August 4, 2010

Nothing reported

While patrolling Kankakee River State Park, a CPO arrested three subjects for alcohol possession and one of the subjects for possessing 2.5-10 grams of cannabis

While patrolling Kankakee River State Park, a CPO arrested three subjects for driving without valid driver’s licenses and alcohol violations.

While patrolling Kankakee Rive State Park, a CPO arrested two subjects for illegal transportation of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

While patrolling Kankakee River State Park, a CPO arrested a subject wanted on a warrant for failure to appear on a battery charge.  The subject was unable to post bond and was transported to the county jail.

While patrolling the Kankakee River, a CPO arrested a subject for possessing cannabis and another subject for wanted on a warrant for contempt of court and for pollution.

While patrolling DesPlaines CA, a CPO observed a very large amount of trash dumped at various locations within the park.  He sifted through the garbage and was able to find a name and address of a subject.  The person was interviewed and admitted to the unlawful dumping and arrested for the violation.

A CPO received a complaint from the Wisconsin DNR in March 2010 of an Illinois Pest Control company, which was trapping nuisance wildlife in Illinois and releasing the animals in Wisconsin.  The CPO found that the company did not have the required permit from the Department and initiated a four month investigation.  The company has been in business for 20 years.  CPOs met with the owner in Chicago and seized the business records.  The owner admitted he had removed all wildlife trapping records prior to their arrival, but agreed to meet again with all of his records.  The owner attempted suicide the day prior to the arranged meeting because he claimed he was so upset and worried that he was going to be put out of business.  The subject recovered from his injuries and all of the records were eventually seized from the Chicago and Fox Lake business locations.  The owner had hidden 900 invoices involving illegal nuisance wildlife trapping (from 2008-2010), totaling over $167,000.00 in revenue.  The owner was recently issued ten wildlife citations   Charges are pending for current and former employees.  Restitution for the violations is to be determined through the State's Attorney’s Office.  

A CPO arrested a fisherman at Waukegan Harbor for unlawfully taking yellow perch during closed season.

A CPO arrested a subject at Illinois Beach State Park for possession of drug paraphernalia.
A CPO handled two boat accidents over the weekend.  Both were single vessel accidents that occurred on Clinton Lake.   The first vessel struck a submerged object, creating an opening in the hull and eventually sinking the boat.  The other accident involved a vessel operating in a very shallow basin of Clinton Lake.  The vessel eventually grounded itself and still remains stuck on the flat.  The CPO was able to take a jon boat to the stranded vessel and remove all the passengers safely.

A CPO assisted Dewitt County Sheriff's office in a search for a wanted subject who was reported to be at Mascoutin State Recreation Area.

A CPO arrested a 29 year old Mclean County subject for OUI on Clinton Lake.  The CPO encountered the subject while inspecting recreational boaters at the Westside Boat Launch at Clinton Lake.  The subject had a BAC of .085%.

A CPO arrested a subject from Clinton, Illinois for OUI on Clinton Lake.  The CPO encountered the subject while checking recreational boaters at the Westside boat ramp at Clinton Lake.  The subject refused to submit to the breath test. 

A CPO arrested a subject from Clinton, Illinois for OUI on Clinton Lake.  The CPO encountered the subject near the Dewitt Bridge while on boat patrol at Clinton Lake.  The subject had a BAC of .106%.

A CPO arrested a Clinton, Illinois subject for OUI on Clinton Lake.  The CPO encountered the drunken operator while checking recreational boaters at the Westside boat ramp.  The subject had a BAC of .115%.

A CPO arrested a male juvenile and an underage female for underage consumption of alcohol at Clinton Lake.  The CPO encountered the subjects while checking recreational boaters at the Weldon Boat ramp.

A CPO arrested an underage Monticello youth for underage consumption of alcohol at Clinton Lake.  The CPO encountered the subject while working the boat ramp at Westside. 

A CPO arrested a Clark County man after a traffic stop and K-9 sniff revealed the presence of drugs in the vehicle. Subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of methamphetamine. Various Clark County enforcement agencies assisted in the case. 

CPOs, in conjunction with the USFWS, served a search warrant in Sangamon County and a follow-up investigation resulted in two individuals being charged for possession of an endangered species (American alligator) and one count obstructing a peace officer. 
A CPO worked area lakes issuing two citations and ten written warnings.

A CPO arrested a fisherman wanted on a warrant in Hamilton County.

A CPO also arrested another fisherman on a warrant the next day in Franklin County.

August 11, 2010

REGION I (Two weeks)
A CPO patrolled Lake Storey in Galesburg.  One boat was observed with an expired registration expiration decal.  An inspection found a youth not wearing his life jacket, and the battery terminals not shielded.  The owner had failed to transfer the certificate of number for the boat he had purchased several years prior.  He was issued a citation for the registration violation, and warnings for the other violations.  He was provided with the necessary paperwork to obtain registration.    Several other boats were inspected with minor equipment violations found.  Written warnings were issued to the operators. 

A CPO and District Sergeant responded to a 911 call of a female who was being followed on Rte 71 into Starved Rock State Park by an ex-lover whom she had an Order of Protection against. The ex almost struck her vehicle and when she went to turn around he blocked her into a canyon parking lot. She was able to escape and the officers were able to arrest the male while he was still in the parking lot. The male was charged with violation of an Order of Protection and no motorcycle classification. He was due in Grundy County Court later that week for aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

A District Sergeant stopped on I-39 for a motorist assist and arrested the Wisconsin driver for Failure to Appear warrant for Driving While License Revoked in Douglas County.

A District 1 CPO did a media release with News Channel 6 due to the Rock River being closed from flood conditions.  After complaints of boats still operating on the closed river, two CPOs patrolled the Rock River for the boats in violation. 

A CPO observed a car at a creek that is frequented by the fishing community.  The CPO stopped to check for compliance of the fishing laws.  As the CPO walked under the bridge he observed two individuals.  One of the individuals was smoking something and immediately hid the item upon seeing the officer.  The CPO smelled marijuana and asked the individual to hand the pipe over.  The individual handed his pipe and also the marijuana to the CPO.  The individual was cited for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The individual was fingerprinted on the tailgate of the CPO's truck and released on an I-bond.  The individual was warned not to drive and was told that he would be issued a DUI for driving under the influence of drugs if he attempted to do so.  The individual opted for someone to come and pick up his car.

A District 6 CPO made an arrest of several subjects at Staved Rock State Park in Illinois Canyon.  The subjects were arrested for hiking and swimming in a posted restricted area as well as possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

A CPO received a call of rafters in distress on the Rock River.  A severe thunderstorm was going through the area with heavy winds and lightning.  A resident on the river heard screaming and observed rafts with no persons floating on them.  The CPO launched a boat during the end of the storm and began a search for the missing persons.  Two subjects were located upstream from the Colona boat launch.  They thanked the CPO for checking on them and stated they thought a tornado went through the area.  They stated they got off the river and laid down in a ditch, during this time a tree was blown down next to   them.  They declined a ride back to their vehicle since the weather was past them at that point.
A CPO received a request for assistance from a boat owner that lost power above Sears Dam on the Rock River.  The boater was able to get the boat to the side of the river prior to it going over the dam and tied it off.  The Rock River was in flood stage with an extreme current next to the dam.  The boat owner stated it was going to take a “professional" to go into those conditions to get the boat.  The CPO was able to operate a patrol boat into the area and retrieve the 18ft. pleasure boat, and then tow it back to the launch

While on boat patrol on the Illinois River two District 7 CPOs observed a boat creating a wake in the no wake zone.  The watercraft was eventually stopped and the operator was found to be operating while under the influence of alcohol

 CPOs assisted Ottawa Police Department in the search of a suicidal female on the Illinois and Michigan canal.  M.A.B.A.S. was activated.  After a several hour search the woman was located asleep on the canal east of Ottawa. 

A District Sergeant and CPOs conducted our first Juvenile work day at Starved Rock State Park. We had a total of 17 juveniles that we have caught in violation of either a state park rule or in possession of drugs. The kids worked at our new District 6 office by scrubbing the floors and washing the windows. They then washed and waxed four squads and a patrol boat. When that was completed they scooped dirt from the parking lot in the lower area after the last flood and picked up several bags of garbage in the nature preserve.

A CPO and District Sergeant arrested several subjects in Illinois Canyon. The CPO was able to locate two individuals with cannabis and several pieces of drug paraphernalia. They were all ticketed and released. The juveniles will be brought back to Starved Rock for another clean up day in September.

A District Sergeant and CPOs responded to a jet ski vs. barge accident on the Illinois River in Bureau County. The operator fell off his jet ski in the path of a barge. He was able to grab hold of a rope that was hanging off the front of the barge.  After the barge stopped he was able to get to shore safely. The Jet Ski ended up under the barge.

While on ATV patrol at Rock Cut, a District 6 CPO encountered a young man under 18 years of age fishing. He was in possession of cigarettes.  The CPO issued him a citation for possession of cigarettes under the new provision Prevention of Tobacco Use by Minors Act.

While completing watercraft safety inspections from a boat launch along the Kishwaukee River in Winnebago County, a District 6 CPO observed several unregistered "park district" placarded canoes.  As the canoes docked, the officer learned by speaking to the occupants of each craft that they paid money to rent these non-for-profit placarded canoes from a local boat livery licensee.  Further investigation lead to the discovery that (16) non-for-profit canoes were sub-leased to the boat livery business so they could be rented for a profit.  None of the (16) canoes were registered or placarded with rental stickers as required and none of the canoes displayed capacities on the aft portion of the vessel.  Finally, none of these boats were listed on the livery license as required.  The owner of the boat livery was cited for violation of their boat livery license as well as issued written warnings for the un-numbered, un-placard, and no capacity violations.  The department ordered the boat livery to cease renting those particular watercraft until proper registration/rental placards were obtained and the boats were added to their license.  To help expedite this process, the officer inspected each canoe for the park district and completed necessary paperwork to assist both entities in moving forward with the use of these watercrafts legally.

District 1 CPO side scan sonar operators were called out to assist the Illinois State Police in an ongoing homicide investigation.

While working at the Sunset Park boat launch, a CPO conducted a safety inspection on a watercraft.  The operator was found to be intoxicated.  He was arrested for OUI and was found to have a .11 BAC.

 CPOs were working Rock River closure complaints by boat.  They did not locate any watercraft on the river.  They did locate an ATV creating ruts in a local park along the river.  The subject was stopped and cited for the violations.    

A District 1 CPO received a complaint from a neighbor shooting at geese.  The CPO responded to the area and located a dead goose in the water.  The goose was retrieved and seized as evidence.   The CPO spoke with the suspects and the neighbor confessed to shooting "at the geese" to scare them away from his property.  The neighbor was issued a citation for taking a goose out of season and the shotgun used was seized.  

CPO Tepovich arrested a Wisconsin resident at Sand Pond for falsification of application for an Illinois resident fishing and no valid non-resident fishing license.

CPOs arrested a Dalton City man for OUI on Lake Shelbyville. The man recorded a BAC of .169%.

A CPO arrested an Urbana man for driving while revoked and illegal transportation of open liquor in a vehicle in Wolf Creek State Park.  Additionally, the 20 year old passenger from Arcola was also charged with minor consumption of liquor.

CPOs arrested a Sandwich, IL man for OUI on Lake Shelbyville. The man recorded a BAC of .095%. He was additionally charged with polluting waterways after the officers first observed him openly urinating off the side of his boat in open view of other boaters in the area.

On his way home from a boating enforcement detail on Lake Shelbyville, a CPO observed a vehicle weaving across traffic lanes approaching the Village of Findlay.  The CPO informed the local police agency of his observations and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver from Decatur was subsequently arrested for DUI and it was found that man was also in possession of cannabis, drug paraphernalia and loose prescription drugs. Findlay Police Department affected the arrest and is completing the investigation.

A District Sergeant responded to Lincoln Trail State Park in reference to a complaint from campers of the conduct of another camper in the campground. The conduct of the camper was such that the peace could not be maintained if the camper remained. The Bartonville woman was arrested on the charge of disorderly conduct and was evicted from the park.

A CPO is investigating a pollution case in Coles County where a company was illegally open burning large volumes of demolition debris on the back side of the business. The black smoke flume generated from the illegal burning site could be seen from several miles away. This investigation is continuing and charges are pending.  

CPOs arrested a Piatt County subject for OUI on Clinton Lake.  The drunken subject’s boat struck the officer’s patrol boat and damaged the engine while near a dock.  After striking the patrol boat the subject chose to pretend the contact didn't happen and attempted to leave the area.  He eventually came back (with encouragement from the officers) into the dock and the officers ran him through field sobriety testing and he eventually failed the breath test.  The subject had a BAC of .171%.

A CPO arrested two subjects from Champaign County for drug charges.  While checking fishermen at Lake Decatur he encountered them.  The subjects were fishing without licenses and were in possession of drugs.   

A CPO arrested two Champaign County subjects for drug charges at Lake Decatur.  While checking fishermen, the CPO observed the subjects smoking cannabis.  Both subjects were in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 

A CPO arrested 6 subjects from the Peoria area for alcohol and drug charges.  While patrolling in Kickapoo State Park, the CPO encountered the group with alcohol and drugs.  While doing the paperwork on the arrests the subject found with the drugs fled the campsite.  Unable to locate him that night, the CPO followed up with the group the next day.  He discovered the group had reserved a canoe trip and confirmed the subject that fled was with the group.  The CPO provided another CPO with the information on the incident and that CPO was waiting for the group when their canoe trip ended.  The CPO took the subject into custody without incident.  The other CPO then arrived and charged the subject with obstructing a police officer and the alcohol and drug charges from the night before. 

A CPO arrested a subject for illegal snagging at the Clinton Lake Spillway.

District 19 Officers issued numerous boating citations and warnings over the weekend at Clinton Lake and Lake Bloomington.

District 10 and 7 Officers issued a total of 18 boat citations and 31 written warnings at the Redneck Fishing Tournament over the weekend.  Included in the arrests were one OUI, three criminal arrests, and four traffic arrests.  Overall the event went well with no accidents

A CPO received a call of someone in a motor vehicle running over geese. He obtained statements from witnesses and tracked down the suspect. After being confronted with the evidence, the suspect admitted to running over the geese.

A CPO responded to a fight in the campground at Pere Marquette State Park. When he arrived, a subject was being loaded in an ambulance. The subject had hurt his leg. The subject told the CPO he fell down and was not in a fight. There were no witnesses at the scene. After the subject went through surgery and received a pin in his leg, he reported he was hit in the face and knocked to the ground. A warrant for aggravated battery was obtained.

A CPO arrested a subject wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.

A CPO is assisting District 14 on a Personal Injury boat accident that occurred on Rend Lake.

CPOs patrolled at Ft. Massac State Park this weekend.  A large union held a march and rally which ended up at Ft. Massac State Park. The march was very peaceful and no incidents were reported.

A CPO was assigned the evening detail shift at the Grand Shoot.

CPOs worked the “World Shoot” at Sparta.

CPOs and the Acting Captain responded to a boat accident on Rend Lake. The operator ran the pleasure boat on plane onto a rock break wall.  A female passenger who was riding in the bow area of the boat was thrown overboard and sustained serious injuries. She was later air lifted to St. Louis University hospital. The operator was treated at a local hospital for facial injuries; and then was released.


August 18, 2010

CPOs patrolled the Illinois River in the Peoria area.  Several boats were found to have minor equipment and registration violations.  Eleven written warning and one citation were issued to the boats found in violation.  Toward the end of the patrol a pontoon boat was found in distress, drifting toward the shoreline under the I-74 Bridge, after running out of gas.  A tow line was secured just prior the boat drifting onto the rocks along the east shoreline.  They were towed to Spindler Marina where a safety equipment check was conducted.   Two minor equipment violations for sounding device and battery terminals were found.  The owner was issued written warnings for the violations. 

A District Sergeant arrested eight subjects for snagging on the Illinois River

A District Sergeant and CPOs were called to a possible medical call on top of Starved Rock.  One CPO and the Sergeant located a woman and her young daughter. They determined the women were under the influence of drugs. The women refused any help and didn’t want any medical assistance but an ambulance was called anyway. The lady kept trying to contact her boyfriend who she claimed was in the park.  As the ambulance arrived, another park user walked up and advised the Sergeant of a male subject who appeared to be whacked out of his mind near the sea wall.  They were able to get the guy under control and called a second ambulance. It was determined they had both been smoking K2 and chewing on morphine. DCFS was contacted in reference to the young child and the male was cited by one CPO for failure to keep his dog on a leash.

A District 1 CPO is investigating the theft of 28 round bales of hay from Green River State Wildlife Area

While completing a watercraft safety detail with the Winnebago County Forest Preserve Police from a boat launch along the Kishwaukee River, of the 21 canoes, kayaks and rafts inspected, 11 were found to be unregistered and some of those were also found to be traveling down river without any personal flotation devices.

A District 6 CPO made an arrest of two subjects for hiking and swimming in a restricted area.  The arrest took place at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois Canyon.  The arrest is one of many District 6 officers have made in the Canyon this summer.

A District 7 Officer was dispatched to a barge vs. boat accident.  Expecting the worst, they made contact with the boat operator.  The plate boat that two subjects were fishing in, outside of the channel of the Illinois River, was hit by the barge and dragged alongside it for most of its length. The operator of the boat was able to get his motor lowered and pull away from the barge.  The Coast Guard is handling the incident on the commercial barge side.  The only apparent damage to the plate boat was a black mark down the rail.

A District 1 CPO was patrolling Johnson Sauk Trail State Park when he met a truck entering the campground area.  As he passed the truck, the driver had a five year old boy sitting on his lap steering the vehicle and not in a safety seat or in a seatbelt.  After turning around to perform a traffic stop of the vehicle, the truck was observed weaving back and forth as it drove into the campground.  A stop of the
vehicle found the subject thought he could let his son steer the vehicle from the boat ramps to the campsite because it was only a short distance and it was through the campground.  The subject was instructed about the safety concerns of other campers and issued a citation for failing to properly secure the child in proper safety seat

A CPO noticed eight individuals in a restricted area of Starved Rock State Park.  The CPO hopped the fence and observed the individuals sitting on a bluff's edge smoking marijuana.  The individuals were taken to the Starved Rock Law Office where they were charged, fingerprinted, and released.

A CPO arrested a fisherman on Nippersink Lake on a McHenry County warrant for a probation violation.  Bond was $6,000.00/10%.  The subject was transported to the McHenry County jail and also given a citation for fishing without a license.

A subject arrested for felony DUI and felony driving while revoked in 2009 pleaded guilty and was fined $4,443 including court costs, received 300 hours community service, and placed on 12 months felony probation. 

A subject arrested in 2009 for driving while suspended pleaded guilty and was fined $889 including court costs.

A subject cited for an undersized northern pike was fined $271 including court costs in McHenry County. 

A CPO arrested a DeWitt County man for OUI on Sunday evening at Clinton Lake.  While checking recreational boaters at the westside boat ramp he encountered a subject who tried switching drivers as he approached the ramp and saw the CPO at the dock.  A check of this boat found the driver to be intoxicated.  The operator failed field sobriety tests and a breath test.  The subject was found to have a BAC of .118.

A CPO arrested three DeWitt County subjects that were boating on Clinton Lake Saturday evening.  While checking recreational boaters on Clinton Lake at the Mascoutin boat ramp he observed three younger looking subjects consuming alcohol as they brought their boat in.  Two of the three subjects were arrested for underage consumption and the third subject was arrested for unlawful gift of alcohol to a minor. 

A CPO assisted DeWitt County Sheriff's Office with a domestic dispute that occurred in the campground at Mascoutin State recreation area.  The female subject involved with the domestic was taken to jail for domestic battery. 

A CPO arrested a Vermilion County subject for OUI on Friday night.  While working recreational boaters on Lake Vermilion the CPO observed a boat with improper lighting.  A stop on this boat found the operator to be quite intoxicated.  The operator failed field sobriety testing and also the breath test given.  The operator had a BAC of .103.  The boat also had several boating equipment problems. 

A CPO arrested a group of campers at Kickapoo State Park for alcohol violations on Friday.  He encountered the group while patrolling the campground. 
 Numerous fish and boating citations were issued by District 19 officers over the week.

A CPO assisted District 13 by working the metro patrol. While patrolling with another CPO, they responded to a boat accident in which a CPO arrested the boat operator for OUI. The operator refused all chemical tests.

A CPO assisted Camp Point, Pittsfield, and Pike County Sheriff’s Department in three separate crashes.

A CPO took a report of a stolen watercraft at Beaver Dam State Park.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class. Thirty-five students were at the class.

A CPO closed a timber case in Brown County. The subject was ordered to pay two landowners $10,000 total.

A CPO closed an outfitting case in Brown County. The outfitter paid a total of $250 for outfitting without a license. 

CPOs were patrolling Carlyle Lake when they observed subjects in a boat making furtive movements.  Contact was made with the boat and it was found that the operator was trying to hide a can of beer that he had been drinking.  A CPO performed a boat safety inspection and observed the operator.  The CPO requested the operator to submit to Field Sobriety tests and he failed.  The subject was arrested for OUI and BAC 0.156.

A CPO was working the Carlyle Lake Area checking recreational boaters.  He made contact with a boat coming into the ramp and performed a boat safety check.  The operator was arrested for OUI and had a BAC of 0.293

A CPO was patrolling Frank Holten St Park when he observed a pickup truck pull into a parking lot and get out with an open can of beer.  The CPO made contact with the subject and addressed the violation.  The driver appeared to be highly intoxicated and could hardly speak or stand up.  The subject submitted to and failed sobriety tests.  He was arrested for DUI and his BAC was 0.336.  The passenger of the vehicle was found to be in possession of crack cocaine.  He also was arrested and held in St Clair County jail pending a felony hearing. 

A CPO was patrolling the Chouteau Island complex when he observed a subject painting graffiti on the Chain of Rocks Bridge.  He made contact with the subject and arrested him for the criminal defacement of property.

A CPO was traveling southbound on Interstate 255 when he was passed by a vehicle in a construction zone.  He paced the vehicle at 57 mph in a posted 45 mph construction zone. 

A CPO was patrolling Frank Holten State Park when he observed a vehicle transporting a child without safety restraints.  The driver was also observed not wearing a seatbelt.  The appropriate action was taken.

CPOs responded to a boat accident on the Kaskaskia River near New Athens, Illinois.  The accident involved an 18 ft jon boat and the bank of the river.  The three passengers were ejected from the boat and two had to be taken to the hospital.  The operator stated he was travelling upstream on plane when they encountered the wake of another boat.  The operator lost hold of the tiller handle and the boat ran onto the shoreline and struck a tree.  The operator was arrested for OUI.  He refused to submit to a breath test. 

A CPO investigated a boat accident on Carlyle Lake near the Boulder Campground.  A subject in a 2002 20 ft Ranger bass boat ran onto the rip-rap causing serious damage to the boat.  The operator stated his foot slipped on the throttle causing the boat to run onto the rocks.

Several officers from District 13 worked the 2010 Grand American Trap Shoot the first two weeks of August.  The event was overall a success other than a few incidents.  One such incident involved members of the Junior All-American Trap Team vandalizing three garbage cans, two unopened boxes of clay targets, and one Port-a-Potty.   The Captain of the team also killed a rabbit.  All the damage was done with shotguns.

Officers also dealt with a UTV Gator that struck a gate in the early morning hours following the closing ceremonies at the Grand American Trap Shoot.  Two young men that had worked the event for the ATA decided to take one last lap around the facility in a John Deere Gator rented by the ATA.  The large amount of alcohol and drugs they consumed prior did not help the situation.  They struck an iron gate at a high rate of speed and were ejected from the vehicle.  The passenger only sustained minor scratches, but the driver sustained serious injuries.

CPOs attended the second half of the ATA Shoot in Sparta.

A CPO is investigating a personal injury boat accident that occurred at Rend Lake, the accident is still pending investigation.

A District Sergeant and CPOs assisted Alexander County Sheriff’s Department on a drowning that occurred on the Mississippi River. A 21 year old man decided he was going to swim across the river to a small island. He jumped in near a dike that had approximately 4 feet of water rushing over it. He immediately went underwater near a whirlpool and was never seen again. Extremely violent waters prohibited the use of sonar and even stopping boats from entering the dangerous waters.

CPOs worked details at Cave-in-Rock State Park during the annual “Insane Clown Posse” rally. No major incidents were reported.

CPOs worked the World Shooting Complex at Sparta.

A CPO pulled a subject over in Thompsonville who had run through a stop sign. He later searched the vehicle and found that the subject was driving with a plugged in spotlight and a loaded, cased .22 rifle in the back seat.

August 25, 2010


In April 2010 with the assistance of Iowa DNR Conservation Officers, a CPO followed up on a TIPS complaint regarding illegal deer hunting in the Loud Thunder Forest Preserve.  The complaint involved two deer taken out of season, at night, with a rifle by a convicted felon.  This complaint and investigation snow balled into the investigation of numerous other illegally taken deer and turkeys.  The investigation is complete and over 20 charges have been filed in Muscatine County, IA; Mercer County and Rock Island County, IL.

A District 1 CPO was working at Johnson Sauk Trail SRA and observed a couple fishing.  The CPO approached the female; she laid her pole down on the ground and returned to the picnic table.  The female did not have a fishing license and running a computer checked showed an outstanding warrant for her arrest.  She was arrested and taken to the county jail. 

A Region 1 CPO performed a traffic stop on a vehicle whose driver threw a plastic drinking cup out of the driver's window. The driver was cited for depositing material on the highway and operation of an uninsured motor vehicle.

A CPO recovered a stolen kayak valued at $3000.00 on the Fox River.  Charges for possession of stolen property are pending. 

A CPO and District Sergeant charged ten individuals under 21 with consumption of alcohol by a minor after they were observed dancing in the roadway near Starved Rock State Park.

A District 7 CPO assisted Fulton County Deputies with the recovery of a stolen pickup truck. The truck was stolen from Hanna City in March, and run into the Illinois River at Banner.  The truck only became visible when the water dropped after the wickets were raised at the Peoria Lock and Dam.

A District 7 CPO worked a water pollution case.  An employee observed a thick white substance floating on the water in a small creek.  The substance was identified as titanium oxide, which is used to change pigment colors to white.  The substance is often used as food coloring and is considered non-toxic.   No wildlife have been harmed and the origin of the substance is still undetermined

A District 7 CPO participated in an OUI detail on the Mississippi River in Oquawka, IL.  A total of 16 violations were documented during the four hour detail.  Additionally, there were numerous positive comments made by the general public about the high visibility detail.

While working Floatzilla, CPOs assisted three subjects that capsized their canoe.  All three were wearing PFDs (personal flotation devices).  After transporting the subjects to shore, the canoe was "righted” and the subjects rejoined the group.     

A District 1 CPO was patrolling Johnson Sauk Trail State Park when he observed a vehicle parked in the grass with the headlights shining toward the shoreline.  Upon approach two subjects were observed fishing in an area closed after sunset.  The subjects were checked and one of the subjects was found not
to have a fishing license.  A citation was issued for the violation and when the subjects were attempting to leave; their vehicle had a dead battery.  The subjects were given a jump start by the CPO and the subjects thanked the CPO for the assistance and stated they felt better about paying for the ticket since the CPO helped get the car started.

A District 1 CPO was checking fishermen at Lock and Dam 14 on the Mississippi River when he checked two subjects who had fish in baskets.  Upon inspection each of the subjects were found in possession of short fish and were cited for the violations.

A CPO investigated a property damage boat accident.  The complainant claimed another boat had struck his anchored boat while he was sleeping on board.  Follow-up investigation and interviews found that both boats were anchored and that the complainant’s boat had drifted into the other boat while he napped.  No violations were found and a boat accident report was completed.

A District Sergeant and CPO responded to a boat accident on the Illinois River.  A bass boat was approximately 50 feet from the water’s edge and no one was present.  Upon arriving at the scene the boat was gone and no one had reported either the accident or anyone with injuries.

A District Sergeant was patrolling Marshall Fish and Wildlife Area due to illegal ATV operation complaints.  As an ATV approached the DNR property, the operator saw the uniformed officer, turned around and left.  The sergeant drove up to the railroad crossing the ATV had to cross and observed that it had become stuck as it turned to cross a bridge over a creek.  As emergency lights were activated, the ATV became mobile.  The sergeant pursued on foot now that the ATV was illegally operating on an active railroad. The ATV was "caught" after it became stuck again.  Several citations were issued to the operator.

A CPO arrested a subject at DesPlaines CA for unlawful possession of cannabis.

A CPO handled a minor personal injury scooter accident at DesPlaines CA.  A young woman was unlawfully operating a scooter on the roadway and wiped out, causing minor injuries to her arms and knees.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO stopped a vehicle for speeding at DesPlaines CA and subsequently arrested the operator for DUI.  The subject blew a .115    Several vehicle occupants were arrested for illegal transportation of alcohol.

A CPO responded to a complaint of domestic battery that had occurred at DesPlaines CA.  His investigation revealed that a man and a woman camping in Grundy County were travelling through DesPlaines CA and had a dispute where the female struck the male 4 times in the face and had scratched him.  She was told to get out of the vehicle and the male drove away, but was later stopped by ISP troopers nearby.  The female had consumed alcoholic beverages and cocaine prior to the altercation and the male did not want charges filed.  The CPO charged the female with domestic battery. 

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI on the Illinois River.  The subject refused to submit a breath sample.

CPOs arrested three subjects for criminal trespass to property.  The subjects were found sneaking into a local quarry where the landowner had a signed complaint against hunters/fishermen/trespassers.  One of the subjects was additionally charged with unlawful possession of cannabis.
 A CPO arrested a subject for operating a Personal Watercraft in a reckless manner

CPOs arrested a Sidney man for OUI on Lake Shelbyville. The man recorded a BAC of .129%.

CPOs arrested an Indianapolis, IN for OUI on Lake Shelbyville. The man refused chemical testing and will have his boating privileges in Illinois suspended for 2 years.

CPOs arrested a Watseka man for OUI on Lake Shelbyville. The man recorded a BAC of .175%.

CPOs arrested a group of six northeastern Illinois campers in Wolf Creek State Park. Charges range from unlawful consumption of liquor by minors, gift of liquor to minors, possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  Fourteen total charges were filed on the group.

A CPO arrested a Springfield man during a traffic stop on a recreational vehicle near Lake Shelbyville. The man was arrested on an active warrant out of Sangamon County and was also cited for speeding. The passengers in the RV were also cited for illegal possession of open liquor in a vehicle. 

A CPO arrested a Mattoon woman near Lake Shelbyville for driving while license suspended.

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man during a traffic stop near Lake Shelbyville for DUI, illegal transportation of open liquor, improper lane usage. The man recorded a BAC of .152%.

A CPO cited a Sullivan man and a Decatur man for failure to immediately release under legal sized largemouth bass in the Lake Shelbyville State Fish & Wildlife Management Area. The men each kept 12 1/2" bass in the posted minimum 14" area.

A CPO cited a manager of a Charleston area company for unlawful directing and allowing the open burning of waste under the Illinois Environmental Protection Act. The workers from the company were burning demolition debris from a construction project inside the facility, reportedly at the direction of the supervisor. The smoke flume from the illegal burn was visible from miles away. The fire was quickly extinguished upon direction of the officer. 

A District Sergeant responded to a gasoline theft report from the site super at the Shelbyville State Fish & Wildlife Management Area office.  During the middle of the night, a patrolling Moultrie County Sheriff's Department Deputy encountered a Dalton City man in the act of stealing gas from inside the locked equipment impound area at the site office. The man had filled up his vehicle gas tank and was also filling up a portable five gallon fuel tank to take with him. The deputy arrested the man on the theft charge and impounded his vehicle. The thief was a previous seasonal employee at the site. Subsequent interview by the Sergeant resulted in the additional charge of possession of burglary tools. Moultrie County Sheriff's Dept. has also commenced forfeiture proceedings for the thief's vehicle under Article 36 of the Illinois Criminal Code.   
Nothing reported.

A CPO caught two separate groups of fishermen “snagging” fish below the Rend Lake spillway.

A CPO is still working on the serious injury boat accident investigation that occurred on Rend Lake.

A CPO is still working on the serious injury accident that occurred at the World Shooting Complex.

District 14 CPOs worked an IDOT Grant detail at the Rend Lake Complex resulting in several alcohol violations.

District 16 CPOs are still patrolling the Mississippi River looking for the missing 21 year old man that had drowned last week.  Both a.m. and p.m. patrols are still underway.  Extreme currents and high dangerous waters are still an issue.

CPOs attended Week 2 of the ATA shoot in Sparta.

District 16 conducted two OUI details at Kinkaid Lake.

A CPO is still investigating a Personal Injury boat accident that occurred at Rend Lake. The investigation is still pending.

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