season as being charged with the same violation.
A CPO received a complaint from the Springfield Office regarding a Boone County citizen who had purchased a live woodchuck in Iowa and brought it into the state of Illinois without procuring a furbearer possession permit.  Once the complaint was validated, it was learned that the man had already released the woodchuck on his property.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken to address this violation.

A CPO was in marked uniform patrol in Boone County when he met an archery deer hunter walking out of the woods onto the roadway towards his parked vehicle.  The CPO completed a license and permit inspection to the bow hunter and reminded him that it was the youth firearm deer weekend and he needed to be wearing a hat or cap and upper garment of solid blaze orange clothing, same as if he were hunting the muzzleloader firearm weekend or late firearm deer weekends.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken to address this violation.
A District 6 CPO completed the investigation into a pollution case in Stephenson County.  In this case, several thousand gallons of soy milk was spilled into Rock Run Creek in northern Stephenson County. Although the IDNR investigation is complete, IEPA continue their investigation into the cause of the spill.
A District 6 officer responded to a report of a jet ski going over the Marseilles Dam on the Illinois River. Two individuals were on the Jet Ski as it went over the dam at a high rate of speed. Both were thrown into the water under the dam.  Marseilles Fire Department was able to rescue both individuals.  The passenger was transported to Ottawa Regional Hospital.  She was treated and release with minor bruises.  The operator refused treatment at the scene. The operator was cited for operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol and careless operation of a watercraft.
A District 6 officer responded to a report of a domestic battery at the Starved Rock campground.  A male subject threw a cell phone at a female subject during an argument. The cell phone struck the female causing bruising.  The officer was not surprised to find alcohol at the campsite. The male was arrested for domestic battery and taken to the LaSalle County Jail.
A District 6 officer was checking fishermen on the Illinois River. During the compliance check a 10 inch largemouth bass was found in a fisherman’s possession. There is an 18 inch size limit for largemouth bass on that portion of the Illinois River.  The fisherman was issued a citation.
On Columbus Day CPOs and District Sergeant were involved in the search for a missing suicidal subject that was reported to be in Starved Rock State Park. The search included Illinois Conservation Police, Utica Fire and EMS, Utica Police Dept, Illinois State Police, LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office and Naplate Fire Dept.  The subject was found on a County Road just north of Starved Rock State Park.  The subject was transported to Ottawa Regional Hospital where he was admitted for observation.

While conducting boat safety checks at the Byron boat ramp, a District 1 CPO observed a boat approach the launch without registration.  As the CPO completed the safety inspection, he discovered they did not have a fire extinguisher, a sounding device, or current registration. The operator was issued a citation and two warnings for his violations.

On October 7th, 2011 at 2.00 pm, two individuals were attempting to launch a boat at Lake Argyle State Park.  The male subject was driving a Dodge Caravan, pulling a Shelby boat trailer.  He launched a 21 foot sailboat in to the lake.  As he was pulling the trailer from the water, he ran over the left leg of the female.  She was taken by a private vehicle to the McDonough County district hospital in Macomb.  She was treated for multiple fractures of the left leg.  On Sunday, October 9th, 2011 the incident was reported to the state police in Macomb.  The information was forwarded to District 7 staff.  At 12.30 pm a CPO met with the operator.  He was issued a citation for no valid registration on his boat trailer.  The CPO then spoke with the female by telephone.  She advised she is out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery.

On Friday evening, Oct. 7, a Conservation Police Officer assisted a LaSalle County Sheriff deputy with a report of trespassers at a rural farm machine shed.  Upon investigation, the trespassers were found to be an underage drinking party that had started a bonfire in a shed.  Two people fled on foot through a soybean field.  The CPO caught and apprehended one of the males, while the other male laid down in the large bean field to hide.  The CPO was given the nickname of the individual that was still hiding.  He was able to find the individual’s Facebook page and find out the name and date of birth of the individual.  The CPO used his PA system to call out the real name of the individual.  A short time later the individual came walking back to the shed. All eight individuals were cited for possession/ consumption of alcohol by a minor and for criminal trespass.  The two that fled on foot were additionally cited for resisting police and were taken to the LaSalle County Jail.   The individual that was hiding in the soybean field was also wanted on a La Salle County failure to appear warrant for knowingly damaged property.

A CPO joined Illinois State Police, Illinois Dept. of Corrections and Rock Island County Sheriff’s Dept. in a search for an escaped East Moline Correctional Center convict.  A confirmed sighting of the escapee took place in Cordova IL.  An intense search of the area took place all day.  The escapee was hiding in the corn fields.  Despite authority’s best efforts to include use of an air plane, the escapee eluded capture on Thursday.  The escapee was sighted in Albany IL on Friday afternoon and was captured.  The subject stated he got into unlocked cars and was able to get money and clothes to help him blend in.  The convict was returned to the correctional facility without incident.             

A CPO arrested a subject at Moraine Hills State Park for criminal trespass to State supported lands after recognizing the individual as someone he had arrested back in 2005 for public indecency.  The subject indicated that he forgot that the officer had gone to his house and handed him official notice from the State that he was forbidden entry to all state supported property and lands.  The subject was transported to the local jail and his vehicle was towed

A CPO received a complaint of waterfowl hunters hunting a day prior to the open season.  He encountered two hunters picking up decoys at the location.  Enforcement action was taken.

A CPO cited a waterfowl hunter for hunting with an unplugged shotgun on Dunn’s Lake.

A CPO is investigating a fatal boat accident that occurred on Lake Shelbyville.  A train engineer crossing a railroad bridge at Lake Shelbyville noticed a capsized boat in the water.  The CPO initially responded and located the boat and the deceased operator with the help of nearby fishermen.  At the time, it was unknown if the operator was the only person on board the boat when the accident occurred.  A Conservation Police sonar operator was called in to scan the area to make sure no other persons were missing.  Preliminary reports indicate the operator was traveling at a high rate of speed and impacted the bridge abutment.     
A CPO cited a Findlay man for hunting over bait in Eagle Creek State Park.
A CPO, acting on a tip and using information he gleaned from a social media website, cited a Moweaqua man for failing to report harvest of whitetail deer for 2010 hunting season.  The man was also advised that the picture of himself urinating on a CPO squad on his Facebook page was not a good idea.
A CPO cited a Moweaqua man for improperly reporting a harvest of a 6 point buck as an antlerless deer.
While checking fishermen at the Clinton Lake spillway, a CPO arrested a Piatt county subject that was wanted on a warrant from the late 80's out of Piatt County.  
A CPO arrested two subjects that were illegally taking trout from Kickapoo State Park.  The fish had just been released and the trout season had not opened yet. 
A CPO arrested a Piatt County subject that was wanted on a warrant out of Champaign County.  The CPO encountered the subject while he was fishing at the Clinton Lake Spillway.  This subject’s vehicle was the only one in the parking lot at the time, so the CPO ran a check on the registration.  The computer showed the registered owner was wanted out of Champaign County for possession of child pornography.
Nothing reported.

A CPO caught a group of ATV's driving on a major road in Massac County. One ran off but the others were all stopped.  One of the drivers had a suspended license, all were cited for illegal operation on a roadway and one driver was suspended.
A CPO received a complaint of reckless driving and littering from a motor vehicle that occurred at Giant City State Park. The CPO was off duty when he received the phone complaint. The caller had a good description of the female driver and the male passenger and the license plate registration. The CPO interviewed the owner of the vehicle two days later and also found out his girlfriend’s name. The girlfriend was interviewed and she admitted to throwing a Miller Lite beer can from the driver’s side window and passing another vehicle without stopping. She was cited for littering and given a written warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.
A CPO is investigating three deer that were dumped along a roadway with only the back straps removed.
A CPO responded to an ATV accident that occurred in Johnson County. He assisted the sheriff's department.
A CPO stopped a Louisiana man and his young daughter from hunting whitetail deer with no blaze orange clothing. The CPO had seen them leaving their truck and walking into the woods. The father stated that he and his daughter had been told by a female clerk at Dick's Sporting Goods that they did not have to wear the orange clothing that they had on the counter at the check-out. The father was given a Hunting Regulation Digest and advised to read the regulations himself as opposed to taking the word of a sales clerk.  He was issued a written warning.
A CPO came across a very muddy ATV and a smoldering fire on private property with no one within miles.  Empty containers showed signs of a party. The property owner was contacted and he knew who the ATV belonged to. Later the owner of the ATV was given a warning for not having the title in his name.
A CPO responded to a hunting without permission call in Williamson County. The complaint was un-founded as the owner of the truck arrived and advised that the truck had broken down the night before and he left it on the private property.
A District Sergeant assisted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department on a traffic crash on Rte. 149.
A District Sergeant made five test runs with the sonar boat, some transom modifications will have to be made to allow the side scan to function properly.
A District Sergeant attended a meeting for the Ft. Massac Encampment event.  ISP, Metropolis Police Dept and ESDA attended the meeting.
A CPO is investigating a dead Bald Eagle recovered in Union Co. The cause is unknown and is under investigation.
A CPO taught a Hunter Safety class in Jackson County, approximately 45 students attended.
A District Sergeant had a court appearance on a felony drug case involving bath salts, probable cause was found on the case and a first appearance set.
A CPO is investigating an archery hunting accident in Pulaski County.  A man fell from a tree stand and fractured his pelvis. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.
A CPO responded to a possible leaking pipeline in Alexander County. The pipeline was notified and the EPS was contacted. No leak was found on the pipeline and the EPA took samples for a determination of the substance.
A CPO assisted the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department on an ATV accident near the Tunnel Hill Bike Trail. The operator was air lifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the crash.
District 16 CPOs attended fall firearms training at 10 Mile Creek State Park.
A CPO is investigating a spotlighting complaint in Johnson County.
District 14 & 16 CPOs attended the Ft. Massac Encampment.  A District Sergeant coordinated the radio communications through Massac County and Metropolis Police Dept using the ITECS communication package and the Region 19 Homeland Security Command trailer. Since portable communications are not possible in the park with STARCOM, the mobile repeater provided our communications. The event encompassed approximately 210,000 people on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  District 16 CPOs provided 24 hour security at the site and all the parking for the entire three day event. The following calls were responded to during the event:
3 recovered bicycles
13 lost kids were located and returned to their parents.
1 arrest for a suspended driver’s license.
1 parking arrest where a Tennessee man refused traffic guidance form a police officer.

A District Sergeant worked with a  Site Superintendent, a 911 Coordinator, the Metropolis Police and Fire Department, the Massac County Fire Department, and the Massac County Sheriff’s Department, IDOT, and ISP 22 Captain in the planning stage and execution of the event. A record crowd attended the event and no major crimes were reported. The CPOs working the event did a very professional job in every facet and were complimented quite often for their performance. ISP handled the traffic control outside the event and CPOs handled the traffic and complaints inside the grounds.
A CPO responded to a complaint at Hamilton County Conservation Area and discovered five (5) archery deer hunters with untagged deer antlers. Appropriate enforcement was taken.

A CPO investigated a false/deceptive application for free landowner firearm/archery deer permits in Jefferson and Franklin Counties. The father was cited for a Class A misdemeanor of providing false/deceptive information allowing relatives to receive free permits. The relatives were written warnings and the 12 permits were confiscated.

Office of Law Enforcement
October 26, 2011

District 7 officers conducted a two day detail at Argyle Lake State Park on the opening weekend of the fall trout season.  Numerous fishermen and boaters were checked for compliance.  One citation was issued for expired boat registration.  Several written warnings were issued for boat registration and equipment violations.  Two boat registration inspection forms were completed for two unnumbered kayaks that were purchased from a sporting goods store and the Manufacturers Statement of Origins were no longer available.  Written warnings were issued for license not in possession. Several fishermen were checked with limits, but no citations were issued for over-limits.  A similar detail was conducted last year with several over-limits and boating violations.  Attendance was down this year due to road construction and weather.

A District 1 CPO arrested two Savanna men for wanton waste on opening day of the north zone waterfowl opener.  The two subjects were observed hunting waterfowl over a period of a few hours on a wetland near Savanna.  Both subjects were observed shooting wood ducks and then not making an attempt to retrieve them.  The wood ducks drifted away into some nearby railroad tracks.  The District 1 CPO then repositioned behind the hunters and watched them shoot at Canada geese, pack up their gear, and begin walking back towards the road.  The two hunters walked past the CPO, in the opposite direction the wood ducks were left.  Contact was then made with the hunters and a compliance check was conducted.  The check revealed one of the hunter’s FOID Card had been expired for a year and a half.  The hunters told the CPO that they were going to go back and get the ducks that they had shot hours earlier.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District I officer was a guest on WSDR’s morning radio show sponsored by Whiteside County Soil and Water Conservation District. 

A District 1 CPO patrolled Centennial Park in Rock Falls before the trout season opened to ensure compliance of the set date.

Region I Firearms Instructors completed their fall night pistol and rifle training this week at the Chillicothe Sportsmen Club.

A District 1 CPO received two separate TIPS complaints on possible deer poaching in Whiteside and Carroll Counties.  Investigations are pending.      

A District 6 CPO conducted an investigation into the possible falsification/alteration of social security number in obtaining a fishing license while blocked from buying a license for child support. This investigation initiated in Springfield where the possible violation was detected. An investigation was conducted which resulted in the arrest of a Boone County man for falsification in obtaining a fishing license, a Class A Misdemeanor.

A father and son returning to the Banner Marsh Check station discovered that one of the ducks that the son had shot was a cormorant.  Based on both the father and son being first time duck hunters, appropriate enforcement was taken.

On 10/07/2011 at 2:15 a.m. a freight train consisting of 133 units derailed just east of Tiskilwa, Illinois.  The train had 128 cars that were loaded with corn mash and/or ethanol.  Twenty six of the cars actually derailed according to the Incident Commander on scene.    Approximately nine of these cars were upended with at least three catching fire.  There were no known injuries as a result of the accident; however the east side of the town in close proximity was evacuated.  Environmental concerns were if any of the ethanol made it into Bureau Creek or the smaller Plow Creek.  No water or foam was applied to the burning cars until shortly after 11:00 a.m. when it was discovered through use of and infrared camera used while flying over the scene, the hot spot existed in and around three tank cars.  Firemen where dispatched to the derailment to apply the water and foam in an attempt to cool the cars contents.  The Region Captain (OLE), a female from Fisheries and a CPO met with representatives of the Illinois EPA and US EPA.  As a team we drove into the hot zone and inspected a one mile stretch of Bureau Creek that is located approximately 1/4 mile to the north of the derailment.  Water samples and dissolved oxygen (DO) readings were taken and a search was conducted for field tiles that might drain into the creek. The DO readings were in the normal range and no tiles were observed.  Fish were also observed that did not appear to be affected.  Plow Creek was also inspected with similar findings. We also inspected earthen berms located along the drainage ditches on the east side of the accident.  The berms were constructed to prevent any possible run off of the ethanol, water or foam.  The Illinois EPA's team divided up to collect five additional water samples from different locations along Bureau Creek.  Although it may be too early to be 100% positive that no ethanol product entered the streams, it was the general consensus and with a good degree of certainty by all involved that it did not.  However as a precaution, independent water samples were collected for the Department.  Close monitoring of the streams continues. 

A District Sergeant handled a hit and run crash at Starved Rock.  The driver failed to report the damage and ISPERN was put out and the driver has been located, charges are pending and an SR1 was completed.

While traveling into Boone County to arrest a subject for unlawful possession of live woodchuck, a CPO observed an SUV parked along a back road, adjacent a large tract of woods known to have hunting activity by this officer in past years.  Due to the fact it was near the end of archery hunting time for that evening, the CPO waited for the archery deer hunter at his vehicle in the road to complete a routine compliance check of their license and equipment.  As the hunter walked out onto the road from the woods, the CPO noticed the archery deer hunter was not wearing the required blaze orange clothing required for that weekend’s hunt because it was also the statewide youth firearm deer hunting weekend.  The hunter, an admitted 18 year archery deer hunter, knew about the requirement but argued with the CPO that the law should not apply if there are not any firearm deer hunters hunting the same land as the archery deer hunter.  The CPO explained the law to the hunter and took appropriate enforcement action.

While in marked uniform patrol working in Rock Cut State Park, a CPO observed a black 4-door sedan drive through a stop intersection in the park then speed away from that intersection 15 m.p.h. over the posted limit.  Upon stopping the vehicle, the CPO learned that the 16 year old driver was unlawfully transporting two other 16 year old friends and one 15 year old friend.  Under the Graduated License Law the driver cannot transport anyone outside of immediate family members under age 20 for the first 12 months of obtaining their Illinois Drivers License.  Furthermore, the three passengers are also subject to fine by getting into a vehicle driven by a Graduated License Holder.  The driver was cited for unlawfully transporting individuals under age 20 and given written warnings for disobeyed stop sign and speeding.  The three passengers were issued written warnings under the Graduated License Law for being passengers in a vehicle driven by a Graduated License Holder.

A CPO received a complaint from Rock Cut State Park Staff regarding an individual camping in their campground that was unlawfully driving on the roadways and trails using a homemade motorized bicycle.  Once the man was located he was issued a written warning under the State Park Administrative Rule for unlawfully riding a motorized bicycle upon the trails.  He was also educated on the Illinois Vehicle Code Requirements for such a vehicle being driven upon the highways of this state. 

A CPO in Winnebago County received a complaint of skunks doing damage in an area subdivision.  A list of DNR licensed nuisance trappers were provided to the citizen as well as the option of obtaining a nuisance trap from the department if he wanted to trap the skunks himself.

A CPO in Winnebago County assisted Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in investigating a complaint of illegal Black Bear Guiding without a license.  The CPO interviewed four Illinois residents who were customers and witnesses to the illegal guiding activities, obtained written statements from each person, and then forwarded the information back to Minnesota for further investigation.

While working waterfowl hunters, a CPO located a hunter with lead shot in possession.  On the blind floor the CPO located the spent lead shells from the previous day.  The subject was cited for the violation. 

While working dove hunters in September, a CPO located baited deer stands on an area property.  Working the stands, contact was eventually made with the landowner.  The landowner admitted to using “Buck Jam” and was cited for the violation.  

District 1 CPOs worked a plain clothes detail at Prospect Park for the opening day of fall trout season.  A Rock Island man was arrested for taking over the limit of trout in which he possessed ten over the legal limit.  Several fishermen were also in violation of the inland trout stamp requirement.   

A CPO cited two subjects for illegal take of short crappie while checking fisherman at Spring Lake Fish & Wildlife area.

In the late afternoon, a District 1 officer was patrolling Centennial Park in Rock Falls on foot.  The officer was looking for illegal fishing activity ahead of the fall trout program when he discovered an unconscious subject lying in a pool of blood next to his bicycle.  The subject regained consciousness but was disoriented.  The CPO and a responding Rock Falls Officer stabilized the injured cyclist until EMS arrived.  The subject was transported to a nearby hospital with an apparent head injury.

While conducting a hunter compliance check on two archery hunters, a District 1 CPO discovered one of the hunters did not have a hunting license. The hunter had all other required tags and stamps but did not make sure the vendor sold him a hunting license as requested. The hunter was issued a written warning for his violation.

A District 1 CPO followed up on a vehicle accident in Stephenson County where a tanker truck spilled 5300 gallons of hog waste.  The spill was contained and cleaned and no indication of waterway pollution was discovered.

While checking waterfowl hunters, a CPO saw a boat operating near Barto Landing at Spring Valley, IL.  The boat was overloaded.  A safety inspection was conducted and found to have an invalid registration, insufficient number of PFD’s, and a bad fire extinguisher.  The subject was issued a citation and written warning for the other violations.

District 1 CPOs did a plain clothes enforcement detail at Prospect Park in Moline IL.   Prospect Park was stocked with trout for the Department’s “Catchable Trout Fishing Program”.  Fishermen are required to possess a fishing license and purchase a “trout stamp”.  The money collected from the trout stamp helps fund this program.  Most fishermen were found to be legal and left after they caught a limit of 5 trout.  One group of fishermen was caught with 10 trout over the limit.  Several people did not pay the $6.50 to purchase a trout stamp.  One person did not even possess a fishing license.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.  Several legal fishermen thanked the CPOs as they were writing citations and warnings for the violations.

A CPO worked multiple areas along the Mississippi River the weekend of October 15th and 16th checking fisherman as well as waterfowl hunters.  A subject at Sylvan Island in Moline was asked if he had any keepers.  The subject responded “one”.  A check of the subject’s minnow bucket revealed one legal bass and one short bass.  Since the angler demonstrated he knew he was in violation he was issued a citation.  An Iowa resident was caught fishing at Lock and Dam #14 near Hampton IL without a non-resident fishing license.  A citation was issued to this subject.  No waterfowl violations were detected.

A CPO arrested a subject for attempting to snag fish in the Fox River.  A subsequent check of the individual indicated a $2000 warrant out of LaSalle County for failure to appear for illegally snagging fish.  He was transported to the county jail and issued a citation for snagging.

CPOs assisted Crystal Lake Police and McHenry County Animal Control on an anonymous complaint of an individual possessing an alligator and caiman.  The subject was in possession of a 10 foot American Alligator and a 5 foot Caiman.  The reptiles were living in his basement as pets.  In addition, he had 6 pythons and an Aortic Fox living in his house with him.  He was charged with possession of an endangered species and possession of a dangerous animal.

CPOs cited two hunters for waterfowl hunting in Lions Prairie Nature Preserve.  The subjects did not see the signs in the early morning fog and darkness but said the area was so good to hunt that they were surprised no one else was hunting in that area.

A CPO cited three subjects in McHenry County for failing to maintain a separate bag limit of ducks.  They were observed dividing Mallards and Wood Ducks between themselves.  Upon conducting a compliance check one subject had five Mallards in his bag.  He had only shot two of the ducks.  There were a total of seven hunters. 

A CPO cited a subject for fraudulently purchasing a resident fishing license.  The subject is suspended for Child Support.  After making three attempts to purchase a license at Wal-Mart, the subject went to K-Mart.  He changed his social security number and used an address belonging to the City of Zion.

Nothing reported

A CPO responded to a complaint call at the World Shooting Complex regarding two subjects in a boat taking crappie over the posted limit.  The CPO located the subjects at their campsite.  They were preparing to clean 36 crappie.  The posted limit at the Complex is 10 crappie at 10 inches in length.  The subjects were cited for 16 crappie over the limit and for possession of 7 under the legal length limit.  The crappie were seized as evidence.

A CPO responded to a complaint of hunter harassment in Madison County.  Apparently, a subject took offense to hunters near his subdivision.  The subject blocked the hunters from leaving the area and verbally assaulted the hunters with explicit language.  The subject even tried to provoke a fight with one of the hunters and physically touched the hunter.  When confronted by the CPO and County Deputies, the subject became hostile toward them and was subsequently taken into custody.

A CPO was patrolling for fishermen at the old Litchfield Lake when he observed three male subjects fishing on the north bank.  He checked the subjects and two of them did not have their licenses in possession.  The CPO escorted the subjects back to the parking lot and ran them through ISP Dist 18.  Two of the subjects were wanted on a total of five outstanding warrants.  They were taken into custody and, with the help of an ISP Master Sergeant, transported to Montgomery County Jail. 

A CPO was patrolling for coon hunters in Macoupin County.  He heard dogs barking near Eagerville and proceeded to their location.  The CPO slipped thru the woods and set up approximately 25 yards from the dogs and hunters.  He observed the three subjects with the dogs.  One subject made a phone call and requested another subject to bring him more shells for his .22 rifle because he ran out and had two coons in a tree.  One of the subjects with the dogs went back to their vehicle and retrieved an unknown article.  The CPO moved closer to the subjects and learned the article was pellets for a pellet gun.  The CPO observed one of the subjects shoot at the coons 12 times.  The subject commented several times that the pellet gun was hurting the coon.  The CPO reported he could hear the pellets hitting the coon and it made the coon growl each time it was hit.  The CPO then made contact with the subjects and seized one .22 rifle and a pellet gun.  The subjects were arrested for illegal possession of the rifles during closed season and for attempting to take coons out of season.

A CPO responded to a complaint of a shiner while working a night shift in Montgomery County.  He was not far from the complaint area so he proceeded to the location.  He located a small fawn deer in the field that had been recently shot.  With the assistance of Montgomery County and Hillsboro officers, they located the suspect vehicle and obtained confessions.  He seized a Savage .17 caliber rifle from the subject.  The subject stated he didn’t like cats and he was shooting them with the rifle. 

CPOs were patrolling Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site for ATV’s and deer hunters.  They located a vehicle parked on the levee along Interstate 255 on the southeast of the Historic Site.  They took up position on the vehicle and observed a hunter returning to the vehicle after sunset.  They made contact with the subject and found he and a friend had been hunting illegally on the site.  One subject had also harvested a deer that morning on the site property. 

CPOs all responded to calls of illegal deer hunting/trespassing in St Clair County near New Athens.  Two subjects had been illegally dropped off on private property.  The “pickup” vehicle was apprehended at the location while attempting to pick up the illegal hunters.  They had been scared by another vehicle and were attempting to leave the area.  The hunters fled from the scene on foot.  After extensive efforts, the subjects were located and arrested for numerous hunting violations.

CPOs worked a case involving the illegal possession/sale of venomous snakes in Illinois.  With the help of a state biologist they were able to obtain search warrants for the subject’s premises.  They also were able to buy a venomous bush viper from the subject.  They executed the search warrant and obtained four more venomous vipers from his residence.  The subject received five charges for the unlawful possession of life-threatening reptiles in Illinois.
CPOs investigated a cougar attack on a 14 year old in Pike County. The 14 year old had been archery deer hunting and was walking back to his house when the attack occurred.  After a week the 14 year old admitted he was not attacked by a cougar.  He was getting out of his tree stand, slipped, and fell.

A CPO investigated a personal injury hunting accident in Pike County. The subject was in a climbing stand and not wearing a harness. The cable broke and the subject fell. The subject fractured his back.

A CPO arrested a subject for spotlighting, shooting a deer with a rifle, and several other violations in Calhoun County. The Pike County Sheriff was investigating the subject when he found blood and hair in the bed of the subjects truck and called the CPO.

CPOs and the Adams County Sheriff's Department investigated a subject trapping out of season and committing acts of cruelty against animals. The subject posted these acts on U-Tube.

A CPO was checking hunters in Batchtown Fish and Wildlife Area in Calhoun County.  After checking the hunters he was walking through the decoys when he observed wheat scattered on top of the ground.  The blind builder admitted to placing the wheat out.

CPOs and a District Sergeant investigated a fatal boat accident on the Mississippi River between Iowa and Enterprise Island in Calhoun County.  Five subjects were drifting in a boat and jug fishing.  One subject was urinating off the bow when he fell in and drowned. The watercraft was rated for four people.

CPOs and a District Sergeant responded to Beaver Dam State Park after a female reported her husband missing. He went there to fish at 8 a.m.  When he didn't return she went to Beaver Dam and located his vehicle. The subject was diabetic and had not taken his medicine.  The subject was located just off one of the trails. The subject was conscious but disoriented.  Macoupin County Sheriff's Department, Carlinville Fire Department, and Shipman Fire Department assisted in the search.

A CPO was working a rural area in Macoupin County when he observed a truck driving slowly and stopping several times in the middle of the road.  The CPO stopped the vehicle.  The driver and passenger were in possession of alcohol.  The driver was intoxicated and refused all field sobriety tests. He refused all chemical tests. 

District 16 CPOs completed firearms training at 10 mile State Park.

A CPO completed an investigation on boat titles in Williamson County. No citations were issued.

A District Sergeant and CPOs responded to a lost hiking family of four that had become lost at Bald Knob mountain in the Shawnee National Forest within the wilderness area.  Union County Sheriff’s Office, ISP District 22 assisted in the search.  The Sergeant organized a search party and at approximately 7:00 pm the lost family was located by CPOs.  ISP aircraft was dispatched to the scene but the lost hikers were found before it arrived. The family was walked out and given water, no injuries had occurred. The father of the family stated that he walked off the trail and was not able to return due to the dark conditions.

A CPO completed an investigation of an archery hunting accident in Pulaski County. The cause was determined to be a step that had been left in the tree for years.

District 16 CPOs responded to six spotlighting complaints within the District.  No arrests were documented.

A CPO arrested a Perry County man for hunting without a license and valid deer permit.

A District Sergeant and CPO were dispatched by the Region IV Captain to assist on a double drowning at Silver Lake. The victims were recovered with sonar before our arrival.