Office of Law Enforcement
May 5, 2010


While working commercial fishermen, CPOs, located a commercial fishing net exposed in the Mississippi River.  There were dead fish, turtles, and a cormorant in the net.  Upon interviewing the owner of the net, he admitted that he had not checked it in a few weeks.  He was cited for failure to check the net every 48 hrs. 

While patrolling along the Mississippi River, a CPO located a vehicle parked near Lock and Dam 16.  Approaching the vehicle, both occupants were eventually arrested for possession of cannabis - 2.5 to 10 grams. 

 A Region I Officer performed a boat patrol associated with Operation Warm Weather - Cold Water.   Several boat inspections were performed resulting in several violations.  One inspection involved a small row boat designed for racing.  The boat had the required safety equipment, but did not have registration.  The violation was described to the operator and enforcement action was taken.

Region 1 District 1 CPOs provided security for an Indian PowWow at Blackhawk State Historic Site in Rock Island.  The event was large with very few problems occurring.  One arrest was made for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams.   At the end of the last day as it was starting to rain, it was brought to a CPO's attention that a handicapped person in an electric wheel chair needed help.  The lady drove herself in the wheel chair several miles to the event (1.5 hour drive for her) and her battery was dead.  Two CPO's lifted her electric wheel chair into the back of the squad and then loaded her in the squad, taking her home.  The lady was taken to her house, put back in her chair safe and dry.

A District 1 Officer cited a Dixon man for being in possession of an illegal undersized walleye on the Rock River at the Dixon Dam.

A District 1 Officer educated some new youth fishermen on the Rock River at the Rock Falls Lower Dam on the fishing laws of Illinois.  They were issued written warnings for fishing with no fishing licenses, and one for being in possession of a Smallmouth Bass during the catch and release only season.  The smallmouth was released back to the waters of the Rock unharmed, and the boys were sent to the local bait shop to pick up their licenses.  They were also given Illinois Fishing Digests to brush up on their fish identification skills.
A Region I/District 1 Officer took part on a Presidential Security Detail, along with Region IV Officers, in Pike, Adams, and Hancock Counties on the Mississippi River, and in the town of Quincy, utilizing Region I’s Homeland Security Patrol Boat.  Conservation Police worked with the US Secret Service, Illinois State Police, Missouri Water Patrol, US Coast Guard, and other local Police and Fire Agencies to ensure that President Obama  had a safe trip to Illinois and the Tri-State area; both inland, and across our waterways.

A Region I Officer continued to work on a TIPS Deer Poaching Investigation.  The officer continued conducting interviews and collecting evidence.  An arrest warrant was issued out of Mercer County for the primary suspect's arrest.  The warrant is for violation of probation (in that the subject was residing in Iowa and was arrested for violating state laws- felon w/firearm & illegal taking of wild turkey- Muscatine County, IA).  His bond was set at $30,000.00.  The investigation continues. 

A Region I Officer handled a complaint of a small child (approximately 2-3 years of age) wandering around the park without his parents.   The complaint came from an alert park employee.   The child was unable to give us his name, parent’s name, or any information regarding the whereabouts of his parents.  The officer recognized him as a child that had been at the PowWow the previous day and who had been there early in the morning during the setup.  The officer confirmed his parents were vendors at the PowWow and the child was returned without incident.

A Region I Officer worked a Commercial Fishing Detail on Pool 16 of the Mississippi River in Rock Island County.   Recreational boats and commercial fishing boats were checked.  Two written warnings were issued to the recreational boaters

While checking fisherman on the Hennepin Canal, a CPO was approached by a male subject on a bicycle who asked for a designated state bicycle route.  He was traveling from St Paul, MN to New Orleans by bicycle.  The man presented a Minnesota state ID card when asked for identification.   Running a computer check on the man showed a valid probation violation arrest warrant for first degree murder he had committed several years prior.  The man was taken into custody and transported to the county jail awaiting extradition from Minnesota

While checking fisherman at the Oregon Dam, a District 1 CPO discovered a fisherman to be in possession of a smallmouth bass during closed season. The fish was released and one citation was issued.  

A Region I Officer assisted three subjects who were stranded on the Illinois River near Allen Park.

A District Sergeant started an investigation after a subject from Chicago used a counterfeit fifty dollar bill to pay for his campsite. He is working with the U.S, Secret Service.

A District Sergeant stopped a car in the Starved Rock campground for a traffic violation and followed the driver back to his campsite. After getting to the site he arrested a female for drug paraphernalia and cannabis. The driver was charged with possession of alcohol in a campground.

A District Sergeant organized a detail with several District 6 CPO's, the ISP motorcycle team (MEB) and ISP District 17 set team. They conducted a roadside safety check inside Starved Rock State Park targeting illegal motorcycle operation. A total of 15 citations and 5 warnings were issued. This was in conjunction with the blessing of the bikes.

A Region I Officer stopped at a Winnebago County Public Boat Launch and hailed with his squad's loud speaker to an anchored boat approximately fifty yards out into the Rock River.  The passengers of the vessel looked and nodded at the officer in acknowledgement, pulled the anchor up and sped away up river.  At another public boat launch up river, the officer located the truck and trailer that belonged to the vessel.  Using the information off of the expired boat and boat trailer registration as well as the vehicles registration information, the officer located the three men the next day.  The officer obtained two written statements under Miranda and learned that the boat operator/owner had never registered his boat or his boat trailer since he purchased it in 2006.  The operator also did not have a fire extinguisher aboard his vessel and he currently has an expired driver’s license.  It was also discovered the third boat passenger was wanted on two warrants out of Winnebago and McHenry Counties for various traffic offenses including D.U.I., driving while license revoked, and driving when registration was suspended for non-insurance.

A Region I Officer inspected a boater and discovered he had been boating with the vessel's internal drain plug inserted into the boats external drain hole. Additionally, the plug was simply inserted and the pressure lever was not lifted up, as designed for proper insertion.  This mistake could have caused a boat accident and capsizing.  In addition to this mistake, the boater had a fire extinguisher that was not USCG approved as well as an unsecured battery.  The boater stated he was new to boating and had not realized the significance of these mistakes and his violations of law. The officer educated him both with written enforcement documentation as well as providing a boating safety digest.

A Region I Officer arrested four subjects in the Nature Preserve in Starved Rock for having Alcohol in a restricted area.

A CPO worked the Illinois and Fox Rivers checking fishermen for compliance with the Fish Code and patrolling the area parks.   While checking fisherman, a CPO found a Chicago man without a license.  The man was also wanted in Will County for failure to appear in court for non support.  Bond was $3000.00

A CPO assisted Knoxville Police Dept. in securing a perimeter around a crime scene.  A Bloomington man committed suicide by taking an overdose of unknown pills.  He had parked his pick-up in the local Mobil gas station parking lot in the early morning hours.  Employees of the business thought he was sleeping throughout the day, and only alerted authorities in the afternoon when they observed that he had not awakened.   The CPO also handled a complaint from Knoxville City Hall of two suspicious subjects in their office, while the Knoxville officers were processing the crime scene. 

A CPO continued targeting small lakes for boat and fish enforcement at the conclusion of Operation Warm Weather - Cold Water.  Two citations and seven written warnings were issued at Lake Storey (Galesburg) and Spring Lake (Macomb).  One boat checked had no safety equipment on board other than a whistle.  A citation was issued for the absence of wearable PFDs and written warnings were issued for no Type IV PFD and no fire extinguisher

A CPO was checking fishermen for license compliance and arrested a subject who was wanted on a warrant out of DuPage County. 

CPOs and a District Sergeant conducted a detail at a well known privately owned quarry for fishermen fishing without permission.  Five subjects were arrested, one of which had been previously arrested at a nearby quarry for fishing without permission.

A CPO assisted the USCG with Homeland Security responsibilities using his side scan sonar.

CPOs arrested a Moultrie County man on an active felony arrest warrant issued out of Shelby County for threatening a public official. The man communicated threats to shoot and kill a Conservation Police Officer the week prior during an incident with a Conservation Police Officer after his arrest on a warrant by the same officer the day before.

CPOs arrested a Mattoon man at Lake Mattoon on charges of unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

A CPO cited a Grayslake man for unlawful possession of smallmouth bass taken during closed season in the Kaskaskia River downstream of Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County. The smallmouth bass was released back to the river.

A CPO gave a talk at a Hunter Education Class at Mode in rural Shelby County.

A CPO used the educational trailer and gave talks to Shelby County School children at the annual Shelby County D.A.R.E. held at Forest Park in Shelbyville.

A CPO responded to a report of a truck and boat trailer that backed into Lake Shelbyville at the Wolf Creek State Park boat ramp.  Shelby County Dive Team responded as well and assisted with the attachment of cables and tow out of the submerged truck and trailer. No one was injured in the incident.

A CPO cited an Elgin man fishing in Lake Shelbyville in the Shelbyville Fish & Wildlife Area for unlawful taking and possession of three undersized largemouth bass. Lake Shelbyville has a posted 14" minimum length limit for largemouth bass. The man kept bass as small as 10" in length. The under legal sized bass were released back to the lake.

CPOs arrested a Macon County subject for unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  While checking fisherman at the Lake Decatur spillway the officers observed drugs sitting on top of a tackle box.  The fisherman didn't have a fishing license either.

While checking fisherman at Clinton Lake a CPO found drugs on a fisherman.  The subject was arrested for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 

CPOs were requested to assist Dewitt County Sheriff's office in the search of a missing juvenile, believed to be in the Clinton Lake area.  During the search for the juvenile the officers encountered a nude man sitting on a picnic table performing a lewd act.  The subject was arrested. 

A CPO attended an Arbor Day activity in Clinton.  A CPO utilized the educational trailer at this event. 

In addition to these arrests District 19 officers issued 25 citations and 5 written warnings over the weekend for fish and boating related violations.   

Nothing reported.

CPOs attended Stewardship Week at Dixon Springs State Park. The event ran Monday - Thursday and approximately 850 kids attended the event.

A CPO arrested two Union County men for hunting turkey from their vehicle. The men were charged for unlawful transportation of uncased firearm.

CPOs attended the Extension Fair in Williamson County on Thursday and Friday.  Approximately 300 kids attended the event.

A CPO caught two fishermen snagging paddlefish south of the Rend Lake Spillway.

A CPO caught a subject openly burning tires in White County. The CPO also referred the information to the EPA.

May 12, 2010

A Region I CPO inspected two PWC (Personal Water Craft) operators preparing to launch their PWC's. An inspection revealed that one PWC had a fire extinguisher which had lost its charge and was not in compliance with state law. The operator was admonished about the deficiency and was educated with written documentation.

While working at Hennepin Canal State Park, a CPO located two subjects fishing.  While taking a break from fishing, one of the subjects packed the bowl on his cannabis pipe.  The subjects took turns smoking the pipe; the owner of the pipe was arrested for possession of cannabis/drug paraphernalia.
While patrolling along the Mississippi River, a CPO located a female subject fishing without a valid license.  She was found to be wanted on two warrants from Lubbock County, Texas.  The subject was arrested and transported to Rock Island County Jail.   

While on foot patrol at Sylvan Island in Moline, a CPO located three subjects fishing in the Mississippi River.  A female subject in the group supplied a cannabis pipe for all three subjects to share.  The female subject was arrested for possession of cannabis/drug paraphernalia.  One of the male fishermen was cited for fishing without a valid license. 

A CPO responded to a call for assistance from Moline Fire Department.  He conducted a surface search on the Mississippi River in Pool 15.  A subject had jumped into the river from the I-74 Bridge.  He did not locate the subject.  

A Region I CPO completed five registration and title investigations in Boone County as a result of Boone County License & Title Agency failing to correctly complete and submit paperwork to the department for their customers.

A Region I CPO clocked a vehicle traveling 41 m.p.h. in the posted 20 m.p.h. zone within Rock Cut State Park.  The officer also documented additional Illinois Vehicle Code Violations including the driver failing to wear a seat belt, improper display,  no front license plate, driver’s license not on person and obstructed windshield.  The Officer’s efforts in stopping speeding cars in the park were applauded by road bicyclists who were concerned of unsafe riding conditions due to some of the motor vehicle drivers.

A Region I CPO was patrolling in Lee County checking turkey hunters when he observed a vehicle approaching him from behind at a high rate of speed and weaving back and forth in the road.  After the vehicle passed him and continued speeding up, the CPO used the moving radar to lock in the vehicle speed at 74 mph and still swerving.  The vehicle was stopped and upon inspection the driver and passenger stated they were on the way back to Bloomington and were running late.  When asked why they were swerving, the driver stated he was trying to get the pizza from the back seat to eat on the way.  The driver was issued a citation for the speed.

While patrolling Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area, a CPO observed two male subjects fishing in the tall grass near the waterfowl resting area.  As the CPO approached the two men, one subject handed his fishing pole and bucket to his friend.  He then sat it down in the tall grass.  An inspection was completed and the CPO recognized one of the men to be a subject she had arrested last summer for traffic violations in the same park.  Running a computer check on him showed a valid warrant for his arrest on the traffic charges from last summer.  He was taken into custody and both men were issued a citation for fishing without a license.  The wanted man was transported to the Henry County Jail. 

A Region I CPO continued to follow up on a TIPS complaint and investigation pertaining to the illegal taking of deer in Illinois.   The investigation involves both Illinois and Iowa DNR Police.  The investigation and charges regarding both Illinois and Iowa hunting violations are pending.

Region I CPOs were checking fishermen by boat on the Mississippi River in Rock Island County.  During the detail, they issued written warnings for miscellaneous boating violations, issued three citations for subjects fishing without sport fishing licenses, and made an arrest for a subject taking/possessing an undersized walleye.

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint of a subject shooting Canada Geese along the Rock River with an air rifle. The subject’s neighbors witnessed him shooting geese on more than one occasion. When the subject was interviewed about shooting the geese, he stated he was only shooting near them to try to scare them. The subject was issued one citation, three written warnings and one air rifle was seized.

A CPO patrolled Argyle Lake State Park in McDonough County.  He made one unlawful possession of alcohol in a restricted site arrest and arrested another subject on a Failure to Appear, Wanted Armed and Dangerous warrant out of Livingston County.  Apparently the subject refused to pay his fine after a one year stay in prison for cannabis delivery. 

A CPO removed three abandoned deer stands from Spoon River State Forest.  The owner of two of the stands was identified and issued a citation and written warning for failure to remove after season and for more than one stand per hunter respectively. 

A Region I CPO arrested three individuals for unlawful possession of 63 crappie 18 over the Lake Evergreen site specific possession limit.

A District 7 Officer responded to a landowner complaint of two subjects fishing without permission.  They had taken a row boat across the property line and were fishing on the adjoining property.  Citations were issued to both subjects.

CPOs investigated a complaint of a stolen vehicle at DesPlaines CA.  Victims claimed that their vehicle was stolen when they went for a walk near the boat launch.  The vehicle was entered into LEADS, and subsequent investigation revealed that both subjects were revoked and had obstructed police with various parts of their story turning out to be intentionally false.  The vehicle was indeed stolen, but was recovered the next day in a different part of the park and returned to the owner.  Appropriate charges including obstruction of police were filed in the case.

A CPO and District Sergeant were working near Heidecke Lake and were re-opening the lake at the Site Superintendent’s request after a storm had passed through, when they noticed a rental boat coming back into the launch with two men.  The men had used their key to access the concession stand as employees to enter the closed site and fish the lake while it was closed.  Appropriate charges were filed.

A CPO cited a subject for possession of a 9 inch Largemouth Bass in Lake County.  There is a 15 inch minimum size limit. 

A CPO cited a subject for possession of a 22 inch Walleye on Nippersink Lake.  There is an 18 to 24 inch protected slot limit. 

A subject a CPO cited for careless operation of a snowmobile after a snowmobile accident on New Year’s Day, pleaded guilty in Lake County court and paid a $500 fine plus $257 in court costs. 

A subject cited for hunting without permission pleaded guilty in Lake County court and paid a $75 fine plus $147 in court costs.  When the complainants appeared in court, the defendant decided not to have a bench trial.


CPOs arrested a Mattoon man at Lake Paradise in Coles County. The man was fishing without a license and gave the officers a fictitious name and date of birth.  The man was wanted on two outstanding Coles County arrest warrants for Theft and Domestic Battery. The man was additionally charged with Obstructing Identification and Fishing without Required Fishing License and was incarcerated in the Coles County Jail. 

A CPO arrested a Sullivan man and woman who were fishing in the Shelbyville Fish & Wildlife Area. The woman was wanted on an active arrest warrant out of Moultrie County for Possession of Cannabis. The man was additionally found to be fishing without a valid license and was in possession of cannabis as well. He was also charged with both violations. Court action is pending in this case. 

CPOs cited a Clark County timber buyer during a commercial inspection for failure to maintain records of a timber buyer. 

CPOs cited an Ashmore man after following up on a damage complaint from Walnut Point State Park. The man was responsible for the damage to fire pits in the campground at the park and was charged for the violation. 

A District Sergeant arrested a Marshall man in Lincoln Trail State Park who was wanted on an active arrest warrant out of Champaign County. 

A CPO cited four persons in Fox Ridge State Park campground for violation of the posted No Alcohol regulation in the campground area of the park.

A CPO used the DNR Education trailer at the annual Moultrie County Conservation Day at the Sullivan 4-H Center. Approx. 160 fourth graders were in attendance.         

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man along the Little Wabash River in Shelby County. The man was wanted on an active Coles County arrest warrant for contempt of court.  Additionally, the man was cited as well for pollution of a waterway. The CPO additionally cited a Neoga man as well for pollution of a waterway along the same river.  

A rural Beardstown couple was issued numerous citations for wildlife and criminal charges last Friday. The wife was issued five citations for unlawful loaning of deer permits to another and four citations for unlawful falsification of records on deer harvest required by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  The husband was issued four citations for accessory to the unlawful loaning of deer permits to another, four citations for unlawful falsification of IDNR required deer harvest records, and one citation for criminal trespass to real property. The charges stem from an investigation regarding an illegally taken deer along the Sangamon River in Cass County. That matter is still under investigation.  The alleged charges involve deer permits issued to the wife and subsequently used by the husband.  The deer harvest records show that the wife reported as the one who killed the deer.  The husband is also a Master hunter Safety Instructor for the DNR.  The status of the Safety Education certification will be reviewed by the Department.  All of the citations issued are Class A misdemeanor violations which carry a maximum fine of $2,500 and up to one year in jail. Both subjects being released after processing and posting $100 cash bond each. The investigation continues with additional charges pending.

A Cass County subject was charged with hunting turkeys without a valid permit.

A Sangamon County subject was charged in Cass County for hunting without permission of the landowner and for hunting from a roadway.

Several District 10 officers are involved with weapons qualification training for the entire Office of Law Enforcement.


CPOs conducted a river enforcement detail resulting in the seizure of an illegal trammel net, and the seizure of an abandon boat. The items were seized and placed into evidence.

A CPO assisted Williamson County Sheriff’s Office on an ISPERN home invasion call.  The CPO assisted on the apprehension of the suspect.

A CPO and US Forest Service Agent apprehended two Missouri men for illegal harvesting of ginseng from the Shawnee National Forest. Federal charges are pending and Lacey Act violations are being pursued.

A CPO assisted Union County Sheriff in the search of a missing 1 year old in rural Union County.  Upon the CPOs arrival the missing child was found.

A CPO arrested four Jackson County men for unlawful possession of alcohol, the men were cited and released on “I” bonds.

A CPO is investigating a Jackson County man for falsifying an Illinois ID card on a traffic stop.  An arrest warrant is being sought for his arrest.

A CPO assisted the Johnson County Sheriff on ATV's illegally operating on the Tunnel Hill Trail. The men were charged with citations posted bond and were released.

May 19, 2010

A Region 1 Officer encountered a boater with four children onboard his vessel. The operator was short two children wearable PFD's (Personal Flotation Devices). The officer educated him on the provision regarding PFD's, as well as documenting it with a citation and warning.

A Region 1 Officer completed four more registration and title investigations in Boone County as a result of Boone County License and Title Agency failing to correctly complete and submit paperwork to the department for their customers.

A Region 1 Officer completed a watercraft safety inspection at a private association lake in Boone County.  The inspection revealed the operator was operating on the previous boat owner’s registration and the batteries were not secured to the hull.  Further investigation revealed the boat trailer’s registration was expired as well as the operators Illinois Driver’s License.

A CPO patrolled the Mississippi River on Pool 16.   Several boat safety warnings were issued. 

A Region 1 Officer investigated a subject who was reported to have intentionally run over a goose with a truck in Stephenson County.  Charges are pending further investigation

A CPO attended the John Deere Safety and Wellness.  The fair was open to employees only and it focused on safety outside of the work environment.   The coordinators for the program were very excited to have us present since many of their employees recreate outdoors and engage in activities the IDNR Conservation Police regulate.  The CPO displayed several types /sizes of PFDs and focused on safe boating.  During the two hour duration of the fair, over 100 employees attended the event.   The CPO answered numerous questions regarding PFDs, registration, and fishing license or regulations.  

A CPO was put on alert/ready status for flood duty in Henry County due to flash flooding of several creeks and the Green River.  Nearly five inches of rain fell in an overnight storm soaking much of the already saturated ground.  Although her assistance was not needed, she was prepared to respond at moment’s notice. 

A CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal by boat.  Safety inspections were completed with 6 boats.  One boat operator was in violation of several regulations in which he volunteered to return to the boat launch to go purchase the items at a local store.  One violation of fishing without a license was cited to a passenger in a boat. 

A Region 1 Officer arrested a subject for DUI after he was stopped for improper lane usage and for failure to signal 100 feet before an intersection turn.  He refused to give a breath sample.  He posted bond and was released.

A Region 1 Officer checked two men at Hormel Ponds.  They were fishing from a 12 foot boat and were found to have several boat safety violations.  The operator was cited for having no PFD's on board and was issued other written warnings

Region 1 Officers responded to a request from Stark County Deputies to look at mounts at a residence after they had arrested a male subject for domestic battery and unlawful use of weapons by a felon.  Several mounts were seized pending investigation, including a full body mount timber wolf. 

A Region 1 Officer responded to a request for assistance from the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.  On May 12th the county received six inches of rain in one day.  Massive flooding forced county officials to close several state and county roads.  The officer was assigned to patrol secondary roads looking for stranded motorists.

A Region 1 Officer was working an IDOT Grant Detail in Morrison Rockwood State Park which resulted in multiple violations of the IVC (Illinois Vehicle Code) and Boat Registration and Safety Act.

A Region 1 Officer continued to follow up on the TIPS deer poaching case.  One charge was for illegal possession of deer in Mercer County.   Two charges for unlawful taking of deer without a valid deer license and two charges for unlawful possession of deer out of season were filed in Muscatine County, IA.  The investigation continues.

A CPO utilized the Education Trailer for two area fishing derbies.  On Saturday, he attended the Monmouth Police Department's "Cops and Bobbers" Kids Fishing Derby held at Citizens Lake.  The trailer was on display next to the District Fisheries Biologist shocking boat.  Kids viewed the displays and touched furs and antlers in the trailer.   Department literature was available to attendees, and many questions were answered by both a CPO and Fisheries Biologist.   On Sunday, the Education Trailer was on display at the Galesburg Kids Fishing Derby held at Lincoln Park Lagoons, Lake Storey.  The annual event is attended by well over 700 area children.  The derby encourages kids to become fishermen and utilizes "catch and release" in its operation.  Both derbies have prize tables that allow successful fishermen to exchange their catch for any item found on the table. 

As part of "Operation Warm Weather, Cold Water" a Region 1 Officer conducted boat safety inspections on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River.  The following violations were discovered and documented: improper display of registration, expired registration, failure to transfer registration, child under the age of 13 not wearing PFD while underway, lack of whistle, lack of fire extinguisher and lack of throwable device.

CPOs responded to a water pollution case in South Elgin.  South Elgin Police department detained a subject they observed dumping chemicals into a storm drain which drains into the Fox River and notified DNR.  The case is under investigation.

A CPO arrested a Colorado resident at Illinois Beach State Park for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A CPO arrested a subject at Illinois Beach State Park on a Failure to Appear warrant.  The subject was transported to the Lake County Jail.

A CPO cited a subject on Lake Marie for possession of an undersized Walleye (12 1/4 inches).  14 inch minimum applies. 

A CPO cited a Bethany man and a Forsyth man on the same day in unrelated incidents at Lake Shelbyville for taking and possessing over the daily limit of crappie. The excellent crappie fishing and stable water levels at the lake this year has resulted in increased fishing activity and angler success.

CPOs responded to a serious personal injury two boat collision on Lake Shelbyville. The collision occurred in the Point 2 Area of the Lake near Lone Point Access Area. A boat containing two fishermen from Carpentersville and a boat containing two fishermen, one from Decatur and one from Bethany, collided at high speed causing severe damage to both vessels. The Decatur and Bethany men were thrown unconscious into the lake and luckily were wearing their lifejackets which kept them afloat until other boaters in the area quickly came to their rescue and pulled them from the water. All four men were rushed to an area hospital and two of the men were later flown to area trauma centers for treatment. Shelby County Sheriff's Department, Shelby County Dive Team, Shelby County Ambulance Service and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers assisted in the response. The investigation is continuing.

CPOs arrested a Rochester man and a Springfield man in the Wolf Creek State Park Tent Campground on charges of unlawful possession/consumption of liquor by minors. The young men were the early arrivers of a planned underage liquor party. The party ultimately did not occur. 

A CPO stopped a speeding car driven by a Charleston man near Lake Shelbyville and found that his passenger from Mattoon was in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The passenger was arrested on the drug charges and the driver was cited for speeding. 

CPOs worked a display at the annual L.I.N.K.S. Youth Festival at Wolf Creek State Park.  Hundreds of area youth attended this annual event. 

A CPO arrested a rural Windsor man in Wolf Creek State Park on charges of improper lane usage, DUI and DUI >.08%. The man recorded a BAC of .142%. 

A CPO manned the Conservation Police Education Trailer at the annual Moultrie County Conservation Day at the Sullivan 4-H Center. Approximately 130 area youth attended the event. 

A CPO arrested a Sullivan woman fishing in the Shelbyville State Fish & Wildlife Area who was wanted on an arrest warrant out of Shelby County. 

CPOs arrested three Neoga men on the city owned property at the Lake Mattoon spillway. Two of the men were cited for operating ATV's on public property without permission, one man who was very intoxicated was cited for unlawful littering of beer cans. One man was arrested on charges of possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia after observing the officer and then throwing his cannabis and smoking pipe along the shoreline. Court action is pending in this case. 

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man on charges of unlawful cutting down live trees in an Illinois State Park while the man was camping at Fox Ridge State Park. The felled trees were pulled up to the campsite and were attempted to be used for very green firewood.  

CPOs continue to find Coffeen Lake a busy area.  During their patrols they have arrested several subjects for no fishing licenses, boating violations, and possession of cannabis. A  CPO arrested both a couple who were fishing at Coffeen Lake for fishing without licenses, possession of cannabis, drug paraphernalia, and the female subject for an active warrant.  A CPO’s subject was out on parole and was enjoying a day fishing when he decided to smoke some cannabis.  Unlucky for him, a CPO was hiding and watching him from a distance.

A CPO made a guest appearance at the Hillsboro Rotary Club Meeting and discussed the duties of a Conservation Police Officer to the group.

A CPO was contacted by a Special Agent from ISP regarding a subject thought to be in possession of an alligator.  The CPO accompanied the Agent to the residence and made contact with the subject.  The subject admitted to the alligator and permitted them to enter his residence.  The CPO seized a three-foot Alligator and arrested the subject.

A CPO made four warrant arrests while checking fisherman along the Mississippi River

A CPO attended a Ducks Unlimited Kid’s Day event in Edwardsville with the CPL Trailer.  He reported even with the inclement weather, the event was a success.

A CPO arrested a subject for the third consecutive time in a year for fishing without a license.  The subject cannot purchase a license because he owes child support. 
Officers and a District Sergeant all participated in the IHSA Bass Fishing State Finals security detail.  The event was a huge success and continues to grow.

A CPO and District Sergeant apprehended three subjects smoking cannabis at Marissa City Lake.  The subjects were in possession of paraphernalia and more than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A District Sergeant arrested two subjects for fishing without permission on private property. 

A District Sergeant arrested a subject with a short bass at the World Shooting Complex.

A CPO received information about a turkey hunter in Wayne County.  This information was related to information he passed along to another CPO who arrested four subjects the previous week for transporting loaded guns, no permits, unlawful take, take of over the limit of turkey, failure to tag and failure to report harvests.  The CPOs located the suspect who had nothing wrong at the time.  However, the suspect’s uncle was with him hunting with no permit or licenses and was arrested.    

A CPO worked another turkey complaint and did a stop and talk to a subject leaving the area during the fifth season.  The CPO observed a shotgun in the front seat and two turkeys in the truck bed.  The CPO arrested a turkey hunter for transporting a loaded firearm, unlawful take of hen turkey and using his second season tag on the tom so he could continue to hunt during the rest of the fifth season.  The subject stated he used his second season tag since he paid for it and did not want to waste his money.

A CPO arrested a third turkey hunter after receiving a complaint of road hunting.  The CPO drove past the suspect’s house and observed stone tablets of the Ten Commandments in the front yard.  Later when he met the suspect and commented about the yard ornaments, the suspect confessed to his actions after he saw a tom cross the road in front of him.  The subject was arrested for shooting from a road, transporting a loaded gun and no permit.

A CPO responded to a burglary at Red Hills State Park on May 9th.  A day later he discovered a listing on Craig’s list for one of the stolen items.  Information received from the CPOs indicated the subject who listed the item may have been involved with other suspected burglaries.  The subject was already wanted on a warrant for taking stolen property to a pawn shop but the bond was set very low.  On 5/11/10, coordination was made with Jackson County detectives to go make a buy.  After a search warrant was secured the subject was approached for the item and other stolen items.  The buy/bust went well and multiple stolen items were recovered.  A taped confession was obtained concerning the park burglary.
A CPO attended conservation days in Wayne County with the CPL trailer and spoke to 200 students.

A CPO spoke to 200 students at the Marion County Conservation Days.

A District Sergeant spoke to 250 students about gun safety at the Highland Progressive agriculture safety day.

A CPO arrested a subject on a $5000.00 arrest warrant while checking fishermen at Raccoon Lake.

A subject arrested for shooting a Coopers Hawk in Fairfield pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of firearm.  The subject’s fine with court costs was $2017.00 and he was placed on two year’s probation.

A Kentucky subject arrested for falsification to obtain resident permits pleaded guilty and was fined $1000.00.    

Region V CPOs attended a retired CPO's funeral. The Color Guard did a great job and represented the IDNR - OLE in the highest professional level.

The joint state Mississippi River detail was canceled due to high waters and budget issues.

A CPO responded to two fishing without permission complaints in Jackson County.

A CPO caught a subject in Jefferson County who had killed two turkeys without a permit. Turkeys and gun were seized.

A CPO also caught another subject in Jefferson County turkey hunting without permission, no permit, no license, and no habitat stamp.

A CPO caught several fishermen illegally “snagging” fish below the Rend Lake spillway.

CPOs assisted the State Police in the apprehension and arrest of two subjects who were cooking Meth at Dolan Lake Conservation Area in Hamilton County.  The CPO issued the subjects citations for Administrative Rule violations.

District #14 CPOs conducted the first IDOT Grant Detail of the season at the Rend Lake Complex.

May 26, 2010


A Region 1 Officer was patrolling on foot near the Illinois River and Little Vermillion River.   After sunset the CPO noticed an object floating down the Illinois River.  The Officer thought it was a tree due to the recent rains, but quickly realized it was a small boat without lights.  The officer saw the boat turn up the Little Vermillion River.  The officer walked along the bank unnoticed to the two individuals in the boat.  The officer noticed a case of Natural Lite beer in the center of the boat.  The officer walked the bank to the canal and identified himself as a CPO.  Upon performing a boat safety inspection the officer realized that the boat wasn't registered and there was no life jackets or safety equipment aboard the boat.  The officer noticed that both individuals were smoking and the gas container had a rag sticking out of the vent hole to keep the fuel from splashing in the boat.  The operator, who was wearing a bright orange hard hat, was given field sobriety tests.  After failing the field sobriety tests he was taken to the LaSalle Police Department where he was found to have a blood alcohol concentration of .144.   He was issued four citations and given a mandatory court appearance.

A CPO worked at the Asian Carp Detail in Chicago for a week.  He operated one of the 36 foot patrol boats and assisted local officers with minor repairs and other duties.  Patrol boats provided security for operations throughout the week.

A Region 1 Officer was working an IDOT Grant Detail in Morrison Rockwood State Park which resulted in multiple violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code and Boat Registration and Safety Act.  One subject was stopped for speeding and while pulling in to a parking lot he and his passenger were heard using loud profanity and saying “hide it” The subjects were under age 21 and had open bottles of beer in the vehicle and an open case of beer in the front passenger seat.  The driver was cited for underage possession/consumption, speeding, illegal transportation of alcohol and zero tolerance.  The passenger was cited for illegal transportation of alcohol and minor in possession/consumption of alcohol.  The CPO had just issued a citation for speeding to the girls, they were on the way to meet and just prior to the stop the CPO heard the girls talking to them on the phone as they walked by his squad telling the boys to call when they got in the park and not to speed because the cop was in there.

A Region 1 Officer worked a two hour IDOT Traffic Safety Grant in Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County that produced four arrests and nine written warnings for various traffic offenses.

A Region 1 Officer stopped a motor vehicle in Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County for obstructed windshield and failure for the driver and front seat passenger to wear their seat belts.  While running each occupant’s driver’s licenses, the CPO learned the front seat passenger was wanted on a warrant - armed and dangerous - domestic battery, assault, and battery

A CPO made two arrests on two male subjects that were wanted on warrants during the past week.  The first of the two arrests occurred in LaSalle County near Illini State Park.  The second of the two arrests was made in DeKalb County near Shabbona Lake State Park.

While checking fishermen at Starved Rock State Park, a CPO observed a cannabis pipe in the cargo pocket of a fisherman as he retrieved his fishing license from it.  The CPO seized the pipe and found that it contained unburned cannabis.  It was also discovered that the man had driven to the park on a revoked driver’s license.  The man was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis fishing without a license and driving while revoked.

A Region 1 Officer checked a boat with three fishermen that were trespassing on a private Lake.  The subjects had no registration for the boat, no life jackets, and no fishing licenses.  They were issued the appropriate citations.

Region 1 Officers worked a detail at Spring Lake Fish and Wildlife Area.  Upon one officer's approach, the subject began trying to hide something in his pants.  The officer approached, and observed "rolling papers" still partially sticking out of his pants.   The subject was cited for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams.

CPOs worked three recreational boating details on the Mississippi River and Rock River in an effort to apprehend OUIs.  Several contacts were made.  No OUI's were detected.   

A Region 1 Officer investigated a turkey hunting complaint regarding two subjects who were hunting without permission during the fourth season.  The officer located and identified the subjects.  At the request of the complainant, written warnings were issued

A CPO arrested a subject at Kankakee River State Park for DUI while working an IDOT detail.  The subject blew a .17

A CPO arrested six subjects for illegal transportation of alcohol while working an IDOT detail at DesPlaines CA.

A CPO arrested a subject for possession of cannabis while working an IDOT detail at Kankakee River State Park.

A CPO arrested a subject for obstructing a police officer while inspecting watercraft at DesPlaines CA.

A CPO responded to a potentially suicidal subject standing on the overpass of River Rd and I-55.  He arrived within minutes of the call and found a female near the overpass who said she had contemplated jumping off the bridge but changed her mind.  She claimed to have overdosed on prescription medication.  Willmington Police Department and Illinois State Police, District 5 assisted.

District 3 CPO's assisted with the Asian Carp security detail.

CPOs attempted to interview a subject who was believed to have been riding his bike at Moraine Hills State Park in a restricted area and removing a temporary fence where trail restoration was taking place.  The 25 year old subject made several threatening statements then took off on foot.  The CPOs gave chase, but as they approached the subject, he dove into a lake.  After several minutes, they were able to talk him out of the water and he was handcuffed.  While at the jail, he confessed to riding his bike off the trail and taking down the fence.  He was charged with assault and resisting arrest.

A CPO entered a camping site at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for individuals violating the quiet hours of the campground.  He observed two subjects drinking beer which is prohibited in the campground.  One of the subjects was wanted on a Failure to Appear DUI warrant.  He also had a pellet pistol gun in his back pack.  Each subject was issued a citation for possession of alcohol in a restricted area and the other subject was also charged with having a firearm on Department lands.  He was transported to the Lake County Jail.

A CPO arrested two campers from Chicago at Illinois Beach State Park for possession of drug paraphernalia and one of the subject's for possession of cannabis. 

Eastside District 19 officers have been busy dealing with the closing of the Middle Fork River over the past week.  All the rain that we have received has made the Middle Fork very dangerous to canoe and kayak traffic.  The CPO arrested two kayakers who chose to float the river during a closed period. 

CPOs worked a fish and litter enforcement detail at the Clinton spillway over the weekend.  This detail resulted in the arrest of two subjects.

A CPO arrested a McLean county subject for OUI drug on Lake Evergreen in McLean County. 

A CPO arrested two McLean County subjects for drug possession while checking fisherman at Lake Evergreen over the weekend. 

Numerous boat and fish citations were issued by District 19 officers throughout the week.

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man just outside Eagle Creek State Park at Lake Shelbyville on charges of DUI, illegal transportation of open liquor, possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia and no brake lights. The man refused chemical testing.

The next night, a CPO arrested the same Mattoon man again for DUI and expired registration approximately 7 miles from his previous arrest site. The man again refused chemical testing and was incarcerated in Moultrie County Jail.

A CPO cited a Shelbyville man for speeding 96 mph in a 55 mph zone as well as no proof of valid vehicle insurance. The stop occurred near the Lake Shelbyville Complex.

A CPO cited a Sullivan man for failure to immediately release three undersized largemouth bass at Lake Shelbyville.

A CPO, with assistance from another CPO, arrested a Charleston man at the Mill Creek Lake boat ramp on charges of DUI and driving while license revoked. The man was observed by the officers attempting to back down a vehicle and trailer at the boat ramp with great difficultly and needed to use the side of the vehicle to maintain his balance. The man recorded a BAC of .299%. The man was incarcerated in Clark County Jail.

A CPO completed an investigation into the illegal cutting down of five live trees in Fox Ridge State Park. The investigation revealed a Mattoon man cut the live trees down for firewood for his campsite. The replacement value of the cut down trees is estimated at $990.00. Court action is pending in this case.     


Nothing reported.

While responding to a complaint at Dolan Lake Conservation Area, a CPO caught a subject driving while license revoked; caught two subjects with illegal transportation of alcohol; and caught a subject with a one hitter box.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI on Rend Lake.

A CPO is investigating three separate incidents of criminal damage to state supported property at the Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area in Nason. A brick restroom was damaged, and two other areas were spray-painted with graffiti.

District #14 officers worked the annual Paralyzed Veteran’s Bass Fishing Tournament at Rend Lake.


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