Office of Law Enforcement
December 1, 2010

A District 7 CPO arrested a Henderson County subject for hunting over bait.

A District 7 CPO attended court in McDonough County regarding a criminal trespass/criminal damage case.  Additional charges were filed to reflect the severity of the damages.  The case was continued until January 2011.

A District 7 CPO continued to investigate a deer poaching case in Henderson County.  The case involves the illegal taking of a 13 point buck.  Charges will be filed this week.

A District 1 CPO along with the Region 1 Captain and Ogle County Sheriff’s Dept. investigated a fatal hunting accident in Ogle County.  The tragic accident occurred when a group of three friends were squirrel hunting. The 14 year old shooter shot at a squirrel but did not have a good hold of the shotgun which caused him to lose control of the gun.  While trying to regain control over the shotgun, he accidentally shot a second time hitting the 17 year old victim in the back fatally wounding the victim.  No charges have been filed.

District 6 CPOs assisted the Illinois State Police and the Boone County Sheriff’s Dept. with patrols of Caledonia following a devastating tornado.

A Region 1 CPO investigated the unlawful possession of an American Alligator.  

A Region 1 CPO assisted a Marshall County Deputy with a vehicle shining deer at night complaint.  Three subjects were detained and questioned about an illegally tagged deer.  Arrests were made for conservation violations and drug possession.

A District 7 CPO continues working various deer tagging violations from the firearm deer season.

A District 6 CPO investigated the complaint of theft when an Ottawa hunter had a ground blind stolen from property he was hunting.   

A District 1 CPO was called out by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Dept.  One of their Deputies apprehended three subjects in a pickup truck who were shining, transporting uncased loaded guns, and hunting raccoons.  They requested the CPO’s assistance in the investigation and the interview of the subjects.  The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department towed their vehicle and transported all three subjects to jail.  At the conclusion of the interviews, the following charges were filed against the individuals involved:  unlawful transportation of a loaded uncased firearm in a motor vehicle, 2 counts - accessory to transportation of a loaded uncased firearm in a motor vehicle, 2 counts - unlawfully shining and use/aid of motor vehicle to hunt raccoons, and unlawfully hunting without a valid hunting license.  Their rifles, ammunition, and shining equipment were seized. 

Nothing reported.
Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

A CPO caught a subject illegally “shining” a field with a spotlight in Saline County.

A CPO caught a subject illegally “shining” a field with a spotlight in Jefferson County. After making the stop; the CPO found a loaded rifle and pistol.

District #14 CPOs worked waterfowl enforcement details during the opening weekend of waterfowl season in the Southern Zone. No waterfowl hunting accidents were detected

A CPO opened a investigation of a Outfitter and commercial waterfowl operation without license or permits.

A CPO is investigating several hunting violations that occurred over the opening weekend of firearm deer season. Several out of state hunters are involved.

D 16 CPO's attended waterfowl training and Breath Alcohol training at Rend Lake.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in the Cache River area by Perks. Rabbit hunters were hunting with beagles and the dogs got onto the Corzine property bordering USFW. He found the hunters and issued a warning each for hunting without permission.

A CPO was checking waterfowl hunters at U.S. Forest Service property south of McClure when he discovered a 15 year old boy from Missouri hunting without a hunting license. The guardian of the group said WalMart in Cape said they didn't need a license under 16 in Illinois. He then went to WalMart and spoke to them and corrected the mistake.  

A CPO issued 2 citations to duck hunters for shooting after legal hours in state court.

A CPO assisted Union Co. Sheriff with a man hunt for two suspects that ran from local police. The 2 men were located after a lengthy search in a rural area.

A CPO and District Sergeant assisted another CPO in an investigation of a fatal hunting deer accident. One cause of the accident was the failure to properly attach the safety strap and the failure to attach the climber properly as per directions. 

A CPO is assisting another CPO on a hunting accident that occurred in Union Co. The accident is still under investigation. It appears the ratchet strap failed causing the fall. However the strap was not replaced as per instructions and was 5 to 10 years old.

December 8, 2010

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Office of Law Enforcement, Region I, and II Conservation Police Officers conducted a Roadside Wildlife Compliance Check on December 5th, 2010 between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. located at eastbound Illinois Rt. 20 @ AYP Road – Eastbound Lane / Stephenson County. The purpose of the compliance check is to detect the unlawful taking, possession, and transportation of wildlife and to gather information relative to public compliance with hunting regulations.   A total of 123 vehicles were checked with five citations and twelve written warnings issued. It was very cold and the compliance rate was found to be very good.

A District 7 CPO contacted a subject in Tazewell County who was hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

A District 7 CPO arrested a subject in Henderson County for illegally taking a whitetail deer.  The violator admitted to using a spotlight to illegally locate a large 13 point deer.  The subject then shot the deer with a rifle.  The 13 point buck was seized as evidence.

A deer hunter was arrested in McDonough County for hunting over bait.  The subject was also cited for not having a hunting license.  Written warnings were issued for no habitat stamp and invalid landowner deer tags

While patrolling near Spoon River State Forest, a District 7 CPO observed five subjects, all possessing shotguns, walking toward a rental SUV with Missouri registration.  Only two of the subjects had valid licenses and deer permits.  The group consisted of one adult and four juveniles.  The adult had taken his two sons and two nephew’s deer hunting knowing that three of them did not possess the proper permits or licenses.  The youngest did not have any ammunition for the firearm he possessed.  The adult guardian was issued two citations as an accessory for the youths that did possess loaded firearms but no deer permits.  Five written warnings were issued to each subject for either no hunting license, failure to sign deer permit, or improper blaze orange during deer season (camo blaze orange).

A District 6 CPO observed a truck driving slowly along a hedge row in the middle of a field.   The officer located the vehicle on the nearby highway and conducted a traffic stop.  The CPO found an uncased 30-06 rifle in the vehicle along with full ammo can of that particular ammunition and a spent casing.   During an interview the driver admitted that he was checking the hedgerow for deer that may be bedded down and he flushed a coyote at which time he loaded the rifle and shot at the animal.  The hunter was charged with unlawful hunting of coyote during the closed season, uncased firearm in a motor vehicle and hunting without a license.  The firearm was seized. A number of warnings were issued.

Two CPOs responded to a report of two deer that had been illegally taken from a vehicle on a roadway in Lee County.   When the CPOs arrived, they found one of the deer had been dragged to the road where it apparently was loaded into a vehicle.   The other deer was still lying in the field and had snow packed on top of it in an attempt to hide it.  The CPOs sat and waited for approximately five hours thinking the violator would return, but he did not.  The deer was taken and disposed of. 

A District 7 Officer working Fulton County encountered a wide variety of violations during the second firearm deer season.  Violations included: transporting uncased/loaded firearms, untagged deer, possession of a permit in the field belonging to another person, no valid deer permit, and failing to report deer harvest by 10:00 pm date taken.

While working deer hunters in Mercer County, a CPO arrested two subjects for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill.  One of the subjects was also arrested for taking deer without a valid permit. 
While working Jo Daviess County a CPO observed a red truck and a black van pulled off into an area on S. River Road in Galena.  He ran the vehicle's license plate and discovered one of the registered owners did not have a habitat stamp.  He waited for the hunters to come out.  He observed two hunters come out of the woods on a John Deere Gator.  During the check he observed they had two shot guns in the bed of the gator uncased, one subject did not have his deer permits in possession and the other hunter did not have his permit signed.  A third hunter came out and also did not have his permit signed.  Two citations for uncased guns were issued and written warnings were issued for unsigned deer permit, permit not in possession, and no habitat stamp.

A Region 1 CPO is investigating a case where subjects are dumping dead deer parts on property they do not have permission to be on. 

After several complaints in reference to hunting without permission, a District 6 CPO walked a deer hunting area in Bureau County.  The CPO found a deer stand with a pile of pellets and syrup in front of the stand with a hunter in the stand.  The subject stated that he did not place the bait there but had seen it before he hunted there.  He was issued a citation for hunting over bait.

While patrolling Carroll County a District 1 CPO cited a subject for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill.

A District 6 CPO issued a citation to a male subject for illegal transportation of alcohol.  The citation was issued during a wildlife game check on U.S. Route 20 in Stephenson County.

A  District 6 CPO encountered a man deer hunting in northern Winnebago County. During the inspection of his hunting permits, the CPO discovered the man's FOID card was revoked; he was wanted on a warrant, was hunting without a hunting license and failed to purchase a habitat stamp. The CPO arrested the man and lodged him on the outstanding warrant and the revoked FOID violation, a Class 3 felony. Additionally, the CPO charged the man with hunting without a hunting license and issued a warning for the habitat stamp violation. The CPO seized the hunter's gun and ammunition which will be held as evidence. 

A Henry County hunter was on an ATV and was coming back to the barn when a District 1 CPO came out of the field.  There was a hard plastic gun case secured to the ATV by several straps.  An inspection of the gun revealed no plug and it held a total of 6 slugs.  The Michigan man was issued a citation for the violation.    

A Henry County hunter was cited for hunting without a license and for no habitat stamp.  An inspection revealed the hunter had deer permits for the archery and the firearm season.  However, the hunter did not have a license.  He thought he had purchased the license, but there was no record of the 2010 license or habitat stamp. 

CPOs were working on the Mercer County/ Henry County line in an area where we previously received complaints of illegal hunting activity.  We checked a group of hunters in Mercer County who were firearm deer hunting.  In conversation with them, it was determined that an individual who was still sleeping in the residence had taken two deer during the firearm deer seasons.  We made contact with the individual and determined he did not have any firearm deer permits.  During an interview with him, he admitted shooting one deer during the first firearm deer season and a second one during the second firearm deer season.  In conducting interviews with the hunters, we also determined a subject who was not hunting with the party during this season, loaned the violator his shotgun and baited the area of his own deer stand with mineral blocks and deer cocaine.  We issued the subject who shot two deer illegally citations for unlawfully taking/possessing whitetail deer (2 counts), unlawfully hunting deer without a valid firearm deer permit (Two counts), failure to tag deer immediately upon kill (Two counts),  and failure to check In and record harvest of deer kill (Two counts).  We seized deer meat from the two deer as evidence.  The CPOs made contact with the subject who provided the violator with a shotgun and baited his own hunting area.  At the conclusion of our interview with him, we seized his shotgun, additional meat from the two illegally taken deer, and issued him a citation for unlawfully feeding deer.

A District 6 CPO was patrolling LaSalle County when he noticed a pickup truck traveling down the road.  A 5 gallon bucket fell out of the bed of the truck and splashed all over the ground.   Instead of stopping, the truck kept driving down the road.   The CPO stopped and picked up the bucket that was still leaking oil.  The CPO caught up to the truck and conducted a traffic stop.  The driver stated that the tailgate fell open causing the bucket to leak.   A check of the driver’s license revealed that he was revoked.  The driver was issued a citation for driving while revoked and a warning for spilling his load on the roadway. 

A CPO assisted in the search of a missing woman.  The CPO searched the snow covered LaSalle Lake area while search and rescue teams searched nearby fields.  The woman crashed her car at 2 a.m. near LaSalle Lake and has yet to be located.       

A District 7 CPO worked McDonough County on Sunday of the 2nd firearm deer season.  The CPO discovered several vehicles parked at what appeared to be a deer camp.  Four subjects returned to their vehicles 10 minutes after the legal hunting hours.  The CPO asked if any of the firearms were still loaded.  Two of the subjects stated they forgot to unload.  The CPO also discovered one of the firearms did not have a plug and was able to hold four rounds.  The CPO also found one of the subjects to be hunting without a deer permit.  Three of the subjects were cited.

The CPO also issued five citations to an individual who was hunting over bait and harvested four antlered deer in 2009.

A District 1 CPO issued citations and written warnings to a Rockford man who was deer hunting in Jo Daviess County.  The subject was hunting from a tree stand he had hung on the fence line facing the neighbor’s timber that he did not have permission to hunt.  The subject also cut limbs and trees for shooting lanes on the neighbor’s property, placed out salt blocks on the neighbor's property, created a mock scrape complete with scent dripper on the neighbors property, and was caught on the neighbor’s property tracking a deer he shot without first obtaining permission. 

A District 1 CPO issued citations and written warnings to two Whiteside County men who were caught on a trail camera upland game hunting with two juveniles without permission from the landowner and without the proper blaze orange required clothing.

A CPO cited two pheasant hunters at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for hunting with lead (toxic) shot.

A CPO responded to a radio dispatch from Vermilion County regarding a driver and his passenger using drugs while driving down the road.  The CPO was near the area and able to stop the vehicle.  The occupants of the vehicle were arrested for unlawful possession of drugs.

A CPO arrested a Missouri resident and Effingham County resident for multiple deer hunting violations over the second firearm deer season.  The CPO encountered the subjects at a deer camp and uncovered numerous permit and deer hunting violations. 

A CPO arrested a Vermilion County subject for numerous firearm deer hunting violations.  Acting off of a complaint, he found a hunter firearm deer hunting without any permits.  The subject had already killed and was
still hunting the area. 

A CPO arrested a family from Leroy that he encountered during firearm deer season.  After checking the only hunter in this group who had not filled his deer tag, the CPO discovered that the family had not checked in any of the deer they killed during the first season.  Further checks found that the family had not checked in any of their deer kills for the past 2 years.

A CPO arrested a group of hunters for road hunting around the outside road of Moraine View state park. 

A CPO observed a vehicle spotlighting in Jersey County.  After stopping the vehicle, he found two subjects in possession of a loaded firearm and with open alcohol.

A CPO observed a vehicle for thirty minutes driving around fields in Pike County.  Upon stopping the vehicle, he found two subjects in possession of two loaded shotguns with no cases.

A CPO located a hunter in Jersey County hunting deer by the aid of bait, with an unplugged shotgun, in possession of another person’s permit, and with no blaze orange hat.

A CPO located a Georgia hunter in Adams County with no deer permit.

A CPO located four hunters in Brown County hunting deer with the aid of bait.

A CPO stopped an ATV on the roadway in Schuyler County. The operator was suspended.

A CPO took a theft report in Calhoun County. The subject had $2000 worth of duck hunting equipment stolen from his private club.

A District Sergeant located a West Virginia subject in Pike County that was outfitting without a license.

An investigation in Sangamon County, which started on Thursday, involves a DNR employee.  The investigation includes his wife, son and daughter.  Some of the violations are untagged deer, not checking deer in, using other people’s permit to tag deer and falsifying DNR records.  Numerous sets of deer antlers were seized.  The investigation is continuing as the son and daughter do not live in the area.  During second firearm deer season a CPO and his Sgt. were on patrol and noticed a vehicle parked near some woods.  They waited for the hunter to come to his vehicle.  When he arrived his hands were bloody and the CPO asked for his deer permit.  The hunter stated the deer was not tagged.  He was “fishing” around in his pocket for the deer permit.  The CPO found his daughter’s permits also in his pocket.  During a field interview it was discovered the hunter, along with his daughter and son were filling the wife’s/mom’s permits and that his son killed a nice 8 pt. buck first season but did not check it in.  The investigation is continuing with more interviews to follow.

A deer hunter shot at a house with a deer slug in Sangamon County.   The deer slug entered the house through the dining room wall striking a wooden craft bench and ending up on top of the dining room table.  The female occupant had just left the dining room seconds before the house was struck . The CPO responded to a 911 call of a house being shot with what was believed to be by a deer hunter.  Upon the CPO’s arrival the deputy had located a deer hunter in the driveway of a house across the street and several hundred yards down with an untagged deer in the back of his truck.  The hunter stated he shot twice at his deer.  The deer had two holes in it.  The CPO had the hunter show him where he was standing when he shot and the location of the deer.  The hunter’s story did not make any sense.  The CPO went to the house which was shot.  The deer slug entered the house through the dining room wall striking a wooden craft bench and landing on the dining room table.  The female occupant of the house stated she was standing at the dining room table 30 seconds prior to the shot.  She left the room because her husband was working on the kitchen and needed her to help with something.  The CPO returned to the hunter where he confessed to shooting a third shot at a doe missing it.  This shot was in the direction of the complainant’s house.  He was issued appropriate citations and will make restitution for the damage.

Following up on license questions, District 10 Officers discovered a group from Louisiana had failed to tag their deer.  The group had just returned from town with several containers of bait.  The group first denied placing bait but one container was open.  A search of the hunted stands revealed that bait had been used.  Appropriate citations were issued.

A Sangchris bow hunter had multiple tree stand violations.  A search of harvest records and an interview led the hunter to also being cited for harvesting a respectful buck before harvesting a doe on the state site as required.

During a patrol of Sangamon County, a sharp-eyed Officer located harvested deer on a property near Loami.  Neither deer had required tags.  The owner was contacted and he admitted to harvesting the deer the day before.  Citations were issued.

While patrolling Sand Ridge State Forest Area in Mason County, two deer hunters were checked.  One of the hunters was a non-resident who was hunting with a resident over-the-counter permit in a site specific permit required area.  He was issued appropriate citations and warnings for the violations.

While patrolling Cass County, a stop of a truck with two subjects in blaze orange and in an area known for road hunting, resulted in a subject being cited for hunting without a habitat stamp.  The subject had admitted to just finishing a deer drive with a large group and was getting ready to start another drive.

While patrolling Mason County, two subjects were checked entering the field in the afternoon.  One of the subjects was found to be hunting with an unplugged shotgun.  Appropriate citation was issued.

While checking Jim Edgar Panther Creek, two vehicles were found near Jakes Point parking area.  The subjects were found coming out of the field over twenty minutes after legal shooting hours ended and they were still in possession of loaded guns.  Appropriate citations and warnings were issued.

Hunter accident in Monroe County.  Hunter was shot in the abdomen by another hunter during a deer drive.  Subject is doing well.  It is believed he was struck by a ricochet.
A CPO interviewed a subject in Monroe County involved in a case in Sangamon County.  The officer’s obtained a written confession for multiple violations in Sangamon and Menard Counties along with violations committed by others.

A CPO investigated a hunting accident in Williamson County.  The hunter had cocked his pistol earlier in the day and set it down on a bench in his stand.  The hunter was climbing down from his tree stand after dark with his 44 magnum pistol and he forgot it was still cocked. The firearm discharged when he touched the trigger and struck him in the left knee.  The round missed all bones and he is expected to fully recover.  The hunter was later cited for hunting by use or aid of bait.

A CPO arrested a Williamson County man for hunting with no blaze orange and no valid deer permit. The hunter had already filled his permit on the first day of the second season.

A CPO checked a deer hunter that had an unplugged gun.  When asked for her hunting license and habitat stamp, she said the machine was down when she tried to purchase them.  When asked for her deer permits, she said she had them in her trailer.  At the trailer, she handed me her permits and her husband’s, who was also hunting.

A CPO checked a deer hunter riding an ATV on the road with a deer strapped on the back.  The deer had not been tagged, the permits, and licenses were in the hunter’s truck. The hunter also had a loaded uncased gin on the ATV.  He stated that too was at the truck.  The hunter was cited and released.

A CPO arrested a Pulaski County man for duck hunting on the Cache River WMA. The hunter stated that he had just forgotten to buy his license.

A CPO arrested a hunter riding a golf cart down the road.  He had an uncased shotgun sitting next to him.  He did not have his deer permit but had called his wife and wrote down the permit number and thought that would suffice.

A CPO issued two written warnings to an Alexander County man for not having his permit and stamp in possession.

A CPO issued a written warning to an Alexander County man for operation of an ATV on a roadway.

A CPO located four subjects exiting timber at sunset.  Two were in possession of firearms and both subjects were in possession of guns.  Both stated that their permits and licenses were at the residence they were staying at in Union County.   The other two subjects stated that they were just driving deer for the "the guys hunting".   The subjects stated they had not harvested anything despite hunting that morning.  The CPO followed them to the residence to see "the permits".   At that location he inquired about any deer at the residence.   After an interview which was based on a sense of deception from the men, he was advised that there were three deer and one coyote in the outbuilding that the men had harvested that morning.  They then stated that all four men had been hunting.  One subject shot a deer, one subject shot two deer, and one subject had shot the coyote.  All four guys were hunting that day and that the two without guns during the initial contact had hid their guns prior to his contact with them.  None of the hunters had permits and three of the four had no licenses.  One subject had a resident’s permit in possession for Pulaski County.  The two guns that were hid were then retrieved and seized.  The following action was taken: 14 citations, 4 guns seized, 3 deer seized, 1 coyote seized.

A District Sergeant and CPO responded to a forest fire at the Trail of Tears State forest. The cause of the fire was unfounded and it was extinguished by the fire department.

A CPO arrested two Union County men for hunting deer without a permit.

A CPO warned a Jackson County hunter for not having his hunting license and deer permit in his possession while hunting.

A CPO cited a hunter for unlawfully possessing an untagged deer, a Pope County Juvenile hunter was warned for not calling in his harvest deer on the day of harvest and failure to sign his deer permit.   A Jackson County hunter was warned for failure to tag deer immediately upon harvest and uncased firearm on an ATV.

A District Sergeant and CPO responded to a complaint from a landowner in Jackson County. The landowner stated that the hunter was a felon hunting on property without permission. After a detailed search, the hunter was never located.

Two District Sergeants and District 16 and 14 CPOs, in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, conducted a Wildlife Inspection Checkpoint detail in Johnson County.  The inspection site was set up at Rt. 146 just east of I-24.  The detail started at 8 am and concluded at 1 pm.  The detail resulted in inspecting 192 vehicles. 16 arrests were made for conservation violations and 10 written warnings were issued.  Case highlights include one turkey out of season case.  Multiple failure to tag deer, no permit, and uncased gun violations.  Four deer antlers were seized, one shot gun, and one turkey.  Most arrests were non-resident hunters that were out of compliance.  Media coverage was yielded from TV 3, TV 6 and TV 13.

District 16 total citations 43 written warnings, seizures of five firearms, four deer, and one turkey.

A CPO caught two subjects in Hamilton County deer hunting w/o permission, no hunting license, no habitat stamp, no valid deer permits, and two unplugged shotguns.  The CPO issued ten citations and seized the two shotguns.

A CPO arrested a subject on warrant in Saline County during the 2nd firearm deer season.

A CPO caught a subject in White County who had shot a buck from his truck window with a shotgun.  The CPO issued the appropriate citations and seized the deer head.

A CPO caught a subject “shining” a field from his vehicle and made the stop.  The CPO found cannabis and cocaine in the vehicle.  The CPO arrested the subject and transported him to the Jefferson County Jail.

A CPO caught three subjects in Hardin County deer hunting over baited tree stands (shelled corn).  The CPO also caught the three subjects transporting uncased shotguns. The CPO issued six citations and five written warnings total.

A CPO caught another deer hunter in Franklin County hunting with the aid of bait.

A CPO caught two Missouri subject’s deer hunting in Perry County without valid deer permits and no hunting licenses.

A CPO caught another subject in Perry County “shining “ from a vehicle, transporting a loaded /uncased .22 rifle, discharging a firearm from a roadway, unlawfully taking raccoons during closed season, and illegal transportation of alcohol. A .22 caliber rifle was seized.

A CPO caught two more subjects in Jefferson County “shining” from a vehicle, transporting a loaded/uncased rifle.  He arrested and transported the passenger to the Jefferson County Jail for “unlawful possession of firearm by a convicted felon”.  A .22 caliber rifle and spotlight were seized.

December 15, 2010

A District 6 CPO observed four area waterfowl hunters who were goose hunting on an island in the Illinois River that is part of Starved Rock State park.  The men had been told the year prior that hunting on the island was not permissible.  The men were charged with hunting without permission of the landowner.

During a blizzard that occurred on 12/12 a District 6 CPO assisted Bureau Sheriff’s Department, using his four wheel drive squad, with transporting stranded motorists to safety.   The CPO also checked over fifty abandoned cars to see that no one was left in the blizzard.  The weather was so severe that the vehicles were left unless they were blocking travel and at times they were left then due to tow trucks being unavailable.  The snowmobile was also asked to be ready by District 17 ISP in case it was needed.

A District 7 CPO was called about two waterfowl hunters hunting without permission on the banks of the Illinois River. The subjects were contacted and issued appropriate citations.

A District 7 CPO was called about two subjects hunting geese without permission in a picked cornfield.  When contacted, the hunters said they must have gotten “bad directions” from the landowner who told them they could hunt on his property.  The landowner whose property they were on had never heard of the person who had given them permission. Appropriate citations were issued.

A District 6 CPO investigated a snowmobile accident with injuries and subsequently arrested the driver for OUI.

A District 1 CPO received a call from a deer hunter who shot an unusual buck with his muzzleloader.  The buck he shot and killed had his antlers locked with another dead buck.  It appeared the bucks had been fighting and the one buck broke his neck in the fight.  The surviving buck had been dragging the other buck through the timber and the hunter observed this prior to legal shooting hours.  The hunter waited for legal hunting hours to begin, confirmed what he saw in the dark, and then fatally shot the buck.  The last surviving buck had tried to break the dead buck free by stomping and dragging it.  However, this struggle appeared to have gone on for at least a couple days since the flesh on the dead buck had started to decay.  The CPO investigated the incident and provided the hunter with a salvage deer tag for the dead attached buck.  The hunter was advised of the regulations and restrictions for the salvage tag.   

A District 7 Officer conducted an investigation of illegal deer tagging.  The officer received a complaint of several deer carcasses being dumped on private property without permission.  The officer discovered the carcasses still had the leg tags remaining on them.  The officer conducted several interviews and discovered that the individuals had been using family members’ free landowner permits to tag the deer. 

After hearing gunshots near Lake Rice, a residential lake in East Galesburg, a CPO observed geese flying from the area.  Upon arriving at the lake, many geese were observed on the lake and on shore.  A short time later a subject was observed shooting a shotgun on the opposite side of the lake.  A stop of the subject’s vehicle a short time later found an uncased shotgun.  The subject, a homeowner on the lake, was acting on behalf of the homeowners association using shell crackers to scare the numerous geese away from the residential lake.  A written warning was issued to the subject for the uncased gun.

A District 6 CPO investigated a snowmobile accident that had occurred in DeKalb County involving a snowmobile that had broke through ice on a pond and was completely submerged.  As a result of the investigation, the operator of the snowmobile was issued two citations for careless operation of a snowmobile and operation of an unnumbered snowmobile. 

A District 6 CPO planned and implemented the first 2010 Snowmobile Enforcement Detail.  This particular detail was conducted in Stephenson County along the Jane Adams Public Snowmobile Trail between Freeport and Orangeville.  The multi-officer detail focused on snowmobile registration, equipment and OUI violations.

A District 6 CPO investigated a complaint of wild turkey harassment occurring in a Northeast subdivision within the city of Rockford.  The investigation revealed that a man had been attempting to “rally” wild turkey out of his yard by shooting at them with a BB/pellet CO2 pistol.  This was done during the closed season, in the city limits, without a hunting license, habitat stamp, or turkey permit and within 100 yards of their neighbor’s residence.  The actions taken by the man resulted in him shooting out his next door neighbor’s front door window.  In addition to the criminal damage to property charge filed with the city, the shooter was also charged under the wildlife code for unlawful taking or attempting to take wild turkey during the closed season and unlawful taking or attempting to take wild turkey with a rifle, pistol or air gun. 

A District 1 CPO spent the morning assisting motorists in blizzard/whiteout conditions utilizing his 4-wheel drive truck to secure areas and perform traffic control to allow tow trucks to retrieve numerous stranded motorists from roadside ditches.

A District 1 CPO cited a Dixon man for illegal transportation of alcohol as the result of a poaching complaint turned traffic stop.

A District 7 Officer has begun an investigation of an unlicensed outfitter in Fulton County.

A CPO cited two ice fishermen on Dutch Creek for fishing without a license and possession of drug paraphernalia.  One of the fishermen was additionally cited for possession of cannabis.

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for unlawfully shooting over the roadway.  The hunter nearly shot the CPO's squad as he was driving through the park.

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O' Lakes State park for transporting an uncased shotgun in his truck.

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O' Lakes State park for hunting with toxic (lead) shot.

Nothing reported.

A CPO responded to a call regarding illegal archery hunting during gun deer season in Madison County.  The subject had taken a bicycle on the bike trail near Horseshoe Lake State Park and was hunting on posted ground along the Granite City Steel Mill property.

A CPO responded to a complaint call of subjects in the closed restricted area on the South end of Horseshoe Lake State Park.  The CPO located two subjects in a white jeep in the closed area.  They stated they had driven around the barricades and through a field to enter the area. 

A CPO was patrolling Washington County during firearm deer season when he observed a subject dressed in camo pattern blaze orange hat and jacket driving a golf cart.  He set up surveillance on the subject and observed him with an uncased gun.  The subject drove slowly along the edge of a block of timber in a manner conducive of hunting from a vehicle.  The CPO made contact with the subject and found the shotgun was loaded.  The subject admitted to hunting from the vehicle.

A CPO was patrolling Clinton County during firearm deer season when he observed a subject hauling out a nice 9 pt buck.  The CPO stopped to admire the deer and check the hunter’s license, and permit.  The hunter immediately informed the officer that his wife had killed the deer earlier that morning but had gone home due to an illness.  The CPO began questioning the story and the hunter stated he and his wife drove separately because she was feeling ill that morning.  The CPO spoke to the wife by phone and she corroborated the story.  When he asked about her firearm though, she couldn’t remember if she brought it home with her or if she left it in her husband’s truck.  The CPO hung up with the wife and asked the husband about the firearms.  The husband showed the CPO his single barrel H&R bull barrel shotgun with a thumbhole stock.  The CPO expressed how nice the gun looked and asked the man how he liked it and the replied, “I don’t know yet that’s the first deer I’ve shot with it!”  The hunter then reluctantly confessed to using his wife’s permit as she was home sick.

A CPO responded to a call of illegal waterfowl hunting on Granite City Steel Property in Madison County.  The subjects were located on the rest area of Horseshoe Lake.  They were issued several violations.

A CPO responded to a complaint of a subject shooting at a deer out of a truck in front of the caller’s house.  The caller was able to get a license plate number for the truck and the CPO located the subject at his residence in Cottage Hills.  The subject admitted to shooting at a coyote with a rifle from his truck.  The subject stated he neither had permission to hunt the land on which the coyote was on nor did he have permission from the complainant to hunt within 300 yards of their house.  The subject was issued multiple citations and his firearm was seized.

A CPO responded to a call from East Alton Police Department regarding two subjects they had in custody.  The subjects were caught shining deer from their vehicle in the early morning hours along the
Mississippi River levee in East Alton city limits.  The subjects were in possession of a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with deer slugs.

CPOs responded to a complaint of subjects chasing and shooting at deer from a vehicle in Montgomery County.  They located the suspect’s vehicle and, after interviews, determined that it was not a deer the subjects were shooting at but rather a coyote.  One subject admitted to chasing the coyote across an open field with his vehicle in an attempt to push it back toward his buddy.  The subject told officers he knew it was wrong but it was the most fun he had had in years.  The subjects were issued several citations.
A CPO responded to a call on the Montgomery/Macoupin County line regarding a subject shooting from a vehicle on the roadway.  The CPO located the suspect’s vehicle and found the subject in possession of a loaded rifle.  The subject was issued citations for several violations. 

A CPO was working firearm deer hunters when he observed subjects waterfowl hunting on private property.  He stopped and checked the subjects and found one had an unplugged shotgun.

A CPO was patrolling St Clair County when he located traps set along the highway.  He made contact with the trapper and the violation was corrected.

A CPO responded to a call from CSX railroad regarding illegal hunting near Cahokia Mounds.  The subject was located and arrested for hunting on the historic site.

A CPO concluded a case near the Perry/Randolph County line involving the illegal possession of multiple deer and a bobcat.  Several citations were issued to multiple citations.

A CPO responded to a trespass complaint on coal mine property in Randolph County.  The subject was located by employees of the mine property and when they tried to confront the subject, he ran back to his vehicle.  The employees were able to get the subject’s license plate and the CPO spoke with the subject at his residence.  The subject admitted to trespassing and was arrested.

CPOs responded to a complaint of subjects hunting waterfowl out of season on Kaskaskia Island.  An off duty Randolph County Deputy was working on his duck blind when he heard the subjects calling at and shooting ducks.  The subjects were issued several citations and their firearms were seized.  They were also in possession of freshly killed ducks.

A CPO investigated a hunter accident in Randolph County during firearm deer season.  A hunter was climbing down from a ladder stand when he lost his grip and fell on his back.  The fall on uneven ground caused him to break his L2 vertebrae.

A District Sergeant and CPOs assisted the Jackson County Sheriff’s investigators, and Memphis, Tennessee investigators on a sonar search for a weapon and items used in a violent homicide that occurred in Memphis. The search was for the murder weapon, clothes, and other items used in the commission of the crime.  Side scan, and sector scanning sonar was used in ice conditions. The private pond was frozen over due to the cold temperatures. Boats were used to assist in thawing and breaking of the ice at the pond. All CPOs assisted divers in the same search. No items were found, and more details are expected to follow as more interviews are being held as to where the items may have been thrown.  

A CPO issued a citation to a subject for no valid deer permit after he voluntarily turned himself in. The subject shot two bucks which were locked up, thinking he had two either sex archery permits.  He only had one either sex permit and an antlerless only permit. In a panic he had his father-in-law tag the one buck with his either sex archery tag. Realizing the error in his ways he turned himself in just a couple hours after doing this. Subject will buy another either sex archery permit and make the situation right. The father-in-law was issued a written warning for his participation. 

A District Sergeant attended an IDNR employee meeting at Ft. Massac State Park. The IDNR Director and his staff were present along with most all Region V employees.  

A CPO investigated suspicious "fresh graves" on Shawnee National Forest discovered by deer hunters. The subject showed the CPO diggings which appeared like freshly dug and filled graves.  Flagging in nearby trees revealed GPS coordinates laid out in a grid around these digs. Upon further inquiry these graves turned out to be archeological excavations done a short time ago by Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. The subject and his hunting buddies are very relieved

A CPO charged a waterfowl hunter for an hour’s violation and taking an over-limit of ducks on Crab Orchard Lake. The case was referred by Crab Orchard Refuge Officers.

A CPO cited a hunter from Pennsylvania wearing camo orange while muzzleloading hunting. The man was cited for the violation

A CPO inspected a hunter from Tennessee with an uncased gun on an ATV. Upon further investigation he found that he killed a deer with a bow, but never tagged it. The man was cited for failure to tag deer upon harvest.

A CPO appeared in court on a felony drug arrest for a preliminary hearing in Jackson County. Probable cause was found in the case to continue for trial.

A CPO assisted Jackson County Sheriff's investigators in a cell phone dump case.  A search warrant was obtained and the data was collected for drug investigators.

A CPO is in the process of clearing evidence from the evidence facility.

A CPO inspected a first year archery hunter in Williamson County. He was issued a written warning for failure to wear orange during the muzzleloader season.  The hunter had no idea that it was even
 muzzleloader weekend.

A CPO issued 2 written warnings for state habitat stamp and hunting license not in possession violations in Alexander County. 

A CPO issued 5 written warnings for hunting without permission, blaze orange required, and no habitat stamp. The property was indistinguishable as to the property lines, the CPO could not make contact with landowner.

A CPO caught three waterfowl hunters in Franklin County who had killed geese on a private pond without permission. The pond was owned by an elderly lady who had been feeding the geese for years. The CPO issued the appropriate citations.

A CPO also caught two waterfowl hunters on Rend Lake who hunted out of a boat without any lifejackets or safety equipment.

District #14 officers worked waterfowl and muzzleloader deer details over the weekend. No hunting accidents were reported.

December 22, 2010

After the first shotgun deer season a CPO received a complaint of deer parts and garbage that had been dumped along the roadway.  He went to the location and found a deer leg with a tag on it.  The tag was an over the counter deer from a subject in Taylorville.  The subject had not checked in the deer.  He contacted the CPO to interview the subject. The subject admitted to not checking in the deer and gave the name of other people in his deer party who could have dumped the deer.  After completing interviews, the subject was found who dumped the deer and garbage.  The subject agreed to clean up the deer.  Citations will be issued to both subjects.

A District 1 CPO completed a taxidermy inspection and issued one written warning for incomplete records.

A District 1 CPO responded to a snowmobile accident in Lee County. The subject missed the turn in the trail and continued straight which caused his snowmobile to launch into a ravine and collide with a tree at approximately 55-60 mph. Subject was transported to KSB Hospital in Dixon for treatment.

District 1 CPO ran a snowmobile enforcement detail on the Hennepin Canal Parkway near Geneseo.  Six snowmobiles were checked.  One citation for "Failure to display a valid registration expiration decal" was issued.  Five written warnings for various other violations were issued.

A District 6 officer had a busy day.  He inspected a taxidermist and was called away to a TIP (Target Illinois Poachers) complaint.  After he arrived on scene of the complaint he saw a blood trail and drag marks from the yard of a neighboring house.  The officer noticed blood on the front door and deer hair at the foot of the front door.  A further investigation showed that there was a pile of corn in the snow behind the house.  The owner arrived home and showed the officer the two deer which he had taken from his bedroom in the house the day prior.  The owner admitted that the deer were shot in his back yard over the corn.  The owner was cited for hunting without permission, unlawful take of deer, and unlawfully hunting over bait – two charges.  The button buck, 8 point buck, and compound bow were seized.  After the TIP was handled the officer went on to teach a snowmobile safety class that had over fifty students.

A District 6 CPO stopped a snowmobiler riding along IL Route 251 at McDonald Road in the village of Roscoe within Winnebago County.  Violations documented included: unlawful operation of a snowmobile upon a controlled access highway (Rt. 251), unlawful operation of a snowmobile against traffic flow, failure to come to a complete stop prior to crossing a roadway
on a snowmobile, failure to cross roadway at a 90 degree angle perpendicular to motor vehicle traffic.
A District 1 CPO investigated a personal injury snowmobile accident in Whiteside County.  The Sterling man lost control after hitting a bump in the trail and was thrown from the snowmobile.  Subject was treated and released after sustaining shoulder and back injuries.  He was then issued a citation and written warnings for operating an unnumbered snowmobile, and for failing to transfer the identification number into his name after purchasing 3 years prior.

Nothing reported.

A CPO investigated a snowmobile accident involving a Heyworth man that occurred in DeWitt County.  The operator had been consuming alcohol at a bar and could not remember how the accident occurred.  The operator had a lacerated spleen, broken ribs and lacerations to his head.  He was cited for operating a snowmobile while under the combined influence of alcohol/drugs and for operating an unnumbered snowmobile.  The CPO was off duty and at home with his family when he was initially contacted about the accident.

While on patrol in Shelby County, a CPO observed a vehicle stop on the roadway near a flock of wild turkeys in an adjacent field.  The driver, a Windsor man, exited the vehicle and then quickly re-entered and drove off when he saw the CPO’s marked squad.   As the CPO closed the distance, the subject again stopped the vehicle, got out and approached the CPO asking how far off the roadway turkeys needed to be before you could shoot turkeys.  The CPO informed the subject the turkeys were on private property and, through an interview; the operator admitted that he had just finished bow hunting at Wolf Creek State Park.  He also admitted to shooting two deer earlier in the season.  A check of DNR kill records showed that only one of the deer was checked in as required.  A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered an uncased/operable bow, cannabis, drug paraphernalia as well as a cat food bag with blood covering it.  When questioned where the blood was from and what was in the cat food bag, the subject admitted it contained the remains of the white-tailed doe he claimed to have killed earlier in the year and failed to check in.    While checking the subject’s license and permits, the CPO was handed a bloody deer permit that had been separated from the parent permit making it invalid.  The subject was cited for transportation of an uncased bow, unlawful possession of a whitetail deer, deer hunting without a valid permit, possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 

A CPO cited a timber buyer from Marshal for failing to maintain records after discovering the violation when conducting an auditing/inspection of the business. 

A CPO responded to the Vermillion River in Livingston County after a passing motorist observed an unoccupied snowmobile on the frozen river.  The snowmobile apparently broke down and the CPO observed footprints in the snow where the subject had exited the snowmobile and walked to another snowmobile where the operator apparently received a ride from the area.  The snowmobile left on the ice had an expired registration (1999) and the CPO is in the process of tracking down the current owner/last operator.

A CPO issued several subjects citations for operating their snowmobiles on the roadway in Vermilion County.  The subjects were also given written warnings for operating on private property. 

Nothing reported.

A CPO received a complaint from a concerned citizen from Olmsted stating that he found a deer carcass with the head cut off lying near a pile of corn; which was close to a deer stand as well. He determined that the carcass had been there for at least one to two weeks; and was most likely hit by a car. There was a trail cam set up next to the pile of corn. On the back of the trail cam was a name.  He looked in the Pulaski County deer permit list and found the name.  He then checked the harvest records of the individual and found an inconsistency with the permit number. The permit number was his doe # that identified his harvest as an 8 point buck.  The CPO spoke with him by phone and he stated his son was the one who called the harvest in for him.  He then spoke with the son on 12/17 and got him to admit placing the corn and cutting off the deer head. It was determined that the buck his dad harvested was in fact tagged legally. His son accidentally looked at the wrong permit #.  A citation issued for unlawful possession of untagged deer, and a written warning for feeding deer and wrong permit number on harvest reporting.

A CPO issued a citation to a truck tractor combination for losing its load and failing to secure his load, a written warning for unsafe equipment and defective brakes.

A CPO issued a citation to an archery hunter for no valid hunting license.  It was determined that this individual had not had a hunting license since at least 2006.  He was also issued a written warning for no habitat stamp.

A CPO conducted a timber audit at a Union County timber buyer and found no violations.

A CPO heard a shot in rural Union County.  He made contacted with a subject driving a truck from the area of the shot but they were not in possession of a firearm.  As the truck left the area he copied down the license plate.  They said they were going to be cutting firewood down the road.  He ran the plate as he departed.  The registered owner was wanted on a warrant.  He later found the area where 4-6 subjects were chain sawing timber.  He identified the wanted subject and arrested him for the valid Union County warrant.

A CPO was checking duck hunters in southern Massac County and came across a subject who was picking up his gear and lay out blind.  His shot gun was in the front seat of his truck, unloaded and uncased.  The CPO asked him about the property he was hunting.  He stated they had obtained permission to hunt there.  The CPO told him he had already asked the landowner and he told him that he did not given permission to anyone.  The hunter didn't have much to say.  The landowner asked that he not issue any citations this time so he issued the hunter a warning for the uncased gun and for not having permission to hunt.

A CPO appeared before a Grand Jury in Massac County.  He testified to the events involving the car running into the lake at Mermet Lake WMA, resulting in the deaths of two adults and one five year old boy.  The State’s Attorney had charged the mother and step father (only survivors of the crash) of the boy with wrongful death.  The jury returned a unanimous true bill of guilty.  The case will now go to trial.

A CPO stopped an ATV being driven on the roadway at a high rate of speed. The operator was 15 and only had a driver's permit.  He had him contact his parents to come and get him and the ATV.  When he spoke to the mother, she told him he had been told to clean the ATV off and put it away.  She didn't know he had left and was riding on the roads.  They loaded the ATV into their truck and he issued the operator several warnings.  The mother assured him she would handle things back at home. 

A CPO assisted Jackson County Sheriff’s Department where an Amish horse and buggy hit a deer causing damage to the horse and buggy.  Police were baffled as to finding the VIN number on the horse for the report. 

A District Sergeant and CPO worked on clearing of evidence from the facility.

December 27, 2010

A District 1 CPO completed a snowmobile accident investigation in Lee County.  The subject missed the turn in the trail and continued straight which caused his snowmobile to launch into a ravine and collide with a tree at approximately 55-60 mph.  Subject was transported to KSB Hospital in Dixon and later to St. Anthony’s in Rockford where he was admitted for multiple fractures and internal injuries.

A District 1 CPO was called out just after midnight for a snowmobile accident.  The Illinois State Police were on scene and suspected the operator to be under the influence of alcohol.  A preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .10 and the operator had sustained serious facial wounds including missing teeth.  The operator was transported to the nearest hospital where it was determined the operator had a broken jaw.  The CPO responded to the hospital and assisted the ISP trooper with the OUI paperwork.  The operator was issued the proper citations for the OUI violations.  The accident investigation was handled by the CPO and is still under investigation.

A District 7 CPO observed two snowmobiles being operated on a township road in Knox County.  A stop of the two in the middle of the roadway found the owner and operator of one, had failed to transfer certificate of number from the former owners.  He was issued a written warning for failure to possess a valid certificate of number, and improper operation on highway.  The other operator was also issued a written warning for improper operation on highway.

District 7 officers investigated a fatal ice fishing accident that occurred at Banner Marsh State Fish and Wildlife Area.  A father and son from Canton both fell through the ice.  The father was rescued by nearby bow hunters and ice fishermen.  The son was recovered by divers 90 minutes after the accident and taken by Lifeflight to OSF Saint Francis in Peoria.  He passed away the following morning.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.




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