Office of Law Enforcement
October 6, 2010


A CPO spoke to 285 fifth grade students from Warren and Henderson County schools.  The eleven presentations covered water safety and personal flotation device (PFD) use as part of the Farm Bureau Safety Day.

A CPO located the owner of an abandoned vehicle found in one of Snakeden Hollow SFWA parking lots.  The owner claimed to have left the vehicle on site overnight due to a flat tire, although when observed that morning no flat tire was apparent.   Several empty beer cans where found in a nearby trash can.

A Region 1 CPO received a trespassing complaint and located two subjects shooting rifles on railroad property.  Both subjects were arrested for criminal trespass and issued a mandatory court date.

A CPO assisted the Region Captain with a hunting accident which occurred in Ogle County. The victim, while bow hunting for deer, fell from a tree stand.

While working in a poaching/dumping complaint area, a CPO saw a vehicle drive down and park along the roadway.  Pulling up behind the vehicle, the CPO activated his emergency lights.  Approaching the vehicle, both occupants were found to be in possession of cannabis. 

A CPO did a follow up search of the Rock River near Colona, IL for a boat that may have been in an accident the night before.  Homeowners reported hearing and seeing a boat hit a tree in the middle of the river at 8:30 PM.  Multiple search units were called out and conducted a search that night.  No boat or persons were located during this search.  Speculation began to arise that it was a hoax by local media.  The CPO located evidence of a fresh break of branches at the tree location of the river.  Another CPO determined the witness statements were valid.  A local media person was taken out in the boat and shown the impact location and interviews given.  It was explained to the media that a boat most likely did hit the tree, but was okay, then continued on their way.
Another unrelated submerged boat was located near Old Green Valley Parkway along the shore line in Moline IL.  This boat was removed from Blackhawk State Historic Site.  An investigation is pending in locating the owner of the boat

A District 7 CPO handled a report of a sinking watercraft on the Illinois River.  Two subjects were on board and jumped in the water when the watercraft began to sink.  The CPO assisted Peoria County in rescuing the subjects who were later transported to OSF.  The watercraft was towed to shore and an investigation revealed the watercraft sank because the owner had patched the fiberglass hull himself.  The operator was arrested for Operating Under the Influence and the passenger was arrested for unlawful consumption.

A District 6 CPO issued a wildlife rehabilitator a citation for failure to keep accurate records and two written warnings after she was found to have her records not up to date.  The rehabilitator attempted to hide three squirrels that she had at her residence and gave other various reasons for the CPO to not inspect her place of business.   Eventually the rehabilitator cooperated and said she had the squirrels and had just "forgotten" to add them to her records.

A District 6 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for removing an artifact from a designated nature preserve.  The arrest occurred in the Starved Rock Nature Preserve when the male subject was caught trying to remove a fossil from the preserve.

Two District 1 CPOs and the Region 1 Captain responded to a call of a lost bow hunter in Castle Rock State Park at 11pm along with Ogle County Deputies and the Castle Rock Site Superintendant.  A search was conducted that night and again at first light the following morning. The hunter was located the following morning walking along the road without injury.


During preseason scouting, a CPO checked a known trouble spot in Kane County, and discovered 18 tree stands and 18 bait piles, ranging from 3 tube feeders, mineral blocks, deer cocaine, molasses pits, and apples. The first day he watched and noted who was hunting and the second day he pulled seven guys from their stands in total.  Each was cited for hunting over bait in addition to one subject who was hunting within 100 yards of inhabited dwelling without permission.  Afterwards, not more than a mile from that location he cited another subject hunting over bait.  He issued a total of eight wildlife citations during opening archery weekend.

A CPO cited a West Chicago resident for engaging in the business of passenger for hire without a license.  The woman was advertising on Craigslist that she would take passengers out on the Chain O' Lakes in her pontoon boat for $50.00 per person.


Nothing reported.


A CPO attended a Hunter Safety Class- 44 persons attended.

A CPO attended a Trapper Ed Class in Carlinville.  He also issued 5 written warnings at Pere Marquette for traffic violations. 

A CPO issued five citations and 3 written warnings for game and watercraft violations.

A CPO attended a Field Day in Jersey County- 40 students attended.

A CPO assisted Schuyler County and Cass County deputies with an accident involving an individual who was penned against a truck by a bulldozer.  Once freed, he was air lifted to Springfield.  Status is unknown at this time.

A District Sergeant attended a Hunter Safety Class in Macoupin County- 45 students attended.

A CPO was patrolling Coffeen Lake in the evening and observed three male subjects on Foggy Point.  As he was approaching the subjects, one of them hollered to the others and asked, “Have you tried the weed yet?”  The CPO abruptly stopped and hid in the shadows observing the subjects.  He observed the vocal subject lighting something in his hand three times in a manner that was conducive to smoking from a hitter pipe.  He made contact with the subjects and found the one subject in possession of a hitter pipe and a small baggie containing cannabis.

A CPO observed a subject discard a Bud Light Lime bottle in Coffeen Lake.  The subject was arrested for littering.

While working teal hunters on Carlyle Lake, a CPO found several violations.  The violations ranged from a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells to failure to maintain separate bag limits and possessing another hunter’s birds while in the field

A CPO performed a traffic stop on a timber truck in Montgomery County.  He inspected the driver’s paperwork and found he had not completed the required paperwork to legally haul logs.

A CPO, while patrolling the Mississippi River, found several subjects out pre-fishing for a catfish tournament scheduled for the upcoming weekend.  He checked several boats and found a multitude of equipment violations.  One subject was found to not have a fishing license and two subjects were found using illegal cast nets to catch bait. 

A CPO was patrolling the Mississippi River from a Jon Boat with an intern.  They were checking fisherman below the Low Water Dam near Chouteau Island when they found a subject in possession of an Endangered Pallid Sturgeon.  The Sturgeon was released unharmed and the subject was issued a citation.

A CPO and an intern also found a fisherman wanted on a warrant.  The CPO placed the subject into custody and the subject was transported to the county jail by Illinois State Police.


A CPO caught a White County bow hunter hunting over bait; no hunting license; no habitat stamp; and no valid deer permit.  The CPO issued the appropriate citations and seized the hunter’s bow.

A District Sergeant and CPO attended the elevated hunting incident investigation school in Springfield on 09/28.

CPOs conducted security patrols in Ft. Massac State Park on 10/02/10 with the anticipation of a large crowd showing up for a labor rally.  A smaller than anticipated crowd was present and no incidents were reported.

A CPO was requested by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department to assist in serving a drug search warrant on some property in Jackson County.   On the day prior, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department had information of marijuana being grown on some local property.  They went to confiscate it and during the confiscation, they had discovered that the marijuana had already been cut.  They did, however, find that the property owner had approximately 12 lbs of processed marijuana in his barn.  They also confiscated five firearms from the property.  The owner had a revoked FOID.  A CPO was requested to help on Friday due to information that the cut marijuana had been thrown into a strip pit located on the property.  He and a deputy put a boat on the water to assist in locating the marijuana.  The marijuana was located on the bank of the strip pit in four bundles.  It was determined that there were approximately 25 plants ranging from 4 - 6 feet tall.  The CPO assisted in processing and searching the rest of the property and outbuildings and then transported the marijuana to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department due to the amount of marijuana being confiscated.  The owner is facing Class X felony charges at this time for the amount of marijuana that was found. 

On Saturday, two CPOs assisted the Johnson County Sheriff's Department at the Tunnel HIll Bike Trail office.  CPOs kept traffic flowing and the parking lots open for trail users while a parade was going through town. 

A CPO assisted the Williamson County Sheriff's Deputies with the recovery of a reported stolen vehicle.

A CPO received an e-mail from the Region Captain back on July 15, 2010.  The e-mail requested he investigate an incident that occurred back in April of 1989.  The complaint was about a man who found a human skeleton in Fort Massac State Park.  The man reported the find, and the skeleton with three uniform coat buttons were moved to Springfield. The man decided to keep a few artifacts before the authorities arrived; a button and two coins. The man supposedly showed this button to another local in the summer of 1989.  After 21 years, the witness decides to tell another man who reported it to DNR archaeological office. The complaint was about a Louis & Clark medallion and musket balls this man supposedly took off the skeletal remains. I was able to retrieve one button and two coins as this is what the man said he took. There was nothing else according to his statement. Items were confiscated and placed into an evidence locker. 

October 13, 2010


A CPO stopped a motorcycle traveling 42 mph. in a 20 mph. zone within Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County.  The CPO discovered the driver of the motorcycle did not have a motorcycle classification nor did he have proof of current insurance for the cycle.  The motorcycle was towed and the driver was cited for violation of driver’s license classification - motorcycle and unlawful operation of an uninsured motor vehicle.  A written warning was issued to the driver for the speeding violation.

A CPO stopped an automobile with a 3 year old girl standing on the front passenger seat while outstretched through the open front seat passenger window within Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County.  The driver presented a photocopy of a faxed insurance card where the coverage dates looked altered.  The officer phoned the fax number on the sheet which returned to a College of Medicine in Rockford; not a fax modem.  A second phone call to the local insurance agency confirmed the coverage had expired the previous year.  A field interview conducted to the driver under Miranda Waiver revealed the female driver knowingly altered an expired insurance card and then photocopied it so the alterations were not so obvious.  The driver was cited for falsifying an insurance card, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle and failure to secure a child less than age 8 in a seat belt or child restraint. 

A District 7 officer checked an out of state deer hunter and his son, in McDonough County, during the youth firearm deer season.  The officer observed the 13 year old did not possess a valid hunting license, a blaze orange cap and a gun case in the vehicle.  The father stated that hunting laws in Georgia were different.  The officer educated the individuals and issued three written warnings for the violations.

CPOs followed up on a complaint of a subject catching and keeping undersized walleye at the Steel Dam along the Rock River in Rock Island County.  The suspect left the area prior to their arrival.  They followed up on the vehicle description provided by the witness and met the suspect at his residence.  He was cleaning fish in his kitchen and advised he only had striped bass.  One CPO observed two dead walleye in his sink.  He advised he forgot about the walleye because the larger one was legal and the smaller one was given to him.  The smallest walleye was 1 1/4" under the minimum size restriction.  The CPO seized his illegal walleye and issued him a citation for his violation.

While working deer shiners and illegal dumping in Rock Island County, a CPO observed a vehicle parked in the roadway.  She approached the vehicle and made contact with the two occupants.  Both subjects were in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  Both subjects were arrested for their violations.

A Region 1 CPO received a complaint about someone placing bait on their property.  The CPO took samples of the mineral and the pile of corn.  The CPO posed as a hunter and finally caught the individual hunting over the baited area.  The individual stated that he did not check to see if the bait was gone before hunting whitetail deer.   The individual was cited for hunting over a baited area and unlawfully making food available for whitetail deer.  He was encouraged to apologize to the neighbor whose property he unlawfully baited to avoid a trespassing charge.  He has a mandatory court appearance.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI (Operating Under the Influence) at Des Plaines CA.

CPOs arrested two subjects for unlawfully hunting deer with a .22 rifle and a shotgun.  They had shot a doe. 

CPOs participated in the Grundy County Natural Resource tour, where every 5th grader in the county toured Goose Lake State Park and the Lodge Wildlife trailer


Nothing reported.


A CPO checked a turkey hunter earlier this spring.  After a four month investigation and the assistance of Indiana DNR, the hunter was charged with falsifying his residency.

A CPO investigated an individual for falsifying his residency to obtain an outfitter license. With the assistance of Georgia DNR, the individual was charged with falsifying his residency.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Jersey County. Fifty-five students attended.


A CPO attended a week long firearms instructor’s course in Springfield.

District #14 officers received DT scenario training at Wayne Fitzgerell State Park.

CPOs instructed Use of Force training scenarios for two days at Wayne Fitzgerell state park.

A District Sergeant and CPOs assisted the Union County Sheriff's Department in locating six individuals who had become lost in the Bald Knob Wilderness Area.  Three adult males, two adult females and a small child had started hiking around 3:00 p.m.  They called 911 at around 7:45 p.m. stating that they were lost.  They had no water and no light to aid them in getting back.  CPOs went in on foot and by ATV to search the area.  The group was located at approximately 10:45 p.m. by one of the deputies.  They were all brought out safely. 

A CPO worked on continuation of a DUI arrest from ATA based on BAC results from state police forensics.  

A CPO is investigating hunters who are only taking skull caps from harvested bucks and leaving carcasses at kill sites.

A CPO cited a bow hunter for hunting on a POH tag on property he does not own, lease or rent.

A CPO issued a citation for no valid fishing license on 10/7/10 to a Union County man.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Alexander County. No citation was issued.

A CPO investigated a complaint of two dumped deer carcasses at a creek, and off of a bridge, outside of Creal Springs.  A suspect was located and interviewed about the offense. After denying dumping the carcasses several times, the suspect finally admitted to the offense and was cited for the violation. He removed the carcasses from the creek.

District 16 CPOs attended DT training at Wayne Fitzgerell State Park.

October 20, 2010


A District 7 Officer worked a detail during the opening weekend of the fall trout season, at Argyle Lake.  The officer observed 2 individuals fishing at different locations around the lake.  At one of the locations the officer observed the individuals catch four trout each.  The Officer observed the individuals return to their truck, remove a cooler from the cab, and place it in the bed.  The officer approached and asked to see in the cooler.  The individuals were very nervous, but opened the cooler, and the officer observed they were over the legal limit of five trout.  The individuals were cited accordingly.    

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint from a couple that was walking the trails of Franklin Creek State Park.  The husband/wife complainants advised that as they were walking down the trail, they were met by eight large dogs that were unleashed and unsupervised.  The dogs barked and growled at them causing them to become quite alarmed. The owners of the dogs then showed up on the trail and advised the scared couple that the dogs would not hurt them as they gathered their dogs and continued walking.  The owners of the dogs were later located at their residence in rural Amboy and were issued the appropriate citation and warnings.

District 1 CPOs worked the opener of the Northern Zone Waterfowl Hunting Season on the Rock & Mississippi Rivers, along with private inland wetlands throughout the district.  Hunters harvested a mix bag of Mallards, Teal, Gadwall, Wood Ducks, Pintails, and Canada Geese.  Some officers worked proactive patrols checking hunters out in their blinds, while others worked an investigation that stemmed from a complaint on Illegal hunters and illegal waterfowl hunting.  

A Region 1 CPO received a complaint of 2 subjects hunting without permission and not wearing orange during the youth deer season.  Upon contacting the violators, the male was carrying a compound bow and the 8 month pregnant female was not armed.  After being asked if they had permission to be on the property, the male said he did not see any “no trespassing” signs so he thought he had the right to hunt the property because he has seen a huge buck running on the land.  Once the CPO explained the hunting without permission laws, enforcement action was taken. 

A Region 1 CPO issued a ticket for unlawful passing in a no passing zone after a car passed two vehicles, one of which was the officer’s squad, while in a no passing zone.

CPOs and District Sergeant worked Starved Rock State Park during the fall colors weekend.  A total of 10,474 cars visited the park over the two days.

A District 1 CPO was called to French Bluff Natural area by a DNR Site Technician.  The alert Site Tech. observed a vehicle in the parking lot with gun cases in it.  No hunters were signed in to hunt the park and gun hunting ended on Sept. 30, 2010.  The Site Tech. heard gun shots and alerted the CPO of possible illegal hunting.  The CPO responded to the call in Carroll County from Rock Island County and made contact with three hunters out of Chicago.  The hunters stated they checked at the Corp. of Engineers Ranger office in Thompson first, and were told they could hunt squirrels at French Bluff.  Both parties relocated to the Ranger Office.   It turned out the men did receive bad information.  The hunters were told the responsibility was theirs to check the rules (that were clearly posted at the site) before they hunted an area.  The CPO took the fact that they were told incorrect information by a government employee into account and issued three written warnings for hunting during closed season. 

While checking local fishermen, a District 6 CPO observed a man, smoking cannabis, along the river. The CPO seized the drugs and arrested the subject.

A District Sergeant stopped a subject on a motorcycle at Starved Rock State Park for traffic violation and arrested the driver for DUI.

A District 7 CPO conducted a trout fishing detail at Lake Argyle State Park.  The detail resulted in three citations and twelve written warnings.  Three persons were found to be over their daily limit of trout.


CPOs worked the Fox River in Lake and McHenry counties for the opening waterfowl season.  They cited a waterfowl hunter for hunting with an unplugged shotgun and another hunter for waterfowl hunting without a hunting license.  Additionally, they cited a non-resident for fishing without a license and issued 6 written warnings.


Nothing reported.


While patrolling Madison County during Youth Firearm Deer Season, a CPO found five subjects hunting without the required blaze orange clothing. 

A CPO located some baited deer stands in Madison County prior to Archery season.  He had been checking the area since the opening day but had not found anyone on the stands.  He checked the area during Youth Firearm season and observed an adult with two youths hunting over the baited area.

A CPO worked a trespassing complaint near Dupo, IL.  He and an intern met with the complainant and located the illegal stands.  The subject was later observed hunting from one of the stands and was arrested.

A CPO was working the Youth Deer Season and he encountered two subjects hunting without the required blaze orange clothing. 

A CPO, acting on a tip, arrested a subject archery hunting over bait.  The subject had a real smorgasbord out for the deer consisting of corn, mineral blocks, and an automatic feeder filled with alfalfa pellets. 

A CPO was working the Youth Deer Season when he made contact with a subject in possession of an 8 pt buck that he had harvested that morning.  The only problem was he had not tagged the deer.

A CPO responded to a complaint at Eldon Hazlet State Park involving two archery hunters in a restricted area.  The CPO located the subjects and arrested them for several violations. 

A CPO and District Sergeant acted on a tip the Sergeant received the day he returned from vacation.  The information pertained to the illegal taking of a ten point buck and an eleven point buck in full velvet.  They made contact with the subjects and seized five deer racks, including the two mentioned, along with a bobcat.  No charges have been filed at this time pending a further investigation and interviews. 


A District Sergeant and CPOs assisted Union County Sheriff’s Department on three lost hikers. A three hour search was conducted in a remote area of the forest and all three were found and in good medical condition. ATV's, foot searches and aircraft were used to look for the hikers.

A CPO received a complaint from a landowner of trespassing in Alexander County. He arrived and found a truck backed down a boat launch area (private) into clear creek. There was a large sign that said "Keep Out" at the launch. He asked the owner what he wanted done with the two subjects. Owner said he wanted them charged. He issued a citation to each subject for criminal trespass.

A CPO is investigating a man in Pulaski County who had shot a Bobcat at night near his barn. The man is claiming that the Bobcat appeared to be in a strike posture; therefore he shot and killed it.

District 16 CPOs attended firearms training at 10 Mile Conservation Area.

A CPO certified 25 pounds of ginseng this past week from three different buyers.

District 16 and District 14 CPOs provided security at the Fort Massac Encampment in Massac County. Approximately 135,000 people attended the event Saturday and Sunday. CPOs arrested a man wanted on a warrant. Major traffic control was an issue causing traffic jams at US 45 all the way to I 57. Dist 22 ISP assisted at the event on US 45 and I-57 providing traffic control along with CPOs.  Three people did require medical attention and EMS services during the event, CPOs assisted on those calls.  Three people were lost including two children. CPOs assisted in the search and recovery of those cases. The D 16 Command Post was set up for the event and a repeater was brought in to assist communications to the local EMS personnel.  By 11 a.m. on Saturday the site was at capacity and every available parking area was filled to capacity. On Sunday evening an elderly man and his granddaughter were struck by a car east of Ft. Massac. Two helicopters were brought in and they were air-lifted to local hospitals. CPOs and ISP shut down US 45 for approximately 30 minutes while the victims were treated.

A CPO caught a subject shooting at a deer from a roadway above a creek in Franklin County. The subject was issued appropriate citations.

A CPO arrested a subject on warrant at Sahara Woods in Saline County.

October 27, 2010


While patrolling for illegal night time hunters, District 1 CPOs observed a pickup truck driving through a field along a creek.  Contact was made with the subjects after a short surveillance after they had stopped their truck along the Elkhorn Creek in Whiteside County.  Subjects were fishing and tending illegal untagged bank poles.  One subject did not possess a fishing license.  The other did, along with drug paraphernalia and cannabis.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken

A Region 1 CPO checked an archery deer hunter in Knox County who did not have his hunting license nor deer permits on his person.  He had left them in his vehicle.  He was issued written warnings for license not in possession and for deer permit not signed/in possession.

A District 6 CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint along the Sugar River within Winnebago County.  The investigation revealed two waterfowl hunters had navigated off of the main channel of the river into a backwater slough. They were hunting ducks and geese without the permission of the landowner and were in violation.  Under the definitions of backwaters in the state Administrative Rules, permission must be obtained by the landowner before accessing backwaters on private property when engaged in the activity of hunting. 

A CPO attended court for an individual that was cited for possession of alcohol against posted regulations and possession of alcohol in a restricted area (on top of a waterfall in Starved Rock State Park).  The individual was late for court.  After arriving, and seeing the officer, the individual pleaded guilty to both charges.

A Region 1 CPO investigated a hunter harassment complaint where an elderly couple was scaring away deer while a hunter was sitting in a ground blind.

A District 6 CPO checked waterfowl hunters and deer hunters.  One group of deer hunters from Las Vegas, NV were checked and found they did not have a hunting license with them.  A further check found that they had printed off the wrong sheet when the licenses were printed from the Internet.  They were issued written warnings.

District 6 CPOs recovered two possibly stolen watercraft.  Though there were no immediate indicators that the watercraft were stolen, evidence obtained at the scene suggested that probable cause existed to warrant further investigation. Both watercrafts were seized pending the outcome of the investigation.

A District 6 CPO arrested a female subject for DUI after she was stopped for improper lane usage.  She later gave a breath sample that registered .169 BAC.  She was also charged with DUI over .08. 

While on a patrol for shiners, two District 1 CPOs observed a vehicle covered in mud with no registration, driving in a field, then driving in the ditch before entering the roadway and crossing a lane in front of the CPOs. The CPOs activated their emergency lights to stop the vehicle. The vehicle failed to stop and entered another field and drive through a fence row on to another road driving out of view of the CPOs. The CPOs shut off their emergency lights and drove in the direction they last observed the vehicle. Several miles down the road, the CPOs located the vehicle stuck in a field with the lights off and no occupants. After a search of the woods nearby, four subjects were located. The driver was arrested for fleeing to elude and received other citations for other IVC violations.

A District 1 CPO was called to a landowner's property in Henry County in reference to illegal hunting activity.  The land owner located a tree stand and a trail camera on property nobody had permission to hunt.  The CPO removed the items and developed a suspect.  The suspect was interviewed.  The suspect admitted he had been hunting on the property the last three years.  The suspect stated he received permission to hunt the property once 20 years ago.  A check of the subject was conducted.  It was discovered the subject harvested a deer in January 2010 with a bow and arrow.  The subject did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp.  The subject was issued a citation for hunting without a hunting license, a written warning for no habitat stamp, hunting without permission and trespassing.

A District 1 CPO worked a ginseng investigation involving the illegal harvest of ginseng without landowner permission and the illegal taking of ginseng plants that were less than four-leaved.  The investigation is pending.

While working Rock Island County, a District 1 CPO drove by a local business.  The CPO observed three subjects in front of the building.  One of them was in possession of a cannabis pipe.  The CPO made contact with the individuals.  One subject was in possession of drug paraphernalia and 10-30 grams of cannabis.  Another subject was in possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.  The subjects were arrested for their violations.

A District Sergeant and CPOs along with the Utica Fire Department searched for a missing subject at Starved Rock State Park after he got off the trails after dark. He was located by a CPO several hours later unharmed in a nearby quarry. He was issued a citation for unlawful entry into a restricted area.

A District 7 Officer was walking the Peoria Sanitation Property and observed a fresh blood trail that led to a gut pile.  The officer followed the drag marks to the Illinois River.  The officer believed that the subjects were accessing the property by watercraft.  The officer made several contacts with individuals that worked along the river.  He provided them with his card and asked for them to call if any boats were observed.  The officer then began observing the property daily.  While walking the property he received a call of a boat in the Kickapoo Creek.  He then found four subjects hunting the property without permission.  The subjects were charged with hunting without permission and unlawful take of the deer.

A CPO arrested two subjects at Silver Springs SP for taking over the limit of trout.

A CPO arrested two subjects for hunting deer over bait and for hunting deer without permission of the landowner.  The subjects had multiple baited stands on the property and have been hunting without permission for a few years.

CPOs arrested two individuals fishing from a boat on Wooster Lake for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.  The operator of the watercraft was also arrested for OUI-Drugs, insufficient Personal Flotation Devices, and issued a written warning for license not in possession.

CPOs cited a waterfowl hunter on Deep Lake for hunting while in possession of lead shot.

A CPO arrested an individual at Illinois Beach State Park for possession of cannabis.

Nothing reported.

A District Sergeant was patrolling the Rip Rap Landing Area when he observed two ATV’s traveling north on Route 96.  He was able to follow the subjects to a farm house, where one operator fled on his ATV into the woods.  After a three hour search the ATV and operator were both located.  Both subjects were charged with Driving While Revoked, no Proof of Insurance, and Operating an ATV on the Roadway.  One subject was charged with Fleeing and Eluding a Police Officer.

A District Sergeant was checking hunters at Copper Head Hollow in Jersey County when he noticed a vehicle parked off the roadway in a field.  A check with Illinois State Police revealed the subject was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.

A CPO attended a hunter safety course in Greene County.  Forty-four students attended.

A CPO was working Bond County checking deer hunters over the weekend.  During his patrols he arrested a subject for no valid deer permit, four open alcohol tickets, two littering tickets, and one subject driving 96 mph in a 55 mph zone.

A CPO responded to a complaint of fisherman taking trout out of season.  He located five subjects at their campsite on Randolph County Conservation Area.  The subjects were in the process of breading trout to fry for dinner.

A CPO and District Sergeant were working coyote hunters near New Athens, IL when they encountered a subject sitting on the tailgate of his truck with a loaded 10 gauge shotgun.  When asked, the hunter stated the dogs were on the track of a coyote and it was headed his way.  The appropriate action was taken.

A CPO was inspecting a watercraft for titling and registration when he discovered the seller of the boat had not provided a title to the purchaser.  The CPO made contact with the seller and the appropriate action was taken. 

A CPO responded to a hunter harassment complaint in Madison County.  He located and arrested three subjects that were operating ATV’s without permission. 


A CPO assisted a 28 year old deer hunter out of the field who was suffering from dehydration.  The subject phoned his father from the ground blind he was hunting from on Burning Star Mine #5 stating he was dizzy and light headed.  The father then was spotted by a CPO as he was walking into the hunting area to find his son.  The CPO had just previously spotted the ground blind the subject was hunting from and drove out to it with his father.  The subject was given water, candy and an apple by the CPO and after a few minutes felt well enough to load up.  The subject refused any medical treatment and was given a ride out by the CPO. 

A CPO issued a written warning for operation of ATV on roadway in Pulaski County.

A CPO issued a nuisance permit for skunk removal to a resident of Pulaski County.

A District Sergeant and CPOs completed the interior of the Command Trailer. It will soon be fully operational and fully equipped for communications.

A CPO caught two subjects in Wayne County who first “shined” a deer from a truck, then shot it with a .270 rifle.  The CPO seized both the deer and the rifle.  Both subjects were issued appropriate citations.  (Nine citations, three written warnings.)

A CPO caught a fisherman on Rend Lake with an over-limit of crappie (27), the limit is 25.

CPOs participated in the fall night shoot at Ten Mile Creek Conservation Area in Hamilton County.





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