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The Workings of Canal Locks in the 1830's  

Illustrations are courtesy of Cuyahoga Valley Association

The downstream line boat has dropped only a little below the level of the upper reach of the canal, whose water is held back by the upper gates. The lower gates are closed, but their sluices are open and water pouring through them is dropping the lock's water level to that of the lower reach.

The drawing at the bottom shows one leaf of a lock gate with no water in the lock so as to expose the sluice gate, the wooden floor of the lock, and the mitre sill against which the gates close. The gate is shown partly open. When it is entirely open it stands in the recess of the wall, to give the boat the full width of the lock. There is a smaller recess (hidden) near the bottom to receive the sluice gate if the lock tender forgets and leaves it open when he swings the gate back.

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