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Environmental Literacy for Illinois  



Enter Goal Implementation Information

Meetings, Actions

Strategy Event Date Location Attending Topic
All Meeting 9/19/2011 Springfield ISBE, IDNR, IEPA Administrative Planning
All Meeting 10/5/2011 Springfield IDNR, IEPA, Governor's Office Administrative Planning
All Meeting 10/20/2011 Springfield IDNR, IEPA Administrative Planning
All Meeting 11/14/2011 Bartlett IDNR, IEPA Administrative Planning
All Presentations 11/16/2011 Chicago Chicago Wilderness Education Team and Members, IDNR Status of Plan
All Grant Application 12/4/2012 Springfield IDNR, ISBE, IEPA Submitted USEPA Grant Application

Grant Opportunities

Recreational Boating Safety National Nonprofit Organization Grant Program (CFDA No. 97.012)

Purpose: To reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths on America's waterways and provide a safe enjoyable experience for the boating public and encourages greater non-profit organizations participation and uniformity in boating safety efforts.
Eligibility: Nonprofits.
Funding: $5.3 million.
Deadline: 2/13/15.
Contact: Tel. (202) 372-1055;
E-mail: carlin.r.hertz@uscg.mil.

Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation
Research Alliance(CFDA No. 47.041)

Purpose: To accelerate the translation and transfer of existing research discoveries into competitive technologies
and commercial realities by leveraging the investments National Science Foundation has made in research consortia and catalyzing academic-based innovation ecosystems resulting in new wealth and the building of strong local and regional economies.
Eligibility: Public, private, and state controlled institutions of higher education; nonprofits, other than institutions of higher education; and for-profit organizations, other than small businesses.
Funding: $5 million.
Deadline: 2/18/15.
Contact: E-mail: grantsgovsupport@nsf.gov.

Research Coordination Networks (CFDA Nos. 47.041, 47.050, 47.070, 47.074, 47.075, 47.076, and 47.079)

Purpose: To advance a field or create new directions in research or education by supporting groups of investigators to communicate and coordinate their research, training and educational activities across disciplinary, organizational, geographic and international boundaries and provides opportunities to foster new collaborations, including international partnerships, and address interdisciplinary topics. Innovative ideas for implementing novel networking strategies, collaborative technologies, and development of community standards for data and meta-data are especially encouraged.
Eligibility: Nonprofit, non-academic organizations: independent museums, observatories, research labs, professional societies, and similar organizations in the U.S. associated with educational or research activities; universities and colleges (including community colleges).
Funding: $12.5 million.
Deadline: 3/2/15.
Contact: E-mail: grantsgovsupport@nsf.gov.

Improving Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education: Pathways into Geoscience (CFDA Nos. 47.050 and 47.076)

Purpose: To increase the number of undergraduate students interested in pursuing undergraduate degrees and/or post-graduate degrees in geoscience through the design and testing of novel approaches for engaging students in authentic, career-relevant experiences in geosciences and to broaden participation in the geosciences, engaging undergraduate students from traditionally underrepresented groups or from nongeoscience degree programs.
Eligibility: Public, private, and state controlled institutions of higher education including two-year community colleges.
Funding: $9 million.
Deadline: 3/16/15.
Contact: E-mail: grantsgovsupport@nsf.gov.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) + Computing Partnerships (CFDA Nos. 47.070 and 47.076)

Purpose: To significantly enhance the learning and teaching of STEM, and computing by K-12 students and teachers, through research on, and development of, courses, curriculum, course materials, pedagogies, instructional strategies, or models that innovatively integrate computing into one or more STEM disciplines, or integrate STEM content into the teaching and learning of computing.
Eligibility: Unrestricted.
Funding: $43 million.
Deadline: 4/14/15.
Contact: E-mail: grantsgovsupport@nsf.gov.







Kids & Education

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